Forbidden Fruit

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Now in the eighth year of my affair with Beth, things had matured to the point that I was openly soliciting men for trysts with her. Besides an internet Adult, “Friend Finder,” site, we were members in good standing at a local “Sex Club,” as well as frequent visitors at “Adult” night clubs and strip clubs. While I still enjoyed sex in its many manifestations with her, I’d found that arranging rendezvous with strangers was a tremendously erotic form of foreplay, one enjoyed by both she and I. What made it doubly fun for me was her complete ignorance of what I’d been up to! She knew nothing about the adult website or the fact that we hardly ever went anywhere without me trying to arrange having a man or couple converging on that location with a scenario that I’d developed, the sole intent of which was to have them seduce her.

There was, however, one “stranger” that seemed to hold her interest more than any other. That was her boss, the principal of the elementary school where she taught. Knowing this and also knowing that he was just as interested, I bided my time, confident that they couldn’t keep away from one another forever.

The afternoon before these events took place, as I waited in her classroom for her, he finally made his move. Unfortunately for both of them, they hadn’t counted on my being there when he chased her into the room, his hands on her ass!

This is how I handled that indiscretion and her subsequent efforts to cover it up.

It is also a story about my six week fling with a young woman who’d been a part of our affair from the beginning, mostly a sore point in Beth’s life, one that she had whole heartedly wished she could change.

This was Beth’s daughter Kim.

I’d first met her when she was sixteen and I was substitute teaching at the local high school, at her mother’s insistence by the way. Kim had no idea who I was, other than someone who seemed to interest her. I knew it was her that day only because she was wearing things from her mother’s secret stash of “erotic” clothing, the very same clothes that I’d purchased for Beth to wear on our dates…, and not for her daughter to wear to school!

While I’d only had Kim in my classes for a week, something had sparked between us that took over two years to finally produce a flame. I’d recently visited the restaurant where she was summer waitressing, the two of us flirting and her asking me to take her out on a date. She’d insisted that it be, “…, somewhere adult.”

I hope you enjoy the accounts.


I got to the school at exactly 4:00. Sitting at the entrance to the parking lot, watching the staff exiting, until only one car was left.

As had been the case on the previous afternoon when I left, Alan’s car was not parked in his assigned space, having deserted Beth like a rat on a sinking ship.

It was time for she and I to talk.

I walked very quietly to her classroom, standing in the open doorway, finding her sitting at her desk, correcting papers. And, as on the previous afternoon, she sensed someone else there and looked up.

Her face was a mask, lacking the glow that I had seen on every previous encounter with her. It conveyed neither anger, nor sadness, but rather a sense of resignation.

She stood up but didn’t move from behind the desk, her head down, not, I was sure, still looking at the papers.

I didn’t move either.

Picking her head up, she looked at me, and then, “I’m sorry.”

I nodded, an unspoken acceptance of her apology.

“It happened just like you said it would, he and I alone in the office, flirting…, fooling around. Then he asked me what I thought of him…, not professionally but personally. I told him the truth, that I liked him, thought he was cute and that I found him attractive in a lot of ways.

“Cute? Or cute and sexy?” he asked.

“Cute and sexy,” I answered, “but dangerous too.”

“Dangerous…, dangerous how?”

“Dangerous because you don’t seem to have a problem putting your personal and profession life on the line over a chance to fool around with a co-worker,” I told him. “

“Beth,” he said, “I’m a man. All men approach life in different ways. I chose to live by a simple creed, “I was put on this planet to procreate,” and in order to do so, I need to chose a woman to mate with. In all of nature there are very few animals that mate with one specific individual for life, man being one. But it is religious and societal pressure that forced men to become monogamous, not nature. I see a beautiful woman and I’m biologically attracted to her, it’s that simple. Danger has nothing to do with that attraction, unless of course, that woman’s mate is in the vicinity.”

“I laughed and told him, “That sounds like a line that a third year psychology major or an anthropology professor might use to get into the pants of a young co-ed. But you’re married, with children and the principal of an elementary school. You seemed to have found the woman with whom, “…, to procreate,” so why the endless chase?

“He bahis firmaları looked at me with a serious expression, and then stepped very close. He put his hands on my shoulders, looked me right in the eyes and told me, “From day one I’ve been attracted to you….”

