Fetish Island Ch. 01

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A Big thanks to Tigerssman for help with this story.

All sex in the story is done by people of the age of 18 or older, even the high school sex.


Joe was late getting on campus. He and his brother both got free rides for football; both had super strength and speed. ‘Coach’ decided to put both players on the defensive line instead of a fullback. Their high school team lead the nation in sacks and runs for a loss: the brothers just put too much pressure on the quarterback.

Their father had a lot of influence. The boys got away with anything. After the second period, when all the busses had left, and the gate was locked, the boys would drag out back any senior girl that refused to go out with them, tie her up and gag her.

They would rip the buttons on her shirt so that they could suck on her tits; then one came on her face while the other drenched the front of her skirt. Some were carried bound and left in a very public spot where all could see them and used by some. Other times, the girl had little choice but go back to her classes to be humiliated and degraded until the next day.

The police had a file bin full of sexual assault reports that just collected dust. They knew who was doing the crimes, but they would get fired if they investigated the cases.

Fetish Island was a land mass on the Incest planet. People got transported to there, but they got modified in any way someone would want, race, gender, mental attributes or physical attributes. Most got new ID’s; you would not even know if you were sitting next to your identical twin or your eighty-year-old grandfather who now is a twenty-year-old hunk.

The subs on Fetish Island follow their Mistress’s commands without question. They want to show their Mistress they want to learn more fetishes, some they would not even think about doing on earth.

Joe and Cora, his sister, were walking to their dorm when a tall, well-toned woman approached the pair and slapped each one, tossing them backward three feet. “You two are late. You were supposed to have been here four hours ago. You made me waste an entire day waiting for you two.” Queen, subjugated Joe and Cora.

“Both of you will be a rush for my sorority; you better both get enough votes to get in.”

Queen, the head of the sorority, yelled at Joe, “You little imp, drop your pants. I want to see your cock.”

Joe thought better than opposing this woman. Soon his cock was showing itself with pride.

Queen pointed to a woman across the quad, “You, ‘COCKSUCKER,’ give this imp a lick and tell me how long he will be when hard.”

The woman with the talented tongue got down on her knees and gave Joe’s cock a lick, then replied, “Five and one quarter inches mistress.”

“Pathetic.” Queen came over and squeezed Joe’s shaft and balls tight, and getting more restricted every second.

“The good news is your sister here can grow your cock, either in her cunt or her ass hole. The longer and bigger you get, the more she will want you up her ass. She should get you just over twelve inches.”

“You are lucky ‘Coach’ needed your strength and speed for football. Otherwise, you would be a weak-minded fool with a cock the size of a flea, and you would get blown over by a light breeze.”

“As you now know this is Fetish Island. It is a place for people to develop and perfect about any fetishes they can think. Many of us here know some friends and family from earth. After watching your sister getting fucked hard by a family member can make you all sticky.”

“I will be guiding you to discover all your new, embarrassing, degrading and extreme fetishes. Cora had a few suggestions for herself. Can you explain Cora?”

“I just had C cup titties which I thought they were too small. I wanted big whoppers that both male and females would salivate to drink my milk all night. I am not sure how big these melons are.”

Queen stated, “You all have started out with some fetishes, so we have more planned for the future. Cora is a 45 GG now; that is just a start. Her milk volume is two to three times the amount that an earth woman would have. We gave her meaty, puffy pussy lips and added some labia rings; the transfer made them heal in an instant.”

“You may find out some other things we had programmed in your mind or body before we had planned to start that fetish. Once discovered, you will have a yearning to perfect that fetish no matter how degrading or painful it will be. Now will be the last time you will greet me like this; all pledges will greet me on all fours with head down ready to kiss my boot.”

“Joe, as a freshman pledge you will have three female roommates; fucking them will be the last thing you will want to do. Other concerns will be on your mind. My sorority is the white one over there, Omega, Alpha, Alpha where your old life dies, and you start a new one.”

Cora and some friends went out to a play on campus followed by a dinner at a local steak place. She wore a dazzling red dress that covered her tits and had had a diamond shaped opening from her burdur escort collar to her navel, between her humongous rack.

Queen came into the restaurant about halfway through Cora’s meal and was sitting five tables away from her.

