From College Student to Submissive Ch. 02

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Alice Goes to Bondage-Land

When I got back to me dorm room, it seemed like forever since I had seen Jean-Marie. I know it was only a few hours since he left back for Amsterdam, but I was missing him deeply. As I opened the door, my roommate handed me an envelope with a note from Jean-Marie, and an open-ended one-way plane ticket to Amsterdam and cash for my passport. The note said that when my semester ended, he wanted me to spend the summer with him in the Netherlands.

I jumped for joy, doing the happy-dance. After I calmed down a bit I lay back on my bed and read the rest of his note. He told me that in me he found what he was looking for in a woman – qualities that he’d been searching for, for years. The age difference between him and I didn’t matter he said. As far as Jean-Marie was concerned, I was intellectually mature for my age (me being 20 at the time to his 45), and that my sexual innocence he found refreshing. Jean-Marie ended the letter by saying how he could not wait for me to get to Europe that summer.

All I could do for the rest of the day, hell the rest of the semester, was think about going to Europe. I passed all my exams and got my passport 3 days before I was supposed to leave. I put all my stuff in storage, said good-bye to college life and said hello to Europe. This brings me here to the “present”: sitting here on this KLM first-class flight going to see this man, not knowing what my new life is going to bring me. I tried sleeping but was so anxious to see Jean-Marie again.

After the 7 hour flight, I walked through Schiphol International Airport, searching through the crowds, at first unable to find him. Soon as I got my luggage there he was standing there with 2-dozen roses. I ran up to Jean-Marie, jumped in his arms and kissed him deeply. We were mutually elated to see each other. The first question he whispered in my ear was “Are you ready to start your new life in bondage?” I stood back from him saying “yes”, an answer that I did not even need to think about, but an affirmation of something nearly from an instinctive level.

Jean-Marie took my hand, leading me to the car – a silver Bentley with a driver no less who opened the door for us. Again, I was breathless. Sitting next to me as we pulled off from the airport, Jean-Marie handed me a box containing a silver collar with an odd marking. I looked at it and recognized it as the Alpha symbol from the ancient Greek alphabet. Jean-Marie put the collar around my neck declaring to me that I was from then on, his Alpha Mistress, placing me above all other submissives in his house, and that none other would or could come before me.

He made it clear to me that not only was I to be his submissive and the Mistress of his house, all staff will obey my words, but that ultimately he – Jean-Marie – was the king of his house and that what ever he said was law. Personally, I was just happy to be with him. Truth be told, if he told me to shave my head and run around butt-naked, I would’ve done it.

As we were driven back to his house, Jean-Marie had me get undressed in the car. I folded my clothes, placing them on the seat next to me. He then put a leash on my collar and put nipple clamps on my nipples, which hurt at first şişli travesti (to the point where I cried a little responding to the shock of the pain). As we got closer to his house, he blindfolded me, which only increased my nervousness.

Sensing my apprehension, Jean-Marie told me that it was okay, that he wasn’t going to hurt me, and in fact had surprises awaiting me. The car stopped and he led me by my hand. Just seeing pitch-blackness, Jean-Marie’s voice changed, it became stern, forceful and deeper. I was no longer to call him “Jean-Marie.” From then on, I was to call him “Master” or “Daddy”. After that commandment, he pulled the chain and in my quietest voice responded, “Yes, Daddy”

“Good girl” he said, as we walked somewhere, to where I could only guess, but found out later it was the main house. At the time I could only guess and place all my trust him. I heard a door open and heard a male voice saying, “Master, you are home!” This man took my blind-fold off and my mouth dropped. All I could see was a long dimly lit hallway with people rushing around saying, “Welcome home, Master!”

There were no other Black folks in sight. The Butler asked Master where should he take me. “This is the new Mistress of the House, and you will address her as such!”

Jean-Marie told the Butler to convene the staff in the large dining room for them to all meet me. As we walked down the hallway to the dining room, I couldn’t help but notice how richly this place was decorated with 18th and 19th century furnishings. Once in the dining room, Jean-Marie sat down in a big plush chair next to which I stood until he told me to kneel at his feet.

All of a sudden, all these men and women in various stages of dress and undress walked into the room, where they all sat on the floor and in one voice said “Welcome home, Master!” He told them that I was his new Alpha Mistress, and that no other trainer will have contact with me, and that if she chooses to, I could pick any submissive I want to have fun with. He told them that they would give me the respect of being his wife due to me being the Mistress of the House. Jean-Marie concluded my introduction to his House by saying there would be a staff meeting the next morning.

That night him and I had dinner in the formal dining room, although I did not say a word, because he told me not to. When he did give me permission to speak I asked him what type of business this is because I was no hooker. Jean-Marie explained that it wasn’t like that at all, but that he trained people to be sexual slaves for very wealthy people who pay him money to find them individuals and train them for their specific liking. The people I saw in the house were trainees in the arts of Dominance; and once I am trained in the arts of Submission, I would be trained in Dominance as well, he said to me.

Jean-Marie called one of the female servants in the room and told her something in French (my French was okay but not fluent at the time) and all I picked up was something about bed and a bathroom. After dinner my Master led me up the stairs to the master bedroom and I was in absolute awe. The whole bedroom was designed in a West African motif – every bakırköy travesti material was genuine from the continent – the fragrant woods, the gold, the ivory and various other precious metals and stones; simply magnificent.

