Flight Delay

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James strode angrily through the airport terminal. A beautifully wrapped gift box of champagne was in the crook of his arm. He held it close to his side, as if it was a football and he was a quarterback determined to reach the end zone for a touchdown. He turned into a passageway marked with the international signs for washrooms and restaurants. The gaze from his normally friendly blue eyes was dark and piercing as he scanned the sides of the passageway ahead of him. He ran one hand distractedly through his full head of wavy, black hair as he passed various lighted advertisements and doors. He wanted to find a bar with corkage privileges soon – like five minutes ago.

His journey home had been full of inconvenience and adversity up to this point. The airport limousine service had been over an hour late, due to heavy rain and snarled evening traffic. While checking in at the ticket counter, he was informed that he could not bring the champagne on board as carry-on luggage, due to heightened security restrictions. There was not enough time before his flight’s scheduled departure to arrange shipment to his office. His argument with the ticket agent didn’t result in a waiver. No way was he going to put it in the trash bin. The champagne was going with him, even if he had to drink it all prior to his flight. He mentally dared airport security to try to detain him due to intoxication – not an option.

The final straw had come when his flight’s status suddenly changed from “On-Time” to “Delayed” on the overhead flight status terminal. As the announcements detailing the deteriorating weather conditions and affected flights were made over the public address system, he closed his eyes and pressed his fingers against his forehead. After a few moments, he realized that this development presented a small benefit after all. Now there was some time to drink the champagne in a civilized manner, instead of chugging it down like cheap beer.

He stopped at the first bar he saw, and took a seat in a tall chair at the middle of the bar. After listening to his request and the reasons behind it, the bartender graciously opened the champagne and provided a champagne glass for a small charge. As James started to drink that first glass, he heard the distinct click of high heels approach his seat. Following the sound, he looked into the mirror on the back wall of the bar.

An attractive woman with wavy brown hair came into view and seated herself two chairs away from him. As the bartender moved to take her order, James looked over at her. His eyes slowly surveyed her black silk halter top, dark gray skirt, and red stiletto pumps. The shoes were remarkable enough, but her legs, shapely and at least a mile long in those high heels, really drew his admiration. As he stared at them, an image of them wrapped around his waist as he thrust himself into her to the hilt suddenly appeared in his mind. He quickly moved his gaze from her, poured himself another glass of champagne and began to read the back label on the bottle to dispel that vision.

As she ordered a glass of chardonnay, his attention was drawn by the faint accent of her low, sexy voice. He used the mirror behind the bar to take furtive glances at her while the bartender poured her wine and served her. Her hair was a rich shade of chestnut brown and reached a little past her shoulders. It was parted on the side, with a lock tucked behind her left ear. A diamond stud earring twinkled in the light.

She sipped some wine. Her lips left a faint red imprint on the rim of the glass. anadolu yakası escort A deep sigh of resignation moved her breasts moved slightly. After placing some bills on the bar, she moved her purse from her lap to the bar and shifted her seat, placing her back against the back of the bar chair. The view improved delightfully when she swiveled slightly towards him and crossed her legs. James turned his head and did a double take. His eyes widened and slowly traveled her legs, and especially admired the long length of thigh revealed through the slit in her skirt. He had always been a leg man, and these were a nice pair. Her change in position caused the slit in her halter to widen all the way to her waist as well, and her cleavage and erect nipples were accentuated by the clingy fabric. This definitely surpassed anything at the boarding gate, and he gave a silent thanks to the cold air in the bar.

He tried to turn his attention back to the champagne label. Instead, he imagined how her breast would fill his hand, warm and firm as he cupped it, with skin as smooth as silk. Unaware of the motion, his thumb and middle fingers rubbed the stem of the champagne flute as if he were teasing that erect nipple between them. As a result of these pleasant erotic thoughts, he felt a familiar stirring in his loins and became semi-erect. His boxer briefs were now uncomfortably tight, and he shifted his position to surreptitiously rearrange himself. He hoped that if she had caught him looking at her, his face and body language would not reveal the train of thought running through his mind.