“Which is why,” I interrupted him, “you decided to fool around with poor Judy and almost got her and yourself fired!”

“Again he got that serious look, before saying, “You’re wrong about who chased whom. She came after me, and if you asked her, she’ll admit it.”

Still looking at me, she continued, “With that, he slid his hands down on my ass, saying, “If an angel had come down and sat on my shoulder, on my first day of work in this building, and told me I could have a sexual affair with one…, any one of the teachers on my staff…, I wouldn’t have chosen Judy, I would have chosen you.”

She started to say, “I looked him right back in the eyes and asked him…,” when I interrupted, “Did you take his hands off your ass, or move away from him?”

She seemed startled by my question, so engrossed in the moment that the question baffled her.

Now she looked back down at the papers on her desk, thinking I was sure, on how to answer the question. Only then did she realized that her pregnant pause had already given me her answer, so she just looked back up at me and said, “No.”


I waited two weeks before going back to the restaurant. While it was somewhat because I didn’t want to seem too eager to take her up on her proposition, it was also because I knew my wife was scheduled to go to her sister’s house on that Thursday for a long weekend.

Not making an entrance, I took a seat at the bar, ordered a drink from Jeff and watched Kim work her section. Same white shorts, but a new tank top, this one sunshine yellow, same logo on the front, “EAT HERE!” still on the back.

No longer viewing that epithet as a demand…, I now looked at it as an invitation.

I was discovered less than 2 minutes later, my presence probably tipped off by Jeff.

She seemed very happy to see me, a big hug and a kiss on the lips that surprised me with its intensity.

“Are you taking me out today?” she asked, her eagerness obvious.

“Not today,” I answered, “But if you’re free on Thursday, I can take you out then.”

She gave me another kiss, this one even longer, with an almost neck wrenching hug, “Okay…, Thursday…, here at 4:00!”

She turned to go back to her tables, but stopped, turned and looked at me, “And don’t forget…, I want to go somewhere adult.”

I nodded.

She took another step and turned again…, “What should I wear?”

Now it was my turn…, “Bring a pair of, “adult” shoes.”

She gave me a quizzical look, shrugged, bounced two steps back to me and gave me another kiss.

Then she was gone.

I watched her ass before turning to ask Jeff for my tab. I found him doing the same thing…, watching her ass. He rung up my drink and slid the slip across the bar, his expression seemingly neutral, but his eyes….”

Thursday afternoon, I returned to the restaurant. I got there at 3:45, wanting Kim to know that I wasn’t going to stand her up, and to have a drink to steel my resolve, these three questions rattling around in my brain for the past 48 hours: 1) “What if Beth found out about this?” 2) “What if Kim found out about her mother and I?” Even worse, 3) “What if Todd, Beth’s husband and Kim’s father, found out about everything!!!”

Again, I didn’t make an entrance, going to the bar to order a drink. As he had on Tuesday, Jeff acknowledged me with a nod and made me my vodka and tonic without asking. Again, his facial expression was neutral, his eyes…, questioning.

Kim, who told me she’d been looking for me since noon, waved when she saw me, a small trey of food in her hand. She circled around the bar and gave me a quick kiss, “Twenty minutes,” she said, continuing around the bar and into the kitchen.

A half hour later, me working on my second drink, she emerged from the back of the restaurant looking ready to go. She’d changed out of her, “work uniform,” now wearing blue denim short shorts and a plain white tank top.

Clothes that looked very apropos on an 18 year old.

Besides her pocketbook, she was carrying a white plastic bag, the “adult” shoes I was sure.

I drove and we discussed a variety of topics, mostly related to the impending start of her college experience. She was going to attend URI, (her idea) the size of the school and all of the choices inherent with a student body that large, appealing to her.

During the drive, she never asked where we were going, settling instead for the, “adult,” conversation.

Almost an hour later, when we rounded a curve on a country road, miles it seemed from anything remotely civilized, a vision appeared in the windshield of the car, so big and so unexpected that Kim gasped, before asking, “What is that?”

I didn’t answer, instead letting the magnitude kaçak iddaa of the structures overwhelm her, until we turned into the entrance, Native American symbols framing the sign, “Welcome to Foxwoods,” followed by, “Lands of the Mashantucket Pequot.”

