Friendly Visit

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It was just one of Bob’s normal days. He woke up, went to work, and what have you. Little did he know something would happn to change his life, or at least his love life.

He was sitting around at home watching TV when the phone begun to ring, after staring at it for about a minute he got up and answered it.

“Hello?” he said.

From what he could tell it sounded like there was someone crying on the other end of the phone.

“uhm…who is this and is something wrong?” he asked.

“This is Mary” the voice said shakily over the phone.

“oh hey Mary, what’s up you sound upset?” Bob asked.

Mary was the girlfriend of Bob’s good friend Paul. Bob was really good friends for her and always had a little thing for her, but he never let on, he didn’t want to ruin someone’s relationship, or anything.

“M-me and Paul…we just..had a fight. He’s gone out somewhere, and I don’t know where..” Mary said rather distraught.

“Well sorry, he isn’t here and I have no idea where he could have gone, sorry” Bob said being as sympathetic as possible.

“Bob…I was wondering….if I could come to your place tonight, you’re probably my closest friend, and I don’t want to be alone toight” Mary asked.

Bob was quite moved that she thought of him as her best friend. Without hesitiation he said “yeah sure, c’mon down”. Fortunatly Mary didn’t live far from Bob so she could walk to his house from her’s.

Bob waited halkalı escort patiently for her to arive. He heard it start to rain outside and gre worried as to how Mary was doing. Fortunatly not long after the rain started a knock came to the door and it was none other than Mary.

“come in quick you must be freezing” Bob insisted noticing she was only wearing a short sleaved button up shirt, and some tight 3/4 length blue jeans.

She came in without delay and sat down on the couch drying off.

“So what’s happened then?” asked Bob.

After about half an hour of explaining and sympathy they started to calm down, Mary had stopped crying and seemed somewhat cheered up.

It was only at this point that Bob really took in how wet Mary had gotten outside, he found his eyes moving up and down her body, he noticed how the rain had made it so her skin and bra could be easily seen through her top.

Mary noticed Bob checking her out, but didn’t let him know she did, she quite liked the attention and when in a good mood she is quite the flirt. So she turned to Bob.

“My shirt is dreadfully wet, do you mind if I take it off and hang it on a radiator?” she asked.

Bob’s ees widened as he started to think to himself ‘wow this must be my lucky day’ He looked at Mary who was waiting for an answer and quickly said.

“go ahead” he said trying taksim escort to sound as calm as possible.

Mary walked over to a nearby radiator and begun to slowly take off her shirt, rather seductivly. This didn’t help Bob at all as there was a now obvious bulge growing in his trousers.

Mary came back over to Bob and sat down closer to him then usual. After they talked for a few minutes, Bob’s eyes drifting every every so often to her chest, he breasts now only covered by her bra. Mary noticed this, she found herself getting turned on just from him looking at her, but she didn’t let it on. She looked at him and moved right next to him. Her hand slowly moved to his leg and rubbed along it.

Bob looked down surprised but soon liked th feeling, he couldn’t believe his best friend’swife was rubbing his leg. After a few seconds Mary’s hand moved up to the bulge in his trousers and she started running her hand over it.

“I want you Bob” Mary said under her breath, “take off your trousers” she added.

Without hesitation Bob had his trousers off and sat back down next to her. Mary begun to rub along Bob’s shaft now only concealed by his boxers. She grabbed the edges of his boxers and slowly pulled them down and off. Bob’s cock now extended fully, Mary wrapped her hand around it and started to jerk him off, slowly at first but her hand slowly got faster and she squeezed a bit on him. Bob was gasping a şişli escort bit with pleasure, he still couldn’t believe his best friend’s wife was doing this to him. Bob’s head tilted back in pleasure and he groaned a bit, then her hand had stopped, he looked down at her. He was about to ask why she stopped, but before he could say anything her mouth was around is cock, sucking and licking his shaft. Bob leant back and let out a long moan. He placed his hands on the back of her head, guiding her head back and forth on his cock. She begun to moan onto his cock as his now fully extended dick was being forced down her throat, choking her slightly. She pulled her mouth off his dick and looked up at him.

“I want you inside me” she said gasping a bit.

The two of them stripped down to nothing. Bob lead her round to the side of the sofa and she leaned over the arm of the sofa. Bob’s hands came round and grabbed her tits, and then without warning e shoved his cock into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure. He started squeezing and massaging her tits, thrusting back and forth in her harder and deeper. She started squeezing him inside her, she was becoming very tight and Bob had trouble moving in her, but once he could, they were both moaning loudly as he rammed into her, harder and harder.

They were now both approaching their orgasms, Bob could tell from how her body was convulsing slightly. His was coming aswell he could feel it, so he thrust his cock into her one last time as hard and as deep as possible, and released inside of her, his hot cum filling her. Her body begun to convulse and she spurted out cum down his cock.

The collapsed, Bob still inside her. They both smiled and looked at eachother.

“You’ll have to visit again sometime” Bob said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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