First Encounter

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In school, Connie was always there to back me up. All the other kids would pick on me in fun but for some reason, Connie was always there to comfort me. It was almost like an older sister or at least someone who cares. Anyway, in school our uniforms were not very revealing. I had to imagine pretty much everything. It was only after class that I ever got a glimpse at Connie’s great body.

Connie is about five nine, with blonde reddish almost strawberry hair. Her bright skin was always a bit of a turn on in the kitchen but out of the kitchen; it shone like a bright light. Connie’s tits were large and full; her ass just wouldn’t quit. It was tight, round and just plain gorgeous. I had always wanted a good look at her body in something tight.

Anyway, back to the real world, Connie was married and twenty-seven to my nineteen. Never the less we got along fine in school. One day I managed to invite myself over to her house to work on a school project and hang out. After working diligently for about an hour, the company came. Connie’s husband, John, had one of his friends coming over. John was a big man; not fat but a little scary if you upset him. Good thing he was impossible to upset. We spent the next hour shooting the breeze about video games. When his friend, Dave came over with his girl friend, Jen, we continued the discussion while the girls went into the kitchen.

Now the premise of my visit was to cook with Connie, so I kicked Jen out of the kitchen and Connie and I got to work. Jen grabbed a beer and went out to watch the TV with the guys. While Connie and I were alone, she whispered to me that we were going to play a game, as adults. OK I said, not knowing what to expect. Connie gave me a beer and we went into the dining room to eat.

After dinner we all sat down around the table. Connie sat next to me, and John was on her left in the chair around the corner from me. Jen was on my right with Dave sitting across from John. I should stop here to point out that at the time I was still a virgin, and Connie I think knew that.

When the game started it was clear what Connie had in mind. She glanced at John and then at Dave. They both winked and She moved a little closer to me on the couch. Jen was a little nervous but Dave leaned over and said something to her and she too moved closer to me. I was scared out of my mind. I took kocaeli escort my turn and drew a card. I could tell right away that this was not a manufactured game. The Card said, “Do What Connie Tells You.”

Connie winked at me and took me hand. “I know you are a little apprehensive, just come into the room with me, Jen your up” Jen drew a Card and it said “You Are at the Mercy of the Men, for now!” Connie took me into the room and told me to lie down on the bed. She took off her shirt and shorts; she looked like a Victoria Secrets model in her hot cotton bra and thong that just fit in the clef of her shaved pussy. My cock sprang to life, as she crawled onto the bed and kissed me deeply “don’t worry honey” as she took off me shirt. Petting me gently on the chest she moved her hand down my body to my belt. She leaned over and kissed me again, reassuring me she reached under my undone pants and found my cock. She took it out from my pants and I saw her face light up. “It’s pretty big, bigger than John’s, but I think I can handle it” she winked. She kissed my cock head.

I twitched as Connie gently swallowed my cock. I felt the back of her throat undulating bringing me up to a feeling no other blowjob had ever given me. The site of her concentrating hard on my hard dick forced a feeling over me and I almost passed out. My hips lunged forward and I blasted a load, at least half a cup in volume, deep down her throat. To my surprise Connie swallowed every last drop of hot cum. Slowly rising up from my groin Connie smiled and wiped a little bit of white glistening goo from her chin and eased her cum covered finger into her cunt. I hadn’t noticed but a veritable river was flowing from between her legs. Connie unhooked her bra and let her full breasts fall out. I was in shock, staring at their beauty.

Connie lay on the bed next to me and fondled her tits. She took my head in her other hand and placed it on her tit. I was beginning to gain confidence; I took Connie’s engorged nipple in my mouth and began sucking on it. As her nipple grew in my mouth I decided it was time to let my feelings free.

I put my hand on Connie’s mound and began massaging it. I kissed her deeply and said, “it’s my turn now.” She responded by squeezing my ass gently. That was all the queue I needed. Since she was already wetter than the ocean, she told me “skip the foreplay, kocaeli escort bayan fuck me now.” I positioned my self over her then stopped dead in my tracks

“What about John?”

