Friends with Benefits Ch. 01

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Note: The following story is completely factual and depicts actual events between myself and the main character. Our names have been changed for anonymity purposes. Given that this is my first erotic story submission any thoughts or suggestions about this piece would be greatly appreciated.


Day 1

For several weeks I had had a goal…I needed to have sex with Dante Gudino if it was the last thing I did before I moved upstate for college in the fall. There was something so intriguing, so mysterious about him, that, to this day I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was. He was quiet and kept mostly to himself, speaking only when our teacher would call on him to answer a question, which he did so grudgingly. It wasn’t until very late in our senior year that I took notice of him. It was always sideways glance here, a smile there, until one day during the forensics class we shared, we struck up a conversation, about what, I couldn’t tell you. By the time the period had ended we decided to ditch the rest of the day and walk back to his house, chatting the entire walk home. Soon I found myself confiding in him, and telling him more about myself then I ever had to anyone I’d literally just started speaking to. He was so easy going, and funny, that I quickly realized I had seriously misjudged him, and I could not have been happier about it. When we arrived at his house we shared a cigarette or two and headed on inside. We continued with small talk on his couch for a bit until suddenly we fell into a bit of an uncomfortable silence. I was about to say something, when all of a sudden Dante leaned over and kissed me! And I must say it was totally hot. The moment however , was ruined two minutes later when I realized how badly I needed to use the bathroom. When I returned to the living room I found Dante sitting on the couch with a smile on his face.

“I believe you’re in my spot.” I said walking up to him slowly.

“Oh yeah,” Dante replied, “So what are you gonna do about it?” he asked, with a taunting smile playing on his lips.

With that, I came up to him and straddled his lap, and with my arms around his neck I kissed him, trying to tell him through my kiss just how badly I wanted him. Dante in response wrapped his arms around me, his hands trailing down my back, to my waist, and finally lower, cupping my ass in his big hands. I began to grind my pussy into his lap, though dry humping through two pairs of jeans doesn’t really give the desired effect. My lips moved to Dante’s neck, and I sank my teeth into the flesh of his shoulder as he brutally ran his nails down the length of my back.

“I want to fuck you so bad” Dante said breathless

“Oh God so do, I.” I replied “You don’t even know how much.”

“I could make it so much worse.” He said, with an evil glint in his eyes.

“I seriously doubt it.” I said, slightly annoyed that I the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t getting laid that day, due to feminine issues.

Taking my comment as a challenge, Dante rolled me off his lap and onto my back toward the end of the couch. Cradled in between my legs he began to really kiss my neck, managing to find every erogenous spot, even those I istanbul escort was not aware of. At the same time he lifted my shirt and began to tease my nipples with his hands and tongue.

“Oh please don’t do that.” I moaned seeking a relief for the intense throbbing in my pussy.

“Why not huh?” he asked, continuing his torment of my nipples.

“Because I want you so fucking bad right now, and I can’t have you today, so this is a horrible tease.”

Laughing a little, he made his way back to my neck, he asked if he could leave a mark and I said “sure” not realizing what I’d just agreed to. By the time Dante was finished , I had a very noticeable blood red hickey the size of China on my neck, and to both our dismay’s I had to be at work in twenty minutes. Before I left Dante asked me a question that would become infamous in later months…

“Rain check?” he asked, smiling.

“Definitely.” I agreed, slowly removing myself from his arms.

A short time later I hopped into a cab and went to work, my mind replaying the day’s events until I went to sleep that night.

Day 2

At some point that weekend I decided I’d do what ever I had to, to get Dante into bed, and furthermore, I had a plan. I went to the mall and bought this skimpy, black skirt, matching black stockings and a new thong. Come Monday morning I straightened my hair, put on some makeup, and donned my slutty little outfit, already anticipating seeing Dante fifth period. Before I could show myself off to him, I had to first get through the first half of the school day, dressed a bit to whorish for my taste, and the reactions I got from my friends ranged from amusement to a bit shocked. But finally after much anticipation and silent doubt, the time had come. I walked to the class room expecting to see him sitting in his usual seat by the window, but he wasn’t. In fact, he was no where to be found. Disappointed and annoyed I found my own seat and waited for class to begin. Just as the last few students filed in, there he was. His gaze found mine immediately, and when he caught sight of my attire, a smile spread slowly across his cheeks, showing off his dimples and perfect teeth, teeth that I could still feel nipping my neck and tugging on my nipples. Class was monotonous and dragging by as usual, then finally the bell sounded and we were on our wait out.

“What’s going on.” Dante asked surveying my new look with an amused gaze.

“I want that rain check you promised.” I told him, not bothering to hide my intentions,

Laughing a bit he replied, “Okay so get off at my stop today, we’ll go to my house.”

My final two classes seemed to move at a snails pace, but just when I thought I’d lose my mind from the built up anticipation, the final bell rang, and I was hastily making my way to our bus. He sat down beside me when he got on and once again we waited until we could be alone. Unfortunately when we got to his house his mother was home, and once again my bubble was burst, but I was not about to let my outfit go to waste.

“Wanna go for a walk?” Dante suggested as if reading my thoughts.

“Sure,” avcılar escort I replied, “Where to?”

