First Time Bisexual Oral Encounters

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I had just turned 18, this may or may not be fiction. Sometimes I get my fives and eights confused. Let’s just say I was young and thought my cock was magical. I was in the crush stage with girls. Not attracted to men or boys at all. But, I loved masturbating. I’d find things to cum in. My favorite at the time was hosiery my mom would discard. I pre cummed something awful too. My hands would get so wet with it, I’d lick it off never thinking anything about it, especially not someone else’s.

It was a school day that I decided to skip because they were showing a racy movie at our local theater. No real sex or nudity, just an occasional side shot of a nipple but, that’s all I needed to get my heart and cock pounding. No one ever went to the early movies before 5:00 on the weekdays and I was prepared with a fake doctor’s excuse to get me in. This showing started a 11:00 Am.

It was awesome. I had the whole place to myself. I sat on the right side midway in the middle of the row. I was wearing dark brown dress pants. The movie was just a few minutes in and I was 7″ of rock hard already, occasionally stroking it though my pants. I loved teasing my self for the pre cum.

The first scene was starting and as I was slowly rubbing up and down my cock through my pant leg someone whispered excuse me and sat directly behind me. All I could tell was that it was a man and was I pissed. In my world at intermission I was going to grab some toilet tissue and pull my cock out and cum when I got over heated. That was ruined and I couldn’t change seats. so,I just sat there leaning my arm against the throbs.

It seemed like an eternity but, I heard the guy get up to move. He did. In my row a seat away on the left side where my cock was locked in place. He just sat there quietly occasionally looking in my direction. I pretended not to notice. I was just getting ready to get up with my boner and move to the other side father away from the restroom, kind of pissed when

he looked over and whispered something. I couldn’t hear him and shook my head. This gave this older man about my age now, late 50’s cause to scoot over next to me. All he said was” nice movie” then looked forward to watch it for a minute anyway. At that point I didn’t want to act scared by excusing myself, especially with the hard on that wouldn’t go away. I figured I’d give it a minute or two.

I was holding my cock down with my arm when he put his hand on my knee to make a comment about the movie. I was electrified and my lack of response sent his hand to the inside of my leg above my knee. I moved my arm for a minute and my cock betrayed me by dancing a throbbing dance that caused him to smile. Me, I was in a trance. şişli escort This was my hangout with all my friends and being caught would get me barred. Everyone would know. My heart was pounding outside of my chest almost as much as my swollen cock was throbbing.

He kept slowly stroking my leg, inching up until he bumped into a puddle of wet pre-cum that had soaked through my pants. He held the side of his hand there for a second longer applying some pressure against my cock head resting it in the ever growing puddle. Then he continued with the soft slow stroking of my inner thigh making sure to bump against my swollen cock head a little harder each time.

Finally he just went for it and started stroking my cock slowly through my pants. I was feeling ashamed, electrified, confused and so fucking turned on all at the same time. There was so much pre-cum it looked like I wet myself.

Then he stopped. But only to re position himself to loosen my belt and unsnap the top of my pants. It was a tight fit but he got his hand down inside them and for the first time in my young horny life someone other than me was touching my cock. That same someone else was gently caressing my tight nut sack. Slowly he rode his hand up to stroke my shaft a couple of times and swirl the pre cum all around my throbbing head.

I must have moaned because he knew one more stroke and I was going to cum. He was right about that. So, he quickly pulled his hand out snapped my pants and put my belt together leaving it undone. It felt like a huge load was ready to blow and it just stopped with my cock still throbbing, pre-cum and a single thick emission of what was going to be a mind blowing cum were drenching my underwear. I watched him lick the juices from his fingers and was so ready to just pull my cock out, stroke it a squirt cum all over the place.

But, when his hand and fingers were licked clean he stood up as if to leave and leaned over to whisper “meet me down stairs and I’ll give you $2.00.”

Downstairs was the men’s room. There was a waiting area, 5 urinals and 3 stalls. And in my heated condition I just said ok.

He went first. There was no one else there.

When I stepped through the door, no farther than that, there he was, even older than he had looked dim light of the theater. Without hesitation he turned his back to the door knelt down and pulled me toward him by already loosened belt, but lightly enough not to unstrap it. He unsnapped and unzipped me pulling my pants below my knees. Then he grabbed my white jockeys and pulled them over and down from my pre cum dripping cock. It was so drenched that when he pulled my drenched dick forward freeing it from its confinement, as the underwear gave way pre-cum splashed on him, up my shirt and I could feel small drops on my face as I was looking down waiting to see what was next.

