Finding Mr. Right Ch. 04

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Man it was hot. At the moment I was thankful my Mom had set me to work in the kitchen, where I could enjoy the comforts of the air conditioning. My cousins and their kids we’re on they’re way over for a barbeque and a swim in the pool.

As it was so hot, I worked my way around the kitchen in a pair of cut off jean shorts and black bikini top.

The doorbell rang and my Mom went to answer it. I stayed in the kitchen, getting ready to whip the cream for desert. Having poured the cream into a metal bowl, I then put the electric beater in and turned it on. I moved the beater around and round, the cream beginning to get thick.

“Shit.” I had hit the side of the bowl with the beater and whipped cream had splattered all over my chest. I was busy surveying the damage when Dave walked in.

Drew was married to my cousin Kristen; they had two young teenage boys. Drew was a firefighter and Kristen worked for the school district.

“Hey Laura.”

“Hey.” I didn’t really look up; I had been scooping all the cream off of me with a finger and licking it off.


“Yeah,” head up now, my eyes went to the guy standing next to Dave. He was tall, probably 6’2″. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts and white t-shirt. I could see how firm his chest was through his shirt. His jaw was hard, but his face was greatly softened by his sparking green eyes. A muscular arm brought his hand up and ran it through his sandy blond hair. He smiled warmly at me, eyeing my chest covered in whipped cream.

Damn he’s hot and here I am looking like an idiot. I could only guess at the dirty thoughts any guy would be having at the site of a girl in a bikini covered in whipped cream.

“This is Matt. He just moved to Seattle and is working at the station with me. We brought him over to meet you and Zach, someone a little closer to his own age.”

We both said hi and then Dave walked Matt out the back door to meet my parents and see the back yard. As they walked out Kristen walked in carrying enough food to feed fifty. I walked over to help her.

“Well, what’d you think?”

I smiled at Kristen, knowing what she was getting at. “Hot and a firefighter, what more could a girl ask for?”

Kristen laughed, putting her food in the fridge. “I thought you’d like him.” She had a plotting smile on her face as she walked out back to join the others.

I stayed in the kitchen making a salad. Matt came back in and sat down at a barstool. Hopefully I’d be able to redeem some grace.

“Want something to drink? We have water, pop, beer, wine or do you want something harder being that you were dragged to a family barbeque?”

Matt smiled. “Beer’s fine and it’s not that bad. Dave and Kris have been really great helping me settle in.”

I went to the fridge and opened it. “I’m sure they have, Kristen can’t help but mother. Carona or ESB?”


“My kinda guy.” I grabbed one for myself and popped the top off of each with a bottle opener and handed him one. We clinked bottles and each took a sip. “So I have to say, I’m impressed by the whole firefighter thing. I don’t know if I’ve just watched too much ER over the years or what, but getting burned scares the shit out of me. The scenes with the burn victims where the only ones I ever had trouble watching.”

Matt smiled slightly, “It’s probably good it scares you. I don’t think most people realize how bad it can be.”

“So then how’d you decide you wanted to be a firefighter?”

“My Dad was a firefighter and I always wanted to be like him growing up, so I followed in his foot steps.”

“On a lighter note, where are you from?”


“I’ve only been there once but I really liked it. It seemed like a really fun city, Oh and the skiing, I’m totally jealous. Why would you ever leave all that awesome powder?”

Matt chuckled at my excitement. “Yeah, it is a great city, and the powder is truly awesome but I needed a change. I’d been here once and loved it so I thought why not.”

“Well days like today make it hard not to want to live anywhere else.”

“The water and the green that’s what got me.”

“Ahhh, but you had the mountains and all that great snow. Our snow sucks.”

“So I’ve heard from Dave. We’ll just have to get you guys to Colorado for ski a weekend.”

I emek escort raised an eyebrow, hoping he was coming on to me. “Promise?”

“Definitely.” Matt grinned back at me.

I was starting to daydream of Matt and I by a fire, in some cozy cabin when my phone rang; it was Mary. “Hi.”

“Hey, Johnnie’s having a barbeque. I’m at my parent’s, you wanna come pick me up and go?”

“Yeah, give me like fifteen minutes and I’ll be there.”

“Okay, bye.”

Hanging up with Mary I turned to Matt. “You wanna get out of here and go to a barbeque with me? Meet some people your own age?”

“Sure, but I don’t have a car.”

“No worries.”

I walked out back and found Dave talking to my Dad by the barbeque. “Matt and I are gonna to a party. Either I’ll bring him home tonight or he can crash at my place and I’ll bring him home in the morning.”

Dave smiled, “Okay have fun.” If Matt hadn’t been standing right next to me I knew he would have given me a tun of shit.

I turned to walk back in the house and caught Kristen grinning at me. Could they be more obvious? Inside I grabbed my wife-beater and purse and headed for the front door with Matt.

Matt and I were casually talking, walking out to the car in the driveway when we ran into Zach. He was with Cam and two other friends. Fabulous, just what I need. I had seen Cam a few times but we really hadn’t spoken.

