Game of Love Ch. 06

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Game of Love Ch. 06

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Hello guys and welcome to this long awaited chapter. First of all, I want to apologize for taking too long to post this chapter. It had been a really busy two or so weeks for me preparing for tests and writing assignments. But now I am back and will make it up to you.

Feel the passion…


Times may change… days may go bye, even years. And some people change and others remain with memories of their past, especially the painful ones. It has been said, ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.’ But how true is this when some people get shaken forever by memories of their painful past?

The knives of betrayal and drama cut deep and hurt… but they also trim away the nonsense and reveal your true friends. But the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies but people that are always close to you. But sometimes, the mistakes we commit in the past are always haunting us.


5 years later


Sergio quickly covered his face as the rays of the sun from the window brightened his whole face. He groaned and covered himself with a blanket, complaining like a little child.

“Hey wake up, babe!” A sweet voice spoke. “It’s already and you’ll be late for work.”

“Work?” He groaned as he pulled the blanket even higher. “I don’t want to go there. I still want to sleep. Just a few minutes.”

“Hey, lazy bones!” The voice chuckled as it got closer. “Come on, you’ve got a really important meeting, remember?”

“But I wanna sleep.”

“You’re acting like a little child.”

And just like that, the blanket was pulled off of him and that morning, he stared upon a really rare beauty staring back at him with a perfect smile that made his heart race. Shit! He couldn’t help but smile. He quickly gripped his hand, pulling him closer and then locked his arms tightly around his waist and fuck, he felt like a horny idiot.

“Good morning!” He said in a sexy tone. “How was your night, my love?”

Sergio couldn’t still believe this was happening. He felt really lucky and alive, having his love in his arms and staring at him. It was almost unbelievable, like a dream.

“Good morning?” He gasped as he pulled him closer. “This still feels like a dream, my Eric, my love!”

Eric blushed, taking a deep breath. “Are you going to wake up or what? Hey!” He gasped when he felt Sergio licking his lips. “If you wanted to do that, you’d have woken up early.” He lost the smile on his face. “But my husband loves sleep more than he does me.”

“What?” Sergio chuckled nervously. His hands found themselves in that soft hair that he loved so much. “You know that’s not true. My husband is my first priority.”

“And why’s that hard to believe?”

“You don’t believe me?” Sergio raised an eyebrow. “I can cancel today’s meeting and make love to you the entire day. That’s how much I love you and can’t stay away from you for long.”

“No way!” Eric grinned. “We just did that last night. You’re not satisfied?”

“Am I ever tired of making love to you?” Sergio sighed happily as he raised his head to kiss Eric but the boy blocked him. “And I love you so much. I have woken up but I am still dreaming of you.”

“You love telling lies in the morning.” Eric said as he pushed Sergio back on the bed. “Get up quickly while I prepare your bath.”

“Hey!” Sergio held his hand. “Come on, just a bit longer. I promise it will just be a kiss.”

Eric threw a pillow at Sergio and he laughed. Sergio gripped the pillow harder, laughing through it. But when he removed it, Eric was nowhere to be seen.

“Eric!” He chuckled, getting up from the bed. “Come on, babe.”

He was only wearing a tight brief which wasn’t even able to hide his hard on. He was happy, very happy.

“Eric! Come on!” He hollered. “Don’t do this to your husband. You know how much I want you right now. Where are you, baby? You in the shower? I am coming right over there.”

He smiled and then rushed into the bathroom. He found Eric seated on the edge of the hot tub with his fingers moving through the water. God, he looked really sexy. Sergio rubbed his hands together as he neared his husband.

“I am coming, babe!”

“Sergio, it’s really very late.” Eric said as he raised his head, staring at Sergio.

Sergio stopped in his tracks and stood still, his smile starting to fade. “Babe, what are you…”

“You’ve found me alright. But at the same time, you’ve lost me forever.” He said, still wearing a smile. “You betrayed me, used me and then dumped me. You destroyed the perfect life that we would have had together right now.”

“Eric, listen…” He started getting closer but the boy disappeared right in front of him. “Eric!” He shouted, looking all around. “Eric, I am so sorry!” He yelled. “Please, come back. Come back!”


“Eric!” Sergio gasped as he furiously rose from the bed like the hounds of Silivri Escort hell were after him.