A young couple was getting ready to pay when the wife noticed her husband was paying far too much attention to Cora’s tits and Cora was leaning forward so he could get a better view. The wife was enraged. She grabbed one of Cora’s tits and bit her nipple HARD! To her surprise, she got a mouthful of milk.

“Oh my God! Bite it harder bitch; I need a good milking! Fist my pretty, pink cunt BIITCH!”

“Husband, tan her ass until it is purple.”

Queen walked up and handed a crop to the husband saying, “Once you get her all nice and warmed up, use this on her; gentle at first and work your way up to the welt mark stage. It is a pity I do not have my electrodes with me; they make loud orgasms once she is in subspace.”

“You whore, you wanted to see your

husband crop my friend, so you can fantasize it was you getting cropped. I can make that fantasy a reality for you, in fact, I can make it a wet dream for life.”

“Imagine me cropping your ass until it is candy apple red, then I open your folds and delve my way into your cunt. Just as you are about to climax I take the crop out and stuff the handle into your ass.”

The wife sucked in as much of Cora’s tit as possible then locked her jaw in it. Then the orgasms started, then the convulsions. She just sat in Cora’s lap just quivering. Cora’s milk drenched the wife’s blouse.

Queen turned to the husband and said, “Your slut is on a sexual high, take her home and fuck her senseless all night. She will thank you in the morning. She may even ask you to punish her for the way she acted tonight. I recommend tying her up, taking some of her freedoms from her. Blindfold and gag her, losing those senses along with immobility will heighten the experience.”

One night at dinner Joe asked, “My Queen, I know Cora is a dairy maid. Just what is my fetish you want me to have?”

“Joe, my little imp, don’t you realize, you are a faggot. My little homo, you will sign up for gay orgy sites and watch three hours of them a night on the big screen in the student lounge with your pants around your ankles. You will of course never wear underwear unless I say so. Neither of you has a gag reflex anymore, great for cock sucking.”

“Joe I am sure you noticed that your brother is not on the football team. The ‘Coach’ had to make a compromise. They are doing remarkable things back on earth about how to transform people. She had a total makeover, including all the indoor plumbing. She took all of Cora’s things; she looks lovely with that pearl necklace and green dress you had; it suits her eyes.”

“You mean he is a woman?”

“A dead ringer from what Cora was except since Cora complained about her size, she is a DD so she can show more cleavage and get hit on by the guys. It is why you are a faggot, Joe. You both will learn how to treat a Lady; serial rapists won’t do here.”

Cora said, “I bet she looks better in my clothes than I did.”

Joe’s mind was so engrossed in the videos that Joe knew he would have wet dreams; his body would tell Joe to choke on the cum when someone climaxed. An extra powerful climax happened when someone came in an ass. It was not until after the video was over that Joe saw his wrist dripping with cum and pooled in his pants, cum was spotted all over the room. Fellow students were getting aroused by Joe; some were fucking their girlfriends senseless.

Queen came over to Joe, “Tonight we start your anal training. Tomorrow we teach you how to give yourself an enema; no one wants a dirty queer. As you travel down this path, you will find you will need to find new ways to meet your needs. Just remember you will shine in the locker room, both girls and boys.”

Then May, the Vice President, decided to be a party girl. On her Facebook page, she mapped out where all the parties were going on within a fifty-mile radius of the school. Worse yet, was her drug use. Queen, who was well on her way to be a medical doctor in her own right, found May in her dorm room. She had overdosed, and Queen could see where the crack lines were, and the syringe was still in May’s arm. Queen had no idea how many drugs May had taken.

Queen called emergency services and relayed all the information she could assess using all her medical jargon and preliminary tests to tell them in detail what kind of state her good friend.

The next day Queen knew she had to bring her ‘A game.’ She had made an appointment with the Dean of students. “Ma’am I realize that this action calls for expulsion from this school, but please give her a second chance. I will take personal responsibility for her. She is a good student.”

“Our Sorority will get her clean and keep her clean. Her new fetish will be to become a dog. She will have two owners, a brother, and sister. We will form a network so she will never be out bursa escort of our sight. She will be microchipped and have a birth control implant. She will have STD screens every six months and random drug testing. She will still be able to think and type in English. When she becomes more dog-like in the classroom, someone will ask questions for her.”

