Four Rounds with Superman

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*** ROUND ONE ***

Her eyes cracked open at the chirping of her phone. Swiping her finger across the sensor, she blinked the sleep out her eyes. Her stomach clenched when she saw his grin lighting up the screen. Next to the word, “Welcome.”

She had to laugh at herself as she rolled out of bed and barely avoided stepping on her dog. If it was any other man in the world beckoning her in the middle of the night, she would have went right the fuck back to sleep. But there was something about her wild, fascinating Superman… She couldn’t deny him, even if she wanted to. She didn’t want to deny him. She wanted to do all kinds of amazing things with him, but denial didn’t even come close to making the list.

After tugging on clothes, she went through her little ritual of making sure the kids were settled before sneaking away for her midnight tryst. She laughed at herself again while she pulled out of the driveway. She was way too old to be rushing off in the middle of the night. But Lord, she wanted that man.

The drive gave her time to fantasize, and remember. The first time she was welcomed into his house like this. It was his fantasy to be woken up with a blow job. She quickly discovered that she loved feeling him waking up in her mouth. His salty/sweet taste. His husky moans. His hands, which were gently insistent as they guided her. By the time she arrived at his house, she was wet and ready.

She parked, then snuck in the house quietly. She tip-toed into his room, shucking off her jacket and shoes in the corner. Crawling under the blanket, she found him. He was hot under her mouth. His scent was an aphrodisiac. His taste was intoxicating. Her lips wrapped around his heat, and sucked him deep. She heard his breath hitch. His hips stirred, then fell still again. But there was no denying his cock’s interest. It swelled against her sliding tongue.

He woke up to the incredible feeling of her mouth on him. His hands reached for her without conscious thought. One tangled in her hair. The other started tugging at her clothes. She took that as a hint, and pulled away far enough to strip. Then she dove right back into her pleasure. He had to believe that she loved sucking him. She said that she did. If she didn’t, then she should win an Academy Award for Best Actress. She certainly gave the impression of loving every second of it. His fingers found her wet heat. Oh, yes. She couldn’t fake that.

They curled around one another. She buried her face in his heat and swirled her tongue. Tasting his excitement. Her moan vibrated against his cock, and shivered its way up his spine. His fingers stroked deep, then wiggled. She rocked against his hand. Sucking him deeper, she tried to focus on his pleasure. But he had a talent for being very distracting.

His eyes rolled back. Her mouth was incredible. It wasn’t just her obvious enthusiasm. The woman had skills. His hips raised to meet that incredible mouth. Her tongue coaxed another low moan from his throat. He shuddered, then focused on her needs. Twiddling his fingers lightly, he stroked and played until her legs began to shake. He knew when she was coming. She sucked him as deep as he could go, then frantically tried to suck him deeper. She writhed against him. She clung to his strength like a port in a storm. He laughed softly, in amused wonder. He’d never had a woman quite istanbul escort like her before.

When she finally drifted down from her climax, she was more determined than before to give him pleasure. He happily gave in to her demands. She wanted him to come. How could he possibly deny her? He gripped his cock and worked in concert with her mouth to give her exactly what she needed. Bracing himself against the wall, he watched her take him over and over until his vision lit up with fireworks.

Laughing breathlessly, he collapsed on the bed next to her. Damn, this woman amazed him every time with her enthusiasm, and skills. And he knew that was only round one.

*** ROUND TWO ***

His legs were tangled with hers. They rubbed against one another slowly. Absently stroking each other while they chatted. The night was slipping away from them. They joked, laughed quietly, and exchanged a few more Truths.

“I crave this every night,” he whispered into her neck.

Her heart jumped. She wondered if he could feel the thundering beneath his hand on her breast. Her mind filled with a thousand questions at that quiet Truth. But before she could formulate a single one, he cleared his throat and adjusted his leg between her thighs. He pulled her tighter to his chest, and whispered again.

“I don’t know how that would work out, but…”

She swallowed hard, and tried to think. She wasn’t normally considered a slow woman. But she couldn’t seem to catch up. She knew that she should say something, but she couldn’t think of a single thing to say. A couple of smart-ass comments came to her. She dismissed them and searched for something to say that wouldn’t get her kicked out of his bed.

She finally muttered something that may or may not have been appropriate. Her mind was still filled with that sweet little fantasy. Sleeping in this man’s strong arms… it really would be a dream come true. They didn’t usually sleep when they were together. Too much to say.

He chuckled obediently at her light-hearted non-response. He pushed aside thoughts of tomorrow. She was in his arms tonight. It was enough. For now. It had to be enough for a while. He was spread thin as it was. The idea of a girlfriend right now… No, that wouldn’t work. But she was still his girl. Regardless of titles. He knew he owned a piece of her heart.

When she started rubbing her ass against him, he cracked a real smile. Yeah, that was his girl. She preferred to let her body do the talking when it came to this. Emotions. Wants. Needs. He could feel her need growing under his hand. Her nipple was hardening. He plucked at it. She arched her hips back, and made it very clear what she wanted.

He considered himself a patient man. Especially when it came to Round Two. But something snapped. He rolled her onto her back, and reared up between her thighs. His fingers found her wet heat, and dove deep.

She gasped, and arched her hips toward him. The man had very talented hands. His dancing fingers twisting in her depths drove her crazy. She reached for his cock, but he shifted to keep that control out of her hands. Which drove her even more crazy. She grabbed his wrist instead, and ground against him. She heard a soft chuckle from the shadow looming above her.

