Friday Night, Neighbor Fun

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The following story is fictional and written for entertainment purposes.


It was a rainy dusk Friday night, light barely still visible slanting through my window where I was just laying out on the couch. Watching Netflix, horny, and bored out of my mind when my phone rang for a text.

“Hey man, you busy?”

It was from my smoking hot neighbor, I had just moved in a couple weeks ago and he had helped with a lot of it. He was coming home and tag teamed all the furniture and heavy boxes for me which was a big relief. And he was a big dude! Dark black hair, 6’5″, lots of hair on his chest and arms, and built like a rugby player with big arms, thick legs, and a tank of a torso and stomach. Almost the opposite of me, with red hair, pale skin, skinny, not a lot of hair on my body, but a bigger ass and an average sized cock.

I sent back, “not really what’s up?”

Immediate reply, “wanna come over? I’m bored just hanging out and you seemed chill.”

I waited a couple minutes to seem not too eager before saying yeah and throwing my tennis shoes on. I figured my tee shirt and athletic shorts would be appropriate to hang out.

I knocked on the door and heard his big frame walk over to the door and open it up. The door opened to a big smile on his face and my mouth almost hit the floor since he was shirtless and wearing athletic shorts!

“come on in, grab a seat on the couch, you want a beer?” He asked as I walked in and gathered myself together.

“Uh yeah that’d be awesome.” I said trying to stay cool still while glancing around and checking him out at the same time.

I sat on the couch and he sat on the other end handing me a beer. We clinked the bottles and drank as we made some small talk while some tv show whispered in the background.

“Hey man you good?” He asked out of no where.

“Uh, yeah why?”

“Cause you are like rock hard!” He said chuckling a little and pointing at my crotch.

“Oh Jesus!” I exclaimed going red as I realized I was diamond hard sitting next to him and checking him out!

“haha don’t worry man really.” He said.

“Really? Why not?”

“Cause I knew you’d be checking me out, you’re not very subtle! Besides I’ve been checking you out too.” He said very cool while sipping his beer like he just told me it was raining outside.

“You’re gay too?”

“Well bi, prefer girls, but something about being with a guy really gets me going..”

“Wow I had no idea.”

“well at least you look happy about it…” he said nodding towards my shorts again.

“Well Ankara escort I guess if I’m not that subtle anyway, yeah I’ve been checking you out since we met. You’re like my dream guy!”

“Haha back at you.”

“In that case…” I said leaning over a little trying to make a move, I swear my heart was beating so hard he could probably see that through my shirt too.

Luckily i I felt his bulk shift towards me, his large hand drift over my shoulder and to the back of my head as he pulled me all the way into him and our mouths connected. I moaned into his mouth as our tongues pushed against each other. My hand on his big chest and his arms wrapped around me. Our kisses got deeper and deeper as I felt like I melted into his side.

We broke for a couple seconds, our breath ragged and I glanced down at his bulge. “Fuck your cock is just as big and thick as the rest of you huh?”

“Wait til you get me full mast…” he said into my ear before sucking my neck and tickling my ear with his tongue. I found my hand rubbing his chest and abs while he kissed me all over, my other hand gripping his waistband pulling it down just a little.

His hands pulled my shirt up and over my head and started to lick and bite my nipples, chest and the front of my neck. I felt his strong arms gently lifting me so he could grab my ass too. God this big, burly man made me feel so sexual and at his control. His hand drifting down the back of my shorts at the same time my hand went down the front of his.

His hands kneaded my ass while I used hands to pull his cock out and stroke him. He must have been 8-9 inches and thick as the beer bottle we’d forgotten about.

Our lips met again as I whispered to him that I wanted to “suck his big fucking cock!” With that I stood up and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and kicked him to the side so I was nude except for my sneakers. He pulled his shorts the rest of the way and over to mine too. I dropped to my knees between this burly man as he spread to accept me. I was so turned on by his big frame and cock bouncing in front of me. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply while both my hands stroked him again.

He leaned all the way back and nodded to me as if to say go ahead and I leaned forward my breath warming his cock. I started at the base at his balls and shaft and let me tongue drift up along the big vein that snuck around his shaft. I heard him deeply moan above me and felt proud I could satisfy him. I leaned over his head once I got there with my tongue and circled his head several times, eventually Ankara escort bayan starting to drop my lips around him and accept him into my mouth.

