Friend’s Night

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It was a Friday night and I had invited some friends round to just chill out with and to have a blast on my latest Playstation game much to. Annoyance of my girlfriend Leanne was hoping to have a quiet night in with me.

As me and my friend’s Darren Tony Steven got down to some serious game play. Leanne gave me a wicked look and whispered to me “I’m going to punish you for neglecting me baby”. With that she headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Leanne is a little over 5.4″ Latin with a great figure sweet round breasts and long hair that she loves to have stroked and pulled when we make love. But my favourite feature of her body as to be her sweet pussy she as a rather large clit surrounded by the sweetest juiciest lips.

I didn’t give Leanne’s remark a second thought and got back to having a laugh with my friends. I had known Darren Tony and Steven since high school and it was great to hang with them again. As our jobs mean we don’t see a lot of each other.

Leanne was done with her shower and walked across the front of my friends and me as she headed to our bedroom. She had her thigh length dressing gown on that I had brought her for a gift. Giving a flash of her creamy tanned thighs as she walked past. This shocked me a little as Leanne was quite shy at times Darren whistled at her as she gets to the bedroom and closes the door. And turns to me and says “sorry couldn’t help it mate your lady is very sexy” I agreed with him and say yep she sure is a hottie.

I head to the kitchen to get some more beers from the fridge for me and my friends Tony grunts out “what about some snacks Rob I’m starving.” Darren and Steven agree with him saying all this beer and no food I look at them and say “dam you guys are a pain in the ass ill ask Leanne to make us some snacks when she comes out of bed room.” Darren being the loudest says, “I wouldn’t mind snacking on Leanne” I say yeah in your dreams buddy and we laugh at each other.

Hearing the laughter Leanne comes out of the bedroom and says “you having fun boys” the room falls silent as we turn to look at her. She as dressed in her half shirt that shows off her sweet midriff and her favourite mini skirt. I call her over to me and kiss her on the lips.

“You look great babes” she smiles and says “Don’t I always honey” and winks at me

Me ask her if she would mind cooking up some snacks for my friends and me. She nods and heads to the kitchen looking at my friends with that wicked sexy look that she uses to good effect on me when she’s horny. I sit there wondering if she’s planning to make one of her fantasies come true it has long been a fantasy of Leanne’s to be taken by two or more men.

I head to the kitchen to see how Leanne’s doing with our snacks and well more to the point to ask what she had in mind for the afternoon.

She looks at me with lust filled eyes as I enter the kitchen. At that point I felt a little guilty, as I had been neglecting her for the last week. Been very busy at work with a new customer and the stress of it all has meant our sex life has suffered. I realized then that Leanne couldn’t control her sexual needs for much longer.

I put my hands around her waist and brush her hair to the side and kiss her on the neck she smells great she as her perfume on that I love.

She says ” Robbie sweets I’m so hot and needing and with your Bayan Eskort friends being here it seems like a ideal moment to…” she pause’s in mid sentence and looks deep at me with those lust filled eyes. Almost as if accepting me to know what she as in mind.

By this I’m getting quite aroused I Know exactly what she as in mind from are many talks about our fantasy’s but I never thought she would want to make it come true.

I pull her closer to me and kiss her on the lips trying to push my tongue in to her mouth as I do she pushes me away and says “that’s enough baby I’m going to make u feel just how I’ve felt this last week” referring to the lack of attention from me this past week.

I head back to join my friends feeling a little excited and guilty at the same time for neglecting Leanne for so long. My friends look at me and say in unison “oh man where’s the snacks” I say “on its way soon your in for a treat.” I sit down in the armchair and shortly after Leanne comes in carrying a tray full of snacks. She walks past my friends and over to me in the armchair and bends as she lowers the tray to offer me first pick of the snacks. Giving my friends a eyeful of her shaved smooth pussy from behind has her mini skirt rided up her bottom. Leanne hated wearing panties she liked to feel free under her skirt.

I look at her and go to say something to her but she puts her finger on my lips and whispers “baby it will be fun trust me.” With that I nod knowingly there’s no turning back now when she in this sex crazed mood. She heads over to Darren Steve and Tony on the sofa and bends in front of them offering snacks to them flashing her boobs as she does.

I can see by the bulges in their jeans that there getting quite aroused from these flashes of skin from Leanne. Darren being cheeky leans forward a little and puts his hand on Leanne’s leg and runs it up her skirt on to her bottom. ” Mmm what nice smooth hands you have” Leanne purrs at him in that sexy way of hers then steps away to turn and bend to put the tray down on the floor giving them a full view of her hot pussy from behind. She turns and looks at them and says, “Well what you think of your snacks so far boys.”

My friends look at me in the armchair as if asking if it ok to take matters in to there own hands I look back and say to them “my lady’s on fire its going to take more then just me to see to her needs tonight.” With this they don’t waste any time in standing up and caressing there hands all over Leanne she lets out a soft moan as they do this. Steven starts to unbutton her shirt first bringing his mouth to her breasts as the last button comes undone and her shirt falls to the floor. He kiss’s them all over then brings his hands up to cup them as his tongue circles around her nipples first one then the other. I notice the effect this as on Leanne she as her head goes back and she moans softly her nipples getting ever harder and erect as Stevens hungry mouth gets to work on them.

Tony is standing behind her and caressing her back and kissing her Neck I know what effect this must be having on Leanne being kissed over her Neck sends her wild. Darren as undressed and is slowly stroking his hard cock enjoying the sight of what’s unfolding in front of him. I knew Darren was well hung from when we used to shower at school after sports. But I never seen him hard and aroused and well he was huge. I felt a little sorry for Leanne and wondered if she would be able to take such a huge cock.

