Gay Time Play Time – My First Master_(2)

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“Just a minute” I hear a familiar voice yell from behind the door.

I’m standing out the front of my friend’s house on a Thursday night, I know he’s camping with his parents which is why I’ve come over.
At 18 I stand 5 ft 8” tall, I’m of slender build with a bubble butt fit for a girl! I try to stay active and look in alright shape but I was never born to look like a body builder, there’s just no fat on me … or muscle for that matter. I have blonde scruffy hair that I have been told is ‘cute’ and my hazelnut eyes shine in the moonlight. It’s a warm night so I’m wearing a T-shirt and my tracksuit pants with a surprise underneath as I wait for my friend’s brother Chad to answer the door.

“Hello?” he asks as he opens the front door.

There he is in all his glory. Chad is 23 years old and at 6 ft 5” may as well be a god among mere mortals. He is built like a brick, tall, skinny, toned and has muscles in all the right places. He’s short, cropped brown hair is to die for, the stubble across his chin is hot as and those big blue eyes could melt anyone’s heart in an instance. It’s now that I notice he’s standing in only a towel.
His toned abs glisten in the moonlight as a trickle of water runs from his broad chest down to the forbidden fruit that is underneath his towel, he’s obviously just hopped out of the shower.

I see a bulge begin to form under his pants and he coughs loudly to get my attention, it’s obvious that I’ve been staring at where his cock is and he seems to be enjoying the attention.

“What’s up Brandon?” he asks with a smirk on his face. He knows he could own me whenever he wants, It’s no secret that I have a crush on him and he loves to tease me, I’m hoping tonight will finally be the night I get what I’m after.

For months now I have been getting myself off to the thought of Chad fucking me and making me his little slut, I started off with a carrot but slowly I’ve progressed and there isn’t a night that goes by where I’m not fucking my asshole with a large cucumber or anything that I can find around the house. I’m desperate for a real cock however, no not any cock, I’m desperate for Chad’s cock and seeing how no one is here tonight I might finally get it.

“ummmm … nothing much Chad, is John home?” I ask

“No sorry he’s away with mum and dad camping at the moment” More drips of water are running down his tight abs.

“Oh ok then, cya” I say suddenly feeling unsure of myself

“Wait!” Chad quickly says before I can turn away “You’re here now you may as well come in” he says, this gives me just enough confidence to follow him inside.

As soon as I close the door behind me Chad drops his towel. “I know you want şişli bayan escort my cock Brandon; I’ve seen you staring at me.” My eyes are wide open and my jaw is almost on the floor, I’m staring at Chad’s growing cock and I almost cum in my pants then and there.

“Go on then, bend down and suck my cock like a good little boy ok?” Chad demands and I nod my head quickly as I drop to my knees, I’m just inches in front of his cock now and it’s still growing! It must be at least 7 inches by now and very thick! Before I even have a chance to think Chad walks forward and pushes his cock into my open mouth, he moans in pleasure and suddenly everything that has just happened hits me as I close my mouth around the head of his cock and start to suck.

“Good little slut” Chad moans as I start to gain confidence.
Slowly I start to bob my head up and down on his massive cock which has finally stopped growing at what must be 8 inches long! I start to speed up my sucking, taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I can. I wrap my fist around the base of his cock and start to stroke it in time with my sucking. Chad moans loudly as my little cock in my pants grows to full mast.

I look up into his big eyes and see something I’ve never seen in them before, utter lust. I feel him rest his hands on the side of my head and he shoves his cock forward and down my throat so his balls are resting on my chin. I start to gag violently and use my arms to try and push away from him but he’s far too strong. “oh fuck your throat feels good man” he says as he starts to fuck my throat hard. Tears start to roll down my cheeks but for some reason I’m even more horny then before. After what feels like an eternity he releases me and I fall backwards, coughing and gasping for air. Before I can even get my bearings he picks me up with his strong arms and carries me to the couch.

Chad throws me onto the couch “bend over slut” he commands and I do so without hesitating. He walks up behind me and takes my pants off quickly reviling no underwear beneath “haha, slut!” he laughs as I slide my t-shirt off.

I feel him move behind me and he leans into me, his cock pressed against the entrance of my virgin asshole, I moan loudly as I push back trying to get his huge cock to enter me!
“let’s see what we have here” he whispers into my ear as he reaches around and grasps my hard 4-inch cock. “Hahaha, you’ve got a little cock Brandon” he whispers into my ear as he nibbles it.
I moan loudly and shoot my load onto his couch.
“Hahahahaha! You’re such a desperate slut!” he laughs
“You better clean that up once I’m done with you!” he says as he straightens up, my cock still pulsing as the last şişli escort few drops of cum leave my cock.