I tried to ignore him and introduced Zach to Matt. “Matt this is my brother Zach. Zach, Matt just moved here and works at the station with Dave.”

Zach stuck out his hand to Matt to shake hello, “Cool, nice to meet you.”

Matt and Zach began to chat; I stopped paying attention realizing how much of a boy Cam looked next to Matt. Matt was all man, he had the perfect body, I’d let him save me any day. I was snapped out of my growing fantasy by a question from Zach, “Where are you guys headed to?”

“Johnnie’s having a party. You aren’t staying here are you? It’s kinda a family-fest inside.”

“No just passing through. Still on for lunch tomorrow?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

When the boys walked past and into the house, I couldn’t ignore the look on Cam’s face. He looked pissed and totally hurt, but I couldn’t worry about it, what’s done is done.

We reached the car and Matt got in, I took a moment to throw on my tank top and then slid in. I started the car and rolled down the windows. I reached for the tuner on the stereo and began flipping stations, “What kind of music do you like? Cuz I like it all, hip hop, rap, rock…”

“How’s rock alternative?”

“Good choice.”

As I flipped to my favorite station, my phoned beeped. I grabbed it and read the text. It was from Cam.

“You’re such a fucking whore.”

Fantastic. We pulled into Mary’s drive and I honked twice. Instead of getting out, I decided to deal with Cam.

“Please don’t judge me by the phone call I have to make. I am like the least dramatic person ever, but I have to bitch someone out. Promise not to hold it against me?”

Mat chuckled, “I can’t really picture you doing that, but by all means, do what you gotta do.”

I dialed Cam. “Hi.”

“If Zach can hear you walk away and tell me when you’re all clear.”

There was silence for a moment and then Cam answered with a rude, “What?”

“Thank you so much for proving to me what a great decision I made when I broke things off with you. You are obviously extremely immature and a total asshole. So go back to California, smoke your weed and fuck all the blonde sluts you want and then grow the fuck up. And maybe someday, if you are extremely lucky I will let you apologize to me. But until then, don’t talk to me.” With that I hung up.

I turned to Matt to get his reaction. “Remind me not to fuck with you.”

I smiled, “You know it.”

Mary had gotten in the car somewhere in the middle of my phone call. “What the hell was that?”

“That was me telling off Cam.” I handed her my phone so she could read his text.

After reading it she said, “We’ll that explains it.” She handed me back the phone. “And who’s this?” Mary asked, gesturing towards Matt.

“Mary, Matt. Matt, Mary.” Matt turned around and smiled at Mary. “Matt works with my cousin Drew. He just moved to Seattle, so I thought we’d take him eryaman escort to Johnnie’s, show him a good time.”


We drove to Johnnie’s, making small talk and getting to know Matt. So far I really liked him, he seemed like a genuinely cool guy. A few times I caught Mary making eyes at me in the rearview mirror. She was signaling to me how hot he was and that she approved. Did everyone have to be so obvious? It’s not like he’d done anything to signal his interest. Though he seemed too nice to put the moves on someone he just met.

Johnnie rented a house in north Seattle with a bunch of his frat brothers and a few guys we’d gone to high school with. Though they had graduated a few months ago, they still partied like college kids and didn’t show signs of quitting anytime soon. The house was a piece of crap, but it had lots of rooms, a good size yard and the rent was cheap. In other words it was the perfect place to party and make a mess.

When we arrived there were already about twenty people in the back yard. Johnnie was busy working his magic on the barbeque, several people gathered around an old ping pong table, watching an intense beer pong competition, the rest were chilling and drinking their beers.

Mary immediately peeled off to chat up her latest prey. Every week was someone new with her. I steered Matt over to the barbeque to meet Johnnie. “I hope you haven’t drank too much, I don’t like my burger black.”

Johnnie turned around at the sound of my voice, a smug grin on his face. “You know I do my best grilling while drunk.”

I laughed, enveloping Johnnie in a large brotherly hug. There was about a month during senior year of high school that I’d had a crush on him, other than that he’d just been life of the party Johnnie.

“Johnnie, this is Matt.” Matt stuck out his hand and shook Johnnie’s. “He just moved here from Denver, he works with my cousin as a firefighter. I needed to show him a good time, so for some reason I brought him here.” Johnnie jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow, responding to my dis.

“She brought you here because whether she’d admit it or not, I throw a killer party and I barbeque like nobody’s business. Now be a good girl and go get us some beers, while I find out if Matt is cool enough to hang.”

I smiled at Matt, “Don’t worry he rarely bites.” I walked over to the keg to get us some drinks, winking at Johnnie as I passed. I let him do what he wished with Matt, wanting to know his opinion.

I lingered by the keg, saying hi to people and trying to give the guys a few extra minutes. When I finally came back over, the guys were having a heated discussion about football. “I take it he passes?”

Johnnie chuckled, “He’s on the edge. If he weren’t Broncos fan, he would be free and clear.”

“I’m sorry, how many Superbowls has Seattle won?” The look on Matt’s face showed just how proud he was to be from Denver.

“Touché,” Johnnie responded with a grin.

