Friends Request Ch. 02

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The back story is in part 1 of this series so you may want to start there before continuing. The plot (yes,there is a plot) will make more sense if you do.

… continuing on …

“Well,” I said. “Do you think we got pregnant or will you be abusing me some more?”

There was tired laughter from the others at my weak joke. Janine rolled her head back and said, “Not until you get me something to drink at least.”

That sounded like a good idea. We were all sweaty and needed to rehydrate. “I’ll get us something cold,” I offered, standing up. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it back around my waist – not from modesty but just to stop my cock from dripping all over the place.

My legs felt like rubber as I stumbled back into the kitchen. I knew I didn’t want any more wine tonight and found some cold fruit mixes instead. I drew glasses of cold water and dropped the mixes in before returning to the sweaty group in the sitting room. They had moved to sit up against the furniture again and reached up to take the proffered drinks with mumbled thanks. No one else was in a towel so I folded mine and placed it beside Janine before I sat down. She leaned over against me and sipped at the drink.

The room reeked of arousal – male and female. Stan’s cock lay limply glistening on his thigh and there were dried trails of cum on the girls’ thighs. Both of them looked like they’d been making love for hours but when I looked at the clock I saw we’d barely started the evening. Somehow the intensity had made it seem much later than it was.

Janine rolled her head towards me and reached up for a kiss. Our mouths parted and I could taste the bite of the drink over the musty taste of our sex.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was really good for me.”

“For me too,” I replied. I looked over at Stan and Clare who were snuggled together looking as tired as I felt.

“I think they had a good time, too,” I added.

Clare laughed at me, “You think?” she asked. “Your old-man-to-be is a pretty good loaner,” she said to Janine. Janine smiled back at her.

My heart had returned to normal and I could feel the cool air from the window running across me. “Let me know when you want to go again,” I teased taking a drink.

The girls made faces at me and pointedly looked at my limp cock. “Really,” asked Clare? “What do you plan on using, hard language?” They giggled.

“I’ll have you know there are plans to leave you both quivering and helpless, right Stan?” He nodded and added, “Yeah, I’m going to call in some reinforcements – maybe the local football team or something to help satisfy these two.”

The girls squealed in outrage and laughingly attacked him. He didn’t try to defend himself very hard and they soon had him knocked over flat, tickling and biting him in delicate places. Their attack also gave me a great view of their naked bodies as they rolled around with him. The girls were encouraging each other with suggestions to smother him in tits. Stan was laughing and mock-protesting their attack. They took turns grabbing his cock which started to rise again. He was kissing and nibbling on whatever he could reach which just increased the giggling by the girls.

My cock started to swell at the views I had presented to me. At one point both girls were trying to lie across Stan to hold him down which presented both their backsides to me. Their still swollen cunts left wet spots on his skin or each other as they wrestled with him and my cock appreciated the views. When the fight rolled towards me I playfully slapped the ass within reach which got me a shocked squeal from Clare.

She spun around and glared at me before abandoning Stan to move towards me. “Striking a poor woman when her back is turned,” she said. “There’s a penalty for that you know.”

I raised both hands and motioned for her to come closer. “Bring it on,” I challenged.

Her firm breasts swung below her as she stalked me across the comforter. “You’ll have to pay,” she said shaking her hair back away from her face. My cock rose harder as she moved closer. I loved it when she used her strength against me and she growled gently at me before suddenly pouncing forward. She caught my cock in her hands and yelled, “Gotcha!”My cock grew quickly in her grasp and she stroked me as I rose up again. She licked her lips and looking over at the others she swung a leg over mine keeping hold of my cock. My cock was slick with Janine’s cunt and my cum and she used it to lubricate her strokes. She moved across my hips and held my cock against her opening running the head between her lips.

Leaning forward she said, “You’re going to finish in Janine but I want a few strokes of my own before you do.” Lowering herself she impaled her cunt on the head of my cock and gasped as it spread her lips.

She was slick and hot and there was little resistance to my entry. Looking down I could see wetness being forced down around my cock as I slid deeper inside her.

