First Kiss

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Note: This story was told to me by one of the protagonists.


Amy opened her door at a knock. “Hi Jen. Come on in!”

“Hi Amy. Thanks.”

Amy was nervous. It wasn’t everyday that she had another woman stop over at her house at 7 AM planning to take half-naked photos for a boyfriend. But Amy and Jen had concocted a plan to get their friend Dave into bed by getting him fired up with sexy photos, and she wasn’t going to back down now. Dave had flirted with both of them, but hadn’t asked either one on a serious date. Maybe, they both thought, showing him a little of what could be in store for him would do it.

Amy had known Jen for nearly a year. Smart, professional co-workers in a demanding business, Jen was 5’6″ and brunette, while Amy was a 5′ 4″ redhead. They discovered that they liked each other’s sense of humor along with their shared approach to work, and they found themselves becoming fast friends soon after Amy joined the office.

Jen and Amy had begun spending time together outside of the office, and often found themselves admiring the same guys when they met at their regular bars on weekend nights. When they met, neither Amy nor Jen were dating anyone. Amy didn’t always like the singles scene, and she loved Jen’s company when she did go out. They both spent a lot of time laughing about the men they observed coming and going from their favorite night spots, trying to see if there was anyone that they liked enough to bring home. Over the year, they each had a time or two that they almost went home with someone, but it never quite got there.

Dave was a regular at one of the bars that Jen and Amy went to often. He was cute, and was always a perfect gentleman, with a good sense of humor. Although he was a bit shy at times, Jen and Amy both liked him. More than once, an open comment about sex seemed to catch him off guard, causing him to either blush or roll his eyes. But even though he was an available bachelor, he seemed content to just hang out talking and drinking with Jen and Amy rather than pursue either of them. Despite that, Jen and Amy agreed that either one would be happy to see how things went with him in private. Neither wanted to leave her friend out in the cold, though, so although they continued to chat and flirt with Dave, neither pushed it.

On one of their late bar nights after Dave had gone home, when Amy and Jen were both rather loose after several rounds of cocktails, Jen began speculating about what it would take to get Dave in bed. Partly joking, she wondered out loud if maybe it would work to pursue him together, since he didn’t seem to be willing to pursue either of them separately. To Jen’s surprise, Amy took the idea seriously, and looked thoughtful rather than shocked. Amy knew that Jen had had a couple of encounters with women, and Amy had admitted to Jen that she had occasionally fantasized about being with another woman, although she had never followed through. Amy thought it sounded fun to get Dave in bed any way they could, but the idea of a low-pressure threesome sounded fun too.

So once it was clear that Jen was at least mostly serious, and Amy said she was up for it, the women started talking about how they could turn up the heat on Dave. And when Jen came up with the idea of sharing topless photos with Dave to prove just how interested they were, Amy was willing to give it a go. It seemed crazy, but what the heck? The worst that could happen would be that Dave’s eyes would fall out of his head. Both women had a busy schedule that week, so they made a plan for Jen to come by Amy’s house on Thursday morning before work to take their photos and be ready to share them with Dave Friday night.

In the few days leading up to their morning photo shoot, Amy started to get turned on more and more by the idea of sharing photos of herself. She had learned over time that she had a bit of an exhibitionist streak. She loved walking around the house naked, and loved it when her boyfriends looked at her naked pussy. One of them had truly loved watching her, and they frequently masturbated together while he looked at her pussy, stroking his own cock. Amy loved how hard he got when he watched her slide her fingers into herself, and she loved that he would groan when she held herself open for him to see inside her. Watching him made her super wet too, and led to explosive orgasms for both of them.

When Amy masturbated Wednesday night, her overheated thoughts were about displaying her breasts for Jen and the camera, and about Dave’s reaction, and what would follow. But when she heard Jen pull into the driveway, Amy felt a mixture of butterflies in her stomach, coupled with relief that Jen had finally arrived. Jen gave Amy a quick hug, and Amy gave her a quick tour of the house.

“So where do you think we should do this?” Jen asked.

“I was thinking just here in the bedroom,” Amy replied. “There’s plenty of light. And don’t you think seeing us lying on the bed would turn Dave on?”

“Oh yeah, I think it would. And I have an idea for the two of us in front of a mirror, if you’re game. Something he’ll really like.”

Really? Casibom More than the bed? “OK. So, um, how do we get started? I’ve been a little nervous.”

“I was thinking of a couple of shots with our clothes on, and then topless? I just brought my bra to put on later.” Jen was wearing a blouse with buttons that ran all the way down the front.