He knew her body. He avcılar escort knew what she wanted. He drove her to the brink expertly. Then he held her there, while she writhed and begged. Needy cries fell from her trembling lips. Her entire body was shaking from desire. When he pulled his hand away, she sobbed. Then she gasped when he mounted her.

Suddenly, she was being filled. His hard heat slid deep. Deeper. She gasped again when his hips met her thighs. Moaning, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, and rocked.

Bracing himself, he drove deep over and over. Her soft cradle tightened around him rhythmically. He tried to ignore his body’s insistent demands. He wondered how many times he could make her orgasm. Or for how long?

She followed his lead. Her hips raised to meet his. He heard more of those needy cries. Gripping her hip tight, he tilted his hips and drove in at a different angle. That seemed to do the trick. Her legs started shaking. Then her arms. Clamping her lips shut, she tried to muffle herself.

He felt the climax roar through her. It seemed to last forever. He kept his rhythm steady. When her arms and legs finally fell away, he drove deep one last time, and stayed. His cock jumped in her fiery hot depths. He groaned, quiet and low. Then he collapsed on the bed next to her for the second time that night.

“That was wonderful. Can we do it again?” she joked breathlessly.

He laughed. “No.”


He really should have known better than to challenge her. She was one of those sorts of people. The kind that you should never dare to do something unless you really wanted to see them do it.

It was after three in the morning. They were both well-satisfied. In fact, he was drained. Two orgasms in one night was usually his limit. But he had foolishly told her ‘no’. So now she was determined to make him come again.

“I’m not really Superman, you know,” he joked quietly. Although he was starting to feel kind of Man of Steel-ish under her insistent mouth.

She moaned against his cock. It was growing. Lengthening. Hardening. Like magic. She loved his taste. Especially when their flavors were mingled together. Her tongue danced around his smooth, hot flesh.

His eyes rolled back. One hand tangled in her hair. The other gripped his cock. He couldn’t believe her. Even after months of late-night trysts and literally thousands of texts, this woman still surprised him. Maybe because he’d never had a partner quite like her. Her enthusiasm was undeniable.

Her mouth sucked him deep. She wrapped her arms around his thighs and swallowed against his length. He bucked. She moaned again. The vibration drove him crazy. He held her head in place while he bucked again. She used the leverage to drive him deeper.

She pulled out every trick in her extensive playbook, and invented a few more. She led him to the edge expertly. But she knew it would be difficult for him to actually come. Alternating between fast and slow, she listened for clues to his needs in his moans. She followed the lead of his hand in her hair. When he finally started stroking his cock, her thighs trembled with excitement.

He rolled her onto her back, and fed her his heat. She shuddered. He knew she loved it like this. Especially when he reached back and found her şirinevler escort wetness. Her hips raised to meet his hand. She lapped at and sucked on his balls while he worked.

He knew when she came again. She muffled her cries against his thigh. Her entire body was shaking underneath him. His cock jumped in his hand. She wrapped her lips around him again. After letting out a little grunt, he whispered, “There you go…”

She groaned at his salty/sweet taste. Swallowing, she took as much of his length into her mouth as she could. She grabbed his ass, and pulled him closer. He chuckled, then shuddered before jerking away. His cock was suddenly incredibly sensitive.

She watched him saunter into the bathroom and laughed under her breath. He was remarkably steady on his feet. She doubted that she could walk at this point. She was getting old. Three rounds were probably her limit in a night. Maybe. She floated on clouds of bliss while listening to him pee like a racehorse.

After a flush and wash, he walked back into the bedroom. The low light behind him outlined his body. Her stomach jumped. She hummed under her breath and wondered… could she talk him into round four?

*** ROUND FOUR ***

“No way. I’m done. But I bet I can make you come again.”

“Like I’m going to bet against that.”

He chuckled while he rolled back into bed. Pulling her close, he found all of her most sensitive spots. She opened for him eagerly, as always.

This part was fun. He was so well-satisfied that he couldn’t come again even if he tried. But she was still surprisingly needy. He focused on fulfilling those needs. Watching her writhe under his hands, he smiled and let out a little half-laugh. She twined one of her legs with his, and raised her hips higher. He squeezed her leg with his thighs, giving them more leverage. His fingers dove deeper. She whimpered, and bucked in his clutches.

She started rubbing her clit frantically, then backed off to enjoy the rising need. His fingers were exploring every millimeter with methodical detail. When he started strumming her g-spot, she almost lost it. She tried to raise her hips higher, but his strong thighs had her leg locked in place. She spread her other leg, and grabbed his wrist. “Right there. Oh, God…” she whispered.

“Mmm… There?” The television in the background almost drowned out his quiet question.

She moaned in reply. He took that as permission to continue his explorations. Focusing on her g-spot, he stroked it over and over. Her reaction to that stimulation was predictable. She started shaking. He was pretty sure he could finish her off quickly. But he glanced at the clock, and figured he could drive her insane within five minutes.

When he untangled their legs and pulled back, she tried to hold onto his wrist. He laughed and tugged away, then nudged her. She finally caught on, and rolled over happily. He proceeded to use his magic hands to push her higher into the clouds.

His satiated cock twitched hopefully at the sound of her muffled moans. She bucked back onto his fingers, and rolled her hips. Rubbing her clit, she reveled in the tension building in her core. Her legs started shaking again. She tried to tamp down on the inevitable. But he built the fire expertly; feeding the flames until they roared through her veins.

He knew when she hit her peak. She vibrated with tension that was about to snap. She bucked back twice, then finally collapsed into a boneless heap. He couldn’t wring another drop out of her. Sliding away, he chuckled under his breath while he washed his hands. Making her come was the easy part. Now he had to get rid of a boneless woman.

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