Five-Day Liberty

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“Man, how did you score five days of shore leave?” Navy E-2 Tex Collins muttered, faking a hurt.

“Aced the last three inspections and built up my days,” E-1 Randy Harrison answered. He was standing at the mirror just a couple of steps from their upper-lower bunk on the destroyer, the USS Deringer, parked just outside of the inner harbor at Manama, Bahrain.

“You’re gonna’ miss me,” Collins said, making his voice into a pout.

“Yeah, I know,” Harrison answered. He came over and sat on the bottom bunk next to the legs of his bunkmate. Harrison was in the midst of decking himself out in his sparkling enlisted dress whites, having put on the tight trousers. The white undershirt and the pullover tunic and blue tie still were draped on the hanger hanging from the corner post of the bunk.

Harrison was young—not yet nineteen—and on his first naval cruise. He was straight off the farm, strong of arm and chest and narrow of waist. He worked himself hard and looked good. His sandy-colored hair and pretty-boy face had attracted plenty of attention on their other berthings on the Deringer’s Mideast cruise, and Randy was pretty sure he could score well here.

Collins, older and wiser, had only managed to pull down two evenings of shore leave, and he didn’t want to waste them yet. The Deringer would be in port at Bahrain’s capital city in the Persian Gulf for a week.

The day was hot, and Collins was stripped down to athletic shorts, but still his dark, hair-matted chest was beaded in sweat.

“I know what you’re gonna miss most,” Harrison said, and then he gave a low laugh and worked a hand up Collins’s thigh under the hem of the athletic shorts and brought it to rest on Collins’s cock, which answered the call.

“You bet,” Collins muttered. “How are you gonna keep out of trouble in Manama for four nights?”

“I’m not, I hope,” Harrison said. He was encasing Collins’s cock with his hand and had his thumb on Collins’s piss slit. Collins shuddered and gave him a dreamy look. “Some of the guys have been here before and gave me some spots to hit in Bahrain. They say it’s the playground of Arabia, and I mean to see just how playful it is.”

“You’ve come a long way, Randy.” Collins said it in a low growl of a voice, his hips starting to roll, his well-muscled body tightening up. He raised a hand and ran it along the well-sculpted, smooth-skinned pecs of his young protégé.

“Thanks to you,” Harrison whispered. He withdrew his hand from the leg hole of Collins’s shorts, but only long enough to move it to the older man’s waistband and to pull that down to below Collins’s balls. The senior enlisted man’s cock was at full staff, and Harrison began stroking it with his fist.

What Randy Harrison acknowledged was correct. He’d gotten and given head before he joined the Navy, but it had been Tex Collins who, on dark, lonely nights tossing on the high seas, had taught Randy that he wanted cock and how to take cock.

“You gonna come back here for the nights?” Collins whispered.

“Not if I get lucky,” Harrison answered. Then he leaned over and took Collins’s cock in his mouth and started to give him slow, languid head.

“Gonna miss you those four nights, son,” Collins whispered. “Oh, yes, Goddd . . . just like that. Softest mouth on the ship.”

* * * *

Even with the address and the directions, Randy had a hard time finding the club. It was tucked away in a walk-down staircase from a parking deck under one of the new skyscrapers that had been thrown up almost overnight, mostly by Sudanese construction workers, in the cash-rich Gulf island state. Although there were cars in the garage, many of them stretch limousines with smoked windows, there didn’t seem to be too many, and there wasn’t anyone around—or there didn’t seem to be anyone around.

Randy did sense that he was being watched as he moved across the concrete-encased cavern, but he didn’t mind. He was here to be seen. He was decked out in his sparkling navy whites, and he knew he looked good in them. He moved into a strut, heading for the back corner of the garage, where he saw the innocuous sign with the words “Club Emile” on it, above a staircase leading down into the darkness.

On the half level below the staircase, Randy found a guy lounging against the rail who straightened up as he approached and gave him the once over. Liking what he saw, he smiled and beckoned Randy to continue down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairway was a red door with another bouncer standing in front of it. He smiled as well and opened the door for Randy.

Beyond the door, Randy was standing on a landing yet another level above the floor of a whole other world than the one he had left. The smoke-filled room below was teeming with men. There was a lighted center area with a four-sided bar as its axis. Four silver poles ran up at the corners of the bar to the ceiling two stories up, and nearly naked young men were dancing the poles. Randy could hardly see the floor itself for the bursa eskort number of men swirling around, dancing to the music here—and engaged in close conversations there.

