Football Sunday

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As Michael watched football on the tube, I piddled around the house picking up and making breakfast for us. Just as the 10am game was about to start we settled down to have a light meal of scrambled eggs, English muffins and bacon with orange juice and coffee.

As we watched the game and rooted on the NY Giants and Detroit Lions as Michael flipped thru the channels watching 2 separate games at the same time. I picked up after we were done eating and settled in next to him on the sofa. Cuddling up in the crook of his left arm as he engulfed me.

I was rubbing his chest as we’ve been battling head colds as of late. My hands moved from his chest down to his tummy as I snaked it under his robe. Moving my fingers in small circles along his tummy I drifted down to his groin. Rubbing as he watched the games I know I wanted but did he?

I repositioned my body a bit so that I was laying on my side with his arm still around me. My hands moving along the edge of his thighs then moving inward between them. I lifted my outside leg up and planted my foot crossed in front of me as my robe slipped off my shoulders as I pushed it back behind me.

Having a short teddy under my robe I was able to run my hand under it and caress my inner thighs. I ran my fingertips along my inner thighs and moved up towards my shaven flower. I caressed myself as I slipped a finger inside my folds which made my body tremble from the sensation. I watched Michael as he looked across me and watched my fingers enter my pussy.

My other hand continued rubbing his thighs and moving lightly over his package. I laid my palm on his cock and could feel him firming up. I moved my fingers as I rested my hand on him. Feeling his cock begin to stir I massaged him slowly. I could feel my pussy starting to throb and get wet knowing I was getting to him. I slid another finger into myself and moved it in and out while he would watch when turning his head away from the game.

I asked him if he was in the mood for some playful fun or if he wouldn’t mind if I played with myself. He told me to do what I wanted to do and I began rubbing my clit harder. I knew that if he watched me long enough, I’d have his cock in my mouth in no time.

I rubbed myself slowly then sped up, pushing my fingers inside me then withdrawing them to lick my wetness from each finger. I had Michael tell me what he wanted me to do and he told me to continue what I was doing so I pushed 2 fingers back inside myself and began pumping my hole. I felt my body tighten as I closed my eyes. He told me to orgasm as I used my thumb to stroke my clit as I pumped myself.

I felt my orgasm approaching kadıköy escort and lifted my leg up and placed it on the back of the sofa. I rubbed my clit hard as Michael took my left nipple between his fingers and pinched them together several times. I moaned out and grabbed his cock with my other hand, he was hard and I couldn’t wait to feel his head in my mouth. I stroked my clit a few more times and felt my pussy contract as I felt the orgasm flow through me. I moaned and ground against my hand, rubbing my clit with my wet fingers as his finger pinched and pulled my erect nipples.

Michael whispered to me to come hard for him and felt another orgasm shoot through me once more. Rubbing my clit with my thumb nail the sensation was so intense. I felt myself slowing now as my fingers rubbed my clit raw. Michael told me I looked most beautiful in the middle of an orgasm as my body becomes tight and flushed. He took my wrist and brought my fingers to his lips and sucked on each my fingers so slow and methodical.

I pulled his cock from his robe and slowly wrapping my fingers around his shaft, I began to pump in my hand. His erection was thick and hard. I moved up into his lap and kissed the spongy head. moving my tongue over the crown then underneath it. I closed my lips around the head and gently sucked, teasing him slowly as I wanted to engulf him into my throat and suckle his come into my tummy.

I licked the shaft like an ice cream cone stopping to suck the foreskin just under the head. I would look up at Michael’s face and see that he was watching me. So wanting to give him as much pleasure as I gave myself I took my time licking and sucking him. I would close my lips over his head and suck, then lower my jaw and take most of his length into my throat. I moved over his cock held firmly in my hand as I lifted and lowered my lips on him.

His cock was so firm and hard that I wanted to feel his hot come pour into my mouth and throat. He had one hand on my head while the other rubbed and penetrated my ass as I spread my thighs for his touch. He would push into my bottom and pump me when I continued pumping his cock into my mouth. I knew if he kept doing that to me that I would come again but not before I tasted his sweet mess.

I felt his cock throbbing in my hand as I licked up his shaft, I would lift his cock up and suck his ball sac, sucking each testicle one by one before going back to his thick head and taking him into my throat again and again. I asked him if he was ready to give me my dessert and he said anytime now.

