Fucked Hard at Dollar Discount

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Big Tits

I was on the online hookup site. I was just browsing around. I am a mid forties married guy, tall, and, fit who turns total sub cum slut at the sight of cock. My profile indicates as much and I also noted that I was DTF (down to fuck) safe. I was really hoping to get lucky this day. I was wearing a jockstrap under some lose fitting pants (for easy access), I had already cleaned my man cunt very well and pre-lubed.

As I was checking out the talent, another member asked me if I was looking and sent me 3 unsolicited pictures of his cock and torso. He was 26 years old and had a nice build, washboard abs and a gorgeous long thick cut shlong. His dick was exactly the kind I loved to do down on and devour. We chatted for a while It worked out that he was into fucking older married guys. Our conversation got more intense and more detailed. I shared that I would love to have him fuck me and I joked he could bring a couple of buddies if he wanted. He was surprised and intrigued but said he didn’t really have any friends that would be into that. He added he would be into it if we could enlist another guy. Small talk and a few minutes passed and my chat partner asked if I liked black cock. I said that I was cock color-blind and was an equal opportunity cocksucker. As we were talking he was apparently shopping for partner in crime. He said he had found someone who would join us in an adjacent town about 45 minutes away. Eskort Bayan Since I was already mobile, I headed in that direction while we continued the online conversation.

We talked a bit more about how these two studs would spit roast me in the backroom of a Dollar Discount store. I found this incredibly hot. My chat partner told me the Dollar Discount guy was on break for until five o’clock. Looking at the time, I just had time to get there with 20 minutes to spare. I stepped on the throttle hard. My chat partner then told me that he was at Sunday dinner with his family and couldn’t get free until later in the evening. He asked that we wait.

By this time, I was five minutes from the store. I told my buddy that I wanted to go ahead without him since my time was also limited and I was so fucking horned I could hardly breath.

He connected me directly to the Dollar Discount guy. He shared a picture of his cock and let me know he was looking to tap white ass. I could suck his dick, but this would end with him breeding me. He had a long straight thick cock that looked to be about 7 inches long.

When I arrived, I saw him sitting out front of the store looking at his cell phone. He was appeared to be in his early thirties, a little shorter than me but heavier with a beard and average length hair. I chatted my question about how this would go down. He told me to go in the store, go right to the back and he would meet me there. He went in.

When I entered, the store was very quiet with a couple of customers and one woman working at the checkout. I went directly to the back. He was waiting around by a big double swinging door labelled “Employees Only”. He nodded and asked if I was looking for the bathroom, I just nodded. He pushed the door open and pointed me toward a door in the back corner. He followed closely behind and I felt his hand cupping my ass and moving me along.

He gestured at the door which was slightly ajar, I went in leaving the door mostly open to confirming that I wasn’t some random customer and was I fact there for his use. I was standing in a good sized, but pretty dingy restroom. When I turned around he was right behind me unbuckling his belt. He asked me if I liked big black cock and pulled his out. I bent at the waist and sucked his semi hard cock into my mouth. I started to suck and bob on his stiffening tool when he grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust his cock deep into my mouth while he held my head and mouth firmly on his cock. He fucked my throat vigorously. His cock continued to grow and stiffen. He alternated between raping my tonsils and pushing his cock as deep as he could down my throat and holding it there until I struggled to pull away. Somewhere in there he told me to get my fucking pants down. I fumbled with my belt and got it loose and dropped my pants. I stood there bent at the waist, choking on cock while he started fingering my lubed hole. He probed and fingered for a few minutes and then told me to turn around. I had brought additional lube with me and handed back to him. I looked back to see him stroking his long cock lubing it for the main event. I was bent over bracing myself with my arms on the toilet. I could feel his steely cock poking at my waiting hole. Then he plunged half-length in, withdrew quickly and plunged his entire length into me. I gasped and strengthened my grip on the commode. He fucked me vigorously with the same motion and urgency he used on my mouth a few minutes before. He’d plunge deep and held his cock into me creating pressure as it felt like his cock would come out threw my stomach. He assaulted my ass like that for five minutes or so.

He grunted he was going to cum and quickly withdrew his cock. I felt empty. He instructed me to turn around so he could fill my mouth with cum. He jacked as I knelt mouth wide open, tongue out. His cum spewed like a firehouse when it came. Very little of it went into my mouth. My face was covered as he used his cock to smear the cum into my face. He then used his cock to scoop the cum up for me to lick and suck from his semi-deflated dick. His cum was thick, warm and delicious. I told him his cock was awesome and thanked him.

He pulled his pants up, zipped up and told me to get the fuck out.

That is how I got fucked senseless at Dollar Discount.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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