“I have mine on already,” Amy replied, “But it will come off.” Amy had very full breasts with a D cup, while Jen was a C. “I think my boobs are a bit bigger than yours.”

Jen surprised Amy by reaching out to her and lifting one of her breasts. “Yea, you’re right. But Dave will like the contrast. So, um, who’s first?”

“Why don’t you stand there and I’ll start taking photos,” Amy replied. She took the camera and positioned Jen where the light was good, then had Jen put one hand on her hip, and one on the top button of her blouse. Amy took a picture, and then Jen began to unbutton her blouse, looking into the camera. Amy watched Jen closely as she played photographer, and could see Jen’s hard nipples pushing through the material. Finally (it seemed), Jen was fully unbuttoned, and her skin was revealed down to her belly button.

“OK, now turn and look over your shoulder at me,” Amy requested, “and start lowering your blouse. Flash me your shoulder.” Amy was starting to get into the idea of creating truly erotic photos, along with knowing it would turn Dave on. “Now turn.” Jen complied, facing Amy with her blouse first halfway down, and then just her hands covering her breasts, and then a final a frontal shot, Jen smiling into the camera as she held her hands partly raised to the side, as if she was saying, ok, whatever. Amy swallowed hard upon finally seeing Jen’s uncovered breasts. Jen’s areolae were a bit smaller than Amy’s, a dark pink in contrast to her skin. Amy could tell that Jen had been sunbathing in a bikini, as her paler breasts stood out against the rest of her, topped with her dark circles. After staring at her breasts for several seconds, Amy’s eyes locked on Jen’s, and Amy blushed.

“Sorry, let me focus on the photos.” She snapped a few more shots as Jen completely removed her blouse.

When Jen announced “OK, my turn,” Amy handed her the camera and went to sit on the bed, feeling shaky. They’re only breasts, she told herself. Something about the situation was making her stomach tight. She knew she was excited. But also nervous. With anticipation? Amy wondered why. They were on their way to work; it was just to get Dave’s attention… but still, exciting.

Now it was Amy’s turn. As Jen gave direction and encouragement, she presented her profile to Jen, then peeled off her sweater. Jen took a picture of her bra-covered breasts, and then Amy reached behind her to unsnap her bra. Lying back against her pillows, she covered her breasts, pushing them up and together, and then lowered her hands to simply hold her breasts, revealing herself to the camera as Jen took a few more shots. Finally, she moved her hands away completely, putting them behind her and pushing her chest out as Jen took a final shot of her completely uncovered torso.

Amy thought they were done, but then Jen said, “OK, now just a few more sexy ones. Pinch your nipples. He’ll love that.” Amy complied, taking her left nipple between her thumb and index finger, looking down at her breast, and then shyly back up at the camera. Jen snapped a picture, and then asked, “Can you lick it?”

Amy replied, “I think I can. Are you sure?”

“Do you want to make him too hot to say no? Then do it. Because I certainly can’t!” Jen made as if to lift her own breast while lowering her head and sticking out her tongue, which was several inches short of its target.

Amy laughed. “No, I guess you can’t. OK.” She stuck out her own tongue while lifting her breast, finding she could just reach. She held her position while Jen took a couple of pictures, and then stood up. “All right. Your turn on the bed.”

Rather than lay on her back as Amy had done, Jen lay on her side, looking at Amy. She first held a sheet up over her chest, then dropped it as Amy watched and took her photo. She took her breast in one hand, just as Amy had, and displayed it for the camera.

“I have one other idea for the bed.” Jen slid over, moving to lie flat on her back. “Lie down next to me, and look up.” Amy complied, lying close enough for their arms to touch. Jen held the camera up over them. “Now, smile for the camera!” She snapped their picture a couple of times, then checked it. The best picture showed them from the waist up, both smiling up at the camera, their hair spread on the pillows behind them and their breasts fully revealed. There was quite a contrast between Jen’s tanned skin and white breasts, and Amy’s all-over pale skin.

“What a picture,” murmured Amy. “I might want one for myself!”

“I can arrange that,” replied Jen. “We do look good together.”

Amy swallowed. “Yes… we do.” She got up, Jen following her example. “Are we done?”

“Well, if you’re up for it, I think we should do one other thing. Are you game to do one more set of shots?”

“Will it be a turn-on?”

Jen laughed. Casibom Giriş “Oh, yeah, I’m sure it will be. Come with me.” Jen led Amy into the bathroom. They stood in front of the mirror, Jen moving behind Amy to look over her shoulder. She held the camera slightly off to the side so that it could take their picture in the mirror. “Now look in the mirror… hold your breasts.” Amy complied. “Now pull your nipples again… roll them in your fingertips. Oh, this is going to be so hot.” Amy followed Jen’s directions as Jen aimed the camera at the mirror, the shots capturing Jen standing close behind Amy, pointedly looking at the reflection of Amy’s breasts in the mirror.