I üsküdar escort took him deep into my throat and sucked him hard. I massaged the base of his cock with my hand and fingers as I bobbed on his shaft and head. He pushed 2 fingers into my tight ass and began pumping me harder and deeper. I had his cock at the base of my throat just as he groaned out and flooded my mouth with his delicious seed.

I bobbed and swallowed as he repeatedly filled my mouth with come but pushed his fingers deeper into my ass. Feeling his orgasm in my mouth, hearing his moans had done it for me as I began to come from his fingers pumping my backside. I sucked harder while pumping his shaft still emptying inside my mouth. I gulped down 3 or 4 heavy loads of sperm as I relished my anal orgasm.

I pulled off his cock and pumped him in my hand, drawing out the last remaining drops of white hot reward as my tongue flicked over the head. He had his head laying back on the back of the sofa as he breathed hard and heavy. I too, was breathing hard as my anal orgasm subsided. I kissed his cock head before taking him into my mouth for one final suck before letting him slip out. His cock still as hard and erect as when I started.

We both relaxed a bit as I stroked his shaft in my hand. Knowing that he was not yet done with me. We started talking to each other about one woman who has really made an impact on both our lives lately with her caring, loving ways to each of us as individuals. As he was telling me of how she made him feel, I began kissing his cock again. Taking him back into my mouth as he spoke of her.

His words would pause as I closed my lips over him. I then moved up and pulled myself off the sofa then moved over to him and lowered myself onto his lap. Reaching between my thighs and taking hold of his cock, I guided him into my wet n warm pussy. I lowered myself own onto him.

Riding his cock felt wonderful, his hands played with my breasts, pulling the nipples or pinching them. I love when he cups my breasts and pushes them together, these are the time were I wish we had another body to feed me his cock or a woman to ride him while I kneel between his thighs licking them both. But since it was only him and I, all I had was my imagination and began rubbing my clit as I rode his magnificent manhood.

I rocked up and down but wanted more, I lifted off of his hard shaft and took a half step forward then lowered myself back down upon him. His cock wet from my juices as he took the base and guided it into my bottom. I felt the head part my sphincter as he slid into me. I stopped halfway tuzla escort down then dropped my ass down onto his lap. Engulfing his thick cook deep into my bowels. I began riding him, enjoying the tight fit of his cock rubbing along the walls of my anus.

He was gasping as he felt my muscles gripping his shaft as I slowed myself as I moved and down on him. Determined to feel his cock jump and grow thicker inside my ass. I rode him using various methods of motion. Sometimes sitting down and wiggling my hips forcing him deeper inside me. His hands were busy on my breasts as my own hands and fingers played with my clit or his balls.

I love reaching under me and slipping my fingers around his shaft as he stands at attention as I lower myself down onto him. Just the feeling of him being in my backside gives me such naughty feelings as my desire for this man become evident in my actions. To be taken in this manner by him has always been a special gift for me in which I show my submissiveness to him. Only for him am I this way ever.

I love the way he takes me, I await the day that he just takes me in an animalistic style and ravages me, to feel him force himself into my body, giving up my innocence to this magnificent man. I absolutely love how he takes me, the excitement within me is an absolute pleasure in which I have not had with anyone else. From his talented tongue licking and sucking my clit and pussy to his skillful fingers as he parts me open and invites himself inside me or allows his friends to have their way with me.

I was begging for him to take my ass deeper as I rubbed my clit. Michael’s breathing was hard and varied. I rode him for what seemed like an hour but was about 10 minutes. I was going wild feeling his thickness buried in my backside. I love sitting on him. A position he has imagined taking our girlfriend in many times. Filling her like he was filling me. I caressed his balls again when he lifted me up almost off his cock before grabbing my shoulders and slamming me back down on his cock.

I moaned out loud from the sudden sensation of that movement as I felt his cock contract then felt his hot blast of come filling my rectum. I rode him hard and fast milking as much from him as I can. Only another cock in my mouth could have made this better than it was.

I felt him thrusting back into me, but his movements were limited by my legs between his. I felt my body erupt into a massive orgasm shortly after. Riding him hard as his slick shaft penetrated me deeper and deeper. Oh it felt so hot and nasty! I was loving every second of it.

Once complete, I sat back on top of his lap. His manhood still embedded inside my backside as I draped my arms over my head and around his. We kissed hard and passionately. Assuring the love we have for each other and for those who we have become close with or have been intimate with. Except for one exception, that being a close friend of ours who has been a part of our lives now for the last few months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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