“Holy Shit!” she screamed…, “Foxwoods!!!”

I got a hundred kisses from there to the valet parking.

As was always the case with her mother, Kim got appreciative looks for the valet attendants, one of whom I tipped a twenty to take the bags from my back seat to Kim’s destination.

Escorting her through the entry hall, her mouth hanging open from the sheer size of the edifice, I led her to a bank of elevators, one of which took us to the tenth floor of the building. The elevator door opened to the entrance to the, “Grand Pequot Spa,” another sight that left her speechless.

Not waiting for her to ask a question, although the amazement of her situation would have probably prevented that, I guided her to the reception desk and asked for, “Gwen.” A moment later, an exquisite young oriental girl stepped through a side door and greeted us. First she bowed to me and then, smiling the whole time, held her hand out and introduced herself to Kim.

Looking back at me, she told me, “She is even more beautiful that you described. When I return her to you, she will be relaxed and ready for whatever your plans for the evening.”

“Thank you Gwen,” I replied, “I would never think otherwise. Please remember that we have dinner reservations for 8:30.”

“I will present her at 8:00,” with another bow.

Gwen took Kim’s hand…, but in a moment of doubt, more panic, Kim excused herself and walked over to me. “What are you doing to me?”

Stifling a laugh, I told her, “You’re going to have a spa treatment and then you and I are going to have dinner. In between, I’m going to be playing Blackjack and, hopefully, I’ll win enough to pay for your, “adult,” experience.”


Nodding toward Gwen, I told her, “Go with her and enjoy yourself. There are a thousand women on this reservation right now who would gladly give away their first born to have the spa treatment you’re going to receive. I’ll see you at 8:00 and then you can tell me if I’ve wasted your time and my money.”

Kissing her on the nose, I turned her and gave her a little push toward Gwen.

They both waved as the elevator doors closed.


“So,” I said, taking a step into the classroom, “what would have happened if I hadn’t been here yesterday?”

Again, she couldn’t just come out and answer my question, instead trying to mitigate the circumstances…, “What would have happened? What do you mean? It was just….”

Now I had her and it was time to put an end to this charade.

At least I hoped so!

“Please stop the bullshit! What would have happened if I hadn’t been sitting in the back of this room?”

Head back down, she muttered, “I don’t know.”

Just as quietly, I responded, “You don’t know? Well I do know. There wasn’t anyone else here but the janitors and they were on the other side of the building. Your car and Alan’s were the only ones in the parking lot. Alan would have grabbed you ass and then told you how much he wanted you…, how he’d been fantasizing about you for all of this time and how there couldn’t be a better time for you and him to see just how sexually matched you were…,”

“But I wouldn’t have…,” she interrupted.

I took two more steps toward her. “Please…, how can you tell that you would have said, “No?”

She said nothing.

Then I asked, “Have you seen him today?”

“He was outside this morning, like he is every day, greeting the buses. When he saw me, I could tell he was a little anxious, he asked, “Everything okay?”

I told him I didn’t know, but I was hoping to talk to you today. Then he said, “Well, we weren’t doing anything…, just fooling around.”

“I don’t think he saw it that way,” she replied, “he’s suspected for some time that I’m attracted to you, and he told me that what he saw only confirmed that.”

Shaking her head, she continued, “With that Alan smiled, “But he didn’t tell you that it was over, did he?”

I told him, “No.”

“And he wasn’t angry or yelling?”

“No.” I answered again, walking toward the front door.”

“Turning, he asked, “Does he care?”

She stood there looking at me.

I ignored the obvious question, letting my next statement answer that for her.

“So,” I said, moving to the other side of her desk, “because you’ve been lying to me about Alan, I’ve come up with a punishment that I think would be reasonable for both of you.”

Now putting her hands on her hips, she tilted her head and said, “You’ve decided on a fair punishment,” her voice defiant.

“If you’ve got a better judge, considering the circumstances, I’d be willing to listen.”

Her voice now imploring, “But I didn’t do anything.”

“Yes you did. You actually did two things. First, lost in kaçak bahis the moment of your admitted, “…, flirting and fooling around,” you forgot that I was coming in to visit you. And second, if I hadn’t been in the classroom, there is ample evidence that you would have had some sort of sexual experience with Alan. Am I wrong?”

