Getting Extra Friendly

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“Show me,” Hannah said, grinning.

“What?” Bruce responded.

“I said show me, I want to see how big it is.”

“I’ve never claimed that its big, just that his is small,” Bruce responded, laughing.

“I don’t care, I want you to show me.”

“Are you serious?” Bruce asked, feeling his cock stiffen at the thought of getting it out in front of his friend.

“Hell yes, I’m drunk, horny and I want to see your cock,” Hannah said animatedly.

“Ok, then, you asked for it,” Bruce responded, standing and undoing the Hannaht of his jeans. Hannah moved a little closer as he worked the button loose and then slid the zipper down to the bottom. Hannah reached out and yanked on Bruce’s jeans, pulling them down his legs, leaving his most erect penis clearly evident as it stood out against the loose confines of his boxers. Before he could even utter a protest, she grabbed those as well, puling them down. Bruce’s cock sprang up after it was jerked downwards in the removal process and Hannah clapped her hands as she took it in.

“Um there you go then, that’s it,” Bruce said.

“Mmmm, nice,” Hannah replied as she moved her head around so that she could take it in from all sides.

“Only fair that you show me yours now,” Bruce said, moving to pull his pants back up.

“What are you doing that for?” Hannah asked.

“Well you’ve seen it now, I’m putting it away,” Bruce replied.

“Well, yeah, I’ve seen it, but what if I want to touch it … or suck it even?” Bruce felt his cock twitch involuntarily at the suggestion and started to wonder how it was that he’d managed to find himself in this position.

The four friends had got together for drinks and cards. The night had started out normally enough, quiet cards, quiet drinks, but of course as the night went on, they’d drunk more and both the cards and the drinks had become louder and louder. Challenges had been issued, the obligatory insulting of each other’s manhood and cursing of the winner of the cards (Sarah).

Sarah had been the first one to retire and then Jason had disappeared, assumedly to have gone to the toilet. He never resurfaced though and investigation had found him crashed out on the floor of the guest room. He hadn’t even managed to make it to the bed before falling asleep.

That left Bruce and Hannah, both well lubricated with alcohol and with drinks still left in the glasses, neither had been quite ready to call it a night. So they sat up talking and sipping their drinks and as inevitably happened, their talk turned to sex.

Somewhere about that time, Hannah had told Bruce to show her his cock. And there it was, out it came.

“Well, that would put me in something of a predicament if you wanted to do that,” Bruce responded.

“What sort?” Hannah asked with an evil glint in her eye.

“Well for a start I don’t think my girlfriend would like it, and then there’s the fact that your boyfriend probably wouldn’t like it and finally there’s the fact that you haven’t shown me yours yet,” Bruce said.

“Oh well the last one’s easy to take care of,” Hannah replied, pulling her top off over her head so that she sat there in a black padded bra. “But there’s nothing to see, I’ve got no tits.” She reached behind her and released the clasp of her bra, freeing her small breasts. Bruce grinned as he took in the sight of Hannah’s well-toned upper torso, her nipples proud and erect on her breasts.

“I don’t care what you think about the size of your tits, I am more than happy with this vision,” Bruce replied. “Those nipples look like they’re begging to be sucked.”

“They’re not the only things begging for a good sucking you know,” she replied, pointedly looking down to where Bruce’s erection pointed towards her. “I really do think you should leave your pants off.”

“Ok, I’ll leave mine off if you leave yours off,” Bruce replied, stepping out of his jeans and taking a drink before sitting down.

“Too easy,” Hannah replied and she stood up and slipped the short skirt that she’d been wearing, revealing a tiny black thong.

“Damn that’s sexy underwear,” Bruce said, eyeing her off. “I wish Sarah would wear g’s, but she says they feel like they cut her in half.”

“Poor you, I love them,” Hannah said as she slid the g-string down her legs before stepping out of it to stand naked. Bruce took some time to survey her body, his eyes lingering on her erect nipples before traveling over the rest of her well toned body.

“Damn I don’t think I’d ever tire of looking at you naked,” he said as she took her seat and crossed her legs. “Of course, if you sat less lady-like, it would be a whole lot more enjoyable.” Hannah laughed at him.

“Oh you want some basic instinct action, do you?” she asked and slowly uncrossed her legs before switching them over, giving Bruce an eyeful of her pussy, bare of hair other than a short strip above her lips.

“Why is that desert I see?” he asked, teasing.

