Fun in the Pub Ch. 03

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* * *

I’d left Paul’s flat early the next morning, alone. George had been keen to accompany me but I felt rough and needed time to take stock of what had happened and how much I had enjoyed it. After just 2 hours sleep I felt done in. I was lucky enough to pick up a taxi quickly and slumped on the seat. As always the cabbie was keen to chat and commented on my appearance.

“God, you look rough mate. You need a pick up. You should try a sauna. There’s a couple nearby that will be open. Give em a try mate. You’ll feel so much better.”

I said I would and he dropped me off outside a very respectable looking venue. “Might as well give it a try,” I thought to myself. “Nothing to lose.”

I paid my £18 and grabbed the two towels and pushed through the turnstile. The locker key was clearly numbered and I stripped off, folding jeans and shirt on top of my shoes. It didn’t seem TOO busy. There were a few young blokes my age wandering around in towels. A couple nodded their head in acknowledgement as men do in a changing room. I wrapped a towel round my waist and headed to the shower.

The water was warm and felt good on my tired muscles. I leaned my body on the tiled wall and closed my eyes in relief as the jets of water stung my body. “That feels so good,” I murmured, unaware that anyone else had joined me.

I reacted with a start as a deep voice said “Yeh, it can be the best part of the visit, mucking about in the shower.”

I opened my eyes to see a 6 foot young guy standing under the adjacent shower. He was vigorously rubbing soap over his buff body and through his longish brown hair. He smiled as he turned round, exposing his broad shoulders and back to the jet and I was able to admire his cute bubble butt and long, hairy, muscled legs.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” I thought, and felt my cock stiffening. Better get out of here before I embarrass myself, I thought, and gathering my towel around my naked body called out,”see you about” and stepped onto the walkway floor. The marble tiles proved slippery when wet and I took the time to dry my feet and get my bearings.

There was a cabin door off to the right and it opened allowing two hard men to escape with a rush of steam. “Bloody hot in there, one said as he eyed me confidently. He was buzz cut and tatooed with a pierced left nipple. Hot.

“Yeh but wait for the steam room, It’s awesome. Come on,” said his accomplice, even more macho- looking with facial stubble,grade zero hair and a scar over his right eyebrow. He was huge, all muscle and about 2 inches taller at 6’4. I couldn’t help lick my lips as they pushed past and they headed off, sneering at me and leaving me sweating profusely.

I pushed open the cabin door and stepped inside. No-one here, nice and quiet, even the music that filled the corridors was quietened in here. I lay back on an upper bench, closed my eyes and let the heat work on my body. I had quite a toned body, with a hard, developed chest and firm abs. The muscles in my arms were big and I flexed bursa escort them in an attempt to relax. I did the same with my legs and lay back on the raised bench with my feet half way up the wall. It felt great and I didn’t bother to move or look up as the door opened. I felt myself relax and was close to dozing off when I thought I felt a movement near my head. Someone had climbed onto the same high bench as me and was sitting near my slumbering body.

Cool air drifted over my face. This guy was blowing across my eyes and nose. I lay still waiting to see what would develop. I felt the movement of air across my chest. My nipples were responding and I could feel them hardening, and that wasn’t all that was stiffening up. I could feel my cock stretching out under the towel.

“Fuck, now what?”

I felt the bench creak as the guy adjusted his position and the next thing I knew he was standing at my side, rubbing a hand gently and slowly over my hard, firm chest muscles.

I dropped a hand and he snuggled his groin into it.

“God he was big, and stiff too,” I thought as he used my open hand to grip his cock. He pressed harder on my nipples, pinching one after the other and then I felt firm fingers push under my towel and grasp around my stiffening dick.

“Agh agh,” I moaned as he moved his fingers in more of a rhythm. He then lowered his head to my stomach and a firm, hard tongue pushed into my navel. I opened my eyes expecting to see a fat, old guy taking advantage but instead I looked into the eyes of the young guy from the shower.

He just smiled at me and moved his wicked tongue down my hairy stomach trail and took my cock completely in his mouth, swallowing it whole.

“Mmm,Mmm,Oh yes,” I moaned as he slurped and swallowed, sucked and licked at my 8″ stiff dong.

“Enjoying that?” He leaned up and smiled. “Like some more?”

What could I say. I mumbled something about a sweet mouth and lay back with my arms under my head.

His warm, moist lips engulfed my cock again and I used my right hand to feel beneath his towel for the stiff rod I knew I’d find there.

“Mmm, mmm,” he was taking me to heaven with the slurping,sucking and swallowing and I really wanted to offer something back. I pulled at his towel and let it fall to the floor and turned my head to the right to try and take him in my mouth but he was just out of reach.

“Hey, why don’t you hop up here and see if we can 69,” I said, while rubbing the back of his head with my left hand.

“Thought you’d never ask,” he said with a big grin as he climbed onto the bench, one knee either side of my head, and then stretched his body across mine, licking past my navel towards my shaft.

I took him in my mouth as he pushed just under my nose. It was long and stiff, bending up onto his taught stomach, so I had to lever it down in order to get it in my throat. I felt it would twang back out of reach if I accidentally released it, something I had no intention of doing. I was enjoying this too much.

We licked and slurped with a lot of sucking and moaning as we succumbed bursa escort bayan to our lust for each other. This guy had a good, athletic body and a hard, cock with low hanging , shaved balls which I loved. We were both enjoying this sweaty, hot sex when the door was flung open and the two macho guys I had seen leave, decided to return.