“My turn.” Amy and Jen switched around so that Amy was standing behind Jen, looking over her as Jen held her own breasts, mirroring Amy’s movement of a minute before. Amy pressed her face into Jen’s hair, almost nuzzling her neck, as she took the last photo. Her heart was fluttering as she moved back.

“OK, now, let him think that there is more going on. Turn sideways, yup, me too… And now a hug.” Jen put her hands around the Amy’s neck and Amy followed suit. They pulled each other together until their naked breasts were pressed together, both facing the mirror. They mimicked a kissy-face at the mirror, Jen snapping a photo. Amy was acutely conscious of her breasts mashed against Jen. She could feel Jen’s hard nipples pressing into her, and she knew that Jen could feel hers as well. But it felt nice, too, and after the shot, she gave Jen a quick peck on the cheek.

“Thanks Jen. I know he’s going to love it.”

“Oh yeah. Now, there’s just one more. This will be really hot for him. Just… trust me, he’ll like this. Here, you take the camera this time.” Jen moved to stand behind Amy again, both facing the mirror. Then Jen reached around to the front of Amy, placing her hands under her breasts. “Is this OK?” Amy swallowed and nodded, anticipating what Jen was going to do next. Jen slowly moved her hands up the underside of Amy’s breasts, and then held them, lifting them slightly. Amy shivered and her nipples hardened again. “You’re right, they are heavier than mine. OK, now remember to take the photos.” Amy blushed slightly, having been caught entranced by Jen’s hands on her breasts. She took a couple of pictures.

Jen moved her fingers up to Amy’s nipples. She stroked a finger around the side of Amy’s large areolae before taking her nipples between her fingers. “God, your nipples get really hard Amy.”

“Yeah, I wonder how that happened,” Amy murmured shakily. She consciously stilled the tremor in her hand as she raised the camera to take a picture of Jen and her in the mirror. Jen’s fingers played over her nipples. Amy could feel her pussy getting wetter as her nipples sent electric signals downward.

It was both a relief and a disappointment when Jen released her and moved around to stand in front.

“My turn. Last time.” She took the camera from Amy, holding it out to the side to capture them in the mirror. Amy moved to stand close behind Jen, reaching around her and holding Jen’s breasts this time. She could feel her breasts pushing into Jen’s back as she exhibited Jen to the mirror while Jen took the photo. Then she repeated the movement with her hands that Jen had done to her, rolling Jen’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger, and pulling her nipples out. She saw Jen’s eyelids flutter as she pulled them out, but Jen was able to keep her composure enough to snap the picture. “OK, that’s it.”

Amy released Jen’s breasts and they returned to Amy’s bedroom. As they redressed, Amy asked, “Jen, that was hot. I’m surprised I liked it so much!”

“How could you not? Boobs, two hot women, a little lesbian fantasy… What’s not to like?”

Amy laughed. “You think Dave will like the shots where we were playing with each other?”

“He will if he’s like every other man I’ve ever known.” They both smiled, anticipating Dave’s reaction.

Since Jen’s car was already in Amy’s driveway, Jen and Amy decided to share a ride to work. As they drove to work in Jen’s Mitsubishi, they talked about the best way to approach Dave with the picture. “I think we just tell him how much we like him, and have a little something to show him that we put together. Then we show him the first shot of you starting to take off your blouse and go from there. He’ll get the idea pretty quickly.”

“No big buildup?”

“I think the pictures speak louder than words. But at the end… we can just tell him we’d like to take him home with us. If he’s not interested then, then there’s nothing we can do.”

“I hope that won’t happen! I think it would be fun to share him. With you. I don’t think I could do this with someone else, Jen.”

“Oh sweetie, that’s so nice!” Jen reached over to squeeze Amy’s hand. “It’s going to be fun, I know it. We just need to get him home with us.”

They continued to chat about Dave, and a few of the things they thought he might like. “I sure hope he likes oral,” Jen remarked, “because he’s going to need to satisfy both of us.”

Amy laughed. She felt herself almost squirming in the seat as she thought about Casibom Güncel Giriş the weekend. But her mind kept coming back to the shoot, her mind going a mile a minute, remembering the touches she’d felt just a few minutes earlier. As they approached the exit from the highway, Amy got quiet. “Amy, what’s the matter? You don’t look like yourself all of a sudden. Are you OK with this?”