We walked a short distance and ended up in a wooded area near one of the elementary school’s in town. We found a log and sat down and continued our small talk. We’d started out sitting side by side making idle chit chat, at some point we both turned toward each other, both of us now straddling the log. While we were talking we began inching closer and closer to each other, until his hands were resting on my knees and the tips of my fingers were tracing the outline of the tattoo’s on his forearm. We gazed at each other in silence, I’d never wanted to kiss someone so badly in my life but I was afraid. Maybe he’s changed his mind, or better yet maybe he had gotten the wrong opinion of me between my outfit, and what had happened between us a few days previous. My stomach now painfully knotted, he finally leaned in and kissed me, and I melted. With one kiss I felt my nipples harden and my pussy get wet, but it didn’t end there. Once again his hands began caressing my breasts as his lips trailed from mine, down my jaw, to the sensitive hollow of my neck. Before I knew it Dante was unbuttoning my shirt and pushing my bra up, so he could tease my nipples. The most shocking thing about it was that after only a few minutes of his ministrations, I felt my pussy get swollen as though I was about to come. Trying to gain back a measure of control I sat up from my now reclined position and fixed my disheveled clothing. The arrogant smile on Dante’s face would have been obnoxious on another, but after how good he’d just made me feel with so little effort I figured he deserved it. After settling down a bit we walked to another small clearing near by. Dante was leaning against a tree and had my back pressed securely against his front, and from this position I could feel his hard on nestled against my ass. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, resting his chin on my shoulder as we gazed up into the canopy of trees. I had never in my life felt so secure and protected, and it was in that moment, in retrospect, that I started to fall in love with him.

He placed small sweet kisses on my neck then asked…”So what are we doing exactly?”

My smile faded a bit at the question, knowing the answer he sought from me.

“I though we decided to keep it a friends-with-benefits thing right? I replied trying my hardest to conceal the tiniest pin prick of hurt I felt in my heart.

I continued, “I mean, I’m cool keeping it at that, ’cause after all, I’m going away to school in a few months anyway. What would be the point, that’s not fair to either of us.”

“Yeah,… yeah.” Dante agreed. Though part of me was hoping he’d put up more of a fight, though at that point, a fight for what? There was nothing to fight for.

Slowly he began to seduce me once more. Turning me around to face him, the kissing began, and as it got more intense, the wetter I became. My finger curled around his shoulders, and my pants became more audible.

“God I want you so fucking bad!” I moaned into his neck.

Smiling, he said, “Oh yeah?”

More bold now I whimpered, şirinevler escort “Dante finger me please!” My growing need apparent.

Looking down at me, he slid his hand under my skirt and stockings, and slowly ran his finger up my dripping slit. I moaned at the contact of his finger on my clit, as he rubbed it softly for a minute. I was just about to scream out in frustration when he suddenly shoved two fingers deep inside me.

“Ohhh fuck!!!” I moaned in his ear as he rotated his fingers inside me when he found my g-spot.

“Your pussy’s so tight.” he said low.

I came hard all over his fingers in minutes, moaning and panting as he held me steady.

Laughing I said, ” Wow, you weren’t kidding, when you said you are good with your hands.”

Smiling a toothy smile Dante kissed me hard, and began rubbing my clit, once more as I thrust my hips up toward his hand.

Wanting to give him the pleasure he’d given me I said “please let me suck your dick.”

“If you want.” Dante said unbuckling his belt

I tugged his jeans down his hips and released his cock from the confines of his pants. I glanced up at him just before I swirled my tongue around the head. Dante let out a deep groan and grabbed a fistful of my hair, gently urging me to take more of him in my mouth. After teasing him for a long moment, I took his entire cock in my mouth, the tip nudging the back of my throat, my nose just touching his abdomen. Dante kept a strong hand on the back of my head forcing his cock deeper. Gagging a bit, I pulled back and continued sucking him off, loving the moans I elicited from him.

Looking up at him I said “Fuck me please, right now, I want your cock inside me so bad!”

Pausing for a moment he looked straight in my eyes and asked, “Are you sure, ’cause I don’t have a condom.”

“Yes, yes just please don’t come in me.” I pleaded, hoping I could trust him since I was no longer on the pill.

Dante moved behind me and yanked down my skirt and stockings. His dick poised at the entrance of my pussy, twice more he asked, “are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, please fuck me now.” I said trembling with the anticipation of having his thick cock inside me.

Bending me at the waist with one arm curled under my breasts, he thrust his dick hard and deep inside my dripping wet pussy, stretching and filling me to capacity.

“OH FUCK YES!” I screamed out, grinding my ass harder into him.

Dante began to thrust hard and deep inside me, creating a steady rhythm that had me moaning in time to his thrusts.

“Shit you’re so fucking tight!” he groaned, keeping a tighter grip on my waist.

“Oh God you’re fucking me so good, please don’t stop!” I moaned

“Come on, come for me, come all over my cock!” Dante groaned in my ear”

“Ugh…ugh… oh… shit I’m coming” I yelled. Before I could recover from my orgasm, Dante pulled out, spun me around and picked me up, then slammed me back down on his hard prick, gripping my ass tightly as he threw me up and down. A few more thrusts and Dante sent me over the edge as another orgasm left my pussy convulsing around his cock. Not a moment to soon he pulled out of my pussy, gripping his cock tight as his cum coated the bushes near us. Adjusting my horribly mused clothing I turned towards Dante and kissed him, whispering “that was fucking amazing” as I pulled back.

Walking back to his house we agreed to do it again, “but next time,” I told him, “I want a bed beneath us.”

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