“You know I will not put up with any more violations; we will give her the benefit of the doubt and do a follow-up drug test if she gets a positive result. She has a reason to stay clean, losing two owners will be devastating to her.”

The dean eyed Queen; she knew that Queen’s word was her bond, her integrity was beyond question. Any network she would set up would be unbreakable. “I like the idea about the microchip; I guess all dogs get them. The birth control implant would keep her safe. Have her student ID updated.”

“Tonight, have a meeting with her, just you and her owners as for how to ask her questions down the road. Check with her professors as to how they will accept her tests. Can she do it on a school computer and print out her test there? Does she have to practice how to write with her mouth before she gets into her suit?”

“It is a difficult and complex fetish; there is an incredible amount of trust involved. May must be a newborn babe. The owners must make every decision for her. She can stay at school, but she is out on her ass with another violation.”

That night at the meeting. “Cora, what is her name?”

“I thought Daisy May; it keeps some of her identity, but we can just call her Daisy.”

“Let me start with the introductions. Joe, Cora this is Daisy, your newborn pup. You must always view her as such as you make decisions for her.”

“Daisy, these are your new owners, Cora and Joe. Cora will be your main owner.”

“Daisy, the new fetish you brought upon yourself is starting your life as a dog. Your drug use was unacceptable. I gave my word to the Dean that we would get you clean and keep you that way. Please try to remember to think and type in English; we can have someone ask your questions in class when you get to the all barking mode. You can collaborate on the computer so he can see what you are thinking. We will have to talk to your professors about tests.”

“For questions, it is one bark for ‘Yes’ and two barks for ‘No.’ For more complicated ones, your paw mark will decide.”

“Running around the house area: Hands and Feet, dogs do not walk on their knees. Going for walks, nude, leashed and standing erect; this will make it easier for your owner to take you more places.”

“Clothes: you will dress like us, a doggie raincoat, a doggie snowsuit, maybe a saddle bag to hold lunches for a picnic.”

“The guys are working on details for a doggie outhouse for you. It will help in inclement weather, and it will have a light. Humans can’t stay in the dark all the time. It will have a paw switch.”

“If you need to pee, you have the option to either raise your leg or squat, whichever is best for you.”

“There are a lot of details to be worked out, including your suit. Many times they bind your legs, so you walk on your knees. It’s unacceptable. How would it reflect on us, your caregivers, for you to come to unnecessary harm? A knee operation would be unforgivable.”

“Tomorrow, you will go to get your basics: doggie bed, kennel, doggie bowls, collar, and leash. You will eat human food, cut up into small pieces. Doggie food is for the nutritional needs of a dog, not a human. We will seek guidance for a good diet for you. You will need a tag for your collar, and in future, you will be microchipped and have a birth control implant to keep you safe.”

Daisy could not sleep, she was so excited to start her new life. “Tomorrow, I will have real doggie things that are mine,” she thought.

The next day, Daisy walked into the pet store with her head held high, albeit with clothes on. Cora did not want a big thick leather collar for Daisy; she got her one that looked like a diamond necklace with a ring in the back to hook the leash. There was not much to choose from in the leash department. They got a six-foot chain leash.

Cora said to the shopkeeper, “Daisy is our dog. She will need a kennel when she is a naughty dog and when we have to transport her.”

“Joe while we are finding a kennel, take her to toys and get a couple of squeaky toys. I don’t want her to have a rope yet. We have a lot of questions to ask the vet.” Cora got a doggie heart ID tag.

After the pet store, Cora took Daisy into a kitchen store and got a gadget that cubes vegetables and another that slices them. She also got a large silver platter; Daisy would need room for holiday meals.

Joe went to the grocery store. Daisy needed treats, so he decided to get trail mix, pretzel bites and nuts to start with; a more exhaustive search would be done later after they talked to the vet.

Next, they got some moccasins; it was hard because Daisy’s toes kept sliding forward. She would have to work on landing her feet flatter. çanakkale escort The material is made, so that would not wear out.

“Now what toy would you like to show Queen? You have lots of new things to show her.”

“Woof.” Daisy put her paw on a toy.

Queen and a few others were waiting outside as the car drove up. Cora opened the kennel and Daisy bolted straight to Queen and dropped a squeaky toy at her feet.