When he raised his head to steal another look in the mirror, their eyes met. She tilted her head to the side slightly with a bemused smile playing on her lips. James realized that she had been watching him for the past few moments. She probably knew what he’d been thinking about, he thought with some embarrassment. Her smile became friendlier as her gaze swept over his entire body, then to the champagne and glass near his hand on the bar.

She said, “Your flight delayed too?”

James replied, “Yes it is. Have you heard any updates?”

“Not yet. It’s still raining; I think we’re in for quite a wait.”

“Might as well make the best of it, I guess. I’m James.”

“I’m Sydney – nice to meet you.”

They raised their glasses silently to each other and sipped. They discussed the weather and their professions. The conversation progressed comfortably when they discovered mutual interests in ethnic cuisine, dogs and bad horror films. Laughter punctuated various portions of their chat. She asked about the open bottle of champagne and he related the situation, with a little wry humor.

“Would you care for some? Since I can’t finish it by myself, I’d rather share it with you while we wait out the rain and all.”

“Thank you – what a nice offer. That’s my favorite brand name. You must have been really annoyed when you found that you couldn’t carry it on board and would have to dispose of it in some way. At least you will be able to enjoy it.”

The bartender set a champagne glass in front of Sydney. James moved down to the seat next to her and filled both glasses. They raised them and drank a toast to flight delays and luggage regulation changes.

Time passed, and they finished the bottle as they talked, both becoming a little tipsy. Their bodies were leaning a little towards each other, knees and arms touching intermittently. James’ eyes kept traveling up and down ataşehir escort her body where it was revealed in the deep neckline of her halter; he wondered if the skin would be as silky to the touch as it looked. He kept shifting in his seat in an attempt to hide his uncomfortable erection from her.

Their conversation ceased. As the silence became uncomfortable, she picked up her purse and said, “By chance, do you know where the restrooms are?” As she stood up, her skirt slid up a little more and James was rewarded with a tantalizing expanse of thigh.

“I think, uh, uh, they’re down that way,” he stuttered as he pointed toward a doorway located at the far end of the bar.

“Thanks. Be right back.”

He admired her swaying hips as she walked through a doorway several feet away from their table. Her absence was a good thing, as it would give him some time to make his erection go away. It was impossible to hold a sensible conversation with a woman as sexy as she was with a raging hard-on.

Some time passed and he realized that she hadn’t returned. By this time, he needed to find the men’s room. He walked toward the same doorway, hoping that it was located in the same area. As he passed the ladies’ room door, it opened. A hand reached out to grab his arm and pulled him through. He was so surprised that he was unable to react immediately, and it was easy to pull him into the ladies’ room. He heard the click as Sydney locked the door behind him, then pushed him back against it.

She tilted her head and moved closer, with her lips slightly parted. James was no fool and was not about to waste the opportunity that was about to unfold. He thrust his hands into her hair, and met her lips with a forceful kiss. Their lips and tongues caressed, captured, taunted. Clothing was impatiently pushed and pulled – his shirt was pulled from his pants; her large firm breasts were freed and his hands cupped them greedily.

She broke away first, and said breathlessly, “I want you….right now.” As James watched, she unbuckled his belt, unfastened his pants and slipped her hand inside his opened fly. His eyes closed as he felt her hand grasp his raging erection; a low, guttural moan came from him as he stroked it slowly and firmly. When she paused and swirled her thumb around and over the head, slick with pre-cum, the sensation shortened his breath. She alternated between the strokes and the swirls, while his hand was busy with her breast. His thumb mimicked the swirls on her nipple.