Sergio was so sweaty that his entire body was like he’d just been from taking a dip into the pool. He was breathing harshly and his heart was racing so much.

“God!” He muttered, gripping his hair furiously.

Shit! Five years, five painful years since Eric had left. Sergio hadn’t heard anything from him, seeing him or even communicated with his friends. All his social media platforms had been deleted and he had tried searching for him all over social media but it was like the boy had disappeared from the planet of the earth suddenly. All he prayed for each day was to see him again, apologize and hopefully make things right. God!

Sergio got up from the bed and stood in front of a huge dressing mirror, checking himself out. Hmmm, a lot had really changed in the last five years. His body was now even more muscular than he was… his hair had grown a little and he had it in a gorgeous textured falling quiff and it was now black with golden brown highlights.

Sergio was no longer an immature boy he was back in the university. He was now a mature man, admired and very popular both in the business and fashion world. He was a very big business tycoon after taking over all the companies that his father had left.

“God!” He sighed. “It’s been five years, Eric. And every day, I keep having the same dream about you. What did you do to me? I don’t understand how after five years, you’re still affecting. I am supposed to be moving on but I feel tortured by your sudden disappearance. I just hope wherever you are, you’re very happy.”

He took a sigh when he heard his alarm begin to ring. It was time to prepare for work. He had a very important meeting that day.


Sergio was coming downstairs looking sexy as hell in a black designer’s one piece black suit with a white shirt inside. He was looking smart with black and white striped shoes on his feet. He was holding his phone and tablet as he came down those stairs.

“Hey!” Sergio heard a sweet voice as soon as he reached the living room.

He looked in front of him and saw a very beautiful, curvy lady rushing to him with a smile on her face. She was dressed in a beautiful black dress that showed off her gorgeous curves with slippers on her feet. Her hair was made into beautiful braids that revealed her beautiful gray eyes like Sergio’s. She was a really beautiful lady.

“Hey, Adriana! How are you this morning?”

Adriana pecked his cheek and held his hand. “Better now that I have seen you, baby.”

“Hey, I am not a baby. I am a grown up.”

Adriana laughed, shaking her head. “I know. It just feels good to call you that.”

Adriana was Sergio’s sister and the baby of the family. She was 21 years of age and a graduate from the school of fashion and design. Adriana was a really rare gem to their companies. Her ideas and designs had contributed to a whole lot of contracts.

“Anyway, are you not coming to work?” He asked.

“Nah!” She shook her head. “Actually, I was thinking of going out later. I’ll just finish some work from home and then I’ll email them to you.”

“You wanna go out?” Sergio asked. “Why don’t you join us this afternoon? We can have fun and…”

“And if by us, you mean you and you know who?” She chuckled bitterly. “Then I am sorry to say that I am not interested. You know how I always lose it whenever I am around him. I just don’t get why you guys are even still together. He’s so annoying.”

“Come on,” Sergio sighed, taking his sister’s hands. “You know I love you so much, Adriana. But this is my fiancé we’re talking about. We’ll be getting married soon and he’s not so bad.”

“Are you kidding me?” Adriana laughed. “I don’t even know…”

“Adriana, I know you don’t like Trev and that’s why I am inviting you so that you guys can give each other a chance.” He sighed. “He’ll soon be coming here as the son in law of this house. You know the wedding is in three weeks times, right?”

“That’s where you have it wrong!” Adriana said. “No matter what that man comes into this house as, I will never like him. He’s just so full of himself and…”

“Okay, Adriana!” Sergio raised his hands like he was surrendering. “If you’re not interested then I won’t force you. But you’re gonna have to accept and respect him at some point.” He kissed her forehead softly. “For peace to reign. I will see you later.”

Without saying another word to her, he left the house.

Adrian groaned, wondering why she hated Trevor so much.

“Why can’t everyone else see what I see in that idiot?”

She was mad again.


“Hey, I am on my way. Can you please tell them to wait just a bit?” Sergio asked.

‘You said that five minutes ago, sir!’ His assistant said on the other side. ‘They’re getting impatient. Maybe we should just reschedule the meeting if you’re busy.’

“No, I am almost there. Just try to come up with an excuse, serve them Silivri Escort Bayan some snacks, give them catalogues, anything but don’t let them go, okay.”