“It could be, if I get to have some desert of my own,” Hannah konak escort responded, slowly and deliberately licking her lips. Bruce sat motionless, unsure of where to go. As he hesitated, Hannah took the initiative. She moved from her chair and knelt before Bruce, one hand on each of his knees.

Bruce all but shuddered at the touch of her hands on his knees and when she pushed them apart, she met no resistance. Bruce’s cock stood fully erect, pointing skywards as Hannah leaned forward, opened her mouth and lowered it over his cock. She took almost his entire cock into her mouth before slowly sucking her way back up to the tip, which she held in her mouth as she swirled her tongue about the circumcised head. Flicking her tongue against the slit in the top of his cock, she teased him, licking slowly and delightfully all around the head before taking him once again in her mouth.

“Don’t you want some desert too?” she asked him as his cock slid from her mouth.”

“Fuck yes,” Bruce replied, giving up any pretence of being able to deny this desire

“Top or bottom?” Hannah asked him.

“Bottom,” Bruce replied and stood up before moving over to the rug that covered a part of the wooden floor near by. He lay down on the thick-piled rug and waited while Hannah walked over to where he was. She stood with a foot either side of his head before squatting down and Bruce ran his hands up the insides of her legs as she did so, feeling the smooth skin, enjoying the almost electric contact between them. His eyes were glued to her pussy as it came closer and closer to his face.

Hannah squatted until her pussy was millimeters from Bruce’s face at which point he flicked out his tongue and ran it along her slit. Hannah moaned and lowered herself that little bit further to ensure that full contact was made with Bruce’s mouth as he speared his tongue between her lips and licked her from the inside. Hannah squirmed on his face for a few minutes, enjoying the pleasure that was being exacted upon her. But then she shifted so that she was on her knees and leaned forward so that she could take Bruce’s cock in her mouth at the same time.

Bruce pulled a cushion over and stuffed it under his head so that he was supported as his tongue worked ceaselessly against Hannah’s pussy and clit, seeking to bring her to the point of climax. He tried desperately not to focus on the feel of Hannah’s mouth as it slid up and down his long hard shaft over and over again, desperate to hold out until she had cum first.

Bruce focused on Hannah’s clit, rubbing his tongue forcefully across it over and over again, feeling her squirm as she was driven closer and closer to orgasm. He grabbed her butt cheeks with his hands, arms wrapped around her thighs, parting her to enable him to work his tongue gleefully against her pleasure button. As he sensed her closing in on her orgasm, he worked his fingers around until he slid two of them into her pussy as he attacked her clit. He felt her grasp his balls gently in her hand as he mouth worked on his cock in response.

Slipping his now lubricated fingers from her pussy, he ran one back and forth across her anus and the around and around, before pushing his finger inside her tight back-entrance. As he did so he sucked hard upon her clit and was rewarded with a cry of delight as Hannah’s orgasm rocked her body. Bruce watched as her pussy pulsed and contracted with her climax.

As her orgasm subsided, Hannah again took his cock in her mouth, sucking it deep and then working up and down, determined to extract Bruce’s seed from him as he had done to her.

Bruce relaxed now, having achieved what he had wanted to and enjoyed the sensations that were being brought to bear upon his manhood. Hannah sucked him expertly and before long, he felt the tension build in his balls and was bucking his hips at the intensity of the pleasure before exploding and shooting his cum into her mouth.

Hannah swallowed his sperm avidly, licking and slurping, ensuring that she didn’t miss a single drop before rolling to one side.

“Fuck that was good,” Bruce said moments later.

“Hell yeah,” Hannah replied, “All I need now is a good fucking.”

“Give me a couple of minutes and I might just oblige you,” Bruce said as he surveyed her naked form again.

“For real?” Hannah asked, excitement in her voice.

“For real,” Bruce said. “Just give me some time to harden up and I’d be happy to fuck you if you want it.”

“Of course I do!” Hannah said, changing her position so that she was lying on her stomach between Bruce’s legs. She took his flagging erection back into her mouth and gently but persistently worked her magic on him again. It didn’t take much until his cock was again as hard as a rock.

“Roll over,” Bruce said after a little more oral pleasure.

Hannah rolled from between his legs to lay on her back on the rug, her legs spread ready to accommodate him Bruce moved to hold himself between her legs and then guided his cock towards manisa escort Hannah’s sopping pussy. He felt his head touch her lips and then thrust forward, sliding easily inside her tight wet hole. With his cock deep inside her, Bruce lifted himself up over her and admired her body again, noting how hard and erect her nipples were.