This time…, she knew she was only going to dig herself in deeper, so she said, “Yes, I did forget you were coming. And…, it’s possible that something could have happened…, but it didn’t!”

“Given that, would you agree then that I am qualified to administer a punishment?”

Shoulders slumping, she sat down, looked at me and said, “Yes, you are the only one qualified. What do I have to do?


The call came from Gwen at 7:45. The computer told her where I was sitting and she promised to have Kim to me before 8:00. Then she added, “But she thinks she has a problem.”

“She does?” I asked, “What would that be?”

Gwen giggled, “She told me how old she is and that she doesn’t have a fake ID.”

“And will that be a problem?”

“No sir,” she responded, “no one will question her age.”

“Then she doesn’t have a problem. How did she enjoy the experience?” I enquired.

“I think you will be the judge of that,” Gwen answered.

“And the tip?”

“More than generous.”

“Then I’ll see you in a few minutes,” as I hung up.

I was down more than the cost of the spa…, more like three trips to the spa!

Choosing this table was a part of my plan. There was a side entrance to this card room very near the elevators, and knowing that Gwen would want to bring Kim directly to me, without too many other people seeing her, I was watching the door, and paying scant attention to my cards.

I won three straight hands, now down only the cost of today’s spa visit!

Since I’d paid for it in, “Comp Points,” the money I was playing with now, would probably cover that.

I saw Gwen peek in the door so I waved. A huge smile lit up her face. Before I had a chance to have the dealer deal me out, the two girls walked into the room.

The game stopped on its own!

Gwen had changed out of her esthetician coat and pants, now wearing a strapless red dress that accentuated her pale complexion, jet black hair and lovely figure. Had she been standing next to anyone else, she probably would have been considered the most beautiful woman here.


I could barely take a breath.

Gwen had overseen a shower, then a sauna. That was followed by a dip in the hot tub, cucumber slices to reduce any puffiness around the eyes that might have resulted. From there a full body massage, followed by a body wash that had been administered by Gwen herself, and, “…, another something, which you might discover later.” A facial, then a hair and make-up sessions finished off her appointment.

Gwen then narrated what happened after that. “Wearing a robe and looking at herself in a three way mirror, Kim suddenly remembered that she’d only brought shoes. The panic in her eyes made me smile, the small bag you’d had delivered by the valet attendant, handed to her.”

Kim kept whispering, “Stop, you’re embarrassing me!”

Gwen wouldn’t, “Inside she found that heavy gold colored bracelet,” pointing to Kim’s wrist, “and the note that you’d written, “Do you have the right color shoes?”

Smiling, she continued, “Kim looked puzzled, and even more so when I opened the closet and handed her the bag that she’d had carried into the spa. Still not understanding what was going on, she took out the pair of red, patent leather, 5” high heeled that she’d chosen and asked, “This is what I’m supposed to wear?”

“No baby,” I said, “this is what you are supposed to wear.” And I handed the garment bag, the other part of what you sent up with the parking attendant.”

I’d spent an hour at, “Aroom’s,” a clubwear store in Providence, looking for the “right” dress…, and I’d found it.

White, backless with a “V” front that tied around her neck. The “V” was cut deep and wide, but not so deep that it would look, “scandalous!” Made of a stretchy material, it clung to her like a second skin, accentuating her soft curves and showing off just enough to be titillating.

And with the red shoes…!

They walked to the table, every eye in the room on them, Gwen holding out Kim’s hand for me to accept.

I stood and took the offered hand, taking in the vision before me.

“Well?” Gwen asked, with a twinkle in her eye…,

“Awesome!” the older guy who’d been sitting next to me proclaimed.

That instantly broke the spell, everyone laughing, the dealer asking, “Are we ready?”

He dealt me out.

Now, her smile from ear to ear, Kim asked, “Well?”

I couldn’t help myself…, “Nice shoes,” I answered.


I paused, making Beth wait…, then….

“Next Tuesday you’re going to wear your pink raincoat to school…,”

“What if it isn’t raining?” she interjected.

I reached across her desk and put a finger against her lips.

She grabbed my finger and kissed it, then put it in her mouth and started to suck on it.

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