Finally Submitting Myself

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Note: this is my first submission and I hope you guys enjoy! I’m a bi male but still in the closet and this encompasses my wildest fantasy. Leave reviews please!

I had thought about it for years. I frequently fantasized about it. My fantasies varied in terms of how it happened – what I was wearing, where I would be, how it would feel.

Now I was finally going to do it. I’m in my apartment on a sunny but cool summers day, Sunday morning with not a want in the world but to submit totally to a hung dominant top.

I woke at 10am after a whole day of not eating on the Saturday. I stripped out of my boxers and walked over to the mirror to look at myself – I was ready. Looking at myself in the full length mirror, I admired my tight body. I’m 5′ 8″ with a slim build, very little body hair and a perky bubble butt. I joined a gym 6 months prior so I had been working on toning my body, the gym also had sun beds so I was a lovely bronze color which I adored.

Somewhat pleased with myself, I headed over to my walk-in wardrobe and down to the bottom drawer where I kept my play gear. I pulled out my butt plug, clear lube, body hair removal cream and body lotion. I was going to be gleaming. To start opening up my bubble butt for later, I grabbed the poppers too.

I took everything with me to my en-suite and started to get ready. I grabbed a quick hot shower to open up my pores and stepped out to dry myself. I then started using the hair removal cream all over my body. I let it sit for a few mins before removing every last hair below my eyebrows. Not a single hair remained (somehow)! I grabbed another quick shower to rinse my body and hopped out.

Hairless and horny, I opened up my poppers and took a huge inhale. I hadn’t masturbated in over 4 weeks so my balls were blue and I was rock hard thinking about later on. I felt the amazing rush as I stood in the bathroom naked, bronzed and hairless. After the initial rush I gathered myself and noticed my cock had begin to grow. I calmed myself and began to rub the body lotion over myself. I worked it over my whole body and took another hit of the poppers. I was really getting in the mood!

Once I rubbed the lotion all over my body, I looked over to the 4 inch butt plug and lube. I had been chatting to a dominant black 30 something male online for 3 months or so now. I kept backing out but this was the day and he was ready to dominate me – and I was ready to be dominated. He asked me to come prepared and with a butt plug already in to help stretch myself out as he was rocking a 10 inch monster. I had plenty of practice with my dildos, but this was different. Someone in complete control of me was what I had dreamed of and it was finally about to happen.

I grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over the plug. I rubbed some lube my ‘boi pussy’ as my new master liked to call it and then took another hit of the poppers. I set the butt plug on the toilet top and slowly sat down on it, I felt it stretch my tight asshole as it lodged itself inside me. I didn’t get it in on the first try, and had to go back down on it 3 times to get it in along with the help of another poppers hit. Once in, it was sealed inside me as I stood up and it stayed in place. I walked back over to the mirror feeling the new object inside me move slightly as I walked. I looked myself in the mirror and knew this was it. No turning back now!

I headed back to my room and began to dress for my new master. Not that I had much to put on, but I didn’t mind! I grabbed my leather look jock strap and pulled it up my legs. The pouch comfortably seated my hairless cock and balls. My bubble butt popping as the straps rested around my upper thighs and waist. Even if I did get hard, this jock strap would keep my cock under control which I loved, and my master will too.

I wanted to capture my domination on video, so I decided that I would wear a latex hood that covered my identity. Only a mouth hole would be open for master to use my throat. Since my lips would be on show, I painted them with a plumper primer, then bright red lipstick and then lip gloss on top of that again. They were popping and master would see them even with the mask on, so I was ecstatic for his view and the video afterwards!

To finish off the outfit, I grabbed a pair of white knee high socks and straightened them out. They clung to my legs and cock pulsed.

I grabbed the last item that master requested I wear – a pink collar which had the word SLUT in diamantés across the front of it, along with a D ring so he would assumably leash me up. I wrapped it around my neck and fastened it.

I headed over to the full length mirror to admire myself. Knee high white socks, leather look jockstrap, pink SLUT collar. I was ready.

I picked up my phone and text my master. He replied instantly that he was on his way, and I was to leave the front door open, be kneeling in my living room on a pillow with my mask on and signed off the text DADDY.

I was beyond excited. I grabbed the latex hood, poppers and headed for living room, checking myself out in the mirror as I went.