“Don’t think about him, he knows and he’s fine with it. He wanted to tape it too but I wouldn’t let him, now shut up and fuck me.”

I again positioned my manhood over her glistening slit. I placed the head of my cock on her hot steamy love hole and applied some pressure.

“No honey, put it in me slowly but with force.”

I propped her back up with a pillow and drove it home. She moaned deeply and responded by wrapping her legs around me and pumping me into her. “I think I got it now babe,” I said. I lifted her up and she held fast to me. I was on me a knee pounding away at this caring wife of another man. I decided I wanted a better angle and placed her down and slid out of her. “Can we try doggie style?” I asked

“Sure” she said and quickly got up on her hands and knees facing the mirror at the head of the bed, “I want you to watch my face” Connie winked.

I got into position behind her and mounted her like an animal in heat. She slammed back against my cock harder and faster than I could keep up with, then I felt something happen around my cock that felt like a velvet vise closing. Connie’s mouth opened wide and I saw her eyes roll back a little in her head, she let out a loud moan and then a series of short gasps as she rocked back hard, almost knocking me over backwards. I held onto her hips to keep my balance as I came hard into the hottest tightest twat I thought I could ever find. I must have pumped more cum than anybody ever had; it oozed out all around her hot spasming pussy. I rubbed it into her ass cheeks and grunted as I came again in a follow up. I pulled out and let my hot juice fly all over her back. We collapsed together into the soft bed and just lay there a few minutes holding each other.

At that moment, Jen burst in covered in cum. “They’re all spent, but I’m still hot, Connie you are really lucky, John is rather large.”

“Mike here is even a little bigger still,” she smiled at me and gave my a little squeeze, “you should try him on for size” I couldn’t believe it, Connie had taken my virginity and I was about to get another go with yet another beautiful woman. Jen was about five feet tall, with very large izmit escort round breasts and long brown hair. She looked like the kind of girl you don’t even talk to because she is too hot. Jen seemed eager and got into the bed with us.

She was already hot I could tell because she kissed me so hard I felt my tonsils bouncing off her tongue. She grabbed my cock and started to get it hard which took almost no time at all. In the meantime, Connie sat on my face and began to grind into my mouth. Jen responded by licking Connie’s nipples and eventually began biting and nibbling them gently. Connie got off of my head after an explosion of her own. By then I was plenty hard and Jen could tell. She squatted over my prick and positioned the head at the entrance to her pussy. I could see the cum from the other guys still glistening in her soft light pubic hair. She lowered herself slowly and moaned with what seemed like the voice of a demon. She was so small and tight the pressure on her bladder must have been too much because she let a hot yellow stream splash all over my balls as she slid down the rest of the way. I could not believe how tight she was, she seemed to be working hard to grab my cock with her hot hole. I just lay there and she started to work herself up to an orgasm and finally exploded. I was dumfounded and just stunned. Her face contorted into what looked like the happiest face in the world. At that second I heard a humming coming from Connie’s side of the room. She took a small vibrator and placed it at the base of my cock still imbedded in Jen. She moistened the toy with our juices and them moved behind Jen and straddled my legs. I reached up and grabbed Jen’s perfect milky tits and pulled her down on top of me allowing Connie the angle she needed to place the buzzing wonder gently into Jen’s ass.

“Farther, Farther!” Jen screamed as Connie put the whole thing deep into Jen’s hole. The feeling of having both holes filled at the same time must have sent her into heaven because her climax looked like it almost killed her. I came too, as the sensations of her tight hot hole and the vibrator were just too much for me. Connie took the vibrator out and Jen collapsed on my chest with my dick still inside of her. After what seemed like five minutes she slid off me and rolled over onto the bed beside me. Connie had shoved the vibrator into her box and came hard and collapsed next to me on the other side. I was in heaven as I drifted toward sleep surrounded by beautiful naked, cum filled women. “Thank you” I whispered to a sleepy Connie and dozed off until the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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