First Things First

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This is a part of a bigger project I am working on.


I somehow managed to get the key out to my apartment and get it unlocked with Bryce kissing my neck from behind and his hands running up and down my body. We stumbled through the door and I told him to have a seat in the living room and that I’d be right back. I was going to get us some wine and maybe give my hormones a chance to settle. I swiftly walked into the kitchen and as I was opening up the cabinet where I kept the wine glasses I felt hands wrap around my waist and Bryce’s breath on my ear as he told me not to move.

I froze in place, felt myself get more turned on from the forceful nature of his actions and the feel of his strong arms around me, not to mention the feel of his hard body against mine. His mouth went back to work on my neck and his hands started climbing up my shirt, all of the earlier tentativeness gone from him. He was taking control of me and of my body and I fucking loved it.

“Put your arms up, Emily,” he said and I did. He worked my shirt up and over my head. “Leave them up! Rest them on the cabinet door,” he said when I started to move them down. I immediately moved them back up and put my palms on the cabinet door.

“Good girl,” he said, his words sending more gushing wetness to my pussy. He reached up and unhooked my bra, letting free my breasts. His hands cupped each one and started massaging them softly with his hands. His mouth kept sucking on my neck as he took each of my nipples into his hands and rolled them in his fingers.

“Oh my god Bryce that feels so good,” I said in a low moan and he responded by pulling on my nipples harder and biting down on my neck gently.

“Is your pussy wet Emily?” He asked, still driving me to the brink of insanity with his fingers on my rock hard nipples, twisting them and using his fingertips lightly on the ultra sensitive tips.

“Mmmhmm…” I said feeling myself building up to an orgasm and wanting to ride it out.

“Do you want to cum Emily?” He asked, moving his fingers faster.

I nodded. “No! Tell me!” He said, stopping his hands as he waited for my response

“Pleeeeeaaasse don’t stop. Yes I really want to cum Bryce, please…” I begged, desperately needing his hands back on my body. He rewarded me by putting one hand back on my left nipple and the other at the base of my skirt. He roughly hiked it up and started running his fingers along the hem of my thong.

“Are you going to suck my cock if I let you cum?” He whispered authoritatively as his fingers crept under my thong into my wet pussy. “Fuck your pussy is so wet! He said, finding my clit and rubbing it before I could answer.

“Yes Bryce, I’ll do whatever you want! Just please don’t stop it feels so good…” I replied, barely able to formulate sentences as he worked my clit and continued playing with my nipple.

“Oh yes Emily you’re such a good girl, spread your legs for me,” he requested and I obliged. He pulled down my thong down and worked his fingers to my opening, sliding two fingers escort bayan inside me.

“Oh fuck oh fuck Bryce! Yes oh my god…” I cried out as he began to finger fuck my pussy, bringing his other hand down to massage my clit. His mouth returned to my neck, his tongue moving back and forth quickly, his lips sucking in and taking me higher and higher.

“You’re gonna make me cum so hard Bryce, don’t stop! I’m gonna cum all over your hand oh fuck Bryce!” I was lost, at his complete mercy, and on the brink of a mind blowing orgasm.

“Yes Emily, yes baby, cum for me, you know you want to suck my cock!” His words in my ear just before his tongue came to lick my earlobe was all it took. My body started shaking and I pushed harder into the cabinet for stability as the orgasm overtook me. He kept moving his hands as I came and my pelvis thrusted out, almost hitting the counter as the aftershocks kept me cumming and pulsating my ass against him. I could feel his hard dick through his pants.

When I was done, he pulled his fingers from me,shoved them into my mouth and I sucked on them as he turned me around to face him. “You’re so sexy Emily!” He said as he pulled his fingers from my mouth and pushed me to my knees. “I can’t wait till your lips are on my cock!”

I looked up at him as he hastily removed his belt and unbuttoned his tight jeans. He looked so hot and I wanted him so badly. He slid his pants and underwear off his legs and came closer to me. I reached out with my hand to stroke his cock. “Nope. Hands down, Emily,” he told me and I dropped them, loving how he kept saying my name and how demanding he was being.

He moved his cock closer to my face and slid it into my willing, hungry mouth. I sucked in as he fed it to me, using my tongue around the head and already tasting the precum leaking out. “Fuck Emily you make my cock so hard! I’m gonna fuck your face like a slut until I cum in your mouth!” His words were hitting all the right spots in my head and I opened my mouth a little more so he could slide in further.

He held onto the back of my head as he started moving faster in and out of my mouth, his hands gripping my hair hard. I moaned around his cock as he gave it to me, his cock diving into my throat and stopping, his breath sucking in as he held my head in place.

My eyes were watering and I was choking a little but I fought my gag reflex as he slowly eased further down my throat. “Yes, thats it, let me in, you’re doing great Emily, fuck that feels so good!” He told me as our eyes met.

He held out just a second longer then really started to assault my face with his cock. He fucked in and out of my mouth, sliding in and out of my throat repeatedly as he yanked and pulled on my hair until he was cumming down my throat and calling out my name as he did.

I swallowed all he gave me as he released my head and pushed it back onto the cabinet door depositing his cum into my mouth several more times. I was captivated watching his face as he came, sweat beading on his tuzla genç escort forehead, his lips pursed in exertion and his eyes locked on mine. So fucking sexy.

