Flames of Necessity Pt. 04

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Even the bright Berlin sun seemed to taunt Horace as he was led into the spacious and well tended garden at the rear of Frau Gerda Blucher’s grandiose house, its tall impressive walls and mature trees keeping unwanted eyes from viewing the erotic debauchery which regularly took place there. There were many eyes within it that morning however, eyes which had seen the male member of the English gentry now before them, soundly whipped whilst in feminised guise at the opera house, his humiliation exquisite in being made to show the pathetic level of his submissive desire, oh so easily.

Their eyes had Horace’s erection maintain its rigidity as he stumbled on his knees across the lawn, the hardened earth adding to the punitive atmosphere, which the sneers and contemptuous looks of the applauding women made so vivid. Double leashed once more, Horace struggled to keep pace, even with the slow and deliberate steps of Greta and Eva, proudly accepting the eager applause of the women, as they basked in the rich eroticism of the pageant. Standing tall in their full length black silk cloaks, their eyes peeped through black masks to reveal their haughty pride at bringing the male to know the pinnacle of submission, on what would be a very special day for him, and Gerda.

Their leashes led down to the shuffling and already penitent figure that was Horace, his eyes peeping out through the eye-holes in the white silk hood, showing the awe which was gratefully received by the onlooking women, his wrists tethered behind the short white silk shroud, which allowed the full viewing of his excited masculinity. His laboured motion had his cock wave its pink bell high, aided by the generously wide anal plug which stimulated his prostate with every twist, the stretching of his anus invoking the feeling of fear which he’d soon have good reason to feel in earnest.

The clamour and proximity of the women, in their spiteful intent to show their utter contempt and desire to taunt, kept the crouching Horace from having a full view of what lay ahead. He was awarded the pompous sneers of Frau Luckner, a fur stole adorning the shoulders of the tightly dressed woman, despite the warmth of the day, and the contemptuous delight of Frau Gessler, whose nipples poked in perfect profile through the tight black leather dress she wore, her sexual excitement so evident in accompanying the feminine bulges of her mature shape. His cock pulsed at seeing the magnificently bulbous redhead, whose instrument of punishment had more than helped in seeing him to the humiliation of spending in defeat the night before; her lustful sneer into his eyes, confirming her recognition of that deed, and her sexual pleasure in the belittlement of him.

He could not see Prudence however, but his mind didn’t linger on that absence, as neither could he see Gerda, and a rush of submissive excitement soon took his mind to a peak of masochistic awe, the women parting to allow him a view of what was to come, as he was tugged and taunted toward the object on which the women lusted to see him displayed. The perfectly manicured lawn opened up before him, and there stood the stark and gaunt gallows in teasing profile, the taunting noose seeming to beckon him. A smiling Gerda, the sun making her blonde hair glow, stood tall beside the ominous structure, her long legs displayed in black seamed stockings, perched upon tall heels, black panties and a tight black chiffon top freely illustrating her ample breasts beneath it. A long whip which marked her feminine authority, trailed from her side.

Beneath the hanging noose, and either side of a stool below it, stood the youthful Lotte and Heidi, in tight black gym knickers and pale brown singlet tops, which their pert breasts lifted as they sighed in anticipation on seeing his approach. Their attire was a uniform adopted by many young ladies of the time, both having seen Leni Riefenstahl’s ‘Triumph of the Will’ many times, Heidi, more times than she could count; they, like so many others, were being swept along on a tide of youthful enthusiasm through fitness, most still blind to the horrors that lay behind the regime that perpetrated it. Heidi was well aware of the darker intentions of that regime however; unknown to Gerda, she’d been party to Frau Blum’s departure in passing on information about her, and took explicit pleasure in the baiting of individuals through the not so covert group she was a member of. Her pleasure at the opportunity of torturing a male member of the English ruling class, with the blessing of her Mistress, brought her sadism to an acute peak.

Horace delighted the women by faltering at the sight of the gallows, his gasp of fearful awe audible, as he was confronted by the reality of what was to happen. Their spiteful pleasure intensified on seeing the necessary tugs on the leashes from Greta and Eva, in urging him on, the wafting black silks complementing the vista of the gallows. His reluctance did not spoil the erotic majesty of their task, but somehow enhanced it, the wistful smiles of the two female lovers, showing that his fear had brought their arousals ankarakazan.com to a lusty head. Greta’s cunt oozed with sadistic excitement below the softness of the silk as she felt the tension on the leash, this was her opportunity to vent her spite on masculinity; she’d seen mature men reduced to tears at this point, and lusted to see him do the same. Horace felt the jerks on the leash as his erection pulsed in a quandary of fear and masochistic excitement, and looked up to see her smile wickedly through the mask.

