Fitting In Pt. 01

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Anyone portrayed as having sex is 18 or older

This story is similar to thousands of others in the Romance category and yet different from anything I’ve read so far, although there may be older stories I haven’t read. It involves two young people with abnormal conditions that are not painful physically, but they certainly cause emotional distress and the ridicule of ignorant people.

The boy and girl in the story have a condition known as Vitiligo, which is *depigmented skin*, sometimes called blotchy skin, where portions of skin are lighter or darker than others, it occurs in all races, it’s most notable as white splotches on darker skin and almost a purple tinge on light colored skin. It is generally attributed to thyroid issues and caused by the immune system destroying melanocytes, the pigment that determines our skin, hair, and eye color.

The purpose of this story is to illustrate that people who look different, and face issues you or I may not endure, in the end want what everyone else wants, to fall in love and be happy. It’s based on an actual couple in the small town my sister lives in, they have different jobs and names, I used their marriage as a launching pad. If you don’t like soppy sloppy romance stories that express heartfelt love with a happy ending may I suggest you skip this one.

Fitting In

Sitting in the back of the police cruiser in cuffs I watched through the window as officers spoke with my girlfriend Brook and the business owner. The ambulance was just pulling away with Terrence Brookmire headed for the ER, in spite of how bloody his face was I honestly didn’t think I’d hurt him that badly. Something snapped inside me, all my life he and his ilk made fun of and picked at me, I was not going to stand by and have them attack Brook as well. For the first time in either of our lives Brook and I had someone who cared for us beyond family, someone who waited for our call, someone who always smiled when we met, someone who wanted to share their life with another who looked like us.

I have what is commonly called *blotchy skin*, a condition wherein the pigmentation of my skin is not the same throughout, there are what appear to be purple blotches throughout my body. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was only beneath my clothes or on my hands, mine was also on a part of my face and neck. Kids can be cruel little bastards, most of the time I was made fun of, it would go like this, “Hey Frank — snickers and laughter — followed with , *two-tone paint job* at that point the guffaws, ridicule and snide remarks would take over.

I avoided most of the physical abuse because of my size. Being a farm boy I was fairly muscular even in grade school, as I grew older I was not only strong, I was tall as well. Instead of lashing out I retreated into myself, I did well in school but was never on the honor roll, I was too embarrassed to ever be in sports, all I wanted at the end of every day was to be left alone. Most days I sat at the very back of the school bus so I could be alone, we lived in a small community so I had some acquaintances but no real friends, thus my life consisted of chores, a bus ride to school, another day being made fun of, a bus ride home, more chores, homework, some TV and bed.

When I graduated from high school I had no desire for college, in my mind it would be no more teasing and ridicule. I know it’s supposed to be against the law to discriminate concerning employment, but it was plain as day when it came to an interview that no one was willing to hire a freak like me. As soon as I was 18 I enrolled in a CDL class and acquired my license, if nothing else I could work the farm with pa over the summer and drive truck for the grain farmers in the fall. I’d been turned down by everyone in town when dad told me he’d spoken with the owner of the feed mill, they were looking for a driver who didn’t mind odd hours to deliver feed throughout a two county radius.

It became a dream job for me, I was hired on, rode for a month with the driver who was leaving and from that point forward I was basically on my own, I would leave the mill at five in the morning, get back around four, load in the next day’s orders and head home by six. There were days I finished earlier if there were fewer deliveries, it was perfect for me, I was by myself most of the time, farmers didn’t care what I looked like as long as the feed was there on time and I was polite, there was the occasional remark but nothing like the cruelty kids at school had put me through. Dad had switched to beef so there was no longer the morning and evening milking to do, by then my younger brother was old enough to cover the chores I once did.

I’d been doing feed deliveries about two years, as an adult the verbal abuse and ridicule became almost non-existent except when I would run into kids I’d gone to school with, Terrence being the worst. He was going to state college an hour away, but izmit escort bayan was home often enough that he made my life miserable if I saw him, he was smart enough to not taunt me physically, it was more like shouts across a parking lot, or his favorite, at the bowling alley or a diner. Knowing I’m generally non-confrontational he would use those places where lots of people were gathered to be the worst.