I Escort Bayan reached up to play with a breast – teasing the nipple up again. Leaning forward I suckled at her breast and she wrapped an arm around my head to pull me closer. Her hips undulated with my cock partly inside her and she made small sounds of pleasure. She worked me deeper and deeper finally settling down fully on my lap. This took her breast too far away for me to kiss so I put both hands out and held a breast in each palm. As she moved they shifted in my hands and I used my thumbs to tweak the nipples.

Her arms were on my shoulders as she moved gently forwards and back on my cock.

“Damn you feel good,” she purred. Her eyes peered through half closed lids and she licked her lips before catching the lower one in her teeth. Hot juices flowed from her cunt soaking me under her – I could feel some trickling down between my legs and across my ass.

Behind us Stan and Janine were watching her on me. On one wall a mirror gave me a glimpse of their view. Her round ass cheeks moving forward and back along my thighs as she ground my hard cock inside her. I reached around to cup each cheek and pulled them slightly apart as she moved exposing her small rosebud on each back stroke. Her cheeks quivered as she worked our sex together and drops of sweat started appearing. I slide one hand around her tight backside and started rubbing her asshole gently using her juices for lubrication.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Don’t stop .. please don’t stop,” she begged as the sensations built towards climax.

Stan was fingering Janine as they watched and she was flushed with arousal. Her hand was on Stan and she stroked him steadily. I crooked a finger at them both in invitation and Janine moved closer to us.

Janine reached out a hand to caress Clare’s side and moved it up to catch a breast. Clare turned her head at the touch and her breath became ragged as she saw what Janine did. I motioned Stan to come around to the other side. I caught both Clare’s hands and pulled them behind her back forcing her to sit higher and pushing her breasts out.

Stan leaned in and took a breast in his mouth as Janine did the same from the other side. Clare rolled her head back at the sensation and moaned raggedly. I was moving my hips under her driving my cock into her as she worked it with her inner muscles. She started shaking her head and moaning harder.

“No … oh god no … ,” she panted. “Stop .. please stop .. ugh ugh .. ahhhh! You’re making me cum again!”

“Stan,” I said. He turned to me releasing her breast from his mouth. “Fuck her mouth,” I silently said to him, just mouthing the words so she couldn’t hear.

He smiled and moved to stand over us – I lifted my hips to raise her higher and he caught her head with his hands. Janine reached across Clare’s body to play with her other breast while still caressing the one with her mouth. Clare’s eyes opened in surprise when she felt Stan take hold of her hair. He smiled down at her and guided her mouth over the head of his cock. A muffled squeal came from around the meat in her mouth as he stroked himself in and out of her lips. He didn’t give her the option of sucking him but held her in place and fucked her mouth moving his hips in firm strokes.

Helpless to resist what we were doing to her I felt her fighting my hold on her arms but I wouldn’t release them. I jerked my cock harder up into her cunt making her squeal even louder. Stan shortened his stroke but didn’t stop using her mouth and Janine bit at her nipples while scratching her nails across the sensitive skin.

Suddenly I felt Clare’s body spasm hard and she soaked my cock in a flood of juices as her climax hit. Her mouth widened in a noiseless scream and her cunt contracted hard around me as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her body. She held herself rigid in orgasm between us – as she started to come down and relax Janine dropped a hand to Clare’s exposed clit and rubbed it with small circles.

This time Clare did scream around Stan’s cock as the tremor of an aftershock suddenly became another huge climax. Her body became limp and I released her arms to catch her against me. Stan moved back with a string of saliva connecting his wet cock to her mouth. Clare collapsed against me weakly and I could feel her cunt trembling as I lay inside her. Her mouth gasped for air and drool pooled on my chest as she struggled to recover. I shifted slightly and her eyes flew open.

“Please,” she begged. “Don’t … let me stop … drink, I need a drink.” Janine reached for a glass and offered it to her, helping Clare hold it. She drank noisily and some dribbled onto my skin. Clare moved her head back enough so I could see the expression in her eyes. She looked exhausted and kept licking her lips in an attempt to control her mouth. The best way to describe her look right now is – wanton.

“You want off me,” I asked? She nodded. “Okay, let’s move this way,” I said leaning to my left. She slowly extended her trembling left leg and rolled towards her right. Janine caught her knee and helped her straighten it as Stan guided her over beside him. I moved with her until I could pull my cock slowly out of her – the folds of her cunt clutching at me as I withdrew. Clare moaned as she settled back inside my left arm and Stan’s right. Groaning she extended both legs and shifted her hips to get comfortable.