“Come now… you’ll not escape it, just look at the unified enthusiasm of the women at seeing your humiliation, you’ll be dragged to the noose if necessary… I’m going to thoroughly enjoy seeing your spirit broken on the rope, and you’d best hope that the whim of Frau Blucher doesn’t result in you remaining in this garden permanently, as many other men have…” Eva’s commanding jerk on her leash, superseded Greta’s, emphasising her mutual lust to see the male broken, and enjoy multiple orgasms at his expense when in the caress of Greta’s entwinement later, as they recounted the spiteful pleasures of their triumph over a male.

Horace’s anus clenched hard, and attempted to dilate against the restrictive girth of the plug in rapid succession, as his awkward and stumbling procession took him ever closer to the focus of the goading women’s desire, Gerda grinning wickedly and flicking the whip playfully as she awaited the pleasure of seeing him humiliated in a way other than that which was apparent to his eyes, her cunt tingling with a lush urgency on viewing the extraordinary fervour of her feminine guests, who knew this was a very special shaming… and the cowering of Horace as he was made to kneel by the stool at the feet of the two spiteful young women; this was to be a most satisfying and triumphal hanging indeed.

Horace bucked on his knees below the noose, thrusting his cock to the air as he was overcome by the aura of what was to happen, the laughter of the women as he showed his acute sexual desire to be shamed before womanhood, honing his emotions into a tumult of fear and raw masochistic pleasure at being humiliated. Not seeing Prudence, he now dared believe he was to remain in that garden as per Greta’s cruel suggestion, and the notion had him close to spending his seed as Gerda sneered down at him. She gave a lustrous sigh, and whisked away his hood, allowing him the shame of full exposure to his feminine audience.

Though it was already patently apparent as to just who the previously hooded and pathetically submissive male was, the eruption of mocking applause and cynical laughter as the Lord of Mannerly Hall was revealed to be the penitent to know the sadistic pleasure of Frau Gerda Blucher, had his boning cock pulse a dribble of pre-cum in acknowledgement of their spiteful derision at the pure enjoyment of seeing his face. Horace’s confused emotions had him think on how he’d begged Prudence to be taken to those parties in the country, jealous of the domination she’d award males there, and the submissive pleasures those males would suffer at the whims of her female guests. His anus clenched hard as he looked up to the waiting noose; his balls tingling, at the ironically masochistic pleasure in the teasing thought that he’d got so much more than he’d dreamed of, and he’d brought it upon himself. Gerda held the hood high and fluttered it in the air amid the spiteful laughter of her eager guests.

“Well, what do we have here?…” Her eyes burned with the lust of her sadism, as the two younger women bent to retrieve objects from behind the stool.

“… it’s the pompous Lord of Mannerly Hall, come to know the worthlessness of his title… and to have any notion of his former grandeur, removed from his soul forever.” Greta and Eva unfastened the leashes, and stood flanking the noose in their swirling black silk capes as the feminine audience gave hearty applause to Gerda’s speech, then the two lovers lifted their arms slowly and pointed their black gloved fingers to the noose. The excited applause of the women at this action, making Horace buck and thrust his erect cock at the air spontaneously, and offer the feeblest of plaintive responses, as the remnants of his rational mind wrestled with the overpowering and erotic force of his masochism.

“No… no…” Gerda sneered as his pathetic, half hearted protest, which failed to fully disguise the desire of his masochism through a thinly veiled gesture, and appeased it in kind as the women goaded his humiliating tone.

“Oh yes, yes, my dear Horace… you’re to have your spirit broken most thoroughly, cleansed of any morsel of defiance… you’re to be shown for what you truly are, and every woman here will enjoy witnessing it.” Heidi stepped forward, her pert breasts poking those rigid nipples through her top, emphasising her bold athleticism, and held high the object she’d picked up for the admiration of the crowd. Horace gasped as he looked up between her gracefully robust thighs, past a lushly expressed camel-toe in her black panties, and saw her snap a gag open between her hands, displaying the rude rubber ball at its centre, the obvious place at which it would be accommodated, delighting the crowd.

