Five Amigos Ch. 03

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This story is dedicated to the lady with Nipples of Steel who has now given me two great story ideas. Chapter 3 of 3.


The ladies were amazed how hard the guys worked for the next hour until it was time to leave. As they left they were told not to let Erick and Bernie in on the secret as it would be revealed to them soon enough. They were also warned not to expect much the next day as their absent friends should have fun first. This would be the ultimate sharing experience for everyone.

“Gawd, Sarah, you were so fucking hot with that black boy. I loved watching his cock slide in and out of your pussy,” Rick said greeting his wife. Immediately he grabbed her tits thumbing her hard nipples and plunged his tongue into her mouth. She couldn’t believe how wild her husband was as in just mere moments they were writhing around on their living room floor.

Adam, Ryan, and David kept their word that they wouldn’t tell the other two amigos of the delights that awaited them after school. But, all three of them had a bunch of fun dropping little hints and giving one another knowing smiles throughout the day. All five of them went right to work when they got to the house

Wasting no time Kim cornered Bernie in one of the bedrooms. She had always lusted after dark handsome men and Bernie met the description to a tee. As she got closer and closer he seemed to be backing up against a wall. Catching him she sensually ran her fingers through his hair and slid the index finger of her other hand across the lump in his shorts. Bernie let out a slow low moan.

“We really missed you around here yesterday Bernie. It gets so hot when I watch you work. In fact it feels really hot in here right now. Could you do me a favor and help me out of these clothes so maybe I can cool down some?” She gave him a devilish smile and moved a half a step back from him.

“Uh yes; are you sure Mrs. Hall?” Bernie struggled with his speech and didn’t want to seem over anxious.

“Oh yes dear boy unless it would embarrass you too much to see me absolutely totally naked,” she was purring as she spoke. Tentatively the young man reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly pulled it over her head and then pushed her shorts and then panties to the floor both of which she quickly stepped out of.

“Mrs. Hall are we going to, well, you know?” Bernie asked with excitement and terror obvious in his voice. Sweat seemed to come out of nowhere and collect on his forehead.

As Kim reached over and yanked off his clothes she responded, “Are we going to FUCK? It is a real possibility but I think you should call me Kim if you want to get your cock inside of me. Why don’t we see how it goes by having you get on your knees sweetie and kiss my big ass first?”

Obediently Bernie fell to his knees and was instantly confronted by the more mature woman wiggling her ass less than six inches in front of his nose. He began by peppering her ass with soft kisses. Soon he was running his hands all over her rump and licking her ass crack from top to bottom.

When he reached her anus she shoved her ass extra hard against his mouth and taking the hint he started to tongue fuck her shit hole. Kim couldn’t deny that he was doing a great job as her honey began leaking down her thighs. Hotter than ever she spun around and presented the boy with her cunt.

Still standing she spread her legs further apart and pushed his face right into her dripping twat. Bernie cupped her ass cheeks with both hands as he feverishly went to work on her pussy. Her knees buckled several times as she came over and over from his torrid cunt lapping.

More than a bit drained Kim then joined the boy on the floor, shoving him onto his back as she did. Laying on top of him she slowly began grinding her tits in his face. As Bernie kissed her globes Kim reached between the two of them and pushed his erect cock into her dripping pussy. The kid let out a loud moan as she bottomed out on his stiff pole.

“Shit, Mrs. Hall I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Bernie grunted as he felt her pussy envelope his member. Kim pinched and twisted the boy’s nipples as she rode him hard. While Kim and Bernie were having a great fuck Carla was on the prowl for a young cock. She had already seen Sarah pull Erick aside so she knew that she could pick from the three remaining guys to let one of them have fun for a second day in a row.

Carla walked around and watched the boys work for awhile. At first she had trouble making up her mind as they all looked so fine. Seeing Ryan she decided to go for him before Kim changed her mind about allowing him to fuck the other two ladies. She sauntered up to Ryan and grabbed his cock and gave it a yank and demanded, “Fuck me!”

Then turning around she ground her ass against the bulge in his pants as she placed one of his hands on each of her swollen boobs. Quickly she led her prey to the empty bedroom. Ryan didn’t have much experience but knew what Carla had in mind and soon the two of them were Ankara travesti kissing passionately.