Some of the men were in jeans and T-shirts, but probably more than half wore the traditional galabiya, the long, white tunic of the Arabic Peninsula. The staircase Randy stood on was flat against one wall. The other three sides of the room each supported a two-story gallery supported on Moorish arches. These galleries were deep and in the shadows. There were banquette booths with tables along the back walls of these galleries on both levels, and Randy saw that many of them were occupied by men as well.

The liquor and tobacco—and recreational drugs as well—were openly in evidence, which, in itself would be enough to elicit a raid by the authorities—if Bahrain wasn’t the region’s wink-wink playground, and if the Bahrain authorities weren’t very much cognizant and heavily invested in tucked-away clubs like this. The decibel level, when the conversation babble and the music the pole dancers were swaying to were taken into account, probably could be heard across the gulf in Iran.

The Deringer had just reached port today, and most of the sailors were husbanding the little shore leave they had, so Randy was the first spiffy U.S. naval sailor to reach this club during this port call. Many of the heads snapped around to take his striking figure in as he stood at the top of the stairs getting his bearings, and there was little doubt that Randy would not have to be buying his own drinks this evening.

Randy descended the stairs and walked over to the bar. A path opened for him as other men turned to give him an assessing stare—many wondering what his preferences were and what their chances were of being able to fulfill them.

Randy found an empty stool, perched on it, and signaled to the barman. But the time the barman had reached him, there was a middle-aged Arab in a galabiya at his side offering to pay for his first drink in salute to the U.S. Navy, and Randy thanked him without enthusiasm or encouragement, but nonetheless took the free beer offered.

He watched the young men on the poles—two Arabs, an African, and what was probably a Russian, for a few minutes while he got his bearings. Then he turned and surveyed the crowd. He was looking for something in particular, although he didn’t want it this early in the evening. This was the first few hours of the first night of his liberty. He wanted to just feel free of the confining ship for a few hours—and to revel in the looks he was getting. He was probably the youngest man in the club, and he knew he looked good. He knew that two-thirds of these men wanted to fuck him—and he knew that two-thirds of them would also be happy to have him fuck them.

Most of them were Arabs, though. Randy hadn’t come here to hook up with an Arab. He knew that’s mostly what he’d find here in Bahrain, but he hadn’t picked the port call. He would have been happier to be cruising in Scandinavian waters. He wanted a big man. A big muscled man with a big dick—like Tex was. But he also wanted a rich guy. He didn’t really want to go back to the ship on the nights. And he didn’t want to sleep in a flea-bag hotel, either, although from his walk in from the docks, he wondered if there were any hotel rooms in this town that went for less than $500 a night. He wanted a good-looking, preferably older guy—in his thirties, maybe—who oozed of money. And a European or an American.

He realized that most of these guys were Arabs—but he set himself to look right through them in search of the face and figure and style of the guy he was looking forward to sharing a free bed with tonight. But later. Not right away.

It wasn’t long before Randy saw him. An elegantly dressed, distinguished-looking European who was perhaps in his early forties—graying at the temples, but filling out his suit like his body was pampered and well worked. He was sitting at a table inside the center area by the north gallery. He was with two other men, both Arabs, one in a Western-cut suit and the other in a galabiya. But all of them looked rich. Obviously a business meeting set to end with young men in their beds.

Randy had noticed the man, because he had already noticed Randy first. He was carrying on a conversation with his colleagues, but his eyes were on Randy. And Randy could see from the way the man’s eyes were slitted and the flare of his patrician nostrils that he was interested.

It was too soon, but if, in an hour or so, the man had made an overture, Randy thought he was possibly the one to take him home.

Randy turned back to the bar to find a thuggish muscle man in black suit and black skin standing beside his stool.

“The shaykh would like to invite you to his table,” the man said in heavily accented English. Randy couldn’t determine the origin of his accent. Randy was from the Midwest; he had no interest in, or understanding of, foreign accents.

“Oh, bursa merkez escort he would, would he? I’m sort of still just looking around thank . . .” Randy stopped, because the thug had moved the lapel of his black suit to show the handle of what was causing the bulge at his left armpit. Randy got the subtle message.