She moved closer to him, spreading her muscular legs slightly, and giving a lusty sigh as the ball was popped into Horace’s willing gape, and buckled the gag nice and tight at the rear of his head. She sneered with pleasure as he snivelled and sniffed through his nose, the only route for air he’d have when held to the pleasures of the noose. She arched her back and pressed her well defined slot to his nose, Gerda nicely aroused by her impromptu show of spiteful dominance, laughing as she appreciated it’s significance.

“Sniff her cunt Horace… have a good smell of her pleasure at gagging you… you’ve been silenced Horace… silenced by the youngest lady present, and her scent will tell you she’s as eager as I to see you displayed on high.” Horace ached to come as he sniffed hard at the spicy fragrances of Heidi’s crotch, his belittlement thoroughly enjoyed as he shuffled and crouched in the white silk shroud, showing his eagerness to pay homage to the youthful dominant, who stood proudly with hands on hips as she savoured her power over him with Teutonic arrogance.

Lotte’s youthful vigour was then demonstrated with a tart smile, as she swiftly bound his ankles and knees, the tightness of the cords making him wriggle as he continued to snort at the spice of Heidi’s cunt; the restrictive feel of the bondage bringing his submission to a new high, in its confirmation that he’d soon be subjected to the noose, she then edging Heidi aside to have him sample the delightful whiff of her arousal; the spiteful notion of having bound him ready for the rope, increasing her sexual excitement and ensuring the firm stand of Horace’s cock at sampling the essence of it. The two then wrestled Horace up to stand upon the stool, Gerda’s deft footwork stopping the meagre platform from slipping away on the polished stone slab it sat upon… not just yet.

The two sneering women held the trembling Horace tight as he peered through the dangling noose, the audience enjoying watching the fearful anticipation on his face while he bit hard on the rubber ball gag, and snorted hard through his nostrils, he now seeing in turn, the smirking anticipation of his female audience through the loop of rope on which he’d be suspended. Their momentary calm broke into an elated applause as Gerda lifted the loop and noosed him with it.

Prudence smiled with satisfaction through an upper window of the house, adding a touch of lipstick with the aid of the reflection, her indifference to what was happening on the lawn marking the level of contempt she held for Horace. She saw him noosed, then turned and nodded to two attendant maids, who grinned warmly at the prospect of a view the English male humiliated on the gallows close up, and followed Prudence downstairs to the garden door.

Horace quivered in the grasp of Heidi and Lotte, as Gerda’s graceful arms stretched up to slip the broad knot to the rear of his neck, she giving a lustful sigh on seeing him snort hard at the feel of the thick but silky rope’s caress, the two younger women smiling curtly at each other as they watched his erect cock perk and pulse in a masochistic salute to the unknown pleasures through pain to come. Greta smiled longingly at Eva as she wafted her black silk to the rear of the stout gallows, her cunt wet with sadistic arousal as she pulled the rope taut through the pulley wheel in the broad beam above, and watched Horace brought to teeter on his extended toes upon the stool. Horace snorted wildly as the rope tensioned to give him a real taste of what was to follow, his anus and balls tingling while the women were offered further pleasure in seeing him vainly test his bonds; their spiteful smiles knew he’d give a shameful display in being broken.

Gerda stepped back and flicked her bullwhip playfully, admiring the scene as the two women in black stood either side of her noosed prize to grace the vista, their sordid smiles through their black masks, showing their eagerness to see him grunt and struggle on the blissful freedom of the rope. Horace’s chest heaved and sank as he panted, just the preliminary to his humiliation making it difficult to breathe, his lust to know the limits of his masochism brought to an erotic head, as the crowd of smiling women clicked away with their expensive miniature cameras so casually, capturing his preparation for posterity. The pictures they’d take shortly afterwards would take pride of place though, and their male pets would be allowed to masturbate over their poses with him.

For a brief few moments, Horace found he was no longer the centre of the women’s focus as he teetered below the stout beam, the women turning to applaud a late arrival. Horace came close to hyperventilating on seeing the wicked smile on the face of Prudence… and that of the two maids who each carried the bags she’d arrived with; just hers, not his. She’d no need to have the maids carry and present her luggage halfway up the garden, but the emphasis the bags represented was cruelly enjoyed by the audience of women, and the maids were more than glad to oblige with the task. Their curt smiles which were echoed by every woman there, as Horace’s mind wrangled with the consequences, seeing his wife dressed in the tight and fetching outfit she’d worn on their journey there, obviously chosen to make outcome especially cutting.