When he could stand again without the support of the counter, he pulled back and I reluctantly let him slide out of my mouth. “Was that ok?” I asked, wanting to make sure he was satisfied as I wiped my face with the back of my hand.

“Are you kidding? That was fabulous Emily!” He said with a smile as he pulled me to my feet and towards him for a kiss. I liked that he wasn’t afraid to kiss me after that. Made me like him even more, if that was even possible.

“Would you like to see the rest of my place? I asked him when we parted.

“I really want to lick your pussy, so maybe the bedroom first?” He said and I wasn’t about to argue so I took him by the hand and led him to my bed.


Once we were in my bedroom, Bryce pushed me back onto my bed and started kissing me passionately, stopping only to remove his shirt before coming back and lying on top of me, meeting my mouth with his own. Kissing him felt amazing, like we should always be doing this.

We seemed to be so in sync, so together in the moment, his hands were in my hair, my hands were on his naked back, rubbing up and down gently as we kissed. I lowered them down so I could graze the top of his ass, grappling for as much of it as I could.

It felt so wonderful so it be with him, so illogically natural, but I wasn’t about to analyze it now, just enjoy the magical moment we were in right now. His body felt so strong and smooth, so good next to mine and I whimpered softly when he pulled his mouth away from mine.

“I want to kiss you everywhere, Emily,” he whispered as he moved his mouth down my body, sucking gently on my neck and running his tongue up and down then side to side. I gasped and closed my eyes, not remembering a time when I had been so turned on by someone.

His tongue moved lower as one hand grabbed my left breast and squeezed it gently. His tongue reached the nipple of my right breast and circled around it lightly, sending chills up my spine and causing a low moan to escape my lips.

He reacted by sucking harder with his lips and pinching the nipple in his fingers just enough to hurt but still feel so good. “Fuck…” I said “that feels so good, Bryce.” He moved his fingers from my breast to my lips, and parted them, two fingers sliding into my mouth as he kept sucking on my nipples.

I wantonly devoured his fingers, sucking them slowly, savoring them and treating them as though they were his cock. As he moved his mouth from my nipple to my belly, he withdrew his fingers and ran them down my neck, the wetness from my mouth trailing down to reach my nipple. His damp finger grasped at it as his mouth licked the top of my shaved pussy lips.

He spread my lips apart and ran his tongue the length of my wet pussy, using one finger to follow his tongue. He tightly squeezed my nipple and pulled upward, hard and I moaned louder, tuzla kendi evi olan escort lifting my hips up off the bed. He pushed them back down and located my clit with his tongue, circling around it as he kept pulling on my nipple.

The combination of the sensation of his warm breath on my pussy, his tongue on my clit, mixed with the pull and pressure of the hand on my breast was making me insane. He started grasping and releasing my nipple, rubbing the tip each time he pulled up.

My neck was arched back and I was moaning and trying to adjust my body to maximize the pleasure he was giving me. He started moving his tongue very fast across my clit and rubbing my nippled with his thumb while still twisting it. I cried out and felt so close to cumming.

He slowed down his tongue and released my nipple, started ever so gently rubbing it at the same speed his tongue was working my clit and the maddening feeling sent white lights to the front of my eyes and the strongest wave of pleasure I had ever felt hit my mind and body simultaneously.

The release started and my hips thrust hard upward, my toes contracting inward as the pleasure washed over my entire body, heating me up and making cry out unintelligibly, moaning how good I felt, emitting long wails of bliss out as I came.

Every time I reached the peak and started to travel down it, he would move his hands and tongue ever so slowly again and I’d rise back up, an aftershock rocking my body with pleasure. He continued this until I was spent, then pulled his mouth back. He wiped his face with his hand and looked at me, I was a puddle of desire and happiness.

“I want your cock in me Bryce,” I said, our eyes meeting in mutual desire. As good as he just made me feel, I wanted us to become one, to feel his hard long cock in my wet pussy.

“What do you want me to do with it, Emily?” He said, bringing his cock to just my entrance and pushing just slightly enough to make me cry out.

“I want you to fuck me, Bryce,” I said, again meeting his eyes and pleading for him to push it in further.

“Are you sure?” He asked, pushing in just a little bit more and moving in and out slowly.

“Y-y-y-y-es Bryce, please fuck my pussy….please!” I begged as he hesitated, still moving his hard cock excruciatingly slowly in and out. My muscles tried to pull him in further and he finally rewarded me by sliding his cock deep into my pussy.

When it hit my g-spot we both gasped and he started pounding my pussy. I loved feeling him drive his cock in and out of me with his body so close to mine. He brought a hand down to my nipple and his mouth to mine, hungrily kissing me, our tongues dancing as he fucked me.

My tight pussy was gripping him as he moved in and out and we were both moaning into each others mouths, kissing feverishly, my hands on his back, pulling him closer to me. The entire experience was overwhelmingly hot and soon I felt my pussy clench up and his cock grow larger and then we were cumming, together,a synchronous orgasm that I felt as strongly in him as I did in myself.

An amazing feeling that eclipsed any I had known in my past. Our bodies were pulsating and shaking, the enormous release leaving our bodies quivering. Our mouth separated and we looked into each other’s eyes, wonder and attraction shining to one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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