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They had been in the same large circle of friends for quite some time. Both knew who the other was but had never really spent time together save for a few polite chats at parties and clubs. He was a bit of a cocksure jock, having no trouble with the ladies by using his boyish charm and bad boy giles. She, on the other hand, was an attractive and petite young lady that would smile and engage with anyone that approached her, although she did come across as quite timid and shy.

Thats not to say that they didn’t know of each other. Chris had noticed her around… a lot! The way she glanced over at him was enough to give him a hard on each and every time. It didn’t help that she danced like an experienced stripper either, moving her body seductively to the beat of the music at the club where they frequented.

Gia knew he watched her so she made sure to put on a show for him every time they were in the same vicinity, she just didn’t want him to know that she knew. The way she rolled her hips had most of the guys there trying to get into her pants. She would welcome their advances and dance with them but that was as far as it would go, no one had been lucky enough to take her home.

She was waiting on one man to make his move… Chris, and she knew that sooner or later he would come to her.

It took quite some time to get the hint but eventually one evening he made his move while on the dance floor. They swayed their bodies to the rhythm of the music, his body close enough for her to feel his erection banging against her arse when she pushed back into him.

“Hey you want to get out of here?” he tentatively asked.

Gia raised her left eyebrow at his suggestion.

“My place is close by, honest. We could just go there and hang out?”

She smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him out the door. They made it to his place and Chris unlocked the door. Once inside he sheepishly grinned at her and ran his hand through his hair, not sure if he should make the first move or offer her a drink.

Gia walked up to him before stopping directly in front of him. She reached up on her tippy toes and placed a soft, sweet kiss on his lips before poking her tongue out and running it along his bottom lip.

He was a take charge kind of guy but soon would come to realise that she was the one in control!

She curled her arms parallels izle around his neck and pulled him down to her mouth.

“Is this what you have been waiting for?” she asked as she broke the kiss and pressed her body against his. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you look at me. Have been pulling yourself while you think about me… while you think about all the nasty things you could do to me?”

“Yes” he answered in a hushed tone, afraid that she would stop rubbing her body against his if he didn’t answer.

“Take your clothes off” she ordered as she separated herself from him.

“What about you?”

“I asked you to take your cloths off, don’t make me ask again!”

He stood still, as if mentally sizing up his opponent before shrugging and pulling his shirt up over his head. He paused and glanced at her before undoing his jeans and pushing them to the floor to join the pile of clothing.

“Happy?” he asked while buck naked in front of her, his cock beginning to stir to attention.

“Very much so” she said as she moved back to him and grazed her fingers up and down his chest and arms. Her head dipped as she watched him grow right in front of her eyes.

Chris grabbed her and dragged her over to the bed but before he threw her on the soft mattress she broke away from him and turned them so the back of his legs were touching the edge of the bed. She gave a little shove and he fell back onto the bed in a sitting position. She stood next to him and reached underneath her skirt, slid her panties down her legs and tossed them on the ever growing pile of discarded garments.

“Now, would you like to taste me and see if my pussy and arse are as delicious as you think they are?” she whispered as she placed sweet kisses on his mouth and jaw.

“You can’t touch your cock though, not even a little bit. Do we have a deal?”

“Yeah” came a rasped reply.

She pushed him back onto the bed so he was laying on his back and crawled next to him like a panther stalking its prey. “Just remember, if you touch yourself without my asking i’m going to climb off your face and leave. Do you understand?” His single nod of the head told her everything she needed to know. “Good boy. I’m going to have you eat me out until I can’t see straight.” With that she lifted her skirt over her paul t goldman izle hips and straddled his face. His tongue snuck out and licked her smooth and puffy labia. Liquid had already seeped out of her and she tasted like pure honey. He flattened his tongue and licked her from her tight little arsehole to her clit before starting the same path again. Little moans were escaping her lips every time his tongue came in contact with her hotspots. First his tongue flicked and swirled around her clit, assaulting her with pressure variations and motions. She was now panting and rocking her hips over him, moans of sweet torment were coming from her lips as she went completely still before spasming over him from her first orgasm. Her climax came pouring out, ready to be lapped up by him.

Once she was all cleaned up and calmed down Chris turned his attention to her sweet arse and began circling her hole with his tongue. She was already writhing again so he plunged his tongue into her rosebud arse and began to fuck it with his mouth. He moved his hand up to the inside of her thigh and rubbed her clit while his tongue pushed in and out of her like a makeshift cock, swirling it around inside her arse when it was fully impaled on it. She grabbed hold of his head, pulling it tightly to where it was situated between her legs. His fingers rubbed her clit hard and fast as she ground herself down onto his mouth. A second orgasm ripped through her, tearing a sob from her throat. Her body clenched uncontrollably from the sweet effect his tongue was having on her.

Chris was harder than he had ever been. His cock, even with its considerable size, was standing straight up in the air. He used every ounce of strength to not touch himself because he wanted to please her and didn’t want to find out if her threat to stop had been real.

Gia went to climb off him but his arms curled around her thighs and he held her in place “You are eager to please aren’t you?” she said with a laugh.

This time Chris was aggressive with his mouth. He licked and sucked her openings until she couldn’t sit still. His mouth had her labia pushed open so he could get his tongue deeper.

Then he pushed two fingers inside her pussy and one in her arse, filling her as much as he could. His tongue worked on her clit, licking and sucking it roughly midnight at the pera palace izle as his fingers fucked her with slow and strong movements. She was grinding her pussy on his face hard and her breathing was desperate and pained. She leant backwards as she rocked her hips, desperate for release. Her long hair grazed the head of his cock, causing him to jerk his hips forward at the much wanted touch. That one small graze nearly undid him, his cock throbbed and he was on the verge or orgasm himself as he serviced her.

A small gasp came from Gia’s lips when he inserted a second finger into her tight arsehole and tears welled up in her eyes from the amazing feelings he was giving her. Her body was on the border of pain and pleasure and she wasn’t sure how much more she could handle before passing out. The whole bed moved with the force of her little frame fucking his face, she just couldn’t stay still.

His teeth nipping at her over sensitised clit was her undoing as a savage orgasm ripped through her body. A scream escaped her and tears spilled down her cheeks while her whole body went rigid and she gushed fluid all over his face. This caused a chain reaction and he shot ribbons of cum onto his stomach from no stimulation save for drinking in her response. Gia half climbed, half fell off him and laid next to him on her back. He watched her tits heave up and down as she got her breath back. The way she had acted had him worked up so much that after a minute or two he was hard again.

“That was quick” she said as she looked mischievously down at his crotch.

“This time I want you to make me cum just from using your cock. Don’t you dare shoot your load first though!”

Chris rolled over with a smile on his glistening face and pushed himself between her knees.

“Open your legs wide for me princess” he grunted as the head of his cock slid along her just licked pussy lips. She opened her thighs further as the tip of his cock pushed its way into her. She was so wet for him that the walls of her pussy hungrily sucked him deep, her vagina swallowing the length of him with one push. Her abused clit was red and plump from the earlier punishment and sensitive to even the lightest touch so when he started rocking faster, his crotch came in contact with it and she once again came. He felt her tighten around his cock like a glove and he couldn’t hold off any longer. He emptied his sack into her with grunts and groans while she smiled demurely up at him.

As he pulled out of her he watched his cum drip from her freshly fucked pussy. She grabbed his head and said with a wicked smile “you made the mess… now you can clean it up!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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