Fiery Passion Pt. 01

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It started like any other Friday: Trey was finishing his breakfast and firing up his laptop, ready to start a relaxing day to end his workweek. He enjoyed his job, as it had allowed him to achieve a lot of his goals. He was able to live in a nice apartment on the water in Florida, surrounded by plants and friends. What more could a guy in his late-30’s want, right?

That was exactly the problem. Even in a city with good friends and fun places, Trey felt alone. There was something missing. He had spent many evenings walking to different bars and events, but nobody seemed to grasp his attention intellectually and physically. Trey always felt it was smart to know yourself. He had never been the sculpted body, hot guy. He was generally considered attractive, but he was overweight. This plagued his mind at nearly every turn. Luckily, he was tall. Being 6’5″ had its benefits. It allowed him to carry his weight better than most. With long brown hair and hazel eyes, he knew he could spark the interest of some girls. But he also knew his real skill and value was in his intellect and sense of humor. He had tried all the apps, but none brought any real possibilities. They all seemed to be flooded with bots, OF performers, and the hopeless. It was nearly impossible to display his value over a two-dimensional app. He mostly felt somewhat defeated. Was he destined to be the single friend forever?

This thought changed one day. He had been speaking with his family about the upcoming holiday season and realized they would probably be spending another year in Texas. There was not anything too remarkable about this. Trey had attended university in Texas and kept several very strong friends there. Sure, they had moved on and gotten married. Many even had kids now. Their friendships would always be strong, but their passions had diverged. So, there he sat, between meetings, distracted.

He decided he would browse the option of seeing a companion on his road trip back to Texas. Sometimes it was thrilling just to imagine meeting with a professional who knew exactly what she was doing. He longed for his international days when the lines between escort, courtesan, date, and fling were blurred. As he opened the browser on his phone, he was transported to a fantasy world full of every pleasure imaginable. Blondes and Brunettes, Curvy and slim, every option was available. Then he saw her. She had red hair that dripped with passion. Her body screamed at him with every fiery sensation he desired. As he scrolled through her profile, he was hooked. She had a bold confidence that was enticing to complement her flawless physique.

Living in the states, there is always the fear that a provider is a honey-trap. Who really wants to get picked up for some archaic law? There had to be a way to get to know this goddess, some way. Luckily for Trey, she had her personal website listed. Trey had recently joined the site and he found that he enjoyed that he could chat with the provider. To him, she felt more bursa escort real. This made her videos and pictures more seductive. The urges were much more intense. As he subscribed to her page, he was a little disappointed, because she did not have a ton of pictures or videos. He went out on a limb and sent a tip. This opened Pandora’s Box. The genie was out of her lamp, and there was zero chance she was going back in.

Trey now sat with eager anticipation for his holiday trip. He found that as he tipped her, he would unlock more and more of her personality. He was lost in her fantasyland. Nights were foggy and mornings came quickly as he refreshed his messages, hoping with every swipe he had a sexy reply to his comments. He felt a renewed vitality deep inside. As the night began to wane, he realized that she must have fallen asleep. He let his mind wander, and he arrived at a subgenre of videos that he had not explored much. There were so many redheads splayed across his iPad screen. None of them fit the bill. But they were all he had. Shea had sent a short video spreading her heavenly hole, but unfortunately it was too short. The mental image held strong, and he selected a video to help inspire his urges. As he lay down in bed, he imagined that Shea was crawling between his legs. He gripped his member and dreamt that it was her magical mouth instead. He pumped and pumped. The familiar tingling built up in his balls and he erupted. He had shot thick ropes of cum everywhere. He reveled in post-orgasmic bliss, but he knew he was in trouble. Nothing except the real thing would be able to quell his desire.

One other problem Trey noticed in Shea’s videos was that she was always holding her phone. Sure, she was able to get good angles with immediate reaction, but it limited the actions she could do. He knew she needed a good tripod. He then remembered that she offered video sessions. Maybe now with her tripod, he would be able to scratch the itch that was spreading through his body. That weekend, he spent many eager minutes waiting for her replies. He sent sexy messages letting her know what he wanted to do with her. She seemed to like everything he was sending. Trey was in absolute heaven.

The next week, he knew it was finally time. He reached out and locked in a video call with Shea. He cleared his calendar. As the day approached, he was holding off on relieving himself, because he wanted to have a full load to impress her. He locked his door and took a refreshing shower. Sure, it was just a video call, but to Trey, this meant so much more. He needed this. He trimmed his unruly hairs and made sure he was as clean as he could be. Cologne seemed like an unnecessary touch, after all, she could not smell him through the camera.

