For You, My Love Pt. 01

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Author’s Note:

A **huge huge** thank-you to RogueLurker my volunteer editor who has been a great source of guidance in the polishing up of this story. Couldn’t have done it without you M!

More to come soon!


Chapter One

Stephanie hunched over the table in front of her; pen poised in hand waiting to strike the paper. She bit her lip as she mused over her doodles. The notes on her paper translated into one sentence on the laptop. She twitched uncomfortably. She had gotten as far as one sentence. The laptop glared back at her as one hand hovered over the keyboard. This wasn’t going so well. She licked her lips softly as she brought the pen to her lips and instinctively held it there, wishing it was a long skinny Menthol.

She slipped the pen behind her right ear and reached out for her glass of ice tea. She took a short sip and looked down at her paper. She slipped the pen back into her hand and put it to the paper. Half the glass, two doodles and four words later, she still felt lost.

She needed inspiration. She was beginning to wish she hadn’t agreed to write the article. She was lucky to have the chance to write for such a prominent newspaper, it was a step in the direction she wanted to go. She questioned whether her circumstance had been the reason for the article, or whether her writing skills were valued. Stephanie had to be careful; the ground she was treading with this article was sensitive and the topic controversial. Yet in hers, and many others opinions, the new laws had been a long time coming.

Stephanie shook her head. She was never this stuck for what to write. Maybe she was associating the article too closely to her personal life. It was hard not to, but it was also key to disentangle oneself from the job at hand. Her personal hang-ups on the limitations of the legislation kept her from singing its praises for the article. The legalisation in favour of civil partnerships for same-sex couples had been a breakthrough, but there were still discrepancies that had yet to be properly rectified.

The wind swept into the house as if it were royalty, invading every corner, every crack. May had brought some temperamental weather to the city. Stephanie wouldn’t usually complain of the weather in May, she liked the thick warm air outside and the daytime spring breeze refreshed her skin. However, the weather that was unfolding in the city now was a little less gentle.

There was the sound of a small engine outside the windows which caught her drifting attention. She smiled to herself, rolling the pen between her lips. Stephanie had waited for this moment for hours; she slid out of her chair, reciting to herself.

“First turn the engine off, then the briefcase from the front seat.”

Out in the driveway, Naina slid out of the driver’s seat and looked up towards the window. She knew Stephanie was going through the checklist –she always did. Grabbing her briefcase from the front seat, she turned and checked the back seat.

“Walking up the steps, lock the car…” Stephanie said into the mirror as she ran her fingers through her thick wavy hair.

Stephanie moved to the door and watched through the peephole as Naina walked up the porch. With her hand on the door handle, she pulled it open just as Naina raised her key to the lock. A smile spread over Stephanie’s lips as she noticed the radiant colouring on Naina’s cheeks. She was pleased that after all this time she was still able to raise a blush from Naina.

Naina slid through the doorway before Stephanie had a chance to move. Their bodies came together, connecting as Naina bit her lip and looked up into Stephanie’s eyes. She whispered, ”Hey you…” and let a tiny smile curl the corner of her mouth before leaning in to brush her lips against the taller woman’s smile. Stephanie’s nipples became firm; forming tiny bullets and she held the kiss, slowly moving her mouth against Naina’s.

”Mmmm…” Naina whispered, ”Maybe we should close the door? All this chilly air is making you cold!” she teased, as she gently ran her index finger over one of Stephanie’s rock hard nipples, coaxing a blush from the brunette.

Stephanie’s red face returned to normal and she watched intently as her fiancée walked up the hall, removing her jacket and hanging it over the banister. The slightly smaller woman continued her slow, sultry walk until she reached the kitchen entrance. She turned elegantly and beckoned for Stephanie with an inviting gaze. Stephanie hurriedly closed the door and followed her into the kitchen.

Naina was reaching into the wall unit for two wine glasses as Stephanie entered the kitchen. With one eye on Naina, Stephanie smiled and took the sealed bottle of white from the fridge.

”Lamberti Pinot Grigio?” she suggested as she read the label knowing Naina would agree. She passed the bottle to Naina to open. She slowly poured it and handed Stephanie a glass. Stephanie smiled and took it gratefully, whilst she took Naina’s hand in her own, bakire porno and pulled her closer.

”Are you hungry?” Stephanie asked as she leant down to kiss her.

