Francine’s First Time

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It was Francine’s first time away from home she was happy to be away from her parents and to start her new journey called college life. She looked outside and noticed that the leaves on the trees were changing colors. In a few weeks the leaves would become purple, orange, and yellow and these same leaves would fall to the ground. Yesterday, was her eighteenth birthday and now she was an adult but something was missing she did not feel like an adult. She has not been exposed to anything. Her parents never allowed her to date while she was in high school and of course she could not have a boyfriend.

Now, that she was eighteen and on her own away from home she was going to enjoy college life to its fullest. Yes, the parties, the sororities and the boys. Whoa! Just the thought of it made her head spin.

Francine was a petite curvaceous African-American female with chestnut brown hair down to her shoulders and big honey brown eyes. She had a dimple on her cheek. As she continued to look outside her dorm window she noticed a tall, dark, handsome, basketball player as he jogged down the road. She noticed his tanned legs and wondered whether he was off to the gym to work out or if he was late for class. She looked at her class schedule and noticed she had a biology class in fifteen minutes. So, she grabbed her book bag and a jacket and ran downstairs to the roadway. Even though, she had spent the summer on campus she sometimes had a hard time finding the right room number in the right building for the class she had to attend. She made it through the door just in time to collide into the basketball player she saw just a few minutes ago. Their eyes met and so did their heads not to mention their books. Everything, notebook papers, pencils, pens, textbooks, everything Dikmen Escort was scattered across the floor.

“Hi, I am Francine.” She extended her hand to the stranger.

“Just call me clumsy Vincent.”

“Well, that is a strange name.”

” Yeah, I am good with the basketball but clumsy in every other way.”

” Well we better have a seat before the professor gets upset.”

They both sat down and listened to a sixty minute lecture on dominant and recessive genes.

“Boy, I am glad that this lecture is over.” A red head with large red glasses said.

” You telling me, I know this is going to be a long semester.” A blonde female replied.


“Wait up!!!”

Francine turned around to see the tall basketball player.


“We are having a party this Friday as a welcome back kind of thing for the new school year. Do you wanna come.”

“Who is we?”

“Oh I am sorry, I meat my fraternity Sigma Omega Epsilon.”

“Yes, I will be there.”

“Good, here is a card with the location and directions. See you there at 9 pm.”

Francine couldn’t wait for the weekend to come around. She, went through the week contemplating what she should wear and whether she should make Vincent her first. See, that was her dilemma Francine had never been kissed before, never been touched before, never been touched before. She was as pure as a new white lily on a Spring day. This is what stopped her from feeling like a woman.

On Friday night Francine dressed in a short red dress that had spaghetti straps and a low back. The dress was just above her knees. She pulled her thick chestnut curls on top of her head and wore a pair of silver Eryaman Escort heels with a little sliver purse. She walked to the fraternity house and opened the door just in time to hear the sounds of Ciara’s “Oh-no.” This party looked quite interesting; the dance floor was already filled with boys and girls dancing. From across the room she spotted Vincent. He was looking debonair in a light blue shirt and a pair of khaki pants. His hazel eyes were beaming and his caramel skin glowed. Damn, he was too fine, she thought. Francine walked over to Vincent and he gave her a hug. They both walked to the dance floor and slow danced to “Just the two of us.” She felt his arms around her waist and built enough courage to pull him closer to her and kiss him on the lips.

” Oh my this man was so sexy.” Francine thought.

” Let’s go somewhere more private.” Vincent said to Francine.

“Sure.” Francine said.

Vincent took Francine upstairs and down the hallway to a closed door and took out his keys to open the door. As soon as he opened the door he turned on the lights and Francine could see a room with a queen size bed. The room was not that big but it was decorated for a jock. There were posters of basketball and football players. Vincent closed the door behind him and reached for Francine.

“Mmm… you smell so good.” Vincent said.

“Really.” Francine said.

” Do you taste as good as you smell?” Vincent asked.

“Well I don’t know, you tell me didn’t you kiss me?” Francine asked.

“You know what I mean.” Vincent answered.

“No, I don’t.” Francine replied.

“Well I guess I will just have to find out.” Vincent commented.

He pulled her close to him Esat Escort and started to kiss her while he tried to take the red dress off. He pulled the dress down to her waist and exposed her large naked breasts. The nipples were erect and aching to be touched. Vincent used one hand to cup the right breast and lowered his head to suck on the left nipple. He lifted her up at that moment and carried her to the bed. Where he finished undressing her and then he took off his clothes. Francine looked at the tall, naked, sexy black man in front of her and the size between his thighs and thought how was his big thick penis going to fit.

“Relax.” Vincent said as he kissed Francine from head to toe. His lips and tongue savored her peach like flavor and moved slowly from her nipples down to her abdomen and lingered between her thighs. By this time she was very wet and moaning. Vincent then opened her legs and used the tip of his tongue to lick the skin in between her thighs and then, moved his lips to her punnanni and used his fingers to spread the twat and bury his tongue on her clit. And proceeded to drink from her nectar.

“Damn, Vincent I feel like I am about to explode.””

“Come for me baby.””

Vincent put one finger inside her punnanni and then another as Francine started to buck he felt the juices starting to flow. He took his fingers out and put them in his mouth to taste her juices. Then, he kissed her lips and positioned himself above her and slowly put his dick in her punnanni.

“Oh God!!!” Francine screamed.

” Damn Girl you are soooooo tight.”

At that moment Vincent realized that Francine was a virgin that he had deflowered her. Boy this time he couldn’t hold back he had to plunge deeper and harder into her twat and ride her to the pinnacle of pleasure. Suddenly, he stopped looked in her eyes and then started again to move faster and deeper bucking and shaking as he filled her hole with all his cum.

“That was good.” Vincent said.

“Yes it was for my first time.” Francine said.

“Well, the night is still young. Let’s try it again.” Vincent said.

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