Jean-Marie told me to shower, but due to my long trip I requested a bath and he obliged me by having a hot bubble bath drawn. Sinking into that deep tub was heavenly. Jean-Marie came in and washed my hair, and… well… the rest of me too. After getting out the tub, he dried me off and brought me to the bed. My mind was racing: “Oh my God! He’s going to have sex with me!” I’m not going to lie, I was scared, but he put me at ease, gave me the most wonderful linen nightgown I’ve ever felt against my skin. Given the long flight and jet-lag, I was much more tired that I realized because once he wrapped his arms around me I fell asleep.

The next morning the bright Amsterdam sun awakened me. In the chamber came a maid wearing only an apron, telling me that the Master is waiting for me in the dining room for breakfast. After a quick shower I came out to find that the maid spread on the bed for me some riding chaps boots and a halter-top. I asked her what they were for to which she answered, “Master has a surprise for you.”

I walked into the dining room, wearing what he wanted me to wear, and saw him sitting at the table on the phone. I kissed him good morning and sat at his side waiting for him to finish. When he finished, I again saw the man I had last seen in New York.

We laughed and talked while we ate a light morning meal. Jean-Marie told me to hurry because his surprise awaited me outside. Though not particularly being one for surprises, I hurriedly drank my tea and raced out the door in front of the house. Standing there was a wonderful brown and white Palomino. He said the horse was mine and Jean-Marie put me on it and then mounted his own and we both went riding about the grounds. Aside from taking in the beautiful landscaping, I also noticed trainers in the back fields talking to groups of naked men and woman explaining to them the rules of the house and what they are there for; yet still no Black folks though.

We stopped and I asked him “Daddy, why are there no other Black people here?” He answered that Black folks were not into this world, and that he found it surprising that I was so willing to explore. I explained that I had heard about that world from others and wanted to see what it was like, and to see if I liked it; which is what led me to answer the Ad. I told him that while I was nervous at first, I could grow to like this life and that I’d be willing to do whatever it took to please him. “I want to be the best Alpha Submissive for you… there is nothing taboo for me.”

“Well enough” he said. With that Master and I rode back to the house, showered together and again found us on the bed. He began kissing me passionately running his tongue from my mouth to explore me; running his tongue along the contours of my body. I moaned, wiggled and giggled as he worked his way down to my pussy. He licked my clit and then to my surprise, slid a finger inside.

When he realized how tight I was Master added some istanbul travestileri kind of liquid to my vagina and re-inserted his finger. It hurt and I moaned and he slowed down a little and slowly worked his digit further inside, and the deeper he got, the more I opened up. The deeper his finger slide up inside, the more intense my pleasure until I reached a plateau and released. Master the came up to my face while opening my legs wider. He said he was going to enter me and to take a deep breath because it was going to hurt a little.

I held my breath as he entered me with a quick thrust. I yelled and begged him to stop. He told me to relax and I did while his penis slid in deeper until I felt his warm cum shooting from him deep inside. “You know I’m not on birth control, I said. Master said it was okay, “You are mine now and I will care for you”

After he pulled out and I sat up, I freaked out when I saw blood on the bed. “Shit! I’m bleeding” I said in a panicky voice, but it was nothing to be alarmed at. Normal it was, because I was a virgin. He said the sex would get better the next time. While in the bath later I could still feel my pussy throbbing.

I relaxed in the tub and when I finally got out, I saw Master had the linen changed and while lying down he rubbed warm oil all over my body and we made love again. This time was not as bad as the first. He took his time and we went at it all night long, only getting a few hours sleep.

The next morning he woke me up, telling me that my training as a Submissive is to begin. Looking at the foot of my bed I saw some sort of rope. Master told me to get on all fours and hold still while he tied my hands and feet down. He then laid me flat on my stomach and began lightly spanking my ass. The more I wiggled the harder he spanked until I started to cry, and the harder I cried the harder he spanked. I realized that I had to lie there and take it, and not cry.

Seeing the purplish hue of my ass he stopped and began to rub oil into the sore tender skin. As the oil meandered down between my butt-cheeks, Master began rubbing my ass more, whilst working a finger inside my asshole. I wiggled, and he inserted his finger deeper. As with the spanking, the more I wiggled, the deeper his finger went in my asshole; and then a second finger. I squealed, begging him to stop as he added more oil. Before I could react anymore, he inserted the head of his penis in my ass, and I screamed.

Master then got up; put a ball in my mouth to muffle the sounds of my blaring in pain. He added more lube to my ass and in one quick push; Master shoved full length and girth of his dick in my ass. I cried and screamed, but as he kept going in and out, it felt better. I actually felt myself enjoying the feeling it was giving me. Not realizing up ’til then that a woman could cum from anal, I felt my orgasm rising within me. The harder Master fucked me, the more I felt my orgasm building. It was wonderful as I met his every thrust with my own backwards hip motion.

I realized I was discovering my sexual self. It was thrilling – painful, yes – but thrilling. I wanted to know more about this life-style; wanted to please him and myself in a bigger way.

After Master released, he kissed my back, took the ball-gag out my mouth, untied me and took me in his arms – kissing me with such a passion that I wanted him even more.

He said I was a very good girl and that this was just the beginning of our life together.

I couldn’t wait for more training and for more pleasure.


To be continued…

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