“Oh god. This could be awesome, the answer to an unvoiced fantasy, or just very painful”, a voice said in my head.

“Don’t stop,” the taller guy growled, and as if to reinforce this he slapped my suck buddies bum really hard. The sound echoed around the sauna cabin but the yelp was muffled by my rapidly deflating cock.

Neither sat down, they just stood and watched, inching nearer and nearer to the action. Under their towels they were pulling on their meat and were now so close I could hear their laboured breathing.

They let their towels slip to the floor together and I glanced to my right to see two meaty, firm bodies, nicely tanned and toned,both decorated with tats and piercings and two stiff, swinging dicks. In fairness these guys had a couple of handsome faces but the look in their eyes said “I’m in charge and you’ll do what I say.”

The guy on the right lowered his head next to my friends and stuck out his pierced tongue to lick my prick shaft while the knob end was being sucked.

“Hey mate, we’re gonna share,” he growled and I felt my first friend pulled up and heard them snog lustily. They resumed sucking with one pair of lips on each side of my shaft; every now and then someone licked my balls while the other sucked deep or they broke off and kissed passionately.

My mouth was joined by the handsome hunk standing to the left and we did the same, sharing licks and sucks; sometimes breaking off for hot kisses and to fence tongues, sharing spit and taste saliva and pre-cum. It was hot and against my better judgement I loved it. All day every day!

This sensational mouth work changed slightly when I felt a hand move down and caress my bum cheeks.

“Oh Oh! Here we go” I thought.

My legs were apart and now one was lifted and fingers began to grip my thighs and taunt and thrust at my hole. God that felt good. Rough but good.

I could’t help release a low, deep moan. “Mmm ooh,oooohh.” and my hips moved involuntarily to encourage the probing fingers.

“I think he likes that Max,” said the guy sucking my cock. He looked at me with lust filled eyes and

growled,”Do you want some deep hole action? Want me and my buddy to fill that juicy hole for you, eh?”

My face was full of hot, juicy cock but I turned towards him as best I could and tried to nod my agreement.

I knew I couldn’t keep this sucking going for a lot longer without exploding,so any variety might help me keep going for a bit.

My friend, who had his bum in the air and hole exposed, was now having a real licking and finger digging. He was moaning and wriggling while he power sucked my cock to near completion.

I felt the bench creak again as both men climbed up , one at each end. My knees were raised over escort bursa strong, muscled shoulders without my cock ever escaping that hot, wet mouth. A wet tongue pushed in with fingers groping and needing my butt cheeks vigorously. “Oh, Oh, AGHH,” I exclaimed as first one then two digits pushed deep and hard into my man cunt.

I could hear similar noises from my 69 partner and guessed he was having the same treatment,This was confirmed as he let out a deep cry and then a moan while continuing to suck and munch on my re-stiffening tube. His hips were bucking and a finger slipped down from his arse and forced it’s way into my mouth with his cock. More lube needed obviously! It tasted bitter and funky but not too unpleasant.

Our hips were both bucking now and I could feel the hard, rubbery head of a big cock pushing at my anus.

“oh no, Don’t fuck me, please not too hard,” I moaned with fear as the big bell end forced past my ring and sunk down and down into my gut. My hips were still as I became used to the feeling of pain and fullness. Slowly he slid out and then in, pushing further in with each thrust, banging and rubbing my prostrate into a mind-blowing orgasm.

My feeling changed as I tried to relax and I found myself responding to the thrusts and pushes of the forceful top.

“Mnn, no please, Your too big, don’t! Stop, please, No, no, no!,”I begged my forceful assailant, all thought of sucking temporarily forgotten. But then I found myself enjoying the thrusts and the animal frenzy of our coupling.

“Oh, yes, Oh yes,” I was begging as I held on desperately to the bench and my partner’s hair.

He was squealing pike a stuck pig, “MMnn OOGH, meiw, miew, ugh, ugh, UGH!” and I felt him shudder and cum over my face and chest.

“Oh god, don’t stop, please, fuck me harder, harder, HAR -d -d ” and my body collapsed as I shot my load over my stomach and chest.My cock twitched and pulsed as jet after jet of cum shot out,faster and more than I could ever remember.

The tops at both ends were taunting us with their remarks of sluts and cum-faggots as they piled into us unconcerned that we were sated and slumped in a heap on the sauna bench.

They wanted our holes and they were taking them whether we agreed or not. Eventually they came ,both barebacking us and seeding our guts with their cum. It oozed out of our holes as they pulled out their softening cocks. They climbed off and over us, slapping both butts vigorously as they taunted and tweaked our soft cocks.

They stood side by side, arms around each others shoulders as they unleashed their streams of hot, rancid piss all over us, up and down our trembling bodies. The yellow liquid splashed and soaked us as we huddled together. They Jeered us, “Little piss boys, our cum cunt slaves, bum sluts” they taunted.

Then they had gone, to shower I guess.

I looked down at my new friend and was surprised to see him smiling and a gleam in his eye. “What a turn on man. I’ve never cum so hard. Fucking great eh? I hope we meet them again. In fact I want to grab a number now. Really hot eh?”

With that he was gone too, leaving me in a pool of piss and cum.

“Well I don’t want to be the guy to clear this up,” I thought as I shrugged and made my way out wrapped in a soaking towel.

“Wait till I tell the boys down the pub. They’ll never believe me. “

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