I Anadolu Yakası Escort threw a pillow on the ground and set my phone up on a tripod beside me. I wanted to capture everything. I took a huge hit of poppers and kneeled on the pillow, hit the record button and pulled the latex hood over my head. This was it. I was finally going to be dominated by a man.

As the rush came over me from the poppers, I heard the front door open and footsteps coming inside. Nervous as hell, it seemed like more than one pair of feet had just came in and as I heard the footsteps approach I turned my head towards the sound and asked “Daddy?”. The response I received was not what I had imagined but got me rock hard. He replied “Bitch, shut your fuck hole”. I was taken aback as I felt one hand grab my entire head and a thumb enter my mouth. I panicked and lifted my hands towards the person in front of me but assumably a second person grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. Whoever was behind me held my hands tightly and said “we gonna own this little bitch, great find!”. I started panicking even more as he took out what I assumed to be hand cuffs and wrapped them around my wrists, fastening them together subsequently locking my hands behind my back.

Now I was really panicking. I wanted this so badly but I didn’t realize there was going to be 2 guys! The guy behind me started feeling my ass and poking at my butt plug and I squirmed as the guy in front me began speaking. “I’ve brought my buddy along for support today, he won’t be fucking any of your holes if you do not consent to it. I however will be dominating you as discussed – both orally and anally.” As he finished speaking, he held the bottle of poppers up to my right nostril and pushed a finger against my left nostril and said “sniff if this is what you want.” I took a huge inhale confirming that I wanted what he offered. I was rock hard, but my cock was still contained by my jock strap.

He continued, “if you would entertain the idea of my buddy joining in, I’ll give you another sniff of poppers and you can inhale if you agree to him joining later.” The second guy started playing with my nipples as I contemplated the idea, then he started rubbing the area between my balls and asshole that was still plugged, which drove me crazy. I felt the poppers at my nose and continuing the rush from the first hit I took another huge hit, I just agreed to 2 men to fuck me and I was loving it.

No sooner than the poppers left my nose, I felt my masters cock rubbing my painted lips, I opened my mouth and he placed both his hands on my head. No dildo training could have prepared me for this – he forcibly pushed his long, fat cock into my mouth and I began to gag. He slowly pushed further and further ignoring my gag reflex and my body began to spasm and my hands flailing. He pulled out and said “I thought you had been training whore?”, and gave me some time to respond. That was when I remembered about my throat numbing spray! I had bought it online a month before so I told him I had some in my room and where to find it. I also told him to grab my anal numbing lube too, as I knew these guys would be too big for my tight ass hole, even with my butt plug!

As the second guy went off to my room, the first guy didn’t let up with his throat fuck session. As soon as I told him where the lube was, he pulled my head back on to his cock again and started ramming his monster down my throat. I was so glad

I hadn’t ate as I gagged on his juicy cock. He pushed balls deep down my throat and held me there as I struggled to breathe. The second guy came back with the throat numbing spray and lube, so master pulled out and I slumped down, resting on my calves as I caught my breath. Masters friend grabbed my head and pulled my mouth open to spray the spray down my throat – soon where his cock would be I assumed. He then took off the cuffs. Master then attached a leash to my collar and pulled me forward onto my forearms. He grabbed the back of my neck and forced me down as my ass rose into the air. I was getting manhandled and I couldn’t even see who these guys were. They were muttering some stuff under their breath and I felt the poppers under my nostril again so I took a huge sniff, and then felt the butt plug being removed.

I felt a huge sigh of relief at this as my ass hole gaped. That was short lived as I felt a tug on my leash that indicated I get up to my feet, as master said “let’s go over to the couch, I want you to suck his dick while I open up that tight ass.” I nodded in acceptance of my fate, as I got lead over to the couch. My masters friend sat down as I got on my knees and bent over to serve him. He positioned his hands on the back of my head again as his cock touched my lips. I stuck my tongue out and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. He pulled my head down and I tried to pull back but he kept forcing my head down. The throat numbing spray helped as I gobbled down his shaft. I couldn’t stop his forceful pull down and my gag reflex wasn’t kicking in and so this let his huge 12 inches slip Kurtköy Escort down my throat with ease. His balls rested on my chin as I swallowed and swallowed his cock. He began to lift my head off his cock and slowly pull me back down on it. I was in heaven.

