Finally Fulfilled My Fantasy

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I’m a 25-year-old man who up until recently never had any sexual experience. I’ve always considered myself straight, but I never had any luck with dating any girls. I wasn’t attracted to guys at all, but sometimes when I would jerk off, I would imagine what it would be like to be the one getting fucked.

I had an immense curiosity about what that would feel like, but for the longest time I never acted on it. I started putting up personal ads once every few months saying that I would looking for someone to help me explore my curiosity. Between my curious nature and my small stats (5’4 and about 130 lbs) I ended up receiving tons of responses every time. But every time I ended up getting cold feet, because if I were to go through with actually meeting any of these guys it would be too much of a life-changing moment for me to go back on.

Finally though I received a message from a guy named Paul. He was in his late 30s and was around 6 feet tall and 170 lbs. The way he talked to me seemed so different, I felt more comfortable with the prospect of meeting him. I agreed to trade a few pictures of our bodies, and when he saw mine he told me how cute my body was and how much he wanted to squeeze my ass and fuck me.

I was convinced. I agreed to meet Paul at his place that weekend. It was about an hour-long drive, and the whole time my heart was racing in anticipation. I got to his house and knocked on the door. When he opened the door he had an eager look on his face. We made a little small talk in the doorway, but it was clear to both of us that we wanted to get started on hooking up, so it wasn’t long before I was asked to come inside.

Now that we were behind doors, Paul embraced me, squeezing my ass.

“It’s just as squeezable as it looked in your pictures,” he said.

He spent some time just feeling me up, telling me what a sexy little body I have. He then ask me to take his cock out. I slowly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled down his pants and boxers, his already-hard cock popping right out.

I just looked at it for a moment. Naturally this wasn’t the first dick I had ever seen, but it was the first time I was seeing one in a sexual situation, one that might end up inside me if everything went well.

“Wanna touch it?” Paul finally asked.

Still too nervous to speak, I just nodded. I reached out and gripped his hard cock. Even though I had held my own dick in the past, his felt very different, like I was noticing things about it that I never paid much attention to with my own. I noticed the hard shaft and the rubbery head, and I imagined what each part would feel like penetrating my asshole.

I started to stroke Paul’s cock. It was already pretty erect, but it went rock hard with my touch. I did that, I thought to myself. I made it hard, Onwin a cock that’s hard for the sole purpose of fucking me.

Paul broke the silence once again with “Do you want to kiss it?”

I thought about it for a few seconds before breaking my own silence by saying “Yeah” with a small smile. My first instinct was to start to bend down towards Paul’s cock, but he stopped me.

“You might be more comfortable on your knees.”

I felt a little embarrassed at how I didn’t immediately think to do that, but I agreed and knelt on the ground in front of him, his hard cock right in my face. It seemed almost irresistible, like it was beckoning me to put it in my mouth right away. But I restrained myself.

“Is this a good position?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Paul responded, “Give it a little kiss just like that.”

I moved my mouth in close and puckered my lips. My lips touched the head of his cock, and the moment they did I felt amazing in a way I’m not even sure how to describe. I should have tried this sooner, I thought to myself. I kissed his head for a few seconds, then removed my lips from it and took my tongue out. I licked his head ever so slightly right at the end. The tip of his cock was more springy than I expected. I looked up at Paul and smiled.

At this point Paul’s pants and boxers were still around his thighs, so he took them off while I stayed kneeling. “We don’t want these getting in the way, after all,” he said. He stood back in front of me, completely naked from the waist down with his shirt pulled up to his stomach. It was time for me to get to work sucking my first dick.

I started off by kissing the tip a few more times. On the last kiss, I opened up my mouth wider and started to take in Paul’s cock. The rubbery head passed through my lips, then the rock hard shaft. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a real live cock in my mouth. It was nice and big and warm. It pushed up against my tongue as it went deeper in my mouth, and I moved my tongue around against the shaft to feel it better.

I took in Paul’s cock as far as I could, then I started to pull back, my lips wrapped tightly around his dick. I just focused on this motion, back and forth, over and over again. This whole time Paul is telling me how great my mouth feels and how warm and inviting it is. This went on for a couple minutes until he started gently thrusting his cock in my mouth. I’m getting face-fucked for the first time! This didn’t last long though before he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“You ready for the main course?” he asked.

As I was standing up I gently nodded with another small smile. He went back to feeling me up, putting his hands all over my body as he slowly took off all my clothes. He paid particularly close attention to feeling my ass while he did this. Onwin giriş Even though I had already crossed one point of no return by sucking Paul’s cock, I felt like I had crossed another by being completely naked in front of him. My small, bare body was going to be his to play with.