“Hmm, I think they have missed out on that sucking they need,” he said, lowering his mouth down to cover Hannah’s left nipple, sucking it hard and deep into his mouth, his tongue flicking back and forth against it. He took his time, running his tongue around it, flicking it, catching it between his teeth and pulling gently. Then he moved to her right nipple, feeling her thrust it towards his mouth as he began feeding on it.

“Oh yeah!” Hannah said as she felt Bruce’s mouth devour her nipple, his cock stuffed inside her pussy. Bruce didn’t waste any time, but started sliding his cock back and forth, working it slowly at first, but with an increasing tempo, working faster and faster as he went. Hannah thrust her hips at him as he pounded harder and harder into her until she said, “Wait, let me roll over.”

Bruce withdrew his cock from Hannah’s pussy and she quickly rolled over, getting her knees under her and leaning forward on her elbows, presenting herself to him doggy-style.

“Now fuck me,” she insisted.

“Man the number of times I’ve checked out your arse and dreamed about fucking you from behind,” he commented as he moved in behind her, erection first. He pressed the head of his cock up against her pussy and pulled her arse cheeks apart with his hands as he slid himself home.

“God that feels good,” Hannah said as Bruce’s cock slid deep inside her and she felt his balls press up against her pussy lips. Bruce slid back out and drove himself in again. And again and again, he worked himself up to a frenetic pace, slamming his cock hard into Hannah’s pussy as she thrust back against him with every movement, groaning with pleasure, Bruce grunting with every thrust of effort.

“Fuck you look hot like that,” Bruce said to Hannah as he looked past her tight arse, over her slim hips to where her hands were now splayed out in front of her. He reached forward and under her chest to pull her nipple as he worked his cock in and out at a slower pace, feeling her lips clinging to his cock as it worked slowly in and out.

“I so love getting fucked from behind,” Hannah told him, “All I need now is something for my mouth as well.

“Mmmm, I can just imagine you with a cock in your mouth while I fuck you like this,” Bruce said.

“Oh fuck yeah, that would be totally hot,” Hannah said, reaching back with one hand to tease her own clit. “Or even one cock in my pussy and one in my arse.”

“Sorry, only got one on me, I can only fill one hole at once,” Bruce laughed.

“Yeah, pity Jase passed out so early,” Hannah said.

“You really think he’d be up for it?” Bruce asked as he continued to slowly fuck her, the talk of involving a third driving him closer to breaking point.

“Oh yeah,” Hannah replied.

“I would have thought he’d push for a threesome with another girl,” Bruce laughed.

“Yeah, but he knows that if he let me do this I’d do it with a chick as well.”

“Really, like totally do it with her, eat her pussy and all?” Bruce asked, hardly Hannahieving the turn the conversation had taken.

“Fuck yes, I would love to try it with another girl.”

“Damn, pity Sarah would never go for it,” Bruce said.

“Have you asked her?” Hannah said, a note of optimism in her voice.

“No, but there’s been enough times where she’s clearly indicated that she’d never participate in any sort of group thing that I wouldn’t bother.”

“Mmm, maybe I should ask her,” Hannah said thoughtfully, pushing back against Bruce’s cock.”

“Huh, feel free, just don’t mention you talked about it with me,” laughed Bruce.

“Just thinking about it makes me so hot,” Hannah said. “Fill me with your cum Bruce, I want to feel you explode in my pussy.

Bruce picked up the speed of his thrusts again, working quickly and hard inside Hannah’s pussy. Hannah reached around with her right hand and Bruce watched as her fingers sought out her anus and one finger slid inside it up to the first knuckle. That on top of everything else was too much for him and he thrust hard inside Hannah one final time, holding himself there as his cock spurted his cum into her.

Hannah slid forward, easing herself off of Bruce’s cock. Bruce leaned forward and pulled her butt cheeks apart, admiring Hannah’s fucked pussy. He leaned in and gently ran his tongue over her anus, drawing a little squeal from Hannah.

“Maybe I should have nailed that too,” he teased.

“Next time,” Hannah said.

“Oh I don’t know that I’ll be able to allow a next time,” Bruce said.

“Yes you will, I’m going to have that cock in my butt and you won’t be able to resist it. Fuck, I’d do it right now if I wasn’t so menderes escort exhausted.”