”A little. What have we got?” she smiled as she squeezed Stephanie’s hand before Stephanie slid it around her back.

”Well, we have some left over pasta, a pizza in the freezer, some couscous, nacho’s and-”

Naina cut her off, ”Nacho’s and dip!”

Stephanie smiled, ”Okay, I’ll bring it in, go sit down inside…take my glass for me.” She ushered Naina into the living room. Just as Naina left the kitchen, Stephanie called out, ”Mail is on the coffee table!”

When Stephanie made it to the living room Naina was sinking into the sofa, the laptop balancing on her knees, her letters ignored.

”Don’t read that…” Stephanie whined. ”I’ve not got very far!” She sat next to Naina, laying the tray on her lap; she shifted closer to Naina. ”Please…”

Naina smiled and looked at her. ”There’s nothing wrong with what you’ve got so far Steph, I just think you need to relax and find some inspiration…”

Her playful smile returned to curl her lips. She said the word ‘inspiration’ like it were a chocolate treat a child would receive for having been good. Stephanie had a feeling of déjà vu. It was the same conversation they had every time Stephanie was at a loss for words. Although writer’s block might be common in Journalism, Stephanie rarely suffered from it. When it did strike her, it was a force to be reckoned.

Naina realized how much this article meant to Stephanie, both for its subject matter as well as a chance to establish herself as a serious Journalist. The stress of writer’s block was already showing in her partner’s furrowed brow and Naina wanted to help in anyway she could. She offered the wine to Stephanie who sipped slowly and carefully from the glass in Naina’s outstretched hand.

”Have you written a list of points you want to include in the article?” Naina asked delicately. Stephanie finished her nacho and sipped some more wine.

”How was work today?” Stephanie asked, reaching out for another nacho. Naina raised her eyebrow at the subject change but decided against pushing the issue.

”It was good, a bit more hands-on than usual.”

”Sounds good. What did it involve?”

”Well, that meeting with Professor Carter was about getting me to lead a lecture! I reviewed the material and took a lecture in the afternoon. I was quite nervous but I did fine!”

”Aww darling that’s great, see I always told you you’d be fine when it got to that stage!” Stephanie leaned forward and kissed Naina softly.

”Let’s not talk about work, right now I just want to enjoy being with you…I miss you so much when I’m not here.” She paused, and then looked Stephanie in the eyes and whispered, ”I want you so much…” as she ran her finger down the front of Stephanie’s blouse. Stephanie’s sour expression shifted to embarrassment as a blush crept up her neck.

”Later, darling. Later.” Stephanie cooed.

Naina raised an eyebrow and took the tray with its empty plate from her hands and set it on the floor. Stephanie picked up the bottle of wine and poured it slowly, her thumb pushed inside the concave base of the bottle and her fingers supporting the weight.

”It’s been a hectic day, I really feel like spending some time in the studio, what do you think?” Naina suggested.

”Only if you let some of your creative vibe rub off so I can do this damn article,’ Stephanie responded as she settled into Naina’s arms. Naina stroked her hair gently.

”We can give it a shot! I want to work with my chalk for a bit, why don’t you bring the laptop down there and we can work together, hmm?” Naina suggested.

”That sounds like a good idea, why don’t you go and set up?” Stephanie twisted her body to kiss her slowly, savouring the taste and feel of her lover’s lips against her own.

Chapter Two

Naina had set up an easel with a large drawing board mounted on it by the time Stephanie came into the studio, her glasses held carefully between her lips by the stem. In her hands she balanced the laptop, its cables, her notes and a few choice CD’s. Naina reached out and grabbed the laptop just in time, allowing Stephanie to settle into her office area.

”Thanks,” she grinned as she set the rest of her stuff on her desk. ”So have you decided what you’re drawing?”

”Not yet, I’m still trying to decide which paper to use. Shall I use heavy white cartridge paper, or black sugar paper?”

Stephanie looked at her in thought, ”Well, that depends.” She wrapped her arms around Naina’s waist gently. Naina pressed her body closer and gazed into her eyes.


”On whether you are doing a dry chalk piece or a wash over the chalk?”

”I think I’ll do a dry one, I haven’t done one in ages.”

”Then the black sugar paper, I really like your brazzers tonal studies on black paper.” Stephanie smiled and leaned down to brush Naina’s lips with a soft caress.