“Fuck I knew you were a little cock sucker…” he said and I moaned back. “I knew you were gonna be a slut for me…” another moan for him. “I’m gonna cum right down that pretty throat, make you my cum slut too.” Another moan for him.

I got so turned on by his words I started to really suck his cock sooner than I wanted to, I expected to hold off and tease him but I couldn’t resist! I started working his lower shaft and balls with my hands, my drool dripping down to lube him up as I sucked up and down, slobbering on his cock. I moaned and slurped so he could enjoy the show and sounds.

“Fuck cock sucker I’m gonna cum, fuck you are incredible!” He moaned, his voice getting louder with each word until i felt him cock start to swell and pulse and finally shoot his cum into my throat! I clamped my lips and sucked and squeezed his shaft with my hand to push every last drop out. I listened to him moan and squeeze my hair and his legs and whole body tense as he pumped load after load into my mouth. Finally I felt his body relax and I swallowed the last of his cum and popped off giggling a little.

“God you can cum!” I said as he chucked a little.

“Yeah? Let’s see how you cum!” He said smirking a little at me as he helped me off my knees, then pulled me to sit in front of him, but between his legs. I could feel his semi hard, but thick warm cock against my lower back. I had both hands on his knees and thighs and pressed against him as I felt his hands reach around and start playing with my cock. His large hands manhandled my cock and balls expertly, he lifted his hand and I sucked his fingers to make them wet before he went back to stroking me. I was moaning and writhing instantly at his touch and was so turned on it took like two minutes before I was letting him know I was going to burst!

My legs shook as he pointed my cock at my chest and let me explode all over myself. Our lips found each other again as I came all over myself. His fingers played with my cum, feeding it to myself between our kisses which turned me on so much. I turned around to sit on his lap and we kept kissing, I used my hand to get him fully hard again as I felt his hands on my ass. His fingers drifted into my crack and I moaned as he started to circle my hole with his finger.

“I cannot wait to fuck this tight, tight ass!” He exclaimed as he pushed his finger in to the first knuckle, getting an excited moan out of me.

“You Escort Ankara can fuck me however you want with this cock!” I moaned kissing him again and stroking his cock harder.

He moved another finger into me and I could feel myself open up and accept him. He kissed me one last time then rolled me to the side and laid me on my back. His hands gripped the back of my knees and pushed them up to my chest and I watched his head disappear between my legs, push my cock to the side and felt his tongue push into me! “God yes!” I moaned as he licked and sucked my ass all over, making me feel like a girl he was about to plow, which was pretty accurate!

He was getting me really worked up and open and wet and I could tell you was going to fuck me furious and fast and wanted me extra ready. He must have spent 5 minutes licking and opening me up before I saw him come back up and move me onto my hands and knees. I looked between my legs and arched my back as he went to town on my ass again, his big, ominous cock waving between his legs like a clock I was mesmerized. Soon I felt him smack each of my ass cheeks with his hands and lean up and I felt his hot, hard cock slide up and down my crack, poking a little at my hole.

“You think you’re ready?”

“Yes please fuck my ass Daddy!”

“Good little cock sucking slut…” he said as I felt his cock push into me. It was incredibly thick and filling feeling, but all of his tongue and finger work had me let him in immediately! He slid halfway in and out and in and out and then just another inch at a time until I was taking his full length.

“Fuck I love this tight ass!” He growled behind me as he began to pick up the pace. His hands gripped my thighs and hips as he fucked me into another dimension. I arched and moaned for him as he used me. His balls were so heavy and long they slapped against my taint, balls, and cock. I reached down and started to play with myself and didn’t last long until I came in my hand. He loved that and I felt him lean over and really drive his cock into me. Soon he was growling and moaning into my ear that he was going to come into my wet, tight ass. I told him to breed me and with that he started to explode inside of me, his cock cumming like he didn’t just cum 30 minutes ago.

My legs shook as he slow stroked his orgasm out inside of me I gripped his forearms next to my head and let him subside, slowly fucking me as we calmed down. He kissed my upper back and neck and I moaned until he slipped out and I used the bathroom.

“That was fun neighbor, I’m going to invite you over a bunch more!” He said chuckling with that big smile on his face.

“I think I could be into that!” I said as I sat down next to him again and we drank some more and kissed and watched tv until we passed out draped around each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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