Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 01

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DISCLAIMER: The following tale is completely fictitious. If there is a real sorority named Gamma Lambda Kappa, it is not to be confused with the one described here.


I stood in awe at the large yet somehow cozy sorority house that I had just entered. Before me was a curved staircase leading up to a short railed hallway with a single door that I presumed led to the bedrooms and bathrooms. To my immediate left was a lounge containing a large couch with four matching chairs and a coffee table, all in front of a huge bay window. Meanwhile, to my immediate right, on the other hand, was an open door to the study, which I knew from a previous tour to contain two couches, three chairs, four laptop-ready desks/workstations, and three bookcases.

Down the hall from that and around a corner was a spacious kitchen with a lovely checkerboard linoleum floor. Back on the left, a more informal and private living room with a flat-screen TV and gaming station could be accessed through a door on the far side of the lounge. Finally, through a door directly underneath the second-floor landing was a huge dining room, with four tables for six people each and another bay window even larger than the one in the lounge! All the furnishings were made of deep mahogany with burgundy upholstery, and the walls were mostly forest green.

I vaguely heard my four fellow pledges began chatting quietly amongst themselves in contented anticipation of their induction, and I snapped out of my reverie just in time to greet the unofficial welcoming committee of incumbent sisters as they emerged from the door to the dining room. At their helm was the chapter president, Melanie, a busty Nordic-looking beauty with dusty blonde hair and sky blue eyes. “Hi, guys! I am so glad to finally welcome you to Gamma Lambda Kappa!” she announced as the other members gathered around her and her three companions. “As I hope you all know by now, we’re a rather young sorority specifically for intellectual overachievers! As you can see we’re a relatively small sorority, with only a couple dozen members, but that’s actually on purpose! We believe a roster of 24 current students is in the Goldilocks zone, if you will. Not so small that we barely legitimize our existence, but not too large to inhibit close bonding between sisters. Bonding is very important to all of us, and we hope that you’ll form as many lifelong friends as possible here!”

She went on about the quota for new members and how they were chosen, but I was too busy catching the eye of one particular legacy member, my best friend since childhood Wendy, and waving enthusiastically at her. She waved back just as eagerly, and we mouthed a few queries, responses, and even jokes before my attention was drawn back to Melanie for a moment. “So, make yourselves at home and start getting to know each other, and the official induction lunch will be served shortly!” said the tall blonde.

The crowd dispersed into smaller mingling groups spread out among the lounge and entryway, but Wendy and I all but immediately ran into each other’s arms. “This is gonna be great, Josie!” my freckled and bespectacled bestie declared.

“I know!” I concurred. “Thanks for pulling the strings to get me in here, Little Miss Legacy!” This was only our second semester at the university, but Wendy had gotten invited to join the sorority straight out of high school because her mom was an alumna, which disrupted our plans to live in a dorm together. Fortunately, a few slots in the membership quota opened up at the end of our first semester, and Wendy had managed to convince the officers to extend an invitation to me (after I’d been properly vetted, of course).

She scoffed. “Girl, I had to! Gamma Lambda Kappa’s great and all, but I wasn’t about to spend my college years living away from my best friend, at least not if I could help it!”

I laughed and nodded in agreement, about to retort when a lovely Latina approached us in a lavender spaghetti-strap top and faded jeans. “Is this her, Wendy?” she asked with an eager smile.

“Oh, yes, Raquel, this is Josie!” said Wendy. “Josie, this is Raquel, the first friend I ever made here!”

“Great to finally meet you!” said Raquel. “I’ve heard so much about you! Did you really get one of your teachers fired for trying to teach intelligent design in biology?”

I laughed at how immediately she’d asked the question and nodded, sending a teasing glare at Wendy. “Why am I not surprised Wendy told you about that?”

“Hey, it’s my favorite story. Get over it,” my redhead bestie retorted.

Raquel chuckled briefly before her eyes fell on someone in the crowd. “Ooh, let me introduce you to my sister! She’s new here too. Dani, get over here!”

I smiled as one of my fellow pledges, a pretty Asian girl in a black tank top and dark blue jeans, stepped towards us from where she had just finished some brief small talk with one of the current members. I couldn’t help but look curious for a moment karabağlar escort at the difference in ethnicity, but I shrugged it off and was the first to shake her hand as she reached us. “Hi, I’m Dani,” she introduced herself with a friendly smirk.