Paul had me get on the bed on all fours, doggie style position. He got behind me and started caressing and squeezing my ass until my hole was practically begging to be touched. He grabbed a bottle of lube and squirting some on both his fingers and on my ass. He massaged the lube around the outside of my hole, slowly and gently. It was a strange feeling, but a good one.

Once the outside was nice and slick, Paul started to penetrate my hole with his finger very slowly. This is what I had been waiting for, a man was finally giving my ass the attention it deserved. Once his finger was all the way in, he just left it there for a minute to give my hole time to relax and open up. After it loosened up a little he started fingering my ass. I wanted to let out a moan, but I was still a little embarrassed, so I held it in. He then started to finger me faster and it felt amazing.

Paul continued this until my ass felt relaxed and opened, then he whispered in my ear “It’s time.” All I could think to respond with was “Give me your cock, Paul.” He pulled his finger out and put on a condom, applying some more lube to the outside of it. Then he pressed the head of his dick against my asshole and rubbed a little. I arched my back to let him know that I was ready, then he started to slowly slide his cock into my ass. I could feel every part, the hard but somewhat squishy head, the rock hard shaft, and before I knew it his cock was balls deep in me. This felt heavenly to me. It’s what I always wanted: a man’s real live dick is inside me! I felt proud of myself!

Paul didn’t start to pump cock just yet. He let his cock just sit inside me motionless for a minute, giving my ass time again to loosen up and get used to it, because I wasn’t used to having something this size in my ass. It did feel a little awkward to have something pressing into me in ways that I hadn’t felt before, but that awkwardness was nothing compared to the immense pleasure I got from taking a real cock.

Paul started to rub my hips and ass with his hands. Before I met Paul I didn’t think I’d like being caressed by a man, but it actually felt pretty good to me. The feeling somehow seemed to complement the pleasure in my hole. It felt natural to be touched by a man and have him inside me. I liked everything about it, even the little things that I never considered before like the feeling of having a man’s body pressed up against my butt cheeks. It all felt amazing.

After caressing me a bit more, Paul slapped my ass and started to thrust his cock in and out of my ass. The slap surprised me, but before I could even think about it, a wave of pleasure came over me. I’m finally being fucked! I felt filled up for the first time in my life. After a big thrust, Paul let out a moan and said “Goddamn you feel good, babe.” The knowledge that I was bringing him pleasure gave me a sense of satisfaction. It turns out I like making a man feel good.

I lost track of time, but I knew that Paul had been fucking me for several minutes. He pulled his cock out of my ass and give it another slap. My hole had an empty feeling to it, where I wanted that gap filled back up. Then he said “Lay on your back for me, babe.” As I moved onto my back I was anxious to get him back in me. I got on my back and held my knees up. My own cock felt onto my stomach, completely hard with precum leaking out.

Paul wasted no time positioning himself between my legs. He slid his dick deep into my asshole. From this position, it was more noticeable when his balls touched me, and I loved being able to feel both his cock and balls at the same time.

Paul grabbed my legs and started fucking me, this time harder and faster than before. However, it felt more intimate because I could see him. I liked looking at the man who was taking my virginity, watching his hips move with each thrust and him holding my legs in just the right position to penetrate deeper. He notices me looking and he makes eye contact. I quickly look away but right away he says “Look at me babe. I want you to get a good look at the man who’s fucking you.”

We make eye contact again. Then Paul lifted my legs higher and started fucking me even harder. He started to sweat and I could feel my legs getting slippery against his arms and torso. He was grunting a little and I could sense that he was getting close, so I clenched my ass ever so slightly during the latter half of each thrust. And even though he wasn’t touching my cock I could feel the sensation that I was getting close as well. He said “I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum in your ass.” I responded with “Do it. Cum inside me, Paul.”

Paul grunted and I could feel his cock start to twitch. I immediately knew that he was cumming. It was the most fulfilling sensation that I had ever experienced. Paul’s cock was cumming deep inside my body. This is what I had always wanted. I had sex! I made a dick cum! The feeling was so intense that my own cock twitched and out burst a huge steam of cum, coating my stomach and chest. It was the strongest orgasm I had felt in my entire life.

The twitching in Paul’s cock continued. I didn’t want it to end, but it does after several seconds. He pulled his cock out of my asshole and took off the condom.

We cuddled and chatted for a bit, but I felt gross with all my cum on my body. I showered to clean myself off, then we agreed to call it a night as I got dressed and drove back home. The whole way back I just thought how my body would never be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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