First Time Cuckold Pt. 01

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I regret my impulsiveness for the rest of the day and as the evening approaches I am so anxious that I am shaking. I count to myself the ways in which this could go wrong and reread all the messages he has sent me searching for warning signs. Is he as straight forward as he seems? But then again is anyone? I think about calling to cancel but I know that I wont have the nerve. I take a bath to kill some time, running the water so hot it turns my skin pink, thin I sit on my bed wondering what I should wear. I have never met anyone for sex before and I am frightened of breaking the rules. I look through my wardrobe of clothes and try on a dark red dress, although it hugs my body tightly I don’t think it looks too bad. I walk around the room enjoying the unfamiliar sensation of my legs touching as I walk and the swing of the fabric about my thighs.

I feel like a teenager preparing for prom until I come face to face with my reflection. The hem of my dress sitting high above my knee and my pale white legs stretching boldly out beneath it. I am suddenly 28 again and about to meet a man for the first time who is going to help me finally cuckold my boyfriend, something he has been begging me to do for years. I am so far from reality and my comfort zone that the anxiety within me is growing every second and making me shake again. The buzz of my phone saves me from exploring this thought, its him texting me to tell me he is on his way so I grab my bag pick up my keys and run out the door şehitkamil escort ready to explore the life of cuckolding. No turning back now.

We get back to his and the conversation has been muted, both of us fully aware that we are meeting for only one thing. As soon as the door closes behind him he takes no time at all in taking control of me and showing his dominance over me. Pulling me against his firm muscly body suddenly I am his to do anything he wants with and my heart is beating so hard it feels as though its about to burst from my chest. There are no pleasantries like offering me a drink or to even sit on the sofa. Instead taking me straight to the bedroom and commanding me to strip. The moment of hesitation that follows earns me a hard spank across my bottom making me jump before he reminds me to do as I am told. I remove the thin straps of my dress from my shoulders letting the dress fall to the floor.

My matching black bra and knickers along with my taught flat tummy, wide hips and pale white freckle free skin all on show for his viewing pleasure. Looking to him for sign of appreciation I am only given a stern comment “and the rest”. Putting my hands behind my back to unhook my bra pushing out my 32AA boobs out to him my bra unhooks and slowly falls to the floor. Immediately I am met with a loud laugh “you weren’t lying when you said they were tiny” he said between his laughter, I feel the rush of blood to my face turning me bright red and cover my boobs with my hands. He rips my hands back down to my side reminding me that he never told me I could cover them up. My nipples standing to attention and pushed out still wanting to impress and please him as much as I can. They were met by his hand coming down firmly against the side of them slapping them hard and making me flush with a mixture of emotions.

Feeling him slip his finger into the sides of my knickers I relax for a second before suddenly he pulls them down my legs the unmistakable sound of ripping fabric as they go, leaving them torn and broken at my ankles his face so close to my naked bare pussy that I can feel every breath of his against it. His hand run back up my leg brushing against my clit when he reaches the top. Suddenly making me aware of how wet he has made me and the realisation that he has just felt this too, the rush of blood again finding its way back up to my face making me flush once more.

He commands me to undress him and so I lift his top over his firm chest and muscly torso not believing for a second that he is nearly twice my age. He removes his trousers and steps out of them while I am distracted by these thoughts. Making me kneel in front of him my nakedness on show for him to enjoy I look up to him meeting his eyes. Slowly lowering his boxers my gaze drops down over his body and on to his massive cock which is now hanging down in front of me. It must be twice the size of my boyfriends and not even hard yet. I cant stop myself gasping at his size and this is not unnoticed by him, wrapping my hand around it.

My fingers feeling tiny against it, I feel the need to use both my hands to hold it. I lean back once more to meet his gaze as I begin rubbing him up and down, rewarding me for this he tells me to open my mouth, I feel his hand grab my short ginger hair at the back of my head and forces his cock down into my waiting mouth. Immediately I choke on his size as I feel it growing inside me I open my mouth as wide as I can allowing him to fuck my mouth hard. I cant stop my hands drifting down over my own body feeling my pert tiny boobs and pinching my nipples. Continuing down over my tummy to my now dripping wet pussy. I don’t remember it ever being this wet before and he has barely even touched me yet.

On that thought he removes his cock from my mouth, lifting me to my feet and effortlessly throwing me onto the bed behind me. Crawling up to meet me he spreads my legs and brushes his tongue against my naked pussy making me moan. After a few minutes of this I stop him by telling him “you don’t need to do that, that’s my boyfriends job! Yours is to enjoy me and fuck me” this makes him smile and laugh once more. Suddenly I find myself pinned to the bed with my hands held above my head with him forcefully slapping my pussy and boobs hard leaving his big strong hand print against me turning my body bright red and making me scream with pleasure, still laughing he asks if that’s better? In a moment of ecstasy I arch my back pushing my body up to him and reply with a moan and just two words

“Yes sir”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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