Food In Bed Ch. 01

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This is the first chapter in a longer study of food and drink in bed. The stories are true, the experiences are all real. Depending on response, more of my tale may be recorded.

Long ago, while serving in the military, I had the opportunity to have relationships with people of various cultures. One of these was a young lady named Becke’.

Becke’ was originally from Indiana, but had called southern California home for several years before we met. She was four years older than me, and having a knockout body, she had as they say, been around the block of couple of times. This worked to my advantage though.

Being more experienced than I was sexually (I had married at an early age, and only had my ex-wife and a couple of other lovers to gain experience from), Becke’ started our relationship in bed slowly, more customary practices. Sure we had oral sex, and I learned a lot about pleasuring a woman from her, like pulling the clitoral hood back while eating her pussy to give her clit direct stimulation. Other than oral sex, our relationship in bed remained subdued until the night Becke’ introduced me to the erotic thrill of food and drink in bed.

As our relationship progressed, one night while laying in bed, Becke’ got up to make us a drink, Amaretto and Sprite. She asked me to undress while she was making our drinks. I slipped out of my boxers and leaned up against my pillows to watch her silhouette through the thin robe she was wearing as she moved back and forth, reaching first for glasses, then ice. As she reached for the bottle of Amaretto though, she gave me a sly glance and slid her robe off her shoulder and the silky material glided off her shoulders Anadolu Yakası Escort and fell completely to the floor. As if the magnificent view of her perfectly shaped ass wasn’t enough, she had to reach forward slightly to get the Amaretto and her ass sticking out at just that perfect angle had me ready to go immediately.

She turned around with our drinks in hand and saw the glimmer in my eyes. As I gazed at her 38 D-cups, she walked to the bed and asked if I wanted to get drunk or make love. In awe I asked why not both. Becke’ sat the drinks down and went back to the bar, returning with a bottle of Cuervo 1800 and two shot glasses. Having had three or four shots she asked me how open minded I was sexually. Wanting to show bravado, I bragged I’d tried a lot in my life and was always open to try something new.

Becke’ smiled and kissed me, a long slow deep passionate french kiss that sent chills straight down my spine and made my cock begin to twitch. I rolled over from my back and faced her, moving down from kissing her to gently biting her on her neck and paying close attention to her collar bones, a strong erogenous zone for her. While I caressed her back with one hand, my free hand slid up her side and began rolling her nipples, gently squeezing and tugging on them. Her firm large breasts stood up proudly, and as her excitement increased, her nipples doubled in size and I continued to pull on one nipple while sliding my lips and mouth down to suck and nibble on the other.

The tequila was definitely relaxing us, and as I began to progress further down her tummy, she stopped me, saying she had another surprise for me first. As I rose Avrupa Yakası Escort back up beside her, she moved down to nibble my ear lobe, dashing her tongue in my ear temporarily before moving down to kiss my neck. Her mouth traveled down to my nipples, and she toyed with my nipple ring for a short while before journeying further down to kiss my inner thighs and blow cool air on my balls. She really knew how to tease me, and she knew she was getting me really worked up.

After an eternity of kissing and licking all around my genital area, Becke’ finally allowed her tongue to flick across my balls before gently sliding it up the underside of my cock. Being propped up on the pillows and the room fairly well lit by candles, I could see the look of lust in her eyes as she gazed up at me. She said I want you to cum for me, but not right away, if you get too close, pull me off. With that, Becke’ engulfed my entire cock in her mouth, slowly sliding down to the base, then sliding her tongue along the underside of it as her lips slowly slid back to the head. Her tongue worked circles around the head of my cock as she began to massage my balls. Up and down her mouth and tongue went, at times keeping her lips off my cock, only her tongue sliding down the underside, sliding back and forth on it was she journeyed down. She was an expert at what she was doing, she knew the effect she was having and that I wouldn’t last long.

After about 15 minutes of this glorious blow job, I felt my balls tightening up, as did Becke’. She stopped momentarily and slid up beside me. She kiss me passionately once again, knowing I had no aversion to this act. She then asked İstanbul Escort me to close my eyes and keep them closed. Being so close to orgasm, I was willing to do anything for her to resume our lovemaking. I closed my eyes and Becke’ told me to relax, I would know when she was ready for me to cum. I heard her pick up the drink glass from the night stand before she slid back down between my legs but thought nothing of it at the moment. She resumed licking and caressing my cock, and just as I was thinking she was going to continue to tease me, she paused momentarily, I heard her drink from her glass and then suddenly she engulfed my cock once again.

The difference this time, her mouth was full of the cold drink, and the erotic shock of this was maddening. Becke’ didn’t move at all, only held her mouth wrapped solidly around my cock. Then I realized in addition to the cold, there was another sensation. The carbonation from the Sprite was tingling all over my cock, from the base to the head. Becke’ shifted her head slightly to one side and the carbonated bubbles began to release from my cock and float upwards in her mouth. It was a sensation like none other I had ever experienced, and as Becke’ gently tickled the underside of my cock with her tongue, causing more bubbles to dance up and around my cock, I knew whether she was indeed ready or not, I was going to explode.

I began thrusting my hips upwards, forcing my cock deeper into her mouth, into her throat. Becke’ began moaning with the passion she was giving me, the vibrations of her moan along with her tongue sliding under my cock sent me over the edge. With one final thrust I began to cum. Shot after shot began flowing into her mouth, all the while her mouth still full of the potion she had ravaged me with. Having completed her task, she raised up, smiled and swallowed all that remained in her mouth. She fell on the bed beside me, I kissed her and remarked we should get drunk AND make love more often.

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