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The room was not very large, maybe 12 feet by 18 feet. It had a cathedral ceiling sloping upward, 12 feet at the low end, almost 20 feet at the top, with a large skylight. It was mostly empty, which surprised Shelby. Several chairs, a padded sawhorse with ring bolts at the four corners, an old school desk and table, an armoire which probably contained the equipment.

What surprised Shelby most of all was the beam, 12 feet in the air, bisecting the room, and the rope and pulley at its center. And under it was a stool. It was not as high as the kind found in bars or clubs, and it appeared more comfortable for sitting with both feet on the floor.

When they spoke on the Net, this woman had mentioned her desire to tie Shelby up for an extended period of time. Shelby had come out towards the end of her sophomore year in college. Later, after she graduated, a roommate turned her on to rough sex, and six months later Shelby was introduced to bondage by a very experienced lover. But she wasn’t keen on this idea of extended bondage, thought it was some kind of joke, and then the idea dropped from her mind.

This new woman found Shelby at an Internet bondage site, and after a few e-mails Shelby decided to meet her for dinner. Fran Morgan turned out to be very charming, not at all the butch Shelby had expected. Fran was a late 30s. very classy Lipstick Lesbian. Shelby guessed that the woman must have been drop dead gorgeous when she was younger. She was starting to fall in love.

But what confused Shelby were the mood swings. Towards the end of the meal, Shelby mentioned that she didn’t just do what anybody told her. Almost immediately, Fran Morgan slapped Shelby across the face as they sat at their table in a dark corner of the expensive restaurant.

“You will be amazed at the things I could make you do,” Fran said in an icy voice. And then her voice returned to normal, and she smiled, and lifted a glass in a toast.

At one point in the e-mail, Fran mentioned suspension – that was something new she added to the game. Shelby really hadn’t given much thought to how it would be accomplished. Fran said something about the Spanish Inquisition, something she had read about as a child, something that had stayed in her mind, something she had wanted to act out for years. Did the Inquisitors really suspend their victims? Maybe Shelby was letting herself in for more then she had planned?

Shelby decided she would go home with the pretty older woman. So it was in the parking lot of the restaurant, just as they got to Fran’s car, that she grasped Shelby by the hair. The younger woman tried to pull away, but that only increased her pain.

“When we get home, I can beat you into submission, slap you around to get you in the mood. I know you like rough sex, and I will be very rough if I have to. But I prefer that you follow my instructions, that you do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. I knew that does turn you on, you hot little cunt, following instructions, doing exactly what you are told.”

Just the thought of it, being called a “cunt,” of being told what to do, was very exciting. Almost immediately Shelby could feel the flash of wet between her shapely thighs.

Fran was standing slightly behind her, without letting go the grip on Shelby’s long red hair, whispering this in her ear in a low, menacing voice. Then Fran slid her hand into the top of Shelby’s blouse, using her thumb and index finger to grasp Shelby’s nipple, to squeeze her tit very hard.

“Ahhhhh! Please.”

“Does my little slut like that? Having her tits squeezed? Or when we get home would she prefer I used a hot needle on her pretty little tits?’

“Please, don’t burn me. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll behave.”

“Thank you. Now get your sexy ass in the car. And lift up your skirt – I want to be able to your cunt as I drive.”

Shelby did as she was told, and Fran caressed the front of Shelby’s panties during most of the silent ride back to the house.

At first Shelby didn’t want to get out of the car, and it took another slap across the face to encourage her. Then Fran showed her the way to the strange room.

Fran asked her to undress, told Shelby she should store her clothing in the armoire. Now she was very polite, almost European in her manner.

“Would you please be so kind as to take off your clothing, everything except your underpants.”

Shelby had undressed in front of dozens of lovers and one-night stands. And she had been spanked or tied in one way or another by a few of them. But somehow, this was different. This pretty older bursa otele gelen escort woman was so sure of herself. For the first time, Shelby was self conscious about her body. She hoped Fran would like her figure, especially her breasts. She wanted Fran to think she was pretty. And Shelby was glad that Fran let her keep her panties, at least for the moment.