As soon as it was free and still dancing the dance he engulfed it with his mouth. He gently groped my bursting nut sack as he stroked every inch beating his nose into my pelvis and dragging his tight wet lips across the bulb of my head.

I had never thought I could feel this way. I’d never imagined what it could be like having his hot wet mouth sliding up and down my cock.

There wasn’t much of that though, about a dozen strokes or more into it I started moaning. Then came the eruption. As soon as it started he pulled me close by my ass cheaks and started gulping everything I squirted. He made me cum twice with my cock crammed down his throat. There was little to no more than an inch of pounding his nose flat against my pelvis buried in my pubic hair. I could swear he was sucking my spine out. I watched as he gulped all of me for nearly a minute or more. When I had quit squirting he went back to long strokes as I shrank in his mouth. Believing he was done I backed off a little then he grabbed my slowly softening cock and stroked it to milk those last drops. I was limp then and he withdrew me from his mouth. He reached up with both hands, one caressing my empty sack and the other slightly squeezing and stroking me for that last drop which he licked off as he rose up, smiled as me with my own cum glistening from his lips simply said ” Thank you”, handed me $2.00, turned around and left. I tried getting myself together but my knees were shaking so much, my eyes were seeing things in a light red tint and I was weak from it all.

I finally did. I exited the theater trying to wrap my brain around what had just happened. I was feeling guilty and so good at the same time.

I stopped back a few times but never saw him again.

Later I started having sex with girls and my first was as exciting with all the making out first. Although legal I looked very young. It realized it was a turn on for older guys and as much as I love women, there is nothing like having a cum hungry guy sucking your cock. I started going to a XXX theater in Newport and learned quickly that a nice looking young man bold enough to stroke his cock through his pants was getting it sucked right where he sat. Likewise if you went to a park where those that enjoy it go. Pull out your cock and start stroking like your hiding and someone will come along.

I have been married a few times. I love women everything about them; their taste and smell, the intimacy of sex. I’m not attracted to men at all. There’s nothing about men that I find attractive. I have no inclination to make out, kiss or have any anal play with them.

But after years of living with this in my mind and traveling a lot, living in hotels, I couldn’t help but remember.

I made a lot of online hookups . I’d like to meet them naked stroking at the door with some porn on. Always straight porn mind you.

One guy seemed really nice and we enjoyed a buzz together first, both of us were in our early forties. After sucking me a bit, he got naked too and started stroking his cock. I watched it swell and start to glisten. It was as long or longer than mine, with a nice light red head that began a stream of pre-cum almost immediately. For the first time I was compelled to sit on the bed and signal him over so I could taste it. It was warm and slick and my tongue easily slid around his swollen head licking it clean.

I lay back on the bed to let him know what I was ready for and immediately he knelt and started sucking me again. But, this time he came up on the bed and positioned his cock above my face and went right back to sucking me. It was right there. Pre-cum was dripping on me. I knew I wanted to try it and try it I did. I pulled his cock into my mouth and started sucking it the best I knew how.

He stopped for a couple of minutes to enjoy then got back into position and started deep throating me repeatedly. I was doing my best to follow suit and then it hit. I was getting ready to cum big time and moaning trying to pay attention and then I heard him moan as huge squirts of cum shot into my mouth. I actually savored what I could hold and swallowed the rest. It’s funny how your mouth kind of sticks together for a while.

My first 69 with a guy and we came together. Both drinking each other’s cum. We stayed naked for a while discussing this enjoyed experience with wives that would never understand.

He was at the desk and I walked toward him to grab a beer. But as soon as I got within range he wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked it solo, non stop until I blew another load into his mouth. When he finished he just smiled and licked his lips simply saying “delicious “.

I stepped back to the bed exhausted and sat as I saw him starting to stroke that big cock hard again. I was compelled to walk over and signal for him to switch places, which we did and for my very first time I learned to enjoy the playfulness and satisfaction of sucking a cock bone dry. I learned to enjoy it to where I’m that old man that loves the taste of a hot shot of cum exploding in my mouth as much as I enjoy having my cock serviced.

Personally I have no inclination nor desire for anyone under age. But 18 and up anything goes. This has always been my secret life and trust me if it were penned these pages would be stuck together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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