As he dialed her number, he nervously waited. Obviously, he had heard her voice in videos and sure he had sent some videos to her, but what would she be like in video. Then the line connected. There she was. His literal dream sitting bursa escort bayan in a silky robe. He knew she did not like her voice, but Trey actually loved it. He felt that it exuded confidence. They got through some small talk about their weeks and how the weather was. Then Shea started sliding off her robe. Underneath, she was wearing a sexy white lingerie set. Trey’s brain was drained of blood as he instantly became engorged. This was exactly what he imagined. Shea could see the effect she was having on him, and she began to tease him. She played with her bra straps, until finally she pulled each off her shoulders telling Trey she wished he were there to help with the strap in the back. She turned and showed him the hooks. With swift hands, she undid them and then cupped each perfect breast. Turning she allowed the bra to fall revealing a perfect set of tits. “How do you like them?” She asked rhetorically. She knew Trey was putty in her hands.

As she slid back in her bed, the rest of her body came into frame, and it was as perfect as everything he was thinking. Trey had his member in his hand, but he did not want to finish himself too soon. Shea sat up and spread her legs. He could hardly believe that all her treasure was hidden behind just a two-inch strip of fabric. She pulled it to the side, and Trey realized how much he could smell and taste through the video. It was perfect. Her lips looked juicy and desirable. That is when she leaned back a little further and he saw it: she had a silver plug buried in her most intimate of holes. It was as if Shea had invited his dreams and pulled out every fantasy. “I knew you’d like that.” she said with a devilish smirk.

Reaching to the side, she grabbed her massage toy and cranked it to medium. She began working her clit, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She would alternate between her clit and down between her lips teasing her pussy. Her juices coated the toy, and it glistened with a seductive sheen. Back on her clit, Trey could see that she was close. Her body had a slight coating of sweat and her breathing had quickened. “Reach up with your other hand and squeeze your nipple,” he commanded. As if she gets compelled, she complied. She squeezed. That was just the switch that needed to be flipped. Her orgasm crashed into her hard. Trey could see a slight trail of cum coming out of her pussy. He was in love.

As she came down from her climax, Shea felt a weird connection with Trey. Sure, she had been with guys before, but somehow, he seemed to understand her. It was like he was there with her. All she wanted was his strong arms wrapped around her, holding her, and comforting her. She wanted to trace her finger along his tattoos and talk all night, but then she was pulled back. “Wow, that was intense. I wish I could be there to clean you up,” he said.

Shea was looking back at the phone and felt content. She had been in a bit of a rush getting ready for the call. It was strange, Trey was escort bursa just some random dude who paid to see her in seductive videos. Why did this feel any different? She had cast these thoughts aside. She was a professional. But there she sat, realizing she wished she had used the bathroom before she accepted the call. “Can you excuse me for a second?” She asked. She saw a spark in Trey’s eyes. “Actually, you’ve told me you have some kinks, right? And that you want to worship my body? How would you like to join me?” Trey was nearly speechless. He realized she was going to share one of her most private things. All he could do is nod with a lustful stare.

Shea grabbed the tripod and walked into the bathroom. She positioned it with an askew view of the toilet as she sat down. Trey’s eyes were locked between her legs. Then it started with just a trickle. Once Shea realized how hooked he was, she disconnected the phone and brought it close. Her stream was strong now. “This guy is an absolute freak,” she thought as she realized she kinda liked him more than just some dude on the internet. She finished and wiped, washed her hands, and returned to the bed. She adjusted the tripod. Trey could not do much except stare. Had she gone too far?

“You are the only thing that can satisfy my urge,” he admitted sheepishly. Their eyes met. She now understood that she had not gone too far at all. This guy could be a keeper. Maybe he is as kinky as he says. “You still haven’t cum, how can we change that?” Shea asked as she turned her energy back into the seductress. She turned her eye to the package he had sent her. She had been told not to open it until the call. She opened the box and saw two boxes inside. She started with the smaller of the boxes. Opening it, she found black steel nipple clamps. She looked back to the phone and saw pure lust in Trey’s eyes. She pulled the device from the box and pinched it open. As it clamped onto her right nipple, she felt a stinging pain.

Then she attached the other side to her left nipple and grabbed the other box. Inside she found the Lelo g-spot toy she had been eyeing. It was charged and ready. She immediately put it in her mouth so Trey could see her skills. After she had given it a full coating of saliva she slid in inside her tight pussy. It found her g-spot nearly immediately. Trey was harder than he had ever been. As she inched closer and closer, Trey was using full strokes. With her other hand she was tugging on the chain that connected the two clamps. Trey knew she could be a good girl. Then she pulled the toy and began squirting. Her body convulsed. This took him over the edge. He began cumming. Every drop that was stored in his balls was being drained.

They both crashed from a strong orgasm and were looking at each other. Shea wondered how far she could take him. “Scoop your cum up and eat it,” she commanded. Trey knew he had to follow her orders and reached up. He scooped the white fluid and brought it to his lips. He imagined she was feeding it to him.

As he swallowed his own load for her, Shea was absolutely smitten. Her pussy was on fire. She could feel the steel in her ass, and she knew she wanted more. She looked deep into his eyes, “I have an idea.”

…. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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