Stephanie made her way to the kitchen to fetch the bottle of wine and glasses while Naina picked out a CD and put it in the player. She hummed as she tacked paper to the drawing board; Stephanie slipped her lithe body through the heavy studio doors singing softly in tune with the song. Setting the glasses down on the spare table, she poured the wine whilst her short haired fiancée adjusted the light settings for the room. Moderate light for the office side, powerful focused light for what Naina called her ‘stress free zone’.

Naina’s half of the studio was her oasis of calm, a quiet refuge from rigors of studying for her PhD, lecturing degree students and even her relationship with Stephanie. The head-ache inducing statistics and the endless research all in the name of Psychology took its toll on her by the end of the week. Her art anchored her, allowing her to lose herself in something that she loved and to forget the stresses that demanded so much of her.

Naina moved past Stephanie and drew the heavy curtains across the floor to ceiling windows. When Naina worked in the studio, not even the moon was allowed to see the secrets she applied behind her easel.

The music was low, the lighting was perfect, and the wine was poured. The ambiance was set. Stephanie found her reading glasses and watched as Naina slipped her blouse off her shoulders and stood shamelessly in her bra whilst reaching up for a large rough work shirt from the hook. Stephanie quietly put her wine glass down and crept up behind Naina, laying her hands on Naina’s waist, leaning in to plant a soft kiss on the back of her bare neck. Naina shrugged her shoulders, laughing lightly.

”You can’t resist,” she chuckled as Stephanie continued to kiss the back of her neck.

”Never.” Stephanie’s kisses moved lower, and touched on the skin between her shoulder blades. She smiled and pressed her lips against the intricate black tattoo imbedded in Naina’s chocolate skin before pulling away and letting Naina put her shirt on. Naina turned to her with a playful glint in her eyes.

”Hold those thoughts darling.” she reached out and cupped Stephanie’s cheek in her hand, ”Okay?” She winked when Stephanie nodded and turned her face to kiss her palm.

Naina collected some chalk- blacks, blues and whites. Stephanie was sitting at the desk, chewing on her pen and typing when Naina approached her easel tentatively. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She leaned against the easel, soaking in the atmosphere of the room- the smell of art materials, the sound of Stephanie’s light keystrokes on the laptop, the comforting feeling of the chalk in her hand. She gripped the chalk in her fingers- feeling reassured, taking another deep breath and opening her eyes.

She looked over at Stephanie’s shadowy form. Her deep brown eyes roamed over Stephanie’s face and body, she noticed how Stephanie had haphazardly put her luscious chocolate brown hair up in a loose ponytail. A wave of hair that had escaped hung down against her cheek hiding her eyes; Stephanie used her long fingers to push it behind her ear.

Naina rolled her shoulders gently, twisting her neck from side to side, letting her senses inspire her thoughts. She let her thoughts develop on the canvas of her mind as she decided on the subject of her latest piece. She raised her white chalk to the black paper drawing wide arcs across the page- looking across at Stephanie every few seconds. She continued to build up a shape with more and more light and heavy strokes on the paper. Pausing briefly to reference the work and alter the composition for accuracy.

Stephanie leaned across her laptop and picked up a page of notes. She frowned in concentration as she analysed it making a quick note before continuing to type. By now, a series of blue and white strokes graced Naina’s paper. Naina cocked her head to the side for a moment to regard the picture so far, she exhaled contently. She paused, setting down the chalk and stepping away from her easel to get her wine. She glided round to Stephanie’s side of the desk and leaned down to take a look at Stephanie’s progress.

”I know you’re drawing me, you cheeky cow.” Stephanie said when Naina’s face was next to her own.

”And aren’t I allowed to draw my favourite subject?” Naina whispered before turning her head to kiss Stephanie’s cheek.

”Hmmm…that all depends on how you’ve drawn me.” She turned to look at Naina and smiled.

”You want to see it don’t you?” Naina chided, poking her fiancée’s nose softly, covering the tip of it in chalk. ”Well, you can’t.”

Stephanie pouted disappointedly.

”Not yet. When I finish it and frame it, you can see it.”

”That’s not fair, Naina.” She whined playfully.

”Have patience.” Naina dede porno whispered as she went back to her easel.

Stephanie huffed softly, taking off her glasses and laying them open on her stack of notes; she got up and followed Naina. Naina noticed her approach and covered the portrait with her rubbing paper. Stephanie furrowed her brow and moved towards Naina playfully, placing her hand over Naina’s and slowly trying to move her hand away from the rubbing paper.

