Finally Meeting Lilly

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After weeks of correspondence, on Ashley Madison, text and short phone calls, I finally convinced Lilly to give me a chance. We met for several lunch dates as this was the easiest way to meet face to face. She managed to sneak out from work for the lunch meetups. I skipped a few runs for some evening walks. We have now been intimate yet other than some welcome and goodbye hugs and kisses.

She is comfortable enough now that she has invited me to her little apartment hide away, to see if we are physically compatible. I’m at her door early on a Monday morning, freshly showered from my morning swim. She has arranged to go into work later. She opens the door and there she is in a stunning sun dress. It’s strapless and comes to just above her knees, and I can tell by the way her breasts sway she is braless. She grabs me by the front of my muscle shirt and pulls me through the door and quickly and quietly closes and locks the door. Damn that was hot. She spins around quickly and the dress flares out. Now that was sexy. We immediately embrace in a tight hug and share our first real passionate kiss. Tongues dueling, breathing heavily, hands groping each other. It’s still summer and I’m only wearing the muscle shirt, sports shorts and sandals. As my hands slide down her body to caress her ass I feel her do the same to me. My cock is getting hard and my shorts will now hide that. She pulls me tight to her and I know she can feel my cock against her stomach.

I start walking backwards to the couch bringing her with me. As the back of my calves touch the couch I almanbahis ease her sundress up above her ass and start to rub her bare buttocks, no panties. My cock is now fully hard and very uncomfortable as it’s pointing down in my shorts and straining against the material. I sit back, on to the couch, pulling her down with me so she is straddling my legs. My hands move up and pull the sundress down to expose her breasts. Mmmmmm, beautiful. I suck one nipple into my mouth while one hand caresses her other breast and the other hand goes back to rubbing her ass. I feel her hands go under the elastic of my shorts and feel around for my cock. She frees it from the tangle of my shorts and I feel her fingers wrap around it and squeeze it. My mouth switches nipples and I bring a finger to my mouth to wet it. I reach past her ass and feel for her pussy lips with my wet finger. It slides between them as she is also getting wet.

I roll her off of me so she is leaning back into the corner of the couch as I continue to suck on her nipples, moving from one to another. Her hand is still gripping my cock. God, she’s so sexy she’s going to make me cum soon. I start to kiss down her body making my way towards her pussy. I lift the front of her sundress and get my first view of paradise. I start kissing down the side of her pubic mound and down the inside of her thigh. Then up the inside of her other thigh. Her scent is intoxicating, I have to taste her. I lick her pussy lips and feel them part open for my tongue. I slide my tongue inside and get my first full taste of almanbahis giriş her essence. I slide my tongue up between her pussy lips and onto her clit. I lift her thighs about my shoulders and feel them clamp on my head. She squeezes my head and my hands go under her ass and lift her up while I press, and swirl my tongue against her clit. Her hands grab my head and pull my tongue tighter against her. I could feel her breathing start to speed up and get deeper. I managed to slide my pointer and middle fingers into her pussy while my tongue attacked her clit. She was starting to moan and gyrate her hips. Suddenly she took a deep breath and groaned as she lifted her ass off the couch as she came. First orgasm down. God I love doing that to a woman. I slide my fingers from her pussy and removed my tongue from her clit even though her thighs were still squeezing my head, her fingers were entwined in my hair as she lowered her ass back to the couch. Some women get very sensitive after coming but others want more. I still need to learn what she wants.

Her thighs started to release my head and I moved up between them back to her nipples and started to suck them again. Her fingers were still entwined in my hair and she pulled me up to kiss her. We explored each other’s mouths again. I broke the kiss and stood up, then helped her to her feet. I lifted her ass up and told her to wrap her legs around my hips and to hold onto my shoulders. I carried her to the bed this way. I got onto the bed and knee walked to the middle, then I let her weight pull us almanbahis yeni giriş down. My hard cock was rubbing against her pussy. I looked her in the eyes and told her to reach down and guide my cock into her. She smiled and moved the head of my hard cock to her entrance. I slowly pushed in a little, then pulled back, then in a little more then back out spreading her juices onto my cock. Finally I had my cock all the way into the hottest pussy it had ever been in. I started to trust my way in and out.

First time, new pussy, I know I’m not going to last long. I pushed up on my arms to create some distance between us so I could watch her tits shimmy and shake as I fucked her. Yeah, this isn’t going to take long. I leaned back on my haunches to slow down and change my angle of penetration so my cock head would rub her “G” spot then told her to rub her clit because I was very close. I looked her in the eyes then used all my control to stop myself from coming. She started to rub her clit as I lifted up more on her thighs to maximize my cock heads contact with her clit. Then I felt the inevitable feeling in my groin. I was building up to shoot my load and there was no stopping it now. I thrusted into her as deep as I could and held myself there while my body pumped my cum into her hot box. This tripped her second orgasm as well and she wrapped her legs around me and held me tight into her. I relaxed my arms and lowered myself down as we tried to catch our breath, both of us breathing heavily into the other’s ear. After our breathing had calmed down, she said, “God, I needed that, thankyou.” “Mmmmmm, your welcome” as my spent cock started to shrink and pull out of her pussy.

There was time for a quick shower together to clean up. Until next time. She had to dress and get to her office and I made my way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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