As we chatted, I quickly found out that Dani was, in fact, adopted. It was a heartwarming story, really. She’d tragically lost both of her parents in a car accident that she alone had survived at the age of seven, but luckily, she and Raquel had already been close friends since they were both four, to the point that Raquel’s parents had come to treat Dani as one of their own. Despite obviously regretting the circumstances leading up to it, they immediately volunteered to adopt her and make it official, and the new family had never looked back since.

“I’m proud to call her my sister,” Raquel said, prompting moved smiles from me and Wendy, “and the confused looks we get because of the whole ethnic thing are actually sort of a running gag in our lives!” We all chuckled. “Speaking of which, what beautiful genetic cocktail are you, if you don’t mind my asking?”

I laughed nervously. “Thanks, but I’m not much of a cocktail, actually. I’m an American Indian with maybe a smattering of white somewhere deep in the family tree.”

We chatted for a few minutes longer, and I was already content in the suspicion that I’d already made two fast friends, when lunch was finally announced. The four of us sat together with two other pledges at one table and feasted on the celebratory meal. It was essentially a delicious cook-out, which was a pleasant surprise, since I had expected something a bit more formal than hot dogs and burgers, but the sister manning the grill clearly knew what she was doing! There was a touch of formality, though, at the end when Melanie got our collective attention by tapping her fork on her Coke can. She spent the next five minutes or so sharing passwords and secret phrases by which to recognize Gamma Lambda Kappa alumnae and members of other chapters. I dutifully memorized them, but what struck me most was the final and most important sorority secret that she shared.

“Now,” she began, “as you know, one of our main thrusts is to foster intimate, lifelong friendships. It’s not an unusual goal, but we do focus on it a bit more than might be typical, and one of the ways that we try to accomplish it is rather unorthodox. It won’t be obligatory, but we hope you will all participate in some way or other. It’s our secret way for us to bond, a part of our unique sorority culture, if you will. At first, it may seem awkward, and some of you may be a bit squeamish, but it is not only harmless but actually rather healthy, and those who have tried it have never regretted it.” She paused, and I found myself suddenly rapt with attention, as even just knowing what exactly she was taking about felt like a rite of passage into the sisterhood. “You are all encouraged to induce lactation and nurse each other.”

My eyebrows shot up, and as murmurs sounded all around me, I looked to Wendy to confirm that I’d heard Melanie correctly. She just smirked gently and nodded.

Our leader continued. “Contrary to what many of you are probably thinking, breastfeeding is not necessarily just for mothers, nor does it have to be a sexual thing, though the sisterhood does not discourage it from being so for anyone who is thus inclined. Virtually all members who have participated have found it to be a very pleasant bonding experience, one that contributed to a sense of mutual nurturing and intimacy, platonic or otherwise. As I said, you are under no obligation to breastfeed or be breastfed personally, but you should be prepared to live among those who do, and often quite openly, at least within the confines of this house.”

As Melanie launched into a summarized history of the practice within Gamma Lambda Kappa, I just shook my head in surprise. “Wow! Is she serious?”

“Yep,” whispered Wendy with Raquel nodding along. “I know, it was weird at first for me too, but trust me, you’ll get used to it. I’ve done it myself, and it feels great! Not really sexual at all, but just about as pleasurable.”

I raised my eyebrows again at the admission, but Dani piped up with the question that was already on the tip of my tongue. “Were you the one feeding or being fed?”

“I’m usually the one feeding her.” Raquel volunteered, pointing with her thumb at Wendy.

I chuckled as the initial shock gave way to genuine curiosity. “How does it taste?” I asked.

Wendy pondered a bit before answering, “Kinda like melted vanilla ice cream, I guess. It’s really good!”

“Do you think you might try it? Either of you?” asked Raquel.

Dani and I exchanged looks before we both shrugged. “If you say it’s worth trying, then I could probably be talked into it,” I replied thoughtfully, “at least after I can observe it a few times.”

“Hey, if it’s good for karşıyaka escort babies, I don’t see why healthy young adults couldn’t try it,” Dani concurred.