Stephanie leaned in and caught Naina’s lips between her own, dropping a hand to her waist, pulling her tight against her body. Naina dropped the rubbing paper and slung her arms over Stephanie’s shoulders, her hand crawling slowly up the taller woman’s back and into her hair. Throwing Stephanie’s hair band across the studio, Naina’s fingers returned to caress the thick hair where it fell against tanned skin. They moved against each other, Stephanie’s back now to the easel as her free hand inched its way up Naina’s work shirt.

Feeling fingers brushing her skin beneath the shirt, Naina leaned back from the kiss. Pressing on, Stephanie nuzzled Naina’s neck, her fingers continuing to caress Naina’s back.

“You still can’t look at it until it’s done,” Naina whispered teasingly as she twirled a lock of Stephanie’s hair gently between her fingers.

”You are so stubborn.” Stephanie pouted again.

”Patience sweetheart, half an hour.” She gently ushered Stephanie back to the desk.

”Fine. It better be nice.” Stephanie grumbled and turned to walk back to her desk when Naina reached for her hand gently and pulled her back to plant a light kiss against Stephanie’s sulky pout.

”It always is,” She whispered.

Naina went over to the CD player and changed the CD to her own compilation of favourite English, Indian and Punjabi songs. Stephanie tapped her pen to the tune of the fast paced Punjabi song as she sat at the desk with her glasses back on, referring to her notes before continuing to type. She occasionally looked up at Naina- catching her looking in her direction whilst drawing. Naina looked away bashfully when she was caught and busied herself for a few moments before looking back. Stephanie smiled as she noticed that there was a large smudge of chalk on Naina’s neck where she had nuzzled against her skin.

”Baby, you have chalk on your neck.” she said over a fast paced Bhangra song.

Naina picked up her reference mirror and tried to rub the chalk away, ”You know I get chalk all over me when I draw. I’ll wipe up when I’m done, but thanks for pointing it out darling.” She set the mirror down and took a sip of wine, ”How’s the writing going?” she asked, noticing how the confident woman didn’t seem to pause for long between key strokes.

”Much better, it seems like you’re giving off a creative vibe!” she laughed, ”You done yet?”

”Nearly. Be patient.”

She winked and picked up her chalk, shading in the last intricate parts. Chalk covered every area of the paper, even if the paper was still black. She picked up her black stick and made the rims of Stephanie’s glasses bolder, and then picking up her white, she added in the flecks of light on the frames and the white smudges on the lenses where the light caught them.

”I’m done.” She smiled and mused over her picture before covering it up and moving towards the basin to wash up. Stephanie sat expectantly in her desk chair, her laptop now closed. Naina went to the cupboard, took a can of fixing spray from the shelf and sprayed the piece thoroughly. While the spray dried, she prepared the mounting card.

”Where are you planning on hanging it?” Stephanie asked as she stacked her notes in a pile on the desk.

”I’ll probably replace the picture in our room, is that okay?” She asked as she found a large black frame used for an earlier piece which was now tucked away in a port folio.

”Sounds great to me, I’m going to head upstairs.” She glided past Naina and kissed the top of her head.

”See you up there, babe.” She looked up and took in the view of Stephanie’s posterior.

”Stop looking at my ass!” Stephanie laughed without turning around.

”But it’s a great ass!”

”Just hurry up and get upstairs, else I might fall asleep.”

”And we don’t want that,” Naina quipped. She winked as Stephanie turned to give her an expectant look.

Chapter Three

Naina took down the picture opposite the bed of the lilies she had drawn months ago and put up the portrait of Stephanie. She stood back and examined the piece. It was perfect – the toning with the black and white made the blue come out turquoise and the overall image was stunning in the black frame against the white wall.

”Steph?” she called out. ”Where are you?”

”I’m coming.” She entered the bedroom towel in hand, wiping her mouth. Naina tugged on her robe gently to pull her closer.

”What do you think?”

”I think,” She cupped Naina’s cheek gently, ”It’s beautiful. Thank you, darling.” She kissed to the right of Naina’s lips softly. Naina smiled.

”So do I. After all, my subject is perfect.” she poked her tongue out. Stephanie pushed her playfully. Naina grabbed onto Stephanie’s gown again and both fell onto the bed.

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