First Time Paradise

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At the youth club I’d noticed often that Ricky was not interested in the girls who sidled up to him, despite their flirtations he turned away from them so got the resulting name calling.

But for me it was good news because I guessed he was like me, either that or he wasn’t interested in either sex.

Anyway I thought that was the time to befriend him in a more positive way than before; and over the two following visits to the club I got to know quite a bit about him..

He told me he was just nineteen and immediately, being just five year older, I fancied him.

I was attracted to him before, but when learning he was gay like me, I was going crazy for him in a new and different way altogether.

We had coffee at a quiet café when I asked if he’d like to share the evening with me and that is where it all started…

“Have you ever been with another guy” I asked him carefully.

“No, never found the courage, in fact I have had no experience at all” he replied looking very unhappy.

“Well I would like to put that to rights if you are game, Ricky?”

He flushed bright red and looked apprehensive until I said if he’d rather not, or leave it until another time that would be fine.

He just remained silent and I could see he wanted to go further. “I won’t bite, Ricky!” I said – “not unless you want me to” I laughed – and then he chilled and looked a lot more at ease

“It is just I have no idea of what to do, Alex I have to confess.”

I said that was rather nice really, that I had always fancied a virgin and it was about time we did something about it..

“Will you show me then. Alex?”

“Come here, come and sit down beside me so we can get more acquainted. Do you mind if I touch you through your jeans?”

“That would be nice, Alex.”

I simply ran the finger tips of my right hand over his crotch as we focussed into each others eyes.

He sort güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of moaned and closed his eyes as I concentrated more on the delicate tease and gentle rub over his jeans, and I felt the swell of him beneath which was very enticing and nice, especially as I realised he was slowly growing.

“We shall need to take these off I think” I suggested.

He immediately responded with a lusty smile and my heart started to double beat and, dropping his jeans, he revealed a pair of red boxer shorts.

Of course I could not resist going further and showed him just how I like to cock tease a guy, spreading my fingers and cupping his balls over his tight boxers.

“How is that, Ricky, tell me just to stop if you want?”

But for the next few minutes he was more than content for me to play with him, stripping him right down, and he stood there in his birthday suit looking very stunning and exetremely fuckable.

I squeezed his cock with thumb and forefinger. primarily it softened after an early uprising and was slow to respond until I told him to relax and enjoy, because I was doing just that.

Gradually with a little more enticing, stroking and balls teasing, hs cock started to grow delightfully as it had done when I felt him through his jeans, ;and he looked so pleased with himself, he had a cock to be proud of and I told him so.

I showed him how I liked to wank cock and roll it back tight so I could gently stroke his p-hole and take in his scent. It was so divine, I simply adore the scent of cock and with Ricky just standing there for me, legs apart so I could really do the business in the sucking a licking department, it was absolutely perfect and his moans told me he simply adored. He felt so good good, then I wanted to suck him, I said would he like for me to do that and he just nodded, of course he did and when I took his rising cock deep into my mouth güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and really gave it what for with my hand clasped around his length and my tongue going hammer and tongue with his cock head, I was in my element, he tasted earthy and pungent, and his cock felt divine as I felt him grow to full fucking size in my mouth and gave him a real bonus deep throat sucking.

“Alex can I see you now” Ricky asked so sweetly and I responded I’d thought he’d never ask, I dropped my jeans and briefs and revealed all, by which time I was well and truly on heat and my seven and a half inches ready for action..

He looked at me open mouthed and said that of all things he never imagined this, that he could actually enjoy looking at another guy like this.

I held it high for him to touch and anticipated his look, it felt so really good being with a first timer guy and I was already starting to envisage his fuck. He had a simply wonderful tight ass just waiting for it and I had every intention of having it before long when we got the preliminaries over and done with.

Meanwhile I savoured the feel of his inexperienced fingers discover me. I said for him to suck me like I had him, he looked up at me and then went down on his knees and started to sniff me, rubbing my hard jerking cock against his cheek, teasing back the foreskin to savour an even more stronger scent of pure unadulterated ripe cock. He had been well taught and I was now enjoying the reward. As I watched him I could see this new learning experience was good for him as he played with me in so many delightful ways until at last, opened mouthed, he seemed to count ten, hold his breath and then take my pulsing cock between his lips. Then when they closed tight around my thick shaft, he moaned and started to suck profusely, it was so good that already I felt I wanted to cum. But that would come with time because then I güvenilir bahis şirketleri wanted to get my length neatly and tightly up his wet ripe ass and told him so.

He looked up at me as I fingered him there, rubbing lots of oil into it until he gasped with excitement.

“It is gonna hurt some at first Ricky, but when you get the feel of good hard hot cock inside you it will be just fine,. Now bend over the edge of the settee so you can get into just the right position for my fuck.

I had never had virgin ass before so it was going to be a first for me, but what a first! With Ricky saying just how much he wanted me and how wonderful it all was, and now there he was, bent high over the arm of the settee and with the aid of a couple of cushions, his ripe ass presented and waiting for my fuck,his tight brown hole looking verey inviting.

There it was then waiting for my cock, I spread those cheeks wide apart and gave them a few sharp slaps ro rev him up,then I pushed my mouth deeply into his asshole and got another taste of him there, a taste which so very much turned me on, I gave his cock and balls a little more rubbing and started to place the head of my cock to touch his asshole, immediately feeling the heat there and grabbing each thigh with my hands to get a good hold, this was gonna be some first time fuck for Ricky, and I wanted for it to be special, moving his hips to and fro as I started to work it into him, hearing his yelling as I pressed it deeper and deeper up inside.

But Ricky was very tight I realised that and gave him a breather to let him get used to the idea of having a big hard stiff cock inside him for the first time.

He whispered, after a breather, that it was alright, so I went to it again until I felt my balls slapping the back of his thighs sharply, then I was there, full girth and length inside him and enjoying a wonderful deep and gorgeous virgin fucking.

After that first time we were forever at it, and he loves to specialise in deep stiff wanking my hard cock until I spurt all over his face, and then I want to do the same with him feeling the wonderful sensation of that gorgeous cock cum and cum without hesitation as we well and truly fuck each other to the core.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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