First Time, Sort of…

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(This is a true story, all the events are true, just the names have been changed to protect the “not so innocent”, and the order of events has been changed just to make it more readable).

The title of this story may be a bit misleading. It is a ‘first time’, but in a different way. It is my recollections of a wonderful weekend, but strictly from my perspective. So, let’s begin…


It started out innocently enough. I am an older married man whose sex life had dwindled down to pretty much nonexistent. As a result I started surfing online looking for something, I just wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Anyway, I found my way to Literotica and began reading some of the stories, which were a real turn on. It didn’t take long to find the bulletin board and some of the pictures of the sexy ladies who posted in the amateur pictures area. At first I just looked and lurked, but soon began leaving a comment or two. It wasn’t long however before I became a real Lit whore. I was commenting on many pictures and even sending private messages. I was happily surprised at the responses that I got from some of the ladies.

I exchanged emails with a couple of the sexy women that I met, and that led to phone calls, phone sex and just some very nice conversations with some great ladies. One even encouraged me to post some pictures of myself on Lit. I also found the magic of Yahoo messenger and was astounded the first time that one lady invited me to view her cam and played for me in a very hot session. I was hooked and really enjoying this new clandestine lifestyle. It was fun and I was certainly able to relieve some of my sexual frustrations.

It was on Lit that I met Beth. I was browsing the threads on the amateur pictures section of the bulletin board one evening when I noticed a new contributor. Opening her first picture and seeing her sexy curvy body immediately made me want to see more. She had started out just showing off some cleavage and I was one of the first people to leave her a comment. She responded to my comment and little did I know that it would be the start of a relationship.

Beth and I soon became online buddies. By that time, I too had posted some pictures of myself on a thread, and Beth was always one of the first to comment. I couldn’t believe that I was actually posting nude pictures of myself, but I had gotten caught up by the encouragement of a number of ladies and had finally said, “What the hell!”

Beth was married but in an open relationship. She and her hubby had gotten into swinging and went to parties arranged by a local club. I loved it when she told me about the parties, describing the things that happened at them and I started to live vicariously through her adventures. She was over 20 years younger than I, but somehow we became close, and she would often ask me for advice about things she was doing. We developed a mutual trust of one another and started sharing more and more.

Besides messages on princess power izle Lit, we chatted on messenger and also on the phone. Beth was uninhibited and was happy to play for me online. Her husband was aware that she had an online friend and seemed to be alright with it. Beth surprised me during one cam session by bringing hubby on and sucking him as I watched. Needless to say I was turned on by this unexpected treat and in no time came as I stroked my own hard cock.

While Beth and I always talked about getting together, it seemed that it might never happen. She lived in the Mid West while I was on the West Coast. At some point, Beth started calling me “Daddy” and I quite enjoyed it when she did, and she was certainly young enough to have been my daughter.

It took a long time, but finally the stars aligned and we arranged to meet in Seattle. Now to say I was nervous about this would be an understatement. It is one thing to chat or talk on the phone, but another to meet in person. I was anxious, “would she like me?” “would I be able to perform?” or “would I satisfy her?” All those thoughts and more flashed through my mind as I drove to the airport to meet her. As the time got closer for the arrival of her flight, my anxiety level had risen to almost overwhelming.

And then she was there, standing at the curb with her suitcase. I pulled up and got out, we hugged and kissed lightly and I took her bag, placed it in the car and we headed for the hotel. On the way we exchanged small talk, about her flight, the fact that it wasn’t raining, and how it was nice to finally meet. I realize now that Beth was nervous too, and a bit unsure about being here.

I had already checked in, so after parking the car we went straight to the elevator and up to the room. The minute the elevator door closed, we were in each other’s arms and kissing each other deeply. It was electric, and beautiful. We could both sense the urgency as the door opened on our floor.

We entered the room and moved together immediately. We kissed hungrily and our hands roamed over one another. Quickly we began removing each other’s clothes. As I tossed her bra aside, my face buried between her big full breasts. It was heaven and as my lips found one diamond hard nipple and I drew it into my mouth I heard her give a long moan of pleasure and say “Oh Daddy!”

In hindsight I think we were more like awkward teenagers than mature adults as we groped one another and divested ourselves of our clothing. I stood back for a moment and let my eyes take in the beauty of her lush body, my cock hard and straining at my white briefs. We fell onto the bed, kissing, caressing, and savoring the fact that we were finally together. Her fingertips rubbed my cock through the thin cotton as my fingers slipped between her legs and entered the hot wetness. She shivered as my fingertip found the sensitive button of flesh and she began sliding my briefs down my legs.