Then Fran told her to sit on the stool.

Shelby paused for a moment and Fran quickly slapped her across the breast. “I can put you over the horse and whip your pussy and asshole, if you prefer. Sometimes, if I bring home a really dumb cunt, I need to do that to get her attention. So I hope you’ll be smarter than that.”

Shelby wondered why this classy woman had to be so crude. At the same time, she was excited by the humiliation of being called a dumb cunt. And the thought of being whipped between her legs was terrifying. So Shelby sat where she was told. And the stool was a comfortable height – her feet rested firmly on the floor.

Fran walked up behind her.

“Your hands, please, put them in back of your neck. Elbows back.”

Shelby did was she was told. The position raised her perfect 34-B breasts, thrust them forward.

Fran reach around with both hands, felt the heft of Shelby’s shapely breasts, moved her hands from side to side, made Shelby’s breasts sway gently. Then Fran used her hands on Shelby’s nipples. Shelby watched as they shrank in size, grew hard, became more sensitive. She closed her eyes and leaned back against her older lover. This was almost heaven. Then Fran began to squeeze, using her thumb and forefinger against each perfect pink nipple. Harder and harder. Shelby could feel herself becoming moist, could feel the beginning of her arousal.

“Shelby likes that?”

“Yes, ma’am, very much.”

Fran squeezed suddenly, unexpectedly, and Shelby gasped.


“And that?”

Shelby didn’t have to answer. Over the net, she had told Fran that she was into bondage, and submission fantasies. She didn’t mention breast discipline. But she knew Fran could tell that she craved the pain almost as much as the pleasure of being restrained. That in some ways, the pain and the pleasure were one.

“Don’t move,” Fran ordered.

She could hear Fran walk away and the attractive older woman return a moment later. Shelby opened her eyes, saw Fran standing in front of her holding a pair of ankle cuffs.

“We’ll put these on now, since we’ll need them later for the suspension.”

Was Fran going to suspend her up side down? She hadn’t said in her e-mail posting. Then Fran knelt on the floor in front of her, put the cuff tightly on one ankle, then the other. And then she hooked each cuff to an O-ring on the leg of the stool. Being cuffed had aroused Shelby more than having her nipples squeezed, and Shelby was sure Fran could see the wetness beginning to seep through her sheer white panties.

The woman must have been a mind reader. Fran stood up, began to caress her pussy through the thin fabric of her underwear.

“Our Shelby is getting wet? The little whore likes that?”

“Yes, ma’am.’

“You really are a horny little slut. And I haven’t even begun to restrain you. Don’t move, I need to get more equipment.”

Since her legs were firmly attached to the stool, Shelby knew she couldn’t go anywhere. But Shelby kept her hands behind her neck as instructed.

Fran came back with a leather strap and three lengths of cord. The strap went around her chest, just below Shelby’s breasts. Fran stood behind her and buckled it very tight. Then she took one of the cords, doubled it in half, and put the loop under the strap. The two loose ends went through the loop, and she moved the cord to her left side.

“Lower your left arm. Put it against the strap,” she instructed.

Shelby did as she was told. The doubled cord went around her wrist several times. Then one end went under the strap, and the two ends of the cord tied tightly together. Her left arm was tied tightly to her side. She repeated the process with the second length of cord and her right arm. Then she used the third cord to pull her elbows back and tie them together.

In this position, Shelby’s perfect young breasts were thrust forward, totally unprotected. She couldn’t move her hands to protect herself, and while she could stand up, her ankles were attached to the stool. Whatever punishment this woman would devise, Shelby knew she was at her mercy. Wasn’t this what she wanted all along?

“Some more equipment. Don’t go escort bayan away.”

When she came back, both of her hands were closed. She extended her fists, palms up?

“Left or right?” Fran asked.