The first time I saw Brook I had stopped at the grocery store on the way home to grab a few things for mom, she was two cash registers over making it difficult to see what she looked like considering her back was to me most of the time. Since I was looking at her from the back what interested me most was that she had a white streak in her otherwise solid black hair, then as she turned my heart raced and I caught my breath. A black girl, we didn’t see many black people in our farm community, although that wasn’t what I found so interesting, what was so interesting is that she had lighter parts of skin on her face and hands, she was like me. In my eyes she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen.

She no more than thanked the people she’d checked out than she turned to the next customer and continued her job, I determined I wanted to go through her line the next time I was at the store, which happened to be about two weeks later. Fortunately, she was on the twenty items or less lane and I had less than a dozen, there were two ahead of me, so I took the time to look at her without appearing to be a pervert.

She had beautiful facial features, high cheek bones, gorgeous eyes, delicately shaped chin, and perfect lips, they were full and pronounced, covered with what appeared to be a soft red lip gloss. I thought she might be five seven or eight, even though the store smock covered her upper body it was obvious she wasn’t flat chested, not overly large either, her breasts appeared to be the perfect size for her body. From what was visible there were splotches of lighter skin on her upper cheek leading slightly into the temple area on one side, and on her hands, the rest of her was covered.

By the time I was in front of her she looked up, smiled, ask how my day had been and proceeded to run my items through. If she was shocked by my appearance she didn’t show it, then again why would she be, she continued to chat as she bagged, ending with a thank you and please come again. With plastic bags hanging on my fingers I walked to the truck stupefied, she showed no shock or discomfort, she smiled an honest smile, her voice was like honey, why had I never seen her before? Bringing her up at supper I discovered she was the daughter of the new credit union manager, they had moved from a more populated area partly because their daughter was not well received where they had lived.

I had an account at that very credit union, the next time I deposited my paycheck I chose to go inside instead of the drive through. Her dad was a big man, not very tall but big around and it didn’t look like much of it was fat, his head was shaved bald and he wore gold rimmed glasses, he looked not only intelligent but distinguished as well. Over the next few months, I always looked to see which register Brook was on when I entered the store, then standing in line as long as it took just to talk with her again.

It never dawned on me to look at her nametag, through bits and pieces of conversation while checking out I learned that her name was Brook, she was nineteen and had moved with her folks, that her mom taught German at the high school and she had a younger sister. She never showed any apprehension toward me, always smiling, always friendly, always seemingly eager to greet me. I was anything but knowledgeable about dating, one evening after dishes mom was in her sewing room, I meandered in and sat, having those *mom* extra sensory abilities she stopped, spun, and asked,

“What’s up Frank? How can I help you?”

I asked if she’d ever seen the colored girl at the store, that I sort of liked her and did she think if I asked her out that she would accept.

Mother smiled, “First off hon I think she’d probably rather be called black than colored, yes I’ve seen her, in fact she’s checked my groceries several times, she seems very sweet. As for whether she’d go out with you, ask her, then you’ll know.”

I got very serious, “Mom, is this thing with my skin hereditary? I wouldn’t want to pass it along to my kids.”

“No Frank it isn’t hereditary, she has the same skin condition you have. Does it really matter though Frank, if you’re looking past her anomaly maybe she’s looking past yours as well, in the end it isn’t what we look like because that all changes with time, what counts is what’s in the heart. I will caution you though, if she goes out with you be prepared to defend her honor, you know very well that there are people in this town so narrow minded they can’t see beyond their nose.”

Having taken my mother’s advice to heart I stopped izmit eve gelen escort at the store for something I didn’t really need just so I could walk through her line. It was quarter to five, I asked her what time she was through for the day, she told me seven but the next day she’d be off at five.

“What did you have in mind Frank?”

I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, “I … um… I was wondering if I might get you a coffee?”

She shooed me on through, “Wait by the wall for a minute while I take care of these people.”