That was about all the male bonding I could handle. I grabbed Matt by the arm, steering him towards Mary and more people I wanted him to meet. Half way across the lawn, I turned my head and winked at Johnnie, who reassured me with an approving nod.

The rest of the night went smoothly, Matt seemed to fit in perfectly and everyone liked him, some of the girls a little too much for my taste. Matt didn’t really seem to notice though, staying close to me most of the night.

When we reached my placed later both of us were tired and buzzed, ready to crash. We stood in my room slightly awkward, before I said, “My bed is plenty big for both of us, unless you’re not comfortable with that. There’s a lumpy couch in the living room you can crash on.”

“I’m fine with the bed as long as you are.”

“Okay, make yourself comfortable. I’m just gonna go change out of my swimsuit.” I pulled my pajamas out of the drawer and escaped into the bathroom.

Slightly nervous about sleeping next to Matt, I was relieved to find him asleep or at least faking it, when I returned. I curled up on the opposite edge of the bed and prayed for sleep to come.

When I woke it was early, I couldn’t lie next to Matt any longer without touching him. Wanting to get the frustration out of my system, I decided to go for a run. Quietly, I donned my jogging etimesgut escort gear and then went to the desk to leave Matt a note. “I didn’t want to wake you. I’ve gone for a run and to pick up breakfast. The towel on the chair is for you if you want a shower. I’ll be back around nine. Help yourself to anything you need. -Laura”

I felt instantly relieved when I got outside, it felt good to clear my head and get rid of any pent up energy. I ran for about half an hour and then stopped at the coffee shop on the corner to pick up caffeine and bagels.

I was trying to be quite when I returned, incase Matt was still asleep, instead I ended up surprising us both. I came in just as Matt was exiting the bathroom my towel was hung low around his waist and his chest glistening with beads of water. I wanted nothing more than to follow one of those drops of water with my tongue, licking my way up his perfect chest. We both stood there, staring at each other. I was busy trying to decide if I should play it cool or just go for it and jump him. Deciding I wasn’t willing to risk it, I finally spoke, “I hope you’re hungry, I have breakfast and coffee.”

Matt smiled at my attempt to ignore the tension, “Cool, I’ll just go change then.”

Matt turned and walked into my bedroom, I continued to stand there, starring at his fine ass. When he shut the door, my trance finally broke, trying to shake it off I walked into the kitchen.

I was sipping my coffee and picking at a bagel when Matt walked in and sat down at the kitchen table next to me. He looked totally refreshed from his shower I inhaled his sent of my flowery soap and stifled a giggle. Matt’s cleanliness made me think of my own state; I must look a mess, all sweat covered, no makeup, hair frizzed, every guys’ fantasy.

I passed Matt a bagel and his cup of coffee, “Thanks for doing this, but next time I’m going for a run with you.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Is there going to be a next time? You had fun yesterday?”

Matt grinned, “I would love for there to be a next time. You showed me a good time and your friends were great.”

“They didn’t scare you off? You’re not just being nice?”

“No, no they’re just like my friends back home,” Matt responded laughing.

I was totally relieved. “Do I need to get you home? When’s your next shift?”

“Tonight, so yeah a ride would be great.”

“Do you mind if I shower first? I would hate for you to be stuck in a car with me, all sweaty and stinky.”

Matt laughed again, “You smell fine, but sure go ahead, I’m not in a hurry.”

After my shower I took Matt home. We agreed that he’d call me after his shift and we’d hang.

For the next couple of weeks, we’d spend evenings and weekends that Matt had off together. I showed him around Seattle, doing touristy stuff and getting the lay of the land. We fell into an easy routine and friendship. Being with him was totally comfortable. Matt never made a move or gave me any significant invitation that he wanted to be more than friends. I tried to put those thoughts out of my head and just enjoy his company, but I often still found myself wanting to touch and kiss him.



Matt and I walked into my house after the game to find quite a few people there nursing a victory beer. I had taken Matt to experience a Husky football game first hand. After the game we’d grabbed a bite to eat and then went back to the house to regroup.

“What should we do tonight? We could go to the bar or head over to Johnnie’s party.”

“I’m cool with whatever,” said Matt, being flexible.

I was turning to Mary to get her opinion, when my phone rang. It was Johnnie. “Hey, we were just trying to decide if we should come over or go to the bar. What’s going on at you’re place?”

“There’s people here, but I wouldn’t come over.”

“Why not?”

“Dean’s here. He came up for the game and he’s crashing here. He says he wants to talk to you, wants you back. He’s still my friend, but what he did to you was really fucked up so I thought I’d warn you. You should go to the bar.”

My stomach sunk, Dean was the last person I wanted to see, “Thanks, Johnnie. What would I do without you?”

“Coffee Monday?”


“Bye babe.”


I hung up with Johnnie and looked up at Mary, avoiding Matt. I felt broken. “We’re going to the bar. I’m just gonna go change and then we can go.”

Mary looked confused, “Why aren’t we going to Johnnie’s? What did he say?”

“Dean’s in town.” I didn’t need to say anything more; she knew what that meant.

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