Steven and Tony are still kissing and caressing Leanne all over and now have her completely naked and at there mercy to do with her what they please. Tony and Steven step back and waste no time in getting undressed Leanne drops to her knees in front of them the excitement of what’s about to come making her feel all weak and light headed with intense pleasure. She looks up at the three cocks standing to attention in front of her licking her lips.

She moves forward and begins to lick up and down Steven’s hard shaft even thou his not the longest he’s very thick and has a very thick swollen head Leanne has trouble closing her hand around his shaft as she licks around the rim of his Knob. She licks a big dollop of precum from his head then gently sucks his knob before pulling her self away to cast another look at Darren’s cock mmm she purred “That’s a beast of a cock I wonder if I can get it all in my tight pussy.” She moves over to Darren and tells him to lye down across the coffee table.

As Darren lye’s down she lifts her leg over him I notice how wet her pussy has become and it had started to drip down her creamy thighs. She lowers her self down allowing Darren’s hard upright shaft to rub between her pussy lips as she gets down she lets out a loud moan, and looks over at me now feeling very frustrated and left out. She says, “Now do you feel how I’ve been feeling this last week.” I say with a sheepish look on my face “yes baby”

She reaches down and takes hold of Darren’s huge cock and gently starts to guide his Knob in to her wet pussy. Tony and Steven are patiently watching and stroking she lowers her self down some more taking more of Darren’s length in to her tight pussy. She takes a deep breath then lowers down all the way till Darren is all the way in her, and rests they’re a minute letting her pussy adjust to his size.

Her moans of pleasure full the room I can stand no more of this torture and take my cock out and start stroking as she starts to ride up and down on Darren’s cock. Its looks so erotic as I take in the view of my girlfriend riding such a huge cock I watch how her juicy lips trace along Darren’s long shaft and flicker over his knob has his cock slides in n out of her wet slick pussy. Leanne arches her back and throws her head back and lets out a loud wild scream “oh yeah make my pussy cream Darren.” Her pussy cream sprays out and runs down Darren’s shaft coating his shaft and balls in her sweet juices

She looks up at Tony and Steven and says to them “well boys I have two more holes free don’t just stand there stroking them fuck sticks put them to use on me.” I was like in shock at that point I didn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

Steven gets behind her and Tony stands in front.

“Hang on a minute boys” she says then turns and looks at me and says “Robbie sweetie can u get the anal lube for me.”

Me get it from the bedroom and returns and hands it to Steven.

Leanne looks at me with that wicked look and says “baby no I want you to lube me up for Steven I obey as I don’t want to be punished any longer then what she’s planning if I didn’t do as she told me.

I squirt a dollop of lube over my fingers as Steven spreads her sweet ass cheeks open I coat the lube over her ass moving my fingers down over her crack down to her pussy. Feeling how stretched her pussy is round Darren’s cock then picking up some of her pussy cream on my fingers as I do then moving my hands back up to her ass and putting a finger in her sweet anus. She lets out a moan “mmm baby make my ass hole wet and ready for Stevens thick cock.” Steven winks at me and says “That’s enough she looks lube up enough now.

Steven takes hold of his shaft and nudges his knob on her anus and gently pushes his knob in to her just letting his knob rest in her as her ass stretches to his thickness. Leanne screams as the pleasure floods over her body she grabs hold of Tony’s cock and pulls him to her cock hungry mouth. Her moans escaping from her cock filled mouth as Steven pushes his thick cock in to her deeper.

I sit down and start stroking my neglected cock as I watch my sexy girlfriend being taken in all three holes. The sounds and smells of sex full the air.

Steven is fucking in to her ass long and hard the force of his thrusts causing her to rock up and down on Darren’s long cock and pushing Tony’s cock deeper down her throat with each thrust from Steven. Moans are escaping from her cock filled mouth as she nears another orgasm. She pulls Tony’s cock out her mouth to say “Oh yes feels so fucking good.” She screams out as her body shakes and she lets her self go this orgasm seems to last for ever. Steven and Darren let her catch her breath for a minute but little do there realize there’s no time for resting when Leanne is sexed up and horny. She shouts at Steven and Darren to fuck harder “Darren I want you to full my pussy with your cumm”, “Steven I want you to spray your cum over my ass and back.”

Steven takes hold of her hips and starts ramming in to her ass as fast and hard as he can Darren lifts her bottom up a little and thrusts in and out of her pussy for all his worth. Nice long thrusts just how she likes it. They pick up a good rhythm together, when Steven is on his in stroke Darren is on his out thrust working together like a well oiled fucking machine. The sweat pouring off them there moans filling the air Steven is the first to reach his climax he lets out a grunt “I’m cumin” he pulls out of her ass and sprays over her ass and back just has he been told. This sends Leanne over the edge and she begins to cum again as she does Darren bucks wildly and starts to shoot his cream deep in to her pussy “mmm full my aching pussy with your hot cumm” Leanne screams out. Tony unable to control himself any longer sprays his cum over Leanne’s face and tits she holds her tongue out catching some of his thick white cum in her mouth then pulls him closer to suck the last drops of cum from him.

Leanne looks up at me making sure I’m looking at her and lifts her self up from Darren letting his huge cock plop out of her stretched open pussy. His cum drips out of her pussy she catch’s some on her hands and brings it up to her mouth to taste Darren’s cum before rubbing the rest over her breasts mixing it with Tony’s cum rubbing there cum in to her breasts and over her belly.

She stand’s and look’s at me completely covered in cum and says “Now you promise never to neglect me again .”I nod and say “sure honey” she winks at me and says “ok baby you come to the shower with me and help me get cleaned up” looking at my ready to burst hard on she says “Ill take care of that little problem for you to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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