Shelby said “left” and Fran opened her hand. She was holding a pair of plastic clothes pins, the squeeze clip type. Shelby didn’t have to guess what they were for. Whatever was in her right hand, Fran emptied into her pocket, so Shelby didn’t know if she made a good choice.

The clips went onto her nipples and Shelby felt the pain almost immediately. Then Fran stood behind her and began to press and rub Shelby’s breasts. The pain of the clips on her nipples became more intense.


Then Fran walked around in front and flicked the clip on Shelby’s tit with her index finger.

“Ohhh, Jesus.”

First the right, then the left, then the right again. Over and over and over again. The pain short through her, went right to her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhh! Christ! Please.”

“We’ll do this some more when I have my pretty little whore up in the air. It will hurt more when I use the flogger.”

When Shelby decided to meet this new woman, she didn’t know beforehand exactly how she would be punished – just that the other woman would inflict pain on her breasts. But now Fran Morgan was doing just that, causing Shelby incredible pleasure. She understood how to treat a woman’s breasts to make the pain and pleasure merge into one indescribably pleasurable sensation.

So far Shelby had not been disappointed. First Fran had caressed her breasts gently, teased her nipples to make them hard. Fran knew the exact touch to arouse her, to make her wet between her shapely legs. Then Fran squeezed her nipples harder and harder until Shelby gasped. What did she ask?

“Our Shelby likes that? My little whore likes that? The slut gets off on the pain?”

“Yes ma’am, I like that very much.”

Shelby remembered her answer, blushed as she said it.

Fran knew exactly when to put the plastic clips on her nipples, how to flick them with her index finger to make it hurt even more. Finally Fran told her she would punish Shelby’s tits again after she put her up in the air.

“But first, some quiet time, some time to reflect on your situation,” Fran said over her shoulder as she walked away, turned off the lights in the room, left Shelby in solitude. So the attractive 24 year old sat there in the dark, knew that if she tried to get off the stool she would probably fall, maybe even break a leg. That wasn’t a very smart thing to do, so she just sat there. Shelby felt the slowly increasing pressure on her nipples, wondered if Fran would come back into the room today or tomorrow.

Shelby though she might have almost fallen asleep once or twice, then the jarring sensation of snapping awake. Maybe three times in all. And the dull ache of the clips on her nipples was no longer pleasurable. She wondered if Fran was watching her, if she was taping this, if Fran had her on a video. Was this something to show her, to share with her later, or perhaps to share with her friends? As Shelby thought of others seeing her in bondage, the attractive younger woman started getting wet all over again.

Then the lights came back on, too bright. Fran walked up to her swiftly and she though at first Shelby was going to slap her. She was silent for a moment, looked at her, saw the disoriented looked on Shelby’s pretty face, thought for a moment, and finally she said:

“I think we’re ready to go flying. Is Shelby ready for lift off?”

She guessed she was.

“Yes ma’am,” Shelby replied, with a hit of reservation in her voice.

Fran went to the wall, came back with a small electronic control box. Then she heard the sound, looked up and saw the rope being lowered from overhead beam. On the end was an O-ring and three more lines – with mountain climber’s carabineers on the ends. Fran attached each shorter line to the rope used to tie each arm to the leather strap around her chest. The longer line went from elbow to elbow and back to the O-ring. While it looked awkward, Shelby realized that most of the lifting would be done by the strap around her chest.

When she was finished with the hookup, Fran knelt down and unsnapped the hooks from her ankle cuffs, but she kept the cuffs securely in place.

“Please stand.”

From the position she was in, Fran could see Shelby’s matted light red public hair though the front of Shelby’s sheer soaked panties.

“This does turn my little slut on?” No answer was necessary.

Fran mudanya escort quickly lowered Shelby’s panties, asked her to step out, crumpled them up and put them in her pocket.

“You can have them back when we’re finished.”

Fran walked away for a moment, and came back with a spreader bar. It was very large, at least 24 inches long, enough to open Shelby up very wide. Quickly Fran attached it to the ankle cuffs.