“Oh, yes, Jen, yes. It’s not the weekend. That’s fine. And, it’s… not you. It’s OK.” They drove on in silence for a minute, approaching their office. “It’s just… God Jen, I just… I have to tell you. I’m just…” Her face reddened. “This got me really turned on.” She glanced over at Jen, who glanced back, a normal look on her face. “I’m just so… horny, now. I’m sorry, I didn’t expect it to.”

Jen chuckled. “Well, if it’s any consolation, Amy, me too. Dave’s going to be really surprised.”

“Yes, but…” Amy struggled for words. “It’s not just Dave, I mean… Jen, I really liked that. This morning. I don’t get turned on this much all the time. This was… really nice.”

Jen looked more closely at Amy. “Amy, it was, I really liked it too. It felt really good. Holding you.”

“Jen, but…” Amy took a deep breath. “I haven’t done this. And if you say no, it’s OK. But, could we maybe… could I kiss you? Because I’m so… I need… I mean… I just want to kiss you.” She stammered, getting it out, and looked down, blushing.

In response to Amy, Jen smiled and reached her hand over to Amy’s, gripping it tightly in her own. She pulled off the street into the parking lot of a building about two blocks from their office. She drove to the back corner of the parking lot, pulled into a spot, and turned off the car.

Jen turned to Amy, and slowly leaned across the car towards her. Reaching up, she brushed Amy’s hair back away from her face before putting her hand behind Amy’s head. “Oh, Amy… of course you can kiss me. You’re beautiful.” And then Jen slowly, gently, brought her lips to Amy’s.

At the first kiss, Amy melted into Jen, finding her lips soft, softer than in any kiss Amy had had. Without whiskers, Jen’s lips were so smooth. The first kisses were tentative, their lips just barely brushing against each other, until Jen pulled Amy in tighter. Then Jen’s tongue darted out to lick Amy’s upper lip, then her lower, and Amy opened her mouth in response. Her tongue came out, and their tongues touched lightly, just the tips, tentatively. As they continued to kiss, their tongues became just part of it, sometimes with a tongue running softly along the line of a lip, sometimes diving into a mouth in pursuit of its counterpart. Jen sucked Amy’s tongue into her mouth, almost stroking it with her own tongue until releasing it.

Amy shivered as she broke their kiss, panting, moving her mouth to kiss Jen’s cheek, then to her ear. “God, Jen, that’s so good,” she whispered. She kissed Jen’s cheek again before returning her mouth to Jen’s, but kissing her harder this time. Amy reached behind Jen’s head and pulled her tighter, her tongue invading Jen’s mouth, and welcoming Jen’s response. She felt Jen’s hand slide down from her shoulder to her side. Slowly, slowly, Jen’s hand began to make its way around to Amy’s front, sliding upward under Amy’s jacket toward her breast.

Suddenly, Jen’s phone dinged. Breaking away from Amy, she looked at the clock in the car and groaned. “I’m sorry baby, we need to get to work. I have a meeting at 9:00. And I’m not ready. For the meeting!” she added this last as Amy raised her eyebrow at her comment about not being ready. “We need to go.”

“I know.” As Jen started the car, Amy reached over one more time and pulled Jen across for a final kiss. “Thanks, Jen. I liked that.”

“Mmm, me too. You’re a good kisser.”

“Practice. But I’ve never kissed a girl before. I’m glad that worked.”

“It did, Amy… it did.”

The day at work passed uneventfully. The two women both ended up very busy, and even though they were distracted by the morning’s events, it was a busy day and they barely had time to see each other at lunch. As Jen drove Amy home at the end of the day, they laid out their plans. “I’ll go through the photos tonight and delete any bad ones, and put them in order for a slideshow. Tomorrow, I’m working out at the Brookline office, so I won’t see you. Should we just meet at the bar at 6?”

“I can’t wait. I’ll see you then!” Reaching her house, Amy leaned over and gave Jen just a quick peck on her lips before hopping out. “See you tomorrow.”

In the privacy of her house, Amy stripped off her clothes to take a shower. While she was soaping her body, her mind kept drifting to the morning. She’d been horny all day. The image of Jen reaching around and holding her breasts kept coming into her mind. The sensation of Jen playing with them, stroking her nipples until they were hard… the feel of Jen’s hard nipples under her own fingers… that sensation had been with Amy all day. And kissing in the car… and Jen starting to reach around to touch her… Amy found herself lying on the bed, knowing she should get dressed, but feeling the dampness in her pussy grow as she focused on the morning’s memories. The sense of urgency grew as she brushed a hand over her own breast, touching her nipple and feeling her areola tighten. Her hand continued downward, and she knew she could no longer resist the urge to touch her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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