Stan pulled her hair back from her face and she looked up at him cautiously. “If you try to start anything with me right now I will bite it off and make you a girl,” she warned. We all laughed at her. Stan looked at me over the top of her head.

“What should we tell the rugby team then, Mick?” I shrugged.

Looking over at Janine he continued, “Looks like you’re it then, darling. Your girlfriend’s shagged out.”

Janine giggled shaking her head and Clare slowly shook a hand in protest. “Five minutes, okay .. maybe ten minutes .. then we’ll see who’s shagged out.” She grinned up at him, “Bet you cry uncle before I do.” She looked around at us.

“That was bloody incredible, you lot.” As far as I know that was the first time she’s ever had two cocks in her at the same time. We’d been open about sharing our past experiences and she’d never mentioned it before. From the look on her face it won’t be the last time.

She looked over at Janine. “Your turn next,” she said. “Anyway, how did I get to be the center of attention? Thought we were here to get you pregnant.”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too.” Janine said smiling.

“Fun .. yeah .. that was fun .. wait until we get you helpless and you’ll be screaming too, girl.” Clare told her. She looked up at Stan.

“Why don’t you lay her out on the floor and I’ll hold her hands so you two blokes can show her some fun,” she suggested.

“Hey, don’t I get to say anything about this,” protested Janine.

“Nope,” the three of us chimed in unison.

Clare sat up straighter as her breathing slowed. She leaned over to rub noses with me, “Love you,” she said as she leaned her forehead against mine.

“Love you, too, lady,” I replied. I did love her, so deeply it scared me sometime. Since we met I had found myself completely lost in her spell – and had no wish to ever stop.

She twisted our heads so we were looking at Janine. “You ready for some more then,” she asked?

Janine glanced down at my cock which had remained mostly hard – I felt it stir at her attention. She nodded and smiled at us both.

Clare sat back and looked back at Stan.

“I’m guessing you wouldn’t complain about another round, would you,” she said with a smile. Stan just smiled and shook his head. Clare smiled and crawled over by Janine giving Stan and me a great view of her ass as she moved on hands and knees. She stopped and looking over her shoulder gave her backside a sexy wiggle at us before spinning around to sit beside Janine. The two girls leaned back on their arms stretching their legs out in front of them.

As I looked at them I wondered how I’d gotten so lucky. Not just with the request from Janine but in being favored with Clare’s love and affection. Both girls were so comfortable being themselves there was no embarrassment or hesitation in sharing themselves with Stan and me. Here they were, side by side, chatting as easily as if we’d been at the pub having a lunch together. But in the past hour each had received the other’s lover into their bodies and moaned as shared climaxes mixed the seeds of life within them. Even now my seed was working its way inside Janine determined to find her egg and provide a living reminder of our joint pleasures. Clare’s body was just as full of Stan’s contribution although it would be a sterile journey.

Their naked pale skin glowed and the flickering lights from candles and fire played shadows across their bodies. My body responded to the provocative sights in front of me and I felt blood stiffening my cock. I moved to my knees and started to move towards them feeling Stan close by. The girls reached behind and positioned pillows behind their heads. I moved between Janine’s legs as she lay back raising her knees in acceptance. Beside her Clare matched her movements as Stan moved up beside me.

Looking over I could see his cock standing out hard and proud between my girlfriend’s knees. He put his hands on her legs and stroked the soft skin inside her legs as she moved to allow him access. Clare and I locked eyes and I blew her a kiss which she returned with a grin. I could see Stan and Janine doing the same and laughed inwardly at the situation.

I rose up slightly so my cock lay on Janine’s body and I moved myself slowly using one hand to press the underneath against her clit. She smiled and placed a hand on top of my cock trapping me against her.

Pressed against her I could see how far my cock would penetrate her body. It always amazed me how a woman could accommodate so much. Remembering how hard I pound them sometimes I’m surprised they don’t squeal more.

We set a slow rhythm and her breathing picked up. I could feel her getting wetter as I moved between her lips – her breasts shifted heavily and I leaned forward to feel them against my chest.