Two customers later she motioned to me with her finger, “You’ll have to ask my dad if it’s alright, if he says it’s okay, I’ll have coffee with you.”

I nodded as I smiled and left. I explained my dilemma to mother and dad at the supper table. Dad sat back, “Guess you’d better ask her dad then. Can’t miss him, he’s the only black guy at the credit union.”

Three days later I was back in town early enough that I could get to the credit union before they closed, when I asked the lady at the counter if I could see the president she acted like a snotty wench asking why I needed to see him. He’s a busy man.

“It’s a personal question, will you see if he’s available, please?”

It was Dorah Benkins, she’d been two grades above me and was nearly as bad as Terrence, giving me an annoying glance, she walked to the office, spoke with Mr. Ellory, walked back and told me no. No reason, no explanation, simply no. At home I explained what had happened, mother gave me a stern look.

“So that’s it, you’re going to give up?”

“Well what am I supposed to do? Dorah said he won’t talk with me.”

Dad sat back, “I met him, seems like a nice man, I’m betting this is more Dorah’s doing than his, she’s a real piece of work that one, just like her old man. Credit union closes at five, wait in the parking lot and see if he’ll talk with you. What do you have to lose?”

The next day I waited in the parking lot as personnel walked out, I didn’t see Mr. Ellory, his office light was still on, so I waited. Approximately fifteen minutes later he walked out and headed for his car, I got out of the truck and walked slowly toward him as he glanced my way several times.

“Mr. Ellory may I speak with you a minute?”

We were about five feet apart and I stopped. He replied, “You’ll need to stop in during regular hours and make an appointment, I don’t do any business after office hours.”

“It isn’t about banking sir, it’s about your daughter Brook.”

That definitely got his attention. “What about my daughter, and who are you?”

“My name is Frank sir and I’d like to take your daughter for coffee with your permission.”

He studied me for what seemed hours when in reality it was less than a minute before he spoke.

“Come over here in the light boy. What’s wrong with your skin? Oh, never mind, you and Brook have the same condition.”

He looked me up and down, “What kind of job do you have that you’re dusty and dirty? And what makes you think my daughter wants to have coffee with you?”

“I drive truck for the feed mill, leave at five in the morning and get back to town most days late afternoon or early evening. About coffee, I already asked her, she told me I had to talk with you.”

“Weren’t you in yesterday? Why didn’t you talk with me then instead of in the parking lot where it’s dark?”

“Dorah said you wouldn’t see me.”

He looked pissed, “Oh she did, did she? Maybe it’s time to have another talk with her, she’s not very nice to my daughter either. Tell you what, Frank is it? I’ll tell her it’s okay, I’m warning you though, you hurt my baby and I’ll hurt you.”

I drove home with a smile on my face and a lump in my throat, if she accepted it would be my first date ever. It was the next Monday before I was in the store again, as I checked out she told me she was off at five and if I still wanted to take her to coffee to pick her up at seven then handed me a piece of paper with her address. I smiled, nodded and told her I’d see her at seven, as I walking out the door I heard Tiffany Banks say to one of the other girls, “Yeah, she’s going out with two tone, they’ll make a great pair.”

I stopped, turned, and was going to put that bitch in her place, Brook had heard it and when she caught my eye she shook her head and motioned for me to go. I could see the hurt in her eye’s and it tore me apart, I knew what she was going through, I had experienced it all my life, I wanted to smash Tiffany’s face in, to alter her looks forever to see how she enjoyed being taunted and teased mercilessly.

I arrived promptly at seven, met the rest of her family, told her folks I’d have her home by ten, her dad corrected that with *nine*, Brook countered with *nine thirty* took my arm and led me out the door. I opened the door for her, we talked as I drove, she began the conversation,

“Don’t worry about him, he izmit otele gelen escort barks a lot but he seldom bites. He’s overly protective of me, I was teased and taunted a lot where we lived before, we moved here partly because of my skin condition. How about you, were you teased?”

