Gamer Girl Ch. 04

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Of course they wanted to repeat it. Every single time she entered their lair, one of the boys would ask her for pussy, for another chance to fuck her. But Chloe knew that she couldn’t allow it or their team would disintegrate in a heartbeat. So she made them pledge.

“Do you all understand what I’m getting at? No sticking your dicks into my pussy unless all four of you are present and have agreed in advance. A group activity like our initiation is A-OK but as soon as one of you disagrees no one gets to fuck me.”

“Of course I understand,” said Alpha, “You don’t want us getting jealous, right? But now that you suddenly have those phenomenal tits we really need to be a bit more precise with what we can and can’t do. We would still be allowed to touch your boobs, right?”

“And what about touching your pussy?” asked Delta concerned, “I mean, no fucking but… I don’t know… play with your little clitty? Like, make you cum?”

“All good questions,” mused Gamma, “I’d say we should be allowed to define the specifics. The main purpose of this pledge after all is to avoid that someone feels cheated or left out, so if we all agree that we are fine with others touching Purple’s boobies while we are away everything’s good, right?”

Chloe felt funny seeing her friends discuss what they were allowed to do with her body or not. It seemed like she wasn’t even part of the casino oyna conversation anymore!

“So playing with her boobs is ok, right? Any objections? No? Great. How about teasing her pussy, diddling her clit, make her happy? All good? Now the tricky part, what about sticking stuff into her hole that isn’t meat, like the glowsticks? Be it for making her feel good, for experiments or other purposes? Fine as well? So it’s really just the good old fucking we are concerned about?”

“Nope. Blowjobs too. I’m really not comfortable with her touching any dick unless all are present.”

“Ok, so no dicks. But no other concerns?”

All four nodded.

“So Purple, our pledge is actually quite simple. No dick alone, always all four. But your tits and pussy are open for business. Are you OK with that?”

“Well, thanks for asking,” Chloe quipped, “But yeah, if that’s fine with all of you. I’m a bit of a sucker for all that sudden attention and my boobs really like being handled by you guys. So yeah, no problem.”

“Alright then. So how do we go about it? The pledge I mean? Just pinky-swear?” asked Gamma excited.

“No, it should be something more formal, something with meaning, something we will remember our entire life,” mused Alpha.

“How about we hold our hands and…”

“Na… that’s stupid.”

Chloe smiled silently as she watched the banter. canlı casino Finally she said, “Guys, we do it like that,” and explained what she had in mind. The four listened intrigued.

Soon the ceremony started. Alpha stepped behind the still naked girl, his right arm across her chest, the hand grabbing Chloe’s soft left breast. He stuffed two fingers of his left hand into her wet folds and pushed his thumb onto the hardening clit. His fingers rubbing her squishy sex, he declared with serious voice,

“All for One, One for All! My dick shall never alone enter these folds, squirt on those boobs or fill this mouth!”

Chloe gasped as his hands kept up their ministrations. She heard the others chime in.

“Never alone! All or None!”

The fingers slid deeper into her squishy sex, penetrating her body. Alpha said,

“Forever!” his fingers now sliding quickly in and out of her.

“Forever!” the others replied.

“Forever!” Chloe gasped.

Then the hands left. Chloe felt betrayed and in need. Fortunately Beta quickly took over, squeezed her naked body from behind and repeated the whole procedure, his fingers equally urging, pressed into her slimy hole. Her breast screamed in pain as his other hand dug into her tender flesh.

One after the other gave their pledge. By the time Delta was done, Chloe was a moaning, writhing mess, her nipples and pussy kaçak casino screaming for attention.

“You can’t leave me like that,” she squirmed, “Do something!”

Her friends listened, and all four came down on her needy body. Chloe closed her eyes and gave in to those loving hands. Their fingers were everywhere, roaming her wet sex, penetrating her yearning hole. Their hands played with her fat tits, pinched, poked and slapped her long hidden, tender pillows. They teased her sweaty skin, found all the spots that mattered. Chloe came again and again, yelling their names like a mantra as her body spasmed in bliss. Finally her friends stopped their assault and let the quivering, sobbing mess of a girl recover.

“Man. You guys know how to make a girl happy,” beamed Chloe, “I feel like a walking orgasm!”

“How could we not make you happy, with tits like that teasing us all the time?” grinned Gamma, “So how about another round of fucking?”

“God no, I need a bit of rest or I’ll go insane. Let’s celebrate with an epic match. Maybe fucking HellHole is online and we can give them a beating,” grinned Chloe as she slowly got back on her feet, “Give me a sec to clean myself. I’ll be back in a moment.”

The performance of Chloe’s clan got better and better over the months. The clever girl quickly found a rhythm for her ‘team rewards’ that worked well for everybody, and those joint experiences helped to forge even stronger bonds between the members. Chloe left such an impression on the young males that even when she was not around, all they could think of was how to make her happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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