I start to slow my breathing down as I come down from my high, as I do I feel a wad of spit land right on my asshole and my cock starts to harden again. This is it! The moment I’ve waited so long for! To be destroyed by Chad’s big cock. I feel him place the head of his cock against my asshole and he slowly starts to push forward. I’ve never had anything this big in my asshole before and it hurts like hell! I let out a small shriek in pain as his head passes through my hole.
“You alright?” he asks with a soft tone in his voice.
This isn’t what I want, I don’t want a caring nice man to fuck me, I want Chad to fuck me like a slut and hurt me! I look back at him, right in his eyes
“Fuck me like you mean it!” I almost yell in a determined tone.
And there it is! The lust and passion in his eyes return in an instance and he slaps my ass hard! I yelp in pleasure as he slides his cock in another inch.

My asshole has finally started to relax around his cock as I get used to the size, he must be 4 inches in me by now but it fills like I’m full! I look back at him and our eyes meet, both full of lust.
Chad pulls his cock back a few inches and I look at him desperately before he pushes forward as hard and far as he can as I take his full 8 inches in my ass. I yell in pain but Chad doesn’t seem to care as he pulls back and shoves his 8 inches back into me again!
This is exactly what I want, to be fucked like a little slut and Chad is not disappointing as he starts to slam his 8 inches into me over and over at a steady rate.
Pulling his cock back so just his head is in my asshole and then slamming forward, waiting a few seconds to let my asshole adjust to his huge girth then doing it all over again.

I’m moaning now and so is he as his thrusts become more erratic.
He doesn’t care about giving me time to adjust anymore, he’s just fucking me as hard and fast as he can, our hips coming together and making loud slapping noises as he drives forward with each thrust, filling my asshole.
I begin to push backwards with each thrust, trying to get more and more of his huge cock deep into my asshole.
Sweat is dripping from his naked body onto mine and his relentless fucking of my asshole has left it numb.
Each time he slams into me I think I’m going to cum again, loving the feeling of my asshole being filled by this hunk of a man.

I am amazed at Chads stamina and after another 5 minutes of relentless pounding I’m getting worried that he’ll never finish, just as I start to think this his thrusts shorten and his moaning becomes louder as his thrusts become mecidiyeköy escort more erratic and more forceful, he’s getting ready to fill up my virgin asshole and my cock is just one touch away from exploding again!

“argghhhh fuck Brandon! You’re so tight I’m going to cum!” he says loudly as his cock leaves my asshole.
I suddenly feel empty and look back just in time to have him grab my head and shove his cock into my mouth again. I start to suck furiously as he thrusts his hips forward into my mouth, the fact he’s just pulled his cock from my asshole and shoved it into my mouth turns me on beyond belief as he yells that he’s cumming.

I’m so horny right now and shove my face forward into his pelvis as his cock slides down my throat again, I’m gagging and it hurts like hell but I don’t care,
Chad yells out in pleasure as I feel a shot of cum hit the back of my throat.
This is too much for me and I pull his cock out from my throat back into my mouth but not before another long thick rope of cum hits the back of my throat. Now with his cock in my mouth I start to bob my head up and down on his cock as rope after rope of thick, long, creamy cum shoots out into my mouth.
I try to swallow it quickly but I can’t keep up with how much cum he is producing and it starts to poor out from my mouth and land of my stomach and aching dick. Finally, after his tenth rope of thick cum he pulls his cock from my mouth and I have an opportunity to swallow as much of his cum that didn’t poor out as I can.

Suddenly I feel something around my little cock and see Chad sucking his cum off my cock, it’s too much for me and I yell loudly as he sucks the cum from my little cock, I don’t produce nearly as much as he did.
Once I finish cumming he moves his head up and kisses me hard, depositing his and my cum into my mouth. I happily swallow our loads and he breaks our kiss, a bit of cum trickling down the side of his mouth.

“clean up this mess then meet me in the shower you fucking pathetic slut” he says as he points towards the pool of cum on the couch and floor “I’m not done with you yet. Not by a long way”.

I see his cock begin to harden again as he laughs and turns around to go for a shower.

I hear the shower start to run and take a second to recover from the pounding I had just received, slowly I look at the mess I have to clean up. “yes master” I moan under my breath, a fire has alighted in me and all I want to do is serve my master, my Chad. If I do this, then he will reward me again I tell myself.

I stand on shaky legs and make my way to the laundry to get some cleaning materials. I think I’m going to be seeing my friend John a lot more I think to myself as I reach the couch. I smile to myself and look forward to what the shower holds.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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