I said nothing at first, only nodded. “Yes, I was and still am, I’m usually called *two tone* and whatever other cruel thing they can think of. I’ve kept my cool most of the time, I only got expelled once for fighting, we both should have gotten expelled for five days but Phillips daddy was on the school board and made sure all he got was detention for a week.”

We talked and laughed and had a good time for the better part of two hours, only a few times did we get stares or hear comments, just loud enough for us to hear but not loud enough to cause attention to themselves and their narrow ways. I walked her to the door at nine twenty, as we stood on the steps saying goodnight the front door opened and her dad more or less blurted it was time to come in. She looked at him and stated emphatically.

“Go back in the house dad, I’ll be in when I’m done thanking Frank for a nice evening.”

From the open door I heard a woman’s voice proclaim loudly, “Leave those kids alone, get back in here and shut the door.”

Which he did. We didn’t kiss, instead giving each other a light hug, the scent of her perfume and the essence of her hair seeped into my soul, my nostrils were seared with her fragrance. On the way home I thought about her a lot, she wasn’t buxom, having never seen an adult bare breast I had no idea about cup sizes, she was average height, lovely hourglass figure and a beautiful face. Had she not had pigmentation issues I was sure she’d have guys lining up to date her, well, too bad for them, I could see past that and if things worked out, I was gonna make her my girl.

Friday night we drove the twenty miles to Union City for a movie, went through a fast food drive-thru then sat in the parking lot eating, we’d both been insulted and stared at so many times it was as though this behavior was normal. Later when I walked her to the door she put her hand at the side of my neck, kissed me softly and said thank you just as her dad turned on the outside light and opened the door. As I walked away, I heard her say,

“In the house daddy, this has to end. MAMA.”

Which brings us to why I’m in the back of a police car cuffed. The bowling alley is a hangout place for teens on weekends, it also has the best pizza in town. Brook and I were enjoying our pizza minding our own business when who walked in but Terrence with Dorah of all people. Everyone in our class had known Dorah was quick to spread her legs, she was generally referred to as butter legs because they spread so easily. I figured Terrence must have been awfully hard up for pussy if he had taken her out, things would have been just fine if they had simply gone their way, but no, that wasn’t to be.

Walking to our table it was Dorah who spoke, “Would you look at this Terry, ever seen anything more pathetic?”

Terrence chimed in, “We got a two-tone white and a two-tone black, can it get any worse.”

I bristled as I pushed my chair back, Terrence should have kept his mouth shut after I stood and told him to walk away. He didn’t.

Instead he was stupid enough to speak, “Take a seat Frank, don’t make me whip your ass in front of your little black and white girl here.”

I’m not a fighter, I don’t know any of those oriental martial arts things, but I do watch a lot of MMA. He pushed me into my chair, as I rose again he slapped the side of my head like you would a child. What came to mind was the many times I’d seen an MMA guy use an elbow to strike their opponent when they were close enough, we weren’t a foot apart as I quickly raised my arm and nailed him in the side of the head with my right elbow. It dazed him enough that I was able to punch him in the ribs, as he doubled I slammed his face into my knee and watched as he dropped to the floor, blood was spurting everywhere.

The owner knew there would be trouble the moment Terrence stopped at our table and had called the cops who burst into the place as Terrence hit the floor, since he was the only one covered in blood, they cuffed me. As one officer led me away the other began asking questions, I saw Brook exit as I looked through the window of the cruiser, she stopped next to the door and mouthed *it’s okay*. Five minutes later I was being taken from the car, the cuffs removed and told to follow them to the cop shop. After we gave our statements along with a half dozen other’s we were told to go our way.

On the way to her house I was surprised when she put her hand on top of mine, at the front door she kissed me and stood back.

“Frank, nobody has ever stood up for me like you did tonight. Thank you, if you’d like to take me out again, I would love that.”

At that time her dad jerked the door open and was about to speak when Brook looked him in the eye with a pissed expression on her face.

“Close that damned door father, turn out that light and never do this to me again.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect until I saw her mom’s hand land on his shoulder and jerk him inside.

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