“Mother fucker, let me see that cock. Your mom says you are a great fuck. Let’s see if she is right,” Carla moaned harshly as she tugged down his pants. Quickly Ryan took off his glasses and put them on the window ledge before reaching for her shirt and yanking it off. As Carla shoved his underwear off Ryan eagerly pushed off her shorts and undies.

There was no foreplay Carla wanted his young cock too badly. Before he knew it Ryan was on the floor with the older woman riding his cock vigorously. It didn’t take long for either of them to cum and cum hard. He had no more than shot a load inside the teacher when she sat on his face demanding he kiss her asshole.

Ryan could hear her moaning as he tongue fucked her bowels. Concluding the boy had adequately opened up her shit hole Carla got on all fours and wiggled her heart shaped butt at him. Carla was on fire as she growled, “Get that big cock of yours over here and fuck my shit hole right fucking now!”

Ryan had never had the opportunity to back door anyone before and wasn’t about to miss out this time. With her ass thrust up in the air Carla wiggled it sensually at him. It took Ryan no time to climb in behind Carla and run his cock across her crack before placing it at her entrance. Timidly he pushed his cock head past her opening.

Taking control the teacher rammed her ass up at him and swallowed his entire shaft inside her shit hole. In moments Ryan was pounding in and out of her bowels. Neither of them would last long. As for Erick and Sarah’s encounter Sarah decided to return to the kitchen to let her plan unfold. Erick eagerly followed the sway of her ass to the kitchen as the teacher directed.

“Would you mind taking this rag and cleaning off the very top of these cabinets? I am too short to reach way up there,” Sarah spoke showing him the step ladder. Anxious to please Mrs. Perez he rushed to the ladder and quickly ascended it. He soon realized that he had to climb to the ladder’s top step so he had nothing to hold on to or even brace himself against.

Rushing to his rescue Sarah grabbed his thighs and helped hold him in place. Within seconds she was nuzzling her face against his cute little butt. Erick said nothing as he didn’t know what to say. He almost fell off of the ladder when moments later Sarah reached and squeezed his hard dick.

Sarah nearly came right there as his cock was so nice and hard. Self control of any kind had left her; so much for the slow seduction she had intended. Her hands reached for the snap on his shorts and seconds later they were at the boy’s ankles along with his underwear. Planting light kisses all over his ass Sarah skillfully used both hands on his cock and balls.

Her hand was soon a blur on his member as he roared approval. Sensing the boy was about to cum she stopped suddenly not wanting to waste his jism on the countertop. Telling Erick to get down she quickly removed her own clothes as he carefully made his way down the rungs of the ladder.

His second foot barely hit the floor when Sarah grabbed his hand and placed it on her boob while kissing him with hard passion. Erick’s touch was so soft and gentle and sent a tingle up the teacher’s spine. Sarah nibbled on his neck as she backed up to the nearest counter. She placed his other hand on her chest and shoved his mouth to her tits.

“That’s right; suck my boobies, oh yes! Erick I’ve wanted your body ever since I first saw you,” She whispered throatily. She ground her breasts against the boy’s face as he kissed from tit to tit. Gradually Sarah leaned back on the counter pulling her tits away from Erick causing him to have to kiss her stomach.

When he reached her belly button she placed her hands on the counter’s edge and pushed herself up onto the counter. Her hairy pussy was now directly in front of Erick’s face. The teacher pushed on the student’s shoulders until he caught onto the fact she wanted him on his knees instead of bending over.

Erick stared in pure awe at the amazing sight before him. He watched as Mrs. Perez opened her legs wider and wider for him in utter disbelief. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen and smelled so nice. Caressing the back of his head Sarah pulled his face closer and closer to her honey pot.

Coming back to reality Erick inhaled deeply and flicked his tongue against her pussy lips. Letting out an appreciative moan Sarah laid back further on the counter giving the kid better access to her delights. Erick went gently about his task licking and flicking his tongue all over her crotch.

His licking was so erotic that the first time he touched her clit with his tongue she came for the first time. This boy seemed to be a natural cunt lapper. To show her appreciation she pushed her feet between his body and the cabinet and played with his cock. It was Erick’s first foot job and he knew he wouldn’t last long at the Konya travesti rate Sarah was going.

