Fuck You Dad Ch. 01

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***All characters are 18 years or older.***

My dad is against gays. Gays, lesbians, transgender, the lot. If a person isn’t having sex with the opposite gender, then he has a problem with them. He makes this clear with everyone including family, friends and even strangers. From when I was a little boy he used to tell me that if I ever turned out gay he would kick me out of the house. And at a small age, it impacted me a lot.

Growing up all I wanted to do is to go out with girls. I do find them attractive and I also have a type. Tall as me, thick with a nice round ass and curvy. Whenever I saw a girl that is my type I would imagine myself in bed with her. But I never went out with one and whenever I had the chance I instinctively backed out.

My dad asks me constantly when I’m going to bring a girl over and then goes on to ask me if I’m gay or not. I’m not sure. I don’t tell him that because we would end up fighting definitely. We fight constantly. I have my way of doing things, but he wants me to do things his way, because his way is the only way. His constant ordering around and living my life as he wants made me resent him a little bit.

Well one day I was looking at some porn when I accidently clicked on a link of a gay porn video. I didn’t know that and before the video started playing, I still didn’t realise. But what I saw was beautiful in front of my eyes. Two muscular men, not a single body hair, rock hard cocks with one of them sliding in and out of the others toned ass. This changed my personal perception of sex.

No longer I fantasied of having sex with girls only. I started thinking about having sex with men. But what I could think of is me on my knees, bending my back and sticking my ass out. A thick cock starts penetrating me and I feel it sliding in my own ass, widening me. This was a year ago when I was 18 years old.

Now I’m 19. I still want to have sex with ataköy escort women but most of the time I’m jerking about me getting used by another men. My fantasy is to have a man that is dominant over me and I let him use me so that he satisfies his needs. At the end he would cum in my ass leaving me there with a massive creampie dripping out of me. Sometimes also with multiple men. I also started penetrating my ass with round handles of stuff around the house like a hairbrush, bottle opener and tools. My ass can get wide and be ready for the big cocks. But I have yet to even try to find someone to fill me up.

One day me and my dad have a big argument. I have had it. I wanted to get back to him but I didn’t know what to do. Then it dawned on me. What is the thing that he would hate the most? Having his son being a fag. Now I had all of the determination I needed to find a cock. I registered for this gay hookup site. I started scrolling down and see a picture of a man my dad absolutely hates and now I know why because he’s gay. He is almost 60 years old and he is far off from the type of girls I like. But I start chatting with him.

He immediately sent a pic of his dick. It was big. Big enough to make me crave it inside me. Although he was way older than me, I thought it would be hot to get fucked by an older man. Especially one my dad hates. So we decided to meet at a bar. I told him that I didn’t want to show my face until we met, and he was cool with it. So the date was set.

I went to the bar where he wanted to meet. It was only a couple of minutes away from home. I sat down and kept an eye out for him. After a solid 10 minutes of searching for him I saw him enter and sit alone at a table. I went and sat opposite of him. As he saw me he recognised me, that I was the son of a person he also hated. But before he could say anymore, I told him exactly who I was. He was avcılar escort immediately intrigued. As I got his attention I told him if he wanted to come over and fuck me in my own bed as my dad was watching the game downstairs. He accepted and we were off.

I managed to sneak him in. My mum was in the kitchen cooking and my dad was in the living room watching the game. My brother was out of town for the weekend so I was in the clear. As we got up the stairs, I told him that I wanted to see his old yet very functioning cock. He got it out and I was amazed to see a big dick right there in front of me. I dropped down to my knees and like an obedient slut I started working on his cock with my mouth. It tasted so good in my mouth. It wasn’t because it had a flavour but just feeling it inside my mouth and knowing that my dad was just below me really felt good.

At this point, his cock was getting hard in my mouth and mine was getting hard in my pants. I couldn’t help it anymore. I got up and stripped naked. I got on my knees and told him to fuck me right there just near the stairs. He asked me what if my dad caught us and I told him I didn’t care, all I wanted was to feel him inside my ass. That was all the encouragement he needed. He got on his knees to, spat on his hard cock and put it against my asshole.

He started slowly pushing it in until he was inside me. He entered pretty quickly since my ass was now used to having things sliding inside it. But as he started thrusting his cock in my ass it felt completely different. It was so much better to have a meaty cock inside you then some inanimate object. Knowing that there is a man behind you, grabbing you by the hips and thrusting in and out of your ass, feeling his cock going in deeper and deeper in you so that he can satisfy his urges while you are just getting hammered down in your ass is simply a phenomenal feeling. beylikdüzü escort

I started moaning softly like some slut. He leaned down, with his cock still in me and whispered that he was going to cum me, in the ass of the son of a man he really hated. He went back to thrusting his cock faster and faster. A clap sound could now be heard of his body smashing against my ass. He then started grunting and I knew why. I felt his cum flowing deep in my ass. He started thrusting his cock with one hard thrust for a couple of times.

As he finally pulled out he grabbed me by neck and made me suck his cock clean from my ass. It was so hot that he made me clean it, knowing that its been in my ass. He then pulled his pants up and told me that he was leaving. I went down, still naked and opened the door slowly for him to leave. As I saw him leave, I started feeling my ass gaped. It may not have been much of a gape but my asshole was definitely stretched more then usual.

I went back up and at the beginning of the stairs where he fucked me, I layed on my back, legs up exposing my used asshole and started jerking off. I unloaded a big one as just as I was about to cum I heard my mom walking downstairs. I thought that she was coming up so I grabbed my clothes, rushed to my room and quickly got dressed back up.

I went down near my dad to see the game. I passed in front of him and sat at the end of the room. He didn’t say a word. Then I started feeling something coming out of my ass. It was cum. As I realised what it was, I got hard and got up to go to the bathroom to check it out. As I passed my dad, he said that I had a stain on my pants just on my ass. I quickly responded that I must have sat on something.

I entered the bathroom, took my pants down and pushed the cum out of my ass and into the pam of my hand. It was too much and most of it went on the floor. So I got down on my knees and started slowly licking the cum off the floor while using the cum filled hand to stroke my cock. I made sure to stock my ass out to feel my still freshly fucked ass. I came again on the floor. As I finished licking the cum that came out of my ass, I licked mine too. I washed my hands and got out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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