First Ever Male Massage Pt. 04

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It had been a while since my last male massage and I now had a new job to throw myself into in London.

It took me a few months to settle into my midweek working away from home and the family and getting to grips with my new job. The nights were closing in and there was less to do at night as a result and my mind began to turn to the delights of London massage scene and what I could get up to.

I trawled my usual sites and apps and found a male masseur offering his service local to me and I text and booked in.

I arrived on time at his flat and he welcomed me in, he was tall, around mid 30’s and had an eastern European accent. He introduced himself as Sam.

I was shown to the front room where a large massage bed was positioned in the middle of the warm dimly lit room. He swiftly left the room and I took it as a sign to undress. I quickly got undressed and got on the bed positioning my flaccid cock between my legs facing towards my feet.

Sam came back into the room and turned some music on. His hands instantly sent shock waves through me, stroking me firmly from my calves up to my thighs, using strong strokes making my legs weaker and warmer. He continued to do both legs before moving to the top of the bed and positioning himself against my head. His hands massaged my back and neck, it wasn’t sensual, more rhythmical but, it was doing the trick as I could feel my cock beginning to harden whilst he stroked his hands lower from my shoulders to the top of my arse.

After what seemed like hours he moved back to my thighs and I waited with pent up tension to see where this led to. His hands began to move up my thigh rubbing his hands over my arse cheek and swiping his hand between my cheeks and touching my balls in the process. I raised myself to meet his touch as he continued to more aggressively stroke and grip me whilst I clenched my arse as he left me to move towards my other leg.

My cock was now fully hard, and he began on my other leg and cheek, I responded the same and he was careful not to touch my cock, but it was clear he was teasing me. The passing of his fingers over my anus and balls was electric, his touch was slow, powerful and deliberate.

I think Eyüp Escort if he’d had carried on doing this, I’d have cum just from this.

He spoke softly saying two words “turn over”. I did as I was told groggily and hard. I lay on my back and my cock was pointing skyward as he moved to the head of the table again and started to massage my chest. I squinted at him as he leant over me and he had his shirt off. He leaned down letting his hands stroke towards my cock but at the last second sliding down either side without touching it. His body was in licking distance but every time I thought about reaching out, he moved.

He continued to tease me again like this for a few minutes. It was agony, I was doing the usual bobbing of my cock, twitching it every time he swiped past, but to no avail.

He was building up my tensions and not releasing them as I had hoped. He finally moved back to my legs and massaged my thighs and feet whilst my cock lay there erect and untouched.

I was by this point in state of torture and then he said “thank you” and walked out of the room. I was gutted, teasing me with his touch one minute and the next leaving me with a hard on and no relief. It was so unsatisfying.

I left his flat and walked home in utter bewilderment at what had happened, plus I was £85 down for 45 minutes!!

Maybe this is what London was, a non-sexual massage City?

I couldn’t believe that was the case and went back to my apps and sites trying to find something that might fit in with me better.

I came across a guy who lived on a narrow boat and offered a gay friendly massage service. He seemed genuine and comms were good although very detailed and blunt I went along with it and booked in for the next night.

I arrived early and messaged, and he stated he would only admit me at our agreed timeslot. Fine I thought and waited in the cold for 8pm. I knocked on the door of the narrow boat and he answered. He was a nice guy maybe 50 tall, quite handsome but I wouldn’t say I was excited by the prospect.

He showed me down the narrow boat and informed me that he always takes a sauna with his clients before the massage to which I agreed. Odd Eyüp Escort Bayan that he had a sauna on the narrow boat but whatever this is London after all.

We sat and chatted, me in a small towel and him in his shorts. The conversation flowed about Brexit, families, London and work. We then moved back into the massage room and I climbed on the bed and arrange myself again.

The massage began on my back with him stood next to me and it was nice, the room was warm, music was nice and the pressure was good. I relaxed immediately and I again began to focus on the fact a man was massaging me naked and my wife had no idea had did things like this.

He then moved to the head of the table and began on my shoulders; I had my hands at the top of the table, and I could feel his legs against my hands. It was seconds only until I felt it in his shorts. His hard cock. It was strange, he was hard, the shorts weren’t tight shorts, but his cock was almost laying across his body. I reached out my hand and began to stroke it through his shorts, he immediately dropped the shorts and I felt the reason. He wasn’t hard at all he was flaccid and big.

I stroked his big cock and I felt it getting harder in my hand as I stroked it slowly and deliberately. His felt massive in my hand but I had to see it to make sense of it. I moved my head slightly and opened my eyes and his cock was staring back at me it was easily 8″ long, circumcised and veiny. He moved round the bed slightly towards me and I knew where this was going. I felt his cock settle on the side of my face and I could smell the intoxicating smell of cock close to my mouth and I had to accept it. I moved slightly and took hold of his balls and guided his cock into my mouth.

The taste was heavenly but more so the relief of scratching my itch again. That’s how I see it a release. Taking the cock in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it feels so empowering to me. It wasn’t long before I was taking him deeper into my mouth as he held the back of my head and placed a hand on my back holding me in place. I felt him begin to take control and began to forcefully fuck my mouth and throat. He was fucking my mouth with his thick Escort Eyüp long cock and I was doing my best to take him.

He was thrusting faster and faster into my willing mouth while forcing me to stay in the position for him to use me. He was grunting loud and breathing deeply as he fucked my mouth, I just held my mouth open for him to use and abuse.

He cried out with what sounded like pain as I felt him cumming in my mouth. I struggled against his hands and his cock as he continued to deposit his load into my throat, I was trying to take it and swallow, but it was flowing out of my mouth at the same time. He collapsed forward forcing his cock deeper into my mouth and I tried to move but couldn’t, the only reprieve came when his cock began to return to its flaccid state again.

I just lay there while he withdrew and gathered himself. He moved to the side of the bed and grabbed my arse and began to massage me strongly stretching me open as he did it. I was still recovering with his cum seeping from my mouth when I felt his mouth on my tight bud. He was very deliberate as he began to eat my arse. His stubble was rubbing on my inner cheeks as his tongue delved into my virgin hole. His hand took my cock as I moved into a kneeling position with my head still on the pillow.

He milked my rigid cock whilst he continued to lick and fuck my arse with his tongue. My head was swirling as he picked up the pace and wanked my cock whilst eating me. I could feel his teeth scratching at my arse as he ate me whilst continuing to wank me.

I started to cum hard as I arched my back further and drove my arse into his face. Ropes of my cum splattering the massage bed as his tongue squirmed over and in me as I continued to be milked. He gripped my cock and pulled my foreskin back hard allowing the last few drops to subside. He pulled my cock backwards through my legs and I felt him swallow my bell end into his mouth tasting me. He released me abruptly and slapped my arse cheeks.

I was panting as he stood up and began to dress silently next to me. I was heady with relief that the assault was over but high on the fact that my boundaries had been pushed yet again and I had been given an experience I hadn’t had before.

I stood with legs like Bambi, I got dressed not looking directly at the guy who’s just semi assaulted me with my blessing of course and left the narrow boat.

What next for London and my adventures into male massages…

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