Queen looked at Cora, “What am I supposed to do?”

“My Queen, you can take her on her first official walk like a dog.”


“I think I would like that.”

“Here is a trowel and plastic bags for you. It is the law, My Queen.”

“Oh, I suppose it is, very well. Come on Daisy, let’s go for a walk.”


Queen played fetch for thirty minutes with Daisy; Daisy got winded. Queen took it slow on the way home.

When Joe saw Daisy when she got back, he said, “I will ask the ‘Coach’ what we can do for strength and stamina for her. No doubt I see a buildup of bleacher runs.”

The next day, Joe, Cora, and Daisy were in the vet’s office. “Daisy, act like a human until you get to the exam room.”

The vet said, “Ah, Daisy, my first human dog. First off, she will need a complete human medical care team, for insurance reasons, and I can’t order most of the tests she will need. You can explore options with a court-ordered name change.”

Cora said, “Dr., Daisy is going to be using her muscles different. How do we make sure she does not hurt herself? How can she build up her stamina and strength, so she does not get tired playing fetch? What about diet?”

It took over an hour to talk to the vet, Joe and Cora were on information overload. The vet decided to make another appointment in one month to address areas of need.

When everyone arrived home, Joe walked into the kitchen. “Becky, would you mind if I checked in on your food?

“No, I don’t mind Joe.”

Joe looked at the tasty food and determined it would be too hard for Daisy to eat. Joe took Becky aside and talked to her, “Becky, would you be offended if Daisy got something else to eat?”

“Oh no. I am sorry Joe, I forgot about Daisy’s food requirements. I should have cut up her food so that she could eat it.”

Joe walked into the dining area and said, “Daisy, do you like Moo Goo Gai Pan?”


“Who’s in for Chinese? We can also share Becky’s amazing meal.”

The Sorority always backed their sisters with their whole heart. All paws rose.

Soon everyone was eating; Daisy’s bowls were near the dining area. Sometimes, Daisy would howl at others seated at the table when she heard something funny.

As time went on, Daisy became more comfortable with her life. She now expressed more expressions towards others which made her feel part of the group.

Soon Queen made an appointment for Joe, Cora, and Daisy to visit a Sorority across campus. They were to visit their newfound sister. Cora said, “Maxine, you look ravishing, much better than when I wore those clothes.” Daisy agreed and licked Maxine’s face.

“Yeah, the sisters are helping me out a lot. I learn a little more each day. I love it when a guy takes a second look. They don’t want me to date yet. They like doing groups so I can get to know my female side better.”

All in all, it was a delightful day to catch up with family. Even ice-cold lemonade was served on the veranda. Joe said, “Yes Maxine, you are like the sister I never had!” Joe received a hard punch in the arm from Cora and a deep growl from Daisy.

“Ha, I guess Daisy will be sleeping in the doggie bed. Joe is sleeping in the kennel.”


Daisy walked into the house all pleased with herself and Cora was fawning praise all over her, on the other hand, Cora gave Joe the cold shoulder.

Queen said, “OK Joe, what did you do wrong this time?”

Queen’s remark drew many howls from Daisy. Cora said, “He told Maxine that she was the sister he never had. Daisy was not amused.”

Queen looked over at Joe; if looks could kill, Joe would have died several times over.

“It appears it is time for everyone to strip for the night, except for shoes. Joe will be wearing a padlocked cock sack. Girls, it is your job to make sure his little prick feels all the little pricks from the pins. You do this by making sure he stays hard as granite.”

Queen said. “OK girls, there are thirty of us here. I will be judging you on how creative you are and what kind of effort you put into the endeavor. You don’t want to be in the bottom half of my list.”

Queen gave Daisy a pass, as the best she could do was to dry hump, Joe.

Tit fucking and foot worship seemed popular torments. They kept Joe on edge for hours, and he felt every pin. He didn’t want to give the girls any notion of tickle torture, as it would slice his cock in half.

Daisy could not help but stare at her new school ID card. There she was, naked, on her hands and feet and smiling into the camera. The name read DAISY MAY. Cora had gone to great pains to get her name change though; there was no going back now. She was official; DAISY MAY was her name in all aspects of her life now. Cora had most of Daisy’s ID’s, but Daisy needed her school ID every day. She kept it on a unique collar.

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