Then she used the control box to raise the line attached to her chest harness. She only needed to lift Shelby six inches off the floor and she could feel the fear beginning. Then Shelby was suspended almost vertically. She was leaning slightly forward in the harness, her tits thrust forward. Most of her weight was carried by the leather strap, but there would be enough pressure on her arms and elbows to cause discomfort. There is something about being off the ground, suspended, that Shelby found terrifying.

Again, she did her mind reading trick:

“It will be worse when I turn you up side down. But lets see what we can do in this position.”

She reached forward and grasped Shelby by her pubic hair. There wasn’t that much to grab – Shelby kept herself nicely trimmed. But there was enough to hold onto. Fran didn’t pull hard, just a gently squeeze, enough to make Shelby’s clit twitch. She relaxed the grip and then squeezed again. Again the pressure on Shelby’s clit. Fran really knew how to get to her. Then a finger in Shelby’s cunt to test for wetness.

“Good, we’re making progress.” Shelby’s cunt was like a lake.

Fran went on to explain that she was going to take the clips off Shelby’s nipples for a while, so that she could use a small slapper on Shelby’s delectable breasts. Then there was the sudden rush of pain as Fran pulled off first one clip, then the second, from Shelby’s swollen nipples.

“Holly fucken Christ …” from Shelby.

“Watch you’re dirty mouth.”

The slapper was of soft leather, double thickness jointed together for most of its length, maybe 11 inches long. The tip was cut in a V-shape. Fran used it as its name implied, to slap Shelby’s breasts. She slapped first from the left, then from the right, finally straight across each breast directly on the nipple. She didn’t need to hit hard, just a flick of the wrist. Fran gave her three or four strokes on her left tit, then three or four on her right, then back to the left. Shelby started to whimper.

“Ahhh! Please, ma’am,, not so hard.”

“It hurts a little more then you thought it would?”

“Yes, ma’am. Please.”

Fran didn’t reply. Instead, she picked up the control box and lowered a second line from the overhead beam. It had an O-ring at the end, and two additional lines attached, two more carabineers at the ends. These she hooked to the spreader bar. Using the control box, she began to slowly raise Shelby’s legs. Then Fran lowered the line attached to the chest harness. Back and forth she went, raising and lowering, raising and lowering, until Shelby was suspended horizontally, face down, at waist height. Then she raised Shelby straight up, until she was about five feet off the ground.

The nipple clips came out of Fran’s pocket, one at a time, and she put them back in place on Shelby’s nipples. After the slapper, her breasts were sore, and the new pressure on her nipples was very intense. Fran twisted one nipple suddenly, then the other.

“Ahhhhh,” Shelby moaned as the pain shot through her. “Please, Mistress, not that.”

Fran ignored her. Without listening to Shelby’s protest, Fran picked up the control and began to lower Shelby’s head. Her body was at a 45 degree angle to the ground when Fran stopped the motor. Then she covered Shelby’s eyes with the blindfold. Shelby had started to calm down, but now the fear was coming back. Fran raised and the lines several times and Shelby lost all space orientation. For the first time Shelby was truly terrified.

Then there was a long silence. Shelby had no idea how long Fran kept her there. She heard some movement for a while, then quiet, then silence again. She though Fran moved a chair close to where she was suspended, to observe her more closely.

“Please, Mistress, please let me down.”

Fran didn’t reply. Instead, Shelby felt the sting of a flogger on her tit. Fran hadn’t shown it to her, but it felt like rawhide thongs, eight or ten of them. Her aim was excellent. Each time Fran hit the clip and a portion of Shelby’s breast with the leather thongs. Slowly, methodically, gently Fran whipped her breasts with the leather. Then Fran whipped her with increasing fury. It was like a kiss of fire, burning into her breasts. Shelby could feel the ecstasy spreading, burning into her pussy, burning into her soul.

“Please, Mistress, please…” was the last thing Shelby remembered saying before she began to tremble, before the explosion of her orgasm.

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