She pulled his pants and briefs down in a single motion. Her hand shifted his cock aside and eased the waistbands past it. She went to her knees in front of him and took him firmly in hand. As she flicked her tongue over the pre-cum covered head, she tilted her head up to look into his eyes. He groaned even louder. She smiled and whispered, “Shhhhhhhhhhhh,” and proceeded to use her tongue on him….well. Hot, wet, a little rough, her strokes went up and down and around. It felt so damn good, especially when her hand traveled up and down the shaft and cupped his full tight balls and pulled down on them a little. His eyes flew open when she lifted his cock up a little and licked his balls. Her lips wrapped around each side of his sack and sucked gently. He marveled as her skillful lips and tongue worked their erotic magic on him, licking, using just the right suction pressure on each side.

Just when he thought he would go mad, she opened her lips and slid him into her mouth in one long, sure movement. ümraniye escort James thought he would lose control right then, but she gave his balls a firm squeeze and slowed down his impending orgasm. He risked a look down, and was riveted by her eyes as her head traveled back and forth. Her enjoyment was evident in her gaze when her lips reached the head and kissed it lingeringly, the tip of her tongue teasing the slit.

James was dangerously close to orgasm, pre-cum was leaking from him with every pulse of his throbbing cock. He was going to lose it if she didn’t stop soon. Sydney took one last suck and swirl, lightly squeezed his balls and released his cock from her mouth. James’ half-hearted press on her shoulders was ineffective; she brushed his hand away and started to get to her feet. As she rose, she pressed his cock between her breasts and slid it along her cleavage and torso.

When she reached her feet, James took over. He grabbed Sydney’s skirt and hiked it up to her crotch roughly. Now it was her turn to moan as his fingers shifted the wet thong aside, parted the lips and stroked her swollen clit. An evil little grin appeared on his face as he slipped two fingers into her wet, hot core. She held her breath for a few moments and stood there with open legs and trembling thighs. His fingers slid up and down, a little deeper each time, until they were buried to the hilt. A small squeal escaped her when he curled them to press her g-spot while his thumb rubbed her clit in tiny motions.

She grabbed his wrist and panted, “Fuck me – now, now.” James slowly slid his fingers from her. She turned to face away from him, hiked her skirt above her waist and braced her hands on the tiny sink. He took hold of her waist and easily thrust into her to the hilt. She was so wet and tight. Their breathing was loud and ragged as their movements became rough and urgent. As he stroked in and out, she pushed back against him, meeting each of his thrusts. He captured one of her bouncing breasts; she arched her back and moaned an obscenity as he pinched her nipple. The angle of their bodies made his cock rub against her g-spot firmly. As his balls slapped her clit, she pulsated around him in counterpoint. Raw, hard, fast, animalistic fucking – and it was good.

Sydney’s body began to shake, and her head whipped back and forth as her orgasm ripped through her. Her breathing was punctuated with little muffled cries of ecstasy. James felt her juices gush around him as she clutched at him inside her, and only then did he let his orgasm take over. Strong, hard spasms of pleasure washed over him as his load spurted into her, making him momentarily light-headed. He gave one last thrust to the hilt and stayed inside. Their mingled juices seeped out of her and coated his balls and her thighs. She leaned on her hands, and he wrapped his arms around her and lightly rested his body on hers.

They slowly relaxed and, reluctantly, separated with a wet, sliding, sloppy sound. She pulled a great volume of toilet paper from the roll and gave him a generous portion. No words were spoken as they took a few moments to remove the outward signs of their activity. Sydney put her hand on his arm as she unlocked the door and gently pushed him a little to the side. She opened the door partially and took a look down the hallway. She nodded to him to indicate that the coast was clear and blew him a kiss as she slipped out the door and walked away. When she reached the doorway to the bar, she turned back as James stepped into view by the bathroom door. She flashed him a naughty, satisfied smile and walked out of the bar, hips swaying seductively.

James grinned to himself as he walked back to the table. There was still a small amount of champagne in his glass. He drained it, paid his bill with the bartender, and went to check for updates on his flight.


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