“Just so you know,” Raquel said, “if you ever decide you wanna be a feeder, the officers do require you to be tested for any transmissible diseases, just as a precaution. But really, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone test positive for anything.”

“Should we be listening to Melanie?” I suddenly remembered. “She might be saying something important about this.”

Raquel shook her head in amusment. “Nah. Little secret: she lectures about the history of the whole breastfeeding thing just as a formality, ’cause she knows everyone’s gonna be too distracted talking amongst themselves about the bomb she just dropped. And she completely understands, so she’s giving us time to discuss it so it can sink in.”

Lunch was shortly adjourned, and we spent the next three hours or so moving my belongings into the room next to Wendy and Raquel’s that we decided I would share with Dani. The room was more spacious than any dorm room and yet still quite homely. My bed ended up facing the door along the right wall, while we placed Dani’s bed in the corner to the left of the door. Each of our desk was placed next to our beds, with a comfortably large couch fitting neatly between my desk and the far left corner. Both of our beds were four feet high, with mine dressed in a sky blue quilt while Dani’s was navy blue. The last touches included hanging my Dr. Who poster on the back of the door, setting up Dani’s mini-gaming-station on her desk, and laying her large beige rug on the floor.

The first time Dani and I witnessed the sorority’s unusual habit was later that evening when the two of us were leisurely exploring our new home. We wandered into the first-floor study, where Melanie and the auburn-haired chapter vice-president Vicky sat on one of the couches. Melanie had a medium-sized binder in her lap, scrawling on one of its pages as Vicky quietly dictated what sounded like a list of some sort. They both caught our gaze and gave us brief, welcoming smiles as they put the finishing touches on their work. Melanie then sighed, closed the binder, and leaned back to relax. We approached them for an idle chat but slowed quickly when Vicky promptly pulled up Melanie’s polo shirt to expose a braless pair of what were probably DD-cup breasts, leaned in sideways, and took the nearest areola into her mouth. Her lips quickly slid into place mostly around the nipple, but even then, only the edges of the areola peeked out from their grip. As we watched with slack jaws, Vicky’s own jaws soon settled into a rhythm of opening slightly and then tightening their latch on the fleshy mound, and she began gulping audibly with comparable regularity. For her part, Melanie smiled contentedly and let out a soft moan.

We didn’t mean to stare, but our curiosity got the better of us. “She didn’t even ask!” I marveled at a half-whisper to Dani.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Melanie responded, “That’s just how comfortable we are with each other. Almost all feeding partners eventually reach the point where they don’t even need to ask, because unless the feeder is doing something that would get in the way, she always welcomes it.” She smirked at us. “Hell, we’ve even had a few members who would walk around topless just for the sake of easier access! It’s just really soothing for both parties, to the point that it even works well as comfort food!” She looked down at Vicky, who was still suckling steadily. “But in this case, I think Vicky just worked up an appetite and was too lazy to get up and fix herself something.”

At this, Vicky managed to give a detectable nod without ever detaching her mouth from Melanie’s breast or even really breaking her rhythm.

“If you’ve got a friend with milk right next to you, why bother, right?” Dani ventured, to which Vicky replied by quietly extending a thumbs-up in our general direction, once again conveying her confirmation without interrupting her milky treat. I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Come to think of it, I’ll probably be getting hungry soon myself, but I don’t quite have the same luxury as Vicky does at the moment,” Melanie mused.

Dani and I offered to fetch a snack of her choice, which only led us to stumble upon our second example of Gamma Lambda Kappa’s unorthodox custom. We arrived in the kitchen only to find a rather shirt but well-endowed girl with long brown hair sitting on the countertop in gym shorts. What looked like a sports bra had been pulled up so that her raven-haired friend could stand between her legs and suck thirstily on her right breast. The feeder had a look on her face that blended contentment with amusement as her companion drank, and we actually heard the latter’s lips smack softly as we passed the two on our way to procure the peanuts Melanie had asked for. Dani and I started giggling kemalpaşa escort in amused awe as soon as we were out of the kitchen.

The third incident wouldn’t come until the following morning, but it hit much closer to home for both of us, since it involved the only two members that we already knew intimately. It was our last free day before classes started, and I wanted to have as much fun as I could with my friends (both new and old) before it was all spent. I knocked on the door to Raquel and Wendy’s room and got a slightly groggy-sounding, “Come in!” I chuckled as I let myself in. Wendy never was a morning person, even by normal weekend standards.