“The shaykh would like to invite you to his table,” the man repeated in a monotone.

As Randy was led toward the gallery at the western wall, he saw that only one of the banquettes in the section they were approaching was occupied. The surrounding tables were empty, which was rather a surprise in a room this crowded. Randy got the message that not only did this shaykh guy have muscle, but he also had clout.

Unfortunately, the guy sitting at the banquette who appeared to be the shaykh not only was Arab, but he was wearing a white galabiya. He wasn’t alone. There was a young guy in jeans, his T-shirt off, the Arab’s hands on his chest and belly, sitting with him as Randy and the black-suited black man approached, but the guy in the galabiya waved to one of his goons from the group gathered at otherwise empty tables nearby, and the guy took the young man by the arm and pulled him out of the scene.

Randy stood in front of the table, giving the guy in the galabiya a look see. He was maybe in his early thirties. On the thin side, but he had dark good looks, and he was groomed well. He also had an air of assurance that indicated he always got what he wanted.

“Are you from the U.S. naval ship that came into port today?” The man spoke good English—probably English English. Randy didn’t know his accents, but he’d watched a few episodes of Masterpiece Theater. He thought he could tell real English when he heard it.

“Yes,” Randy answered. “The USS Deringer. Good-will call in Mideast ports.”

“And your name is, young man?”

“Randy. You can call me Randy.”

“Well, Randy, you are a very handsome young man. Would you like to sit with me for a few minutes and share a drink?”

“Well . . . sure, for a few minutes.”

“I’m drinking Scotch. Would you like that—or should we have another beer brought over?”

“Scotch is fine,” Randy said as he lowered himself into the banquette next to the Arab guy and behind the round table. He figured if someone was going to pay for a Scotch, that would be just fine with him.

The Arab turned his face to Randy and gave him a little smile. His face was all right with Randy, but Randy still wasn’t looking for an Arab to score with.

“Do you know what sort of establishment this is, Randy? Do you know that this is a men’s bar—what I gather they refer to in the States as a gay bar?”

“Yes. That’s what I came for,” Randy said. The Scotches arrived and Randy took perhaps a bit too big of a slug of his and coughed. It burned like hell. It was probably the most expensive Scotch they served here.

The Arab gave a little laugh and said. “You can take your time with that. We can have as many as you want.”

“Well, I’m only sort of just looking around at this . . .”

“Do you like men, Randy? Is that why you’ve come to this club tonight?”

“Well, yeah,” Randy answered. “I know what kind of bar this is.”

“And do you go with men, Randy?”

“Yeah, sure. That’s what I like.”

“You look quite smart in that uniform, Randy. Would you let me feel you . . .” he paused to watch Randy’s reaction, and having done so and seen nothing that dissuaded him, continued, “for, say, $25?”

“Uh . . I don’t . . . well, OK, for $25. Here at the table. Where it isn’t too obvious.”

No one spoke for the next several minutes, as the young shaykh turned to Randy in the banquette and, first, ran his hand up under the hem of Randy’s naval tunic and undershirt and felt his hard stomach and chest muscles and lingered momentarily at his nipples. Randy worked at keeping his breath steady. Then the hand undid his belt and unzipped his tight trousers and palmed his cock.

“Yes, very nice. As nice as it promised to be,” the shaykh murmured as he withdrew his hand. “Robert, $25, please, for this young man.”

One of the thugs stepped forward with a wallet and doled out $25 in U.S. currency and laid it on the table in front of Randy.

“Would you like to feel me, Randy?” the shaykh asked.

“Well . . . I don’t . . .”

“For another $25?”

Randy didn’t say no, so the shaykh took Randy’s hand in one of his and lifted up the hem of his galabiya with the other hand. Randy was a little surprised to feel naked flesh when his hand was put on the Arab’s thigh, and he didn’t encounter any undergarments on his way to the cock and balls. The shaykh held Randy’s hand on his cock with his own hand.

“Is it satisfactory? You see it already is hard. Would you suck me for $100?”

“Here? Now?”

“You do give blow jobs, don’t you?”

“Well, sure. But here, now? I’m sorry, but the evening’s just begun. Maybe bursa sınırsız escort later, if I’m still around. No offence. It’s a very nice cock. But the evening’s still young.”