The knowing smiles and gesturing of his audience had his cock bone with submissive expectancy, as Gerda greeted her, and the smiles of the two focused with a wicked intensity on his bewildered eyes, Gerda giving a nod to Heidi, who then approached with youthful eagerness, carrying, what to him, looked like some instrument of torture, possibly for his castration. She held something else in her other hand, which he couldn’t see, but her spiteful smile told him it was something of deep significance. The tall blonde dominatrix gave a wistful smile and nodded again to Heidi, who was then approached by a joyful Lotte, and the two then accosted the noosed male’s genitalia.

Horace’s bell dribbled a little pre-cum, as the delicate but strong hands of Lotte held his erect cock back, and squeezed his balls down, Heidi then lifting her hand to show the crowd of women a semi-clasped silver ring, which evoked a warmly raucous applause from them. She gave Horace a lusty sneer as she forced the neck of his scrotum through the gap in the ring, thoroughly enjoying his grunting in discomfort as its rougher edges pinched at his sack on being passed through. Horace yearned to come as Lotte proudly squeezed his cock on holding it high, feeling its stiffness pulse as Heidi applied the tool to the neck of his sack, and sighed with acute sexual pleasure as the clasp was squeezed shut. Both stood back and grinned with satisfaction as the feminine crowd applauded the sight of the silver band which adorned the Lord of Mannerly Hall’s sack.

Horace now felt the minor distraction of the physical presence of the tight and restrictive ring as he teetered precariously on the stool, but the visual significance of its presence would provide a greater distraction from his present situation, as Prudence shook hands with Gerda, then sneered at Horace as she moved closer to express her cruel triumph in its application, running her finger across the shiny ring, as he mumbled through the gag, not daring to believe what he knew was coming

“There Horace, you’ve been marked as the property of a woman…” She sneered up at him and enjoyed his look of bewilderment as he offered grunts through the gag, and tried vainly to shake his head in the noose, watching her red lips broaden to a contented smile.

“Oh yes Horace.,. you’ve been sold… sold to Frau Gerda Blucher… you’re of no use to me anymore…” She watched his erect cock perk and bob in the lust of submission, as the women who’d have direct access to him now, muttered and sighed their sadistic delight at the prospect, while the trembling Horace looked to the magnificence of the tall blonde woman who now owned him, she giving a generous flick of the bullwhip which would bring the tears from him in confirmation of it… at her sadistic leisure. His feeble grunts of protest through the gag were thoroughly enjoyed, as the woman who’d dominated, owned, and broken him, now put her foot to the stool in readiness of her gesture in disposing of him, her cunt tingling with spiteful arousal at the final show of her total control over him.

“You’re as good as dead to me Horace… now you’ll get what you so thoroughly deserve.” She sighed with the overwhelming pleasure of her victory, as her foot slid the stool out from under him with deft feminine elegance, and Horace jerked on the rope to an uproar of feminine derision, hanged in utter humiliation by his wife.

Horace snorted wildly for air as his feet twitched and probed at the air, seeking the support which was no longer there, the grip of the noose ensuring he was taken swiftly to a peak of his masochistic lust, and beyond; the lush and sordid pleasure of his utter submission, enhanced by the mutual and infinite delight of dominant womanhood, as his bleary eyes saw their pleasure in watching him struggle helplessly in bondage, high on display. He saw their curt smiles as those cameras clicked away, as they jostled eagerly to be closer to him, their desire for that moment when they could pose by his humiliated form, could not come quickly enough.

Gerda flicked her whip impatiently, giving him an indication of its promise when he’d shown the confirmation of his absolute submission, which her smile told him she knew he’d inevitably give, she conscious of the time he’d be allowed to suffer the slow strangulation which was oh so pleasing. Horace jerked and squirmed on the creaking rope, and beyond the smiles of the two silken clad lovers who now nursed their cunts beneath their capes, saw the outstretched shadow casting the image of his own hanging. The sight of the silhouette of his punishment as he wriggled in bound suspension, brought his masochism to an erotic crescendo, his balls signalling the imminent release of the seed he yearned to surrender, as he fought to stay conscious while being choked so exquisitely.

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