Fucked Between the Shelves

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Amanda P.O.V

“Hey, Amanda can you lock up tonight?” Shelly, the lady behind the desk asked.

“Sure, I’ve got keys,” I laughed, and jingled the keys in my hand.

“Thanks. Oh, and there will be people here overnight moving the shelves in the children’s circle. Tell them what to do, and then you can leave” She said, and I watched her pack her things into a bag. I nodded, and looked at the cart of books I was supposed to finish putting on shelves.

“Great, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, and let her leave.

It was hot in the library, and since I was on the top floor it was even hotter. I looked down at the shirt I was wearing. It seemed to be about eighty, with the heavy shirt on.

Knowing no one would be here for at least an hour, I took it off. I left my shorts on.

I finished putting the books on shelves, and left my shirt on the top floor as I headed to the last shelf on the last floor. I took the elevator down, and pushed the cart out towards the offices.

Walking to the back of the floor, I put the cart back where it should go. I heard voices, that sounded like several guys. Oh no, were the people the library hired to move the shelves already here?

Here I was, only in a bra and shorts. I would have to pass them on my way out. And what I was wearing left nothing to the imagination.

It was colder on this floor, Eskort Bayan and my nipples were starting to harden. I was wearing shorts, that were tight and exposed most of my perky ass.

“Hey, is anyone here? We heard a girl named Amanda was supposed to show us where to move things!” One of them yelled. I panicked, knowing the office light was the only one on.

I heard their footsteps getting closer, and decided I shouldn’t be hiding. All I had to do was tell them what to do and leave, right?

“Y-Yeah, I’m Amanda.” I said loudly, walking out of the office. I turned the lights on to the children’s circle where the shelves were already empty, and turned the office lights off.

I saw one of them peek around a corner to try and find me, and when he did his eyes widened. I wasn’t surprised, because I did look a little out of place.

“Whoa, guys take a look at this.” He stepped closer, grinning at me.

There were four of them, and they all followed the one to stand in front of me. I crossed my arms over my chest in attempt to hide my big tits, but it didn’t work. It just pushed them out more.

They all stared at me, from head to toe but I didn’t move. “So, you guys will be moving these shelves.” I said, taking a few steps towards the shelves. I stepped inside the circle, which had a playful carpet and a rocking chair in the corner. There were three big stuffed teddy bears too.

“What are you wearing?” One of the men, the biggest one walked up behind me. He leaned into me, and pushed me against him.

“What are you doing? Stop!” I tried to push him away but stopped when his hands fell on my ass. He then moved his hands up and stared to squeeze my tits together.

He tore my bra off, making me gasp. One of the other men got behind me and took my shorts off. The other two started to suck on each of my tits.

“No, what are you doing?” I gasped, at the sensation of them sucking on my tits.

The man on my right was licking my nipple while sucking on the area around it. He was squeezing the big tit flesh in his hands and grinning at me.

The other man, was biting my nipple, causing me to moan. I felt my head lean back to fall on the guy’s shoulder behind me. They were all grinning, as the man in front of me slid my panties off.

I gasped when the man behind me started to rub my ass in soft circles. Then he slapped it, causing me to scream. When the guy in front of me heard me scream, he placed my panties in my mouth. They all laughed, and continues to pleasure me.

“You’re such a slut.” One of them said, and I felt hands sliding down to my pussy which was now dripping wet.

“I bet she loves sucking cocks.” Another said, and I was pushed to the ground.

“Let’s find out.” All of a sudden, four cocks that all had to be at least 10 inches, stood proudly in front of me. They were all hard, and that made me even more wet.

“Suck on it.” A cock was pushed towards me, and I immediately took it in my mouth.

“Oh, fuck she’s good.” He moaned, and I forced myself to take all ten inches of his thick cock. He came fast, and I was pushed towards another cock.

“Yeah, you love sucking dick, huh?” This guy came too, and I started to rub the other two with my hands.

“Let me fuck her.” One of them stopped me, and made me sit on his cock.

I happily sat down on his cock, and gasped when it slid in easily. I took all 10 inches of his hard thick dick.

“Fuck, you’res so tight.” He fucked me hard and fast, and I came three times on his cock.

“Are you ready, you little slut?” I felt something poking my asshole. I moaned, as another cock was shoved inside of me.

“Let’s fill her holes.” They all moaned as each man took every hole of my body.

I let every man fuck my in the pussy, ass, and my mouth. I came so many times, that I passed out and they kept fucking me.

The next morning when I woke up, I still had my panties in my mouth and was covered with cum in the middle of the shelves. When Shelly found me, she wasn’t happy but helped me out.

She licked the cum off of my body, and fucked me with her tongue one last time before I went back to work.

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