My cock and balls still contained in the jockstrap, collared and leashed, hands tied behind my back, high on poppers – I was open for business and horny as shit. I felt a finger at my asshole and then some pressure as it entered, seems he was lubing me up with the numbing lube which I knew I was going to need. As my throat was full of my masters friends cock, I felt my master push against my tight asshole with his cock – he was thick. I moaned around the 12 inch dick in my throat as the cock behind me slowly entered. I had only ever trained with a 8 inch dildo and was just able to take the full thing – how was I going to take a 10 inch cock of my master, and then his friends 12 inch?

Masters friend pulled me down on his cock with the leash and his hand pushed my head down too. I began gagging and squirming as he deepthroated me. He held me there for what felt like an eternity as master stopped pushing his dick into me – I somehow pissed him off. I was pulled off his cock by the leash, and master wrapped his big hands around my neck and as I caught my breath he shouted in my ear, “listen slut, you wanted this, we’re giving it to you. I don’t want to hear any moaning out of you, right?” As he spoke his buddy grabbed my cock and balls through my leather jock strap and I winced. I nodded in acknowledgment of his question then I felt the poppers at my nose again – I took a double hit and resumed position on his cock as the poppers rush started.

I tried my best to open my throat as I began to be throat fucked. Then I felt the pressure at my asshole again and masters cock making its way into my ass. It was huge and I really wasn’t sure if I could handle it. The poppers helped as I focused on throating this huge cock in my mouth already. Master got about half way and pulled out, only to push back inside again as I moaned around the 12 inch cock in my mouth. Master then pulled me back until his balls rested on my jockstrap and my body shook. They were in sync as his friend pulled my head down until my chin was resting on his balls. I was rammed full of black cock and my cock began to profusely leak precum.

“Hey look at this bitch, he’s leaking cum and we’ve only started fucking him” said my master. His buddy laughed as I squirmed under their might. I was getting throated and fucked balls deep and loving it, I couldn’t get enough. I felt the poppers at my nose again, and I took another inhale as they kept fucking my holes.

After 15 minutes of this continuous onslaught, I was exhausted and suddenly empty. Both guys pulled out of me and I was sitting on my knees on the couch, lost and horny. My hands were then released and cuffed again in front of me. I had no clue what was coming next. “Lie on your back bitch, with you head off the edge of the sofa.” I knew what was coming now. I did as I was told and put my hands over my soaking jock strap and felt how wet I was. My face turned red under the hood but I was loving every second of this. My head hanging off the edge of the sofa, regaining my breath.

“Open your mouth whore”. I had no clue who was talking but I did as I was told. I felt a cock on my tongue and then a pair of hands leaning on my chest. He was going to fuck my throat. I wasn’t ready but I had no choice. He proceeded to push his cock down my throat and I went to lift my hands to try slow his pace but the other guy grabbed them and kept them held down against my wet cock. I was getting dominated – just as I had asked. I throated the cock in my mouth for 10 minutes as I waited for his cum – but he pulled out and then the other cock entered. Again I was pinned down as my throat was used. Someone grabbed my cock and balls and squeezed them as I squirmed under their strength. They weren’t pleasuring me but playing with me – like a fucktoy.

Again I was waiting for the guy to cum but he just continued to fuck my throat as I heard picture capture noises in the background and one of the guys saying “yes bitch, take that big cock, you know you want it”. As he continued to fuck my throat, I tried to play with my own cock which seemed to infuriate the 2 men.

The cock in my mouth yanked out, the leash was pulled so I was sitting upright on the sofa somewhat confused. Then I felt a slap on my face as I was stunned from the impact. Then another. “You don’t fucking touch that pathetic boi pussy without my permission – ever. Do you understand?” He slapped me again and repeated it, “do you understand?”. I yelped out and said “yes sir, I won’t play with myself while you fuck me.” I was terrified as I sat on the couch, I didn’t know what they had planned for me next.

As I sat there, I heard them whispering. I felt like such a slut. Hands tied in front of me. Jockstrap soaking with my own pre cum. Asshole gaping from the drilling I just received. My throat numb from the deepthroat Pendik Escort session I had just endured. Face red from being slapped under my hood. Then my master spoke “ok my little whore, we’re going to both fuck your ass at the same time. Nod if you comply.” I thought for second, then I felt the poppers pushed against my nose and the hand on my head forcing me into the bottle. I took another sniff and he repeated “do you comply?” Horny as ever I nodded and mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen.