“But sir…”

“I know you’ll do it. Bye!”

He cut the call and smiled brightly. He couldn’t believe he was late again. That was all his dreams’ fault. If he had woken up early then he’d have been at the office already.

“Eric, this is your faulty!” He sighed.

Sergio was about to make a turn when all of a sudden, he hit the brakes and stopped immediately. His eyes widened as he looked at the side mirror while his heart started racing. Sergio felt hot and he took a quick glance behind.

Shit! How was that possible?

“Eric!” He gasped.

Sergio could have sworn that was Eric he was looking at. He was just a distance away from him and though he couldn’t see his face… that body, the beautiful hair just like he remembered it and just the way his clothes fit him. That was definitely Eric. He was standing at the edge of the road, trying to stop a cab.

“Shit, Eric!”

Sergio had no idea when he got out of his car. He didn’t care that he had parked right in the middle of the road and his doors were unlocked. The cars behind were honking angrily but he didn’t even pay attention. All his eyes were glued on was the boy that took his heart and his mind away. He was nervous as hell.


Sergio rushed to him as quickly as he could and reaching him, he gripped his arm with a happy chuckle.

“Oh my God, Eric!”

But to his disappointment, as soon as the person turned, he lost the smile on his face. It wasn’t Eric. He didn’t even look like him. The guy had terrible teeth and he wasn’t even beautiful. Even the hair he had mistaken to be Eric wasn’t even in good shape. And that body, gosh, what was really happening to him? He couldn’t understand himself.

“Hi, sir!” The man smiled, almost blushing.

Sergio quickly withdrew his arm, taking a step back. “I am so sorry. I… I thought you were someone else. I am really sorry.”

“It’s okay, sir!” The man said, still smiling. “By the way, sir, you’re very handsome. Are you single? I am single.”

Sergio shook his head abruptly. “No! I am so sorry for this. I have to go.”

He started rushing out of there like the hounds of hell were after him. Shit! Another disappointment and this one wasn’t even close. He couldn’t even understand why he always mistook other people for Eric whenever he was going for work. He was definitely going crazy.

“Hey, sir, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” One of the people that he had blocked with his car shouted. “We have better things to do. Can you move your car? Are you going insane?”

“Sorry!” He apologized.

“Well, your sorry won’t…”

“Then what the fuck do you want from me?” He snapped. “I have already apologized and if you are not interested then get the fuck off my case.”

He got in his car angrily and drove off like a maniac. He was definitely going crazy.


“Dude, you’re not really serious, are you?” Steve gasped, shaking his head. “You can’t be fucking serious? I think you’re going insane.”

Steve was surprised with the story that Sergio had been telling him.

Steve had grown into a really handsome guy in the past five years. He was not only one of Sergio’s business partners in one of his companies but he was a really great advisor and brother to him. Their bond had grown into something even stronger.

He was dressed in a sexy brown designer’s suit with a black shirt inside and brown shoes. He had his hair cut short, which made him look handsome and irresistible. He was a bit muscular but also not as handsome as Sergio.

“Can you blame me?” Sergio said, running his fingers through his hair. I just haven’t been the same since that day and you know it.”

“How long has it been?” Steve asked. “Five years? You’ve been in love with this boy for five good years and you haven’t even set his eyes on him for so long.”

“Well, actually, it’s been four years, 11 months, 24 days, 11 hours and…” He glanced at his watch. “…45 seconds now.”

“See! You’re going crazy.” Steve was worried about his friend. “And one of these days, you’ll find yourself in a mental asylum. Why can’t you just accept that he’s gone? It was just a game and…”

“A game I shouldn’t have played in the first place, man.” Sergio sighed. “Each day I dream about him, my love keeps going stronger. Each time I think about him, I feel like…”

“You’re going crazy.” Steve chimed in, rolling his eyes.

“I have tried all I can to trace him. I even went to Canada to look for him but nothing.”

“That’s a sign, dude!” Steve said softly. “You need to forget about your past and move on. Don’t let this ruin your relationship with Trevor. He’s been nothing but a great boyfriend to you. He deserves love and care.”

“That’s why I am marrying him.” Sergio said with a weak smile. “I don’t wanna hurt him like I did before. Escort Silivri I don’t want any other soul to suffer.”

