Fifteen Women

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: My first exposure to Oggbashan’s work was through several collections of his fifty-word stories. He grouped them in batches of fifteen to meet Literotica’s 750 word minimum. I was taken by the brevity of the almost poetic form and decided someday to try my hand at it myself. Ogg had been good enough to publish How To Write a Fifty-Word Story back in 2006, which I found quite helpful in getting me started. In tribute to a gifted and prolific author, and an all-around decent human being, this is my attempt.

The following are fifteen fifty-word stories. The title isn’t counted.

01. Candi

“Happy Birthday,” my old man said. “Now pick any girl you want.”

She took me upstairs to make me a man. Mostly we sat and talked. Be kind and faithful, she said. Pay attention to the little things. Don’t grow up to be like your father.

We did it anyway.

02. Beth

She had a reputation in the dorm for being easy. I got drunk at a party and woke up in her bed. She was naked beside me.

Memories came in throbbing fragments—fumbling with a purple condom, bouncing tits, her musky smell.

I threw up and we never spoke again.

03. Trisha

I took her out to a movie and dinner afterwards.

She gave me a clumsy handjob on our third date. On our fifth, she gave me her virginity. We did it three more times, but she never really seemed to enjoy it.

I guess I wasn’t a very good teacher.

04. Ocean

She was a hippie chick and we had nothing in common, but she loved sex.

Any time, any place, all summer long. nikki bella says i do izle She gave her body freely and expected the same in return. I learned so much from her about giving and receiving pleasure.

But I wasn’t her only student.

05. Judith

We were together almost two years and always in each other’s bed.

She had such perky little tits and she loved all my favorite things—music, books, hobbies. Maybe my favorite things were just whatever she loved. I asked her to marry me.

She said no because I’m not Jewish.

06. Gwen

It was just a one night stand. We each needed someone and we found each other.

She was aggressive, energetic, passionate. She rode my cock with such hunger, and I banged her with manic desperation.

I needed to get over my ex.

She badly wanted to piss off her boyfriend.

07. Linda

She was the kind of girl you take home to mother.

I was a senior; she was a sophomore. She was cloistered, innocent, eager to learn and she loved me for teaching her. We married after she graduated and she gave me three children.

We were together over thirty years.

08. Gretchen

I was stationed overseas, away from family and my fiancé. I was lonely and she made me feel welcome, desired, and loved.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t offer her a green card.

I think I broke her heart when I introduced her to a buddy who could.

09. Rebecca

She was a pretty work colleague.

At the end of a long business nolly izle trip, we closed the deal and celebrated in the hotel bar. Then we went upstairs and celebrated in her bed. I hadn’t cum so hard in years.

We both swore we wouldn’t cheat on our spouses again.

10. Angie

“We should try swinging,” my wife suggested. The kids were grown and she was bored.

So we invited another couple into our bedroom. It was awkward having her husband in my bed, but Angie taught my wife new tricks.

It spiced things up and was more fun than playing bridge.

11. Dominique

My wife and I answered a swingers ad online and met them at their home. They had a playroom, more like a dungeon. She was into whips, needles, candle wax, the transcendence of pain and pleasure. They encouraged us to explore our limits.

We discovered that was not our scene.

12. Carrie Ann

We met them on a swingers cruise and had lots of fun both in the cabin and ashore. She was beautiful but bashful. He was bold and dashing.

Afterwards, my wife ran off with her husband. We consoled each other for a time, but we weren’t as good a match.

13. Andrea

My daughter played matchmaker and introduced me to her coworker. She’d been alone for many years, unloved and untouched. Her desperate need for physical affection made her a ravenous lover. She’d have kept me in her bed forever, and I’d have happily stayed.

But she was appallingly rude to waiters.

14. Zoë

I suppose I look wealthy to a 22 year old. She was conniving yet normal people izle naive, and I let her think she seduced me. She wanted to trade her young body for a life of idle luxury.

I told her about my vasectomy. She decided I wasn’t that rich after all.

15. Judith again

She found me on Facebook after decades. We met for coffee. Her husband had passed, my wife had left, our kids were grown.

The things that split us apart had evaporated. The things we shared endured. Knowing her body was like coming back home.

And I fell in love again.

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