Writhing in ecstasy Sarah’s back and head were soon against the wall as she humped the lad’s face. Erick’s light kissing had grown into sucking and nibbling while his fingers toyed in her cunt. She forgot all about his cock as she wrapped her legs around his shoulders. Gush after gush of sweet honey filled the boy’s mouth and dripped from his chin. Her hands were entangled in Erick’s hair as Sarah came over and over again. Satisfied, sweat droplets on her forehead, she used her feet to push the boy back from the counter. Smiling broadly Sarah slid off and gave the student a sensual kiss and licked her cum from his face. Slithering down his body and onto her own knees Sarah hungrily took his beautiful cock into her mouth. His musky smell was overpowering as she was instantly sucking up and down his length.

“Oh crap Mrs. Perez I am going to cum; this is unreal,” Erick panted. He was right. About three strokes later Sarah began swallowing shot after shot of hot spunk from his stiff member. Pausing long enough to let his cock settle down Sarah kneeled there for a few seconds, doing nothing, with his prick in her mouth.

Ready for the grand finale of the day’s activity she stood up and leaned against the counter. Laying her stomach across the counter she wiggled her ass at him. Sarah motioned for the boy to come over Purring she demanded, “Erick I know you want to fuck me so here is my pussy so just do it!”

As she waited for Erick to settle in behind her Sarah thought that her last statement sounded a bit odd. Her thoughts quickly shifted when she felt the boy’s hands exploring her ass and pussy as he moved into position. Reaching underneath her stomach she felt for Erick’s shaft and helped his member inside of her throbbing pussy.

Sarah groaned as the boy bottomed out inside of her twat. It didn’t take them long to establish a hard frantic rhythm. He pounded and pounded in and out of her pussy hard. She squealed with delight with each thrust. Erick marveled at the teacher’s fantastic ass that he caressed while pumping her pussy.

“Mrs. Perez you have an amazing ass. I could look at it all day not to mention making love to it,” the kid moaned excitedly. Sarah stored that comment in her memory for later use and furiously diddled her clit as they both were close to Cumming. Digging his fingers into the teacher’s ass Erick roared as he shot his spunk against her cunt walls.

If Erick thought he was done fucking his teacher he was wrong as Sarah kept clamping her cunt around his prick. Sarah worked hard to milk the lad dry as she came several more times herself. Once satisfied Sarah relaxed and let his cock fall free of her opening. She turned around and gave her lover a soft romantic kiss.

As she had somehow finished with her student before Carla or Kim she had first choice of who to give a blow job to. She lusted David’s big thick black cock. Before David knew it she had his pants unzipped and his cock in her mouth. She sucked him feverishly as she was on fire. David could say nothing as he held on to her for everything he could.

Moments later Kim came out and swallowed Bernie in one gulp. The women’s heads were moving like pistons up and down the boy’s cocks. In three minutes both of them exploded large quantities of spunk in the women’s throats. Then the ladies went around and gathered up their clothing.

“Now guys, you’ve played with us so it is time to work some now,” Sarah told them. They were disappointed but scurried right to work. They worked very hard. Meanwhile, the women caucused in the kitchen. They agreed that this was absolutely perfect except finding a way of coordinating all of those cocks.

It was Carla who brought up that she wanted to try some threesomes with the boys. In seconds Kim and Sarah proclaimed that they would love that idea themselves. In less than ten minutes they had a schedule worked out allowing the boys to get maximum action and the women to get maximum pleasure. They also decided to make the guys work for two hours and then reward them with fantasy fulfillment for an hour and a half.

With all of the details worked out they called the boys together for a meeting when they were finished for the day. All of them thought it was a great idea. Adam asked if it meant he had to do stuff with other guys. Sarah smiled at him and told them not unless they wanted too. The group then said their usual lusty farewells.

Once again Sarah was greeted by a very horny husband. As he rammed his cock in and out of her trembling pussy she wondered how long she could take this before she got sore genitals. As for Kim she returned home that night and was still hot and went to Ryan’s bedroom after he went to bed and climbed under the covers with her son.

“Make love to me baby, make love to your mother. I want you to fuck my ass,” she whispered in his ear. For the next two hours they rolled all over Ryan’s İzmir travesti bed in deep passionate love making. Once they had finished Kim returned to her own bed very happy and slept better than she had in several months.