I represent izle was so on edge, so needing this woman. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman and the sensations were just too much. I was like a kid having his first sexual experience. I almost came the moment her fingers touched my bare flesh. We kissed and kissed our naked bodies pressed tight together and I felt myself losing control. Panic flashed through my mind, what will she think of me if I cum so quickly. But those thoughts did not abate the powerful feelings that coursed through my body and I knew that I could not hold back.

“Oh shit!” I moaned, “I’m going to cum…suck me!”

And she did, and it was wonderful. Without any hesitation she took me in her mouth and began to suck my engorged flesh. Her head bobbed and her fingertips lightly brushed against my sac. I was moaning and calling her name as her lips slid skillfully up and down my shaft. In no time I came, spurting over and over into her mouth. I expected her to pull away, but she didn’t, clamping her lips more tightly around my flesh and sucking me until every last drop of was expelled. It was amazing and felt so very good.

Afterwards she smiled at me and I kissed her long and very deeply, holding her so very tightly. I was worried that she would think badly of me because I had cum so quickly, but that did not seem to bother her at all or if it did, she never let on. Later that weekend she told me how good I tasted and how much that she enjoyed it when I came in her mouth.

After holding her for a long time, I began kissing her softly, my lips moving to begin exploring her beautiful body. I kissed slowly downward and as I reached her belly she stopped me, saying that she should shower first. But I ignored her little protest and continued, wanting to please her as she just had me. Soon my face was buried between her legs and my tongue was happily exploring the sweet folds of flesh.

Beth’s fingertips were in my hair as I made love to her with my lips and tongue. I inhaled deeply, savoring the wonderful musky scent of her sex. I heard her moan as my tongue sought and found her most sensitive places. I had always loved going down on a woman, but it had been awhile and I had forgotten how good the taste of a hot pussy could be. I lapped happily at Beth’s hot center, going deep as her fingertips slid down to spread the lips of her sex. It was so very good, I loved the scent, the taste and the feel of her as my tongue played. Beth was obviously enjoying my ministrations as her hips bucked and her body quivered until she cried out “Oh fuck Daddy, Yes!!”

I continued licking her until she pulled me away and then we cuddled in each other’s arms, falling asleep together.

We awoke and made love again. This time I wanted to fuck her. We spent lots of time with foreplay, getting to know each other’s bodies. After lots of kissing and caressing, I found myself straddling rick and morty izle her chest, my hard cock sliding between those beautiful globes of flesh as she pushed them together around my shaft. Here we were, doing things we had chatted and fantasized together about for these many months. I looked down at her and could see her smile as I slowly fucked her big titties. She began dipping her face to flick her tongue across the fat head of my cock as it pushed up through the deep cleavage. Once again I could feel my body flushing with pleasure and I knew I had to be inside her.

I moved down and my cock slipped into her hot wetness. I began fucking her, and it felt so very good. I looked at Beth and could see that this was what she wanted too.

I pumped hard as I heard her exclaim “Oh yes Daddy, fuck me!”

The sound of her soft voice put me over the edge and I pumped hard and fast, cumming again deep inside my sweet special girl.

Afterwards we showered, dressed and went out to get a bite to eat. It was so good being with her, not just for the sex, but just being with her and we chatted and got to know each other better over dinner.

When we returned to the room, quickly we were naked and in one another’s arms again. We rolled together on the bed, lips and fingertips moving over each other’s body. Beth was incredible and soon was giving me the most intense blowjob that I had ever experienced.

She was down between my legs, her lips engulfing my flesh and sliding down my shaft until the fullness of my cock was in her mouth. She moved her lips slowly up and down my cock, her tongue playing as she brought me to new heights of ecstasy. I took her hands in mine as she sucked me, her big breasts swaying and brushing my legs as her lips tightened around my swollen shaft and she moaned softly against my flesh. There was no doubt that we both wanted me to cum in her wonderful mouth. I held back wanting to enjoy this as long as I could, until finally the floodgates burst and I cried out in pleasure as my cock erupted and gushes of my hot seed shot into her mouth. Her lips tightened on my cock, sucking and eagerly swallowing the huge load of cum. She held me in her mouth until my cock began to soften and then as it slipped from her lips she grinned at me like a Cheshire cat.

“That was incredible,” I whispered as she snuggled in my arms and I held her tightly. And so the weekend went, we totally enjoyed being together. I showed her around the area and we walked along the beach together hand in hand, talking and enjoying one another’s company. There was a lot of sex, but also lots of intimacy. She especially enjoyed it when I washed her hair for her, something we had talked about online. I spent a lot of time with my face between her legs, pleasuring her with my tongue and laughed as she yelped loudly when I unexpectedly bit her on the ass while we were playing.

The weekend went all too fast but I was so glad we were able to share the time together as brief as it was.

We have shared another weekend since that time and I know we will again one day soon, but the weekend I have just written about was my first ever affair and I will always treasure the memories of it and of how Beth made it so very, very special.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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