“A hand job then. $50 for a hand job—on top of the $50 you’re already getting. That’s $100 for a fast trick. Very quick, then I’ll let you go do your cruising, if that’s what you want to do. And the offer would still be open if you didn’t find something else you wanted. $300. I’ll pay $300 if you let me fuck you.”

Randy didn’t answer, but he half turned toward the Arab and he started stroking the man’s cock underneath his galabiya. The shaykh took his own hand away and leaned his head back into the padding of the banquette. He sighed and then moaned and groaned as Randy brought his cock to and then over the edge of ejaculation.

As Randy took his hand away and wiped it on the edge of the tablecloth, the shaykh opened his eyes and sat up.

“Thank you. You have a very nice touch. And you are a beautiful young man. Robert, please. $75 more for our young American sailor. And, Randy, I like you very much. I’ll pay you $500 if you let me fuck you.”

“I . . . I . . . really just got here. I’m just looking around at this point. But maybe later. Yes, maybe later.” Randy stood and scooped up the rest of the money and stuffed it in his pocket after he had zipped his fly and buckled his belt again. Then he took a tentative step away from the banquette, looking from one thug to the other to gauge whether they were going to let him go.

But the shaykh signaled them away, and they all stepped back. Randy walked out into the center area and to the bar, without looking back into the alcove where the young shaykh was sitting.

He perched on a stool and ordered a beer and, seeing a pole dancer he thought was really cute, he watched him for several minutes. When he thought of doing so, he looked around for the European-type guy he’d picked out before, but he was gone and the table was now occupied by three queen types in ratty T-shirts, jeans, and heavily applied makeup.

Disappointed, Randy turned his eye on the alcove where the shaykh had been, but he was gone too.

This was just one of five bars Randy had been told about, and he was getting bored with this one, so he downed his beer, which he didn’t have to pay for thanks to another unsuccessfully hopeful patron, and climbed the stairs.

He’d barely made it to the top of the stairs into the underground garage, when the lights of a nearby limousine flickered on and its engine roared and two thugs grabbed him from either side. The back door of the limousine opened as they reached it and Randy was literally thrown into the vehicle and the thugs came in behind him. The door slammed shut, and the limousine burned rubber toward the garage’s exit.

* * * *

Randy was slung across the wide back seat of the Limo with his back hitting the corner where the top of the back seat met the window. He had the sensation that a crowd was milling around in that back seat, although the two thugs who had tossed him in the door and followed him were pretty much the bulk of what there was. Randy did see, though, that they’d propelled him past the seated figure of the shaykh he’d so recently given a hand job to.

The shaykh sat calmly in the middle of the back seat while one thug handcuffed Randy’s arms over his head to a grab handle near the back edge of the ceiling, and the other thug was unzipping his navy white trousers and tugging them and his bikini briefs off his legs. One of the thugs was the black-suited black guy with the pistol at his arm pit. The other was an Arab. The money dispenser, Robert, was sitting in a jump seat across the wide expanse of flooring toward the front of the limo. He was just sitting there and enjoying the view.

“You have annoyed me,” the shaykh said in a low voice. “We waited for you for too long.”

“I didn’t know you were waiting,” Randy shot back. “No need for this.”

He was grunting, though, because the black-suited black guy was fingering his hole with lube—and none too delicately. The shaykh snapped his fingers and pulled his galabiya over his head. Hearing the snap, Robert produced a condom packet from his trouser’s pocket, slit it open, extracted the condom, and handed it to the shaykh.

Randy had the presence of mind to wonder if Robert was also going to roll it on the shaykh’s rather normal-sized cock too, but it seemed royalty was able to do that sort of thing for themselves.

“You don’t have to do this this way,” Randy said again. “$500 is fine. I’ll take cock and give you a good time. These handcuffs aren’t necessary.”

“You made me wait,” the shaykh said. “I don’t like that. And the $500 is no longer on the table now. Now I own you—if I like you. Otherwise . . .”

Randy started to object, but now he had two thugs at him, one on each leg, as they wishboned his legs and tilted his pelvis up. The shaykh came up between his spread thighs with his knees buried in the cushy seat.

Randy let out a gasp and a yell as he was skewered fast and deep and the shaykh started to pump him in quick strokes.

“You make too much noise.” It was the first time Randy had heard Robert speak. Randy turned his head to find a cock being waved in his face as Robert hunched over him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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