I found Wendy sitting at her desk in panties and a T-shirt with Raquel bent over next to her in black boyshorts and a red thin-strapped camisole, both of them staring at the former’s laptop screen. “Morning, Josie!” Raquel greeted with a brief smiling glance. “We were just making some last-minute changes to our schedules. We had our eyes on a couple of classes that were full, so we’ve been checking up to see if anyone drops out, and lo and behold, a couple of students did just in time!”

“And I am in!” Wendy declared with a final tap on her keyboard. “No more early morning sessions for me!” Raquel stood up, while Wendy swiveled her chair to face her, and the two high-fived each other. I opened my mouth to ask if they wanted to join Dani and me for some games or something, but I fell silent when Wendy lazily peeled the straps and bust of Raquel’s top down to expose the Latina’s full breasts. As my longtime best friend gripped her around the waist, Raquel cupped her left breast at the side and helped direct it into Wendy’s mouth, smiling warmly as the redhead seized the nipple between her lips. I watched as Wendy began subtly massaging the areola with her lower jaw and visibly gulping at a fairly regular rate.

I barely heard Dani approach until she announced, “I got the okay to set up a ping-pong table, so…” She trailed off as she reached me and saw what was going on. Although it did not really shock either of us anymore, it was still a bit surprising, so she joined me as an intrigued observer. “Well, I guess this is room service, Gamma Lambda Kappa style,” quipped my roommate.

Raquel and I laughed, and Wendy even managed a muffled chuckle as she continued to suckle steadily. “She always wakes up hungry,” said Raquel, “but I don’t really develop an appetite until I’ve been up for about an hour or so, so it’s not unusual anymore for us to take a shortcut like this.” She hummed a bit in pleasure before continuing. “Plus, she’s been eager to personally show you how it’s done and help you get used to seeing it, which is probably why she didn’t even hesitate with you standing there.”

“This is our third time witnessing it,” Dani reported, “but this is the first time involving anyone that we already knew really well.”

Wendy withdrew, which seemed to briefly surprise Raquel until she asked, “Do you guys want to try some? You really should, at least once!”

Dani and I exchanged slightly nervous smirks, each briefly daring the other before Dani took the plunge first. “Ah, what the hell!” She stepped up to Raquel, leaned in, tentatively brought her lips to the right areola, and sucked. “Mm,” she squeaked as she apparently felt the first helping of milk flow into her mouth, pausing only briefly in surprise before beginning to suckle and gulp much like we’d seen others do.

“Ooh, you’re a natural!” Raquel observed with a smile.

Dani took several swallows before pulling away momentarily. “It’s really warm and sweet,” she said, “kinda like a cross between honey and cow’s milk.” She licked her lips. “Yeah, I definitely understand the appeal now!” She latched on again and continued her indulgence.

My curiosity was piqued even more by Dani’s testimony and obvious enjoyment, and all it took was a smile and a pointed jerk of the head by Wendy to finally convince me to try it. She and I switched places, and I exhaled dramatically before cautiously sucking on Raquel’s newly freed left nipple.

At first, I only got a few drops. “You’re inhaling too much,” advised Raquel. “Just try to breathe normally and take in the whole areola at first. Then let the nipple slide naturally into place against your tongue. Use that and maybe your jaw to press the milk out.”

I chuckled at how bizarre her apparent expertise was and tried again, following her instructions and reminding myself of how I had seen others do it. It took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of it, but once I did, the flow of milk was surprisingly strong, and it felt good as it made its way into my stomach. It was indeed as tasty as Dani had made it sound, and as I continued to suck at her breast, I felt a strange sense of closeness with Raquel. It wasn’t really sexual, likely because I’ve always been straight, but it wasn’t like any thing I’d ever shared with a friend either. Whatever it was, I couldn’t deny that I found it deeply pleasant, and Raquel’s contented sighs and purrs seemed to indicate that it was mutual.

On that note, I eventually pulled back to find that Wendy had silently excused herself. “Wendy left to get something more conventional to eat,” explained Raquel. “She was quite happy to share, though.”

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