Steve chuckled, folding his arms while staring at Sergio without blinking. “Suppose you manage to find the whereabouts of Eric, what are you going to do?”

Sergio felt a surge of fear run through his system and he remained quiet, staring at his friend like he’d just said a taboo. That was something that he’d never thought about in the last five years. He wanted to give his friend an answer but that was just it, he didn’t have any answer.

“You don’t even know what you’re gonna do.” Steve laughed. “Come on, man. You just have to forget about him. It’s been so long. Eric is not that much for you to put your life on hold. You need to move on and forget about him. You’re starting a new life with Trev in a few weeks and if you want this new relationship to work, you need to forget completely about Eric!”

Sergio sighed. “You’re probably right. It’s time I forgot about him.”

Although he’d said that, he knew it was gonna be really difficult to move on and forget about a love that he’d found with his prey. God! It was just so hard.


“Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous.” Giada gasped as she went through the catalogue that she was holding. “I love all the ideas ion here and I don’t know which one to choose.”

Giada was super excited and really happy with her life and the way it was going. She was seated in one of the fancy restaurants, acting like a boss. Fuck! Five years and she had lived the best of her life in five years without any disturbances or having anything to worry about. Her business was booming and she was known as the fashion queen together with her son.

She was dressed in a sexy, designer’s red dress which reached her knees, pure white designer’s heels and beautiful expensive jewelries on her body. Her makeup was on point and her hair was made in beautiful curls. God!

“But you know that at the end of the day, it will have to be our children to choose what they want, right?” Kim said with a smile.

Kim was a woman of beauty, a model in her days and a beautiful high class businesswoman very well known in the business world as an iron lady. She had taken over all her husband’s companies after his death and had unexpectedly rose to the top. Though her son was now the owner of them all, she still had her power over the companies.

Kimberly was a tall beauty in her late 40s, beautiful long blonde hair that she had in a one sided braid, a beautiful green dress that screamed class with silver high heels on her feet. Her face was graced by makeup and her lips by blood red lipstick that just made her look younger than she was. Many didn’t believe she had a 26 year old son because she looked 26 herself. Funny, right?

“You’re right about that, Kim!” Giada said as she closed the catalogue, smiling at her. “Our children are gonna choose what they want. But one thing I can assure you is that this will be considered the wedding of the century. I will invite ministers, governors, kings and even the president himself if I have to.”

Kim laughed. “Anything to make my Sergio happy. This wedding will be the talk of the town. I just can’t wait for them to arrive so that I can tell them.”

“Tell us what?” A happy voice spoke.

Kim and Giada looked in the direction of the voice and met a really beautiful face with the smile of an angel. He was dressed perfectly in a pure white shirt that was halfway buttoned and tucked in a blue skinny jean that showed off his body and white designer’s snickers. His long golden brown hair with gray highlights which reached half his back was tied in a sexy high fashion ponytail.

And he was holding his fiancé, Sergio who equally had a smile on his face. The two men looked so cute that most people in the restaurant couldn’t help but stare and wish they had one of them.

“Tell you that your wedding plans will start as soon as possible.” Giada said with a chuckle. “We spoke to the classiest wedding outfit designer today and she has already sent some catalogues. You need to check them out.”

“Really?” Trev gasped, literally jumping. “Can’t believe the moment is here already. It still feels like a dream.”

He went to Giada and gave her a tight hug before he kissed Kimberly and sat beside her. Even Sergio took a seat and just remained quiet, smiling brightly at the three people there. He was still absent minded, thinking about what Steve had told him earlier that day.

“Isn’t that right, son?” Kim said, bringing back to reality.

“Huh?” He gasped. “What did you say?”

“I was asking about the outfits for the wedding, love.” She said with a smile, showing him the catalogue. “Which one do you think will be great?”

Without even looking at the catalogues once, he just smiled.

“Whatever you think is okay, mom.” He said, shaking his head. “And besides, whatever Trev chooses will just be okay with me. He’s good when it comes to choosing such things, right babe?”

Trev nodded, holding his fiancé’s hands sweetly. “I know, baby. I will choose something that will be absolutely lovely.”

“Oh…” Giada breathed in deeply. “…aren’t these two so cute? I think they’re like the best couple ever. I can’t wait to hold my grandkids in my arms.”

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