My hands were untied but my leash remained on. My master pulled me off the couch and I was standing in the living room. Each of the guys took one of my hands and placed it on their wet cocks. “Jerk us sissy” they said. I began rubbing both of their cocks, and one of them said “that viagra is hitting me now”, “me too” the other said. I couldn’t even fit my hands around their cocks as I jerked them as best I could.

Both of them pulled away as I stood there, then I felt a tug on the leash. One of them was laying down on the sofa and pulled me down on their cock as I kept my feet on the ground. He was so big and I couldn’t even feel how far he was inside me until I feel his balls on the area between my balls and ass. My cock began leaking again and getting harder, still stuck in my jockstrap. I then felt a sharp tug on the leash pulling me backwards on top of the guy lying down. My back was on his chest as I felt his forearm wrap around my neck. I was pinned to him and his cock was balls deep in my ass. I was in heaven.

The second guy lifted my feet and placed them on the couch either side of the guy lying down. The guy lying down tightened his grip of me as his other arm wrapped around my waist. The second guy lined himself up with my already filled hole. The guy lying down dropped his waist and his cock fell out of me. The second guy then pushed his cock inside of me. They did this for 5 minutes to loosen me up even more, then they started the real show.

I felt both heads at my ass. I lifted my head up to see but remembered the hood blacked everything out. The guy lying down pulled my head back down as they began to push inside me. The pressure was too much as I began to scream. They stopped and pushed the poppers to my nose and I sniffed so hard 4 times as I got drunk on poppers. Then they pushed again, I couldn’t do anything as both cocks pushed inside me and I screamed in ecstasy. The scream was quickly silenced by a ball gag that the men had brought with them. I was pinned down, silenced and full of dick as they continued to push inside me.

They got about half way in and decided that wasn’t enough. They forced me to take more poppers and applied more lube as I moaned around the ball gag. I was loving the domination that I was promised by these men. My cock was dripping with precum as their cocks filled my wanting hole. They pushed deep inside me as they fucked me for what felt like an eternity before releasing me and throwing me onto the ground in a heap. I was exhausted as they grabbed my hands again and cuffed them behind my back. They lifted me over to the pillow and took the ball gag out – only to replace it with a ring gag. My mouth was wedged open for them to use as they wish. I was going to let them fuck my throat anyway, but I guess this was another way for them to show how in control they were of me.

The 2 men proceeded to deepthroat me for about 30 minutes. Their hard cocks weren’t fading with the viagra they took and they kept topping me up with poppers as they assaulted my throat. Then they changed their tone as they were fucking me, they started to get faster as my throat swallowed their juicy cocks. Their moans began to get louder and I knew what was coming.

Then all of sudden they both stopped fucking me and they took the ring gag off. They kept me cuffed behind my back and then started playing with my nipples. I didn’t have nipple clamps but they must have brought some. They gave me more poppers and clamp both my nipples so hard. My jockstrap was soaking even more and they pointed it out and slapped my cock as I winced with the pain. My master grabbed my cock and balls and whispered in my ear “you’re going to swallow every last drop you hear me?” I nodded in acceptance of my fate and my cock twitched under his grasp. He released me cock and balls and stood up.

His friend was first. He grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me over to the wall. He pinned my head against the wall making sure I couldn’t pull away. I was a complete fuck toy for him. I opened my mouth and he slapped me twice, one each side, and as I came round from his slaps I felt his cock push into my throat. I gagged and squirmed but had nowhere to go as he pushed deeper and deeper. Then he started to fuck my face. He sped up his motions as his 12 inch cock slid deep in my throat right to the balls. After 10 minutes of this I didn’t even have the energy to gag as he fucked me, then he pushed so hard I thought I was going to pass out and came deep in my throat. He pushed further as I squirmed and swallowed what I could. I coughed around his throat but he stayed in me and made me swallow every last drop. He sat there for about a minute as I breathed through my nose and swallowed continuously. His cum was delicious and he said “you’ve earned it bitch, swallow that dessert.” He stayed in my throat as he cock softened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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