On Wednesday afternoon all five amigos arrived right on time and went to work. They worked harder than the women could have imagined. They really did not want to be cut off from the sex of the century. Precisely two hours after they arrived Sarah called Adam and Bernie to the back bedroom. At the same time Carla grabbed Ryan and David leaving Erick for Kim’s undivided attention.

As she took it slower and more methodical than usual Kim made slow passionate love to Erick. There would be time to show the boy the wonders of hard rough sex later. Right now, however, she wanted a guy with slow seductive moves. Erick did not disappoint. Her loins burned with lust at each touch of her young lover.

Erick wasn’t sure who had the sexier ass, Kim or Sarah. But, Kim’s would be the first of the three ladies asses he would kiss. It was a new discovery for him and one he wouldn’t be willing to live without with future lovers. Carla, meanwhile, was taking control of David and Ryan stripping them as they entered the front bedroom.

She started out having them kiss her tits. Soon David was eating out her pussy while Ryan licked out her shit hole. But, she needed to be fucked so wasting no time she got up on her knees and sucked Ryan’s cock into her mouth while David rammed his cock into her twat.

Kim had them trade places as soon as she felt like one of them might cum. This brief interruption prolonged the inevitable for a long time. At the same time, Sarah was having her own fun with her two studs. After Adam’s question about doing something with another guy she told them to strip each other.

She didn’t really expect them to do it, she was just horsing around. But, they must have wanted her pretty badly as off came their clothing. She took turns kissing them passionately, tongues entangled, as she lightly stroked the other guy’s cock. Bernie reached quickly for her ass as Adam went right for her boobs.

“So you like my ass Bernie; then, how about kissing it?” Sarah asked him smiling. The boy smiled back and got on his knees behind her. Adam’s touching was turning her on as He teased her tender nipples they were now large and erect and needed even more attention. Sarah lowered Adam’s face to her swollen orbs.

Bernie kissed closer and closer to Sarah’s ass crack. Gradually she pushed her ass back opening up more and more of her crack to her ass man. She moaned loudly when he stabbed his tongue against her asshole. Just then Adam began nibbling on her titties sending a shiver up her spine. Suddenly she pushed Bernie to the floor sitting on his face.

Repositioned she pulled Adam’s throbbing cock to her mouth and put his hands back on her boobs. She allowed Bernie to eat her ass for awhile and then shifted her body feeding him her dripping pussy. Adam was soon shooting a large load of his seed into her mouth while she flooded Bernie’s face with her honey.

Hotter than ever the teacher climbed off of Bernie’s face and had him take Adam’s position while she sat right on Adam’s cock and began furiously fucking him. Her hand was a blur on Bernie’s cock. For some reason she didn’t know why she wanted his cum to spray all over her; the sooner the better.

Bernie had never had a hand job like this before and knew he wouldn’t last long while Adam was getting ready to cum for the second time in five minutes. The three of them erupted in a nearly simultaneous orgasm as Sarah found her tits and chin covered in Bernie’s cum. The boys relaxed thinking it was over.

Sarah had other ideas however as she lay down in between them as she directed Bernie to the floor. For several minutes she just smooched with them allowing some recovery time to catch their breath. But, soon she reached down and found them as hard as ever.

Smiling devilishly she pulled them both on to their sides facing her and then snuggled with her ass against Adam’s member. Sarah pushed one leg under Bernie’s legs and wrapped the other on top of his as she kissed him hard on the lips. She ground her ass hard against Adam’s cock and cooed encouragingly as the boys caressed her.

“I want both of you right now! Bernie you can have the pussy and Adam you can have my back door, how about it? I need it now guys,” she was whispering but almost begging. Bernie’s cock slipped right into his teacher’s cunt but Adam had a bit more trouble with her tight shit hole.

After a minute of utter frustration Adam gave his cock one hard thrust and the head popped in. It took another minute or so to figure out the rhythm the boys needed to successfully double penetrate the sexy woman. Sarah was now squealing with each thrust; her body twisting between them. She had one violent orgasm after another.

As Adam mauled her boobs he soon found he was actually feeding her nipples to Bernie’s hungry mouth. Sweat poured from all three bodies as finally the boys filled Sarah’s holes with their seed. They were so worn out that they actually fell asleep for about 15 minutes before meeting everyone else in the living room to leave for the day.

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