Beside us Stan and Clare were joined and moving steadily together. They were close enough we could feel Clare’s leg rubbing against us as Stan’s thrusts moved her. It felt incredible. Clare kept glancing over at us watching how we touched each other. She dropped a hand down on Janine’s stomach and slid it down to cover my cock with her. She closed her fingers so I was fucking her hand as well as moving in Janine’s. Janine turned her head to look at Clare and moved her hand so she was holding Clare’s around me.

Shifting her hips I felt Janine moving my cock so I rode lower, closer to her entrance. I pulled back further and slowly pushed myself between her lips. Janine kept Clare’s hand on me as I entered her controlling my depth. Both girls gasped a little as Clare felt me enter Janine. Her hand was trapped between me and Janine as I drove deeper.

“That is so fucking hot,” Clare breathed.

Janine nodded in agreement and moved her hips against me. “Oh yes,” she agreed. “It’s like you’re helping him fuck me.” I drove further and felt their hands at the bottom of each stroke. We kept a steady pace for a few minutes until Janine released us and pushed harder. Clare’s hand was squashed and she flattened it between us letting me drive deeper. As I withdrew she played her fingers across Janine’s clit.

“Ooooh,” Janine bucked against our combined caress. Clare grinned at her saying, “Payback girlfriend, payback. I won’t be the only one to lose control here tonight.”

Stan laughed at them as he watched Janine moving under me. “Seems fair to me,” he agreed still stroking himself into Clare. He suddenly gasped as Clare grinned up at him.

“You do that much more,” he said, “and we’ll be done very quickly,” he finished with a gasp. Clare opened her eyes wide and said with an attempt at innocence, “But all I did was hug you, like this.” He gasped again and I could tell she had tightened her cunt around him. I knew how that felt as it was a favorite way she had of teasing me. You’d swear she had independent control of her muscles as her cunt felt like it was milking you from outside in. Stan gasped again.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll stop so you can last a bit longer, dear.” She said this rather breathlessly not being immune to what he was doing to her. She recovered her hand from between me and Janine and pulled Stan against her. She kissed his shoulder and then I saw her teeth biting at his neck.

No, she wasn’t immune at all. When she started biting me she was close to her own climax. I knew they wouldn’t last much longer if she decided to abandon control.

Janine moved her legs and locked them around my waist as she returned my thrusts. I rolled her slightly upwards so I had a new angle for my cock and picked up my own pace slightly. She responded with enthusiasm sliding her arms around me and clutching at my back. Her mouth nibbled at my throat and shoulders sometimes biting the skin. She groaned her desire as I returned her caresses. I dropped my head down by her ear to whisper.

“You like feeling Clare’s hand on you, do you,” I challenged.

“God yes,” she replied. “You have no idea how erotic that is for me.”

“Before I cum,” I continued, “I want to change positions so she can help us again. Okay?”

“Whatever you want,” Janine replied. “Whatever she’s willing to do I’m game.” She panted her way through small climaxes but I could feel her body working towards another big one.

I looked over at Clare watching her ride Stan’s caresses to peak after peak as she heard our exchange.

Her eyes had widened again and she looked barely in control. I could see small scratches on Stan’s back and knew from experience she was very close to becoming a screaming, scratching, and biting frenzy. It wasn’t often she would let herself go that way and my back was mute witness to the passion she unleashed. She had literally drawn blood from me more than once and even left a broken nail in me one wild night.

“You two willing to try something,” I asked them? Clare nodded and Stan looked up.

“What do you want to do?” he panted.

“Have Clare help finish me off with Janine,” I replied.

“God, yes,” Clare panted. “How do we do this,” she asked? Her voice was deeper and ragged, filled with lust.

“I’ll get us close,” I replied. “Then move us so I’m behind her lying down. You can use your fingers on her to push her over the top. When she cums I bet I will too.”

Janine moaned as she heard our plans. “Yes … please yes,” she begged. “That is such a turn-on.”

Clare stopped moving and looked up at Stan. “You want to move so we can do that,” she asked? Stan nodded his head making little beads of sweat drop onto her.

“From behind again,” she suggested. “That way you can watch, too.”

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