“Huh, you’d have to get me hard again first and I can’t see that happening,” Bruce laughed.

“Sounds like a challenge to me,” Hannah said,

“Oh no!”

“Hell yes!” Laughed Hannah, and as Bruce watched, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs, then she pushed two fingers inside her pussy before pulling them out, covered in the mix of her own and Bruce’s cum. Bruce watched, incredulous as Hannah took the two fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. After she’d done this a couple of times, she stood up and went to the fridge, returning with a carrot.

She pointed at Bruce’s cock, “This isn’t even hard, look, you’re almost there again and I’ve barely even started!” And with that she sat on a chair, spread her legs and began sliding the carrot in and out of her pussy with one hand whilst the other worked against her clit.

Bruce moved closer so that he could get a good view, watching as the carrot slid smoothly in and out between her hairless lips, her fingers dancing against her clit. Without even thinking about it his hand dropped to his cock and started stroking it and in moments he was hard again.

Hannah looked down at his cock and grinned and then moved her fingers from her clit. Bruce watched as she rubbed her fingers around her pussy where the carrot was sliding in and out and then shifted so that she was able to start sliding a finger in and out of her anus. Then she slipped the carrot from her pussy and moved the tip lower so that it was resting against her butt hole. She applied pressure and the carrot slid inside her butt.

That was enough for Bruce. He moved closer to her, his cock erect again and he knelt just in front of the chair so that he could slide it inside her pussy whilst the carrot was still inserted in her bum.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” Hannah exclaimed as she felt the stiff cock slide into her pussy, her arse already full of the carrot. “Man I need to do this with two cocks, that would be so awesome.”

“Well I’m happy to be one of them and I don’t’ even care which hole I get to fuck,” Bruce said, grinning at her and reaching out to play with Hannah’s nipples.

“But first I want to feel your cock in my bum, I want you to fill my arse with your cum,” Hannah insisted, removing the carrot. “Do it in my arse doggy-style Bruce.”

She moved from the chair, extricating herself from Bruce’s cock and again getting down on her hands and knees on the floor. Bruce followed her and knelt down behind her. He slid his cock into her pussy again for lubrication and gave her a couple of quick strokes before pulling out and rubbing the length of his shaft down over her anus. Bruce eyed off Hannah’s puckered little hole and then positioned the head of his cock there, pushing and using his hand to ensure that the head of his cock slid inside. It was nice and tight and he slowly eased himself in, giving Hannah the chance to adjust as he invaded her bum.

Hannah wanted it though and pushed back against the cock that she felt sliding past the ring of muscle in her butt. She urged Bruce to shove his whole cock in her butt and felt him slide deep inside before taking a moment to feel the fullness. Then she felt Bruce slide his cock back out before pushing himself back in again.

“Oh god, I love this,” Bruce said as he watched his cock slipping and sliding in and out of Hannah’s arse. He reached around under her and found her pussy with his fingers, slipping two inside her to feel her wet pussy as his cock slid in and out of her butt, feeling his hardness through the thin separating membrane.

“Fuck my arse Bruce, fuck it harder,” Hannah insisted and Bruce worked his cock quicker in and out of her. He moved his fingers to her clit and tweaked and stroked it as he worked her arse over with his cock. Hannah squealed and announced that she was going to explode. Bruce didn’t relent and soon he felt Hannah shuddering and shaking and her arse grabbed rhythmically at his cock as he shoved it home a final time and spurted cum deep inside her butt.

Hannah eased forward, Bruce’s cock sliding from her but as she collapsed, exhausted on the floor.

“Geez, I’m done,” she said, grinning back at Bruce who had collapsed next to her.

“You and me both,” he said. “I think I’d better go crawl into bed now.”

“Mmm, me too, but we’re not finished, I am going to hold you to being one of the two cocks that I take.”

“Works for me,” Bruce said, helping Hannah to her feet.



“Hey Bruce, its Hannah.”

“Hey, how’s things?”


“Good, and what can I do for you?”

“Can you get an hour or so off to stop by my place?”

“Yeah probably, is there something you need help with?”

“Yes there is, and I need you and Jason to do it right.”

“Ooooooh,” Bruce replied, “any particular time?”

“About an hour from now would be perfect,” Hannah replied.

“Excellent, I’ll see you then.”

Bruce finished off a couple of things and then made his excuses to leave the office for a couple of hours, dashing out the door and trying to conceal the erection that resulted from knowing what was about to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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