Getting my hands on English schoolgirl

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I met Kate through a social media group, one about my favourite band “The Sounds”. She had commented on a couple of photos I posted, from one of their gigs. Apparently she was a super fan but never got a chance to see them live.

Checking her profile, Kate was a cute yet somewhat reserved school girl, probably around 16 tops. She didn’t have any slutty pics, or posing like a stupid bimbo and trying to look 10 years older. But I could tell from a couple of photos that she had a fuckable body. There was that photo of her in a swimsuit and a couple in gym leggings. Not much in the tits department, but there was a hint of a decent peach and pair of legs there.

Without thinking about it much, I messaged her that I had a lot more photos and videos from the few times I’ve seen “The Sounds” live. That if she needed any more, Josh (me) would sort her out. It was a few days later when I got a message from her, saying she’d love to see them all. From there, we exchanged emails and phone numbers. I actually did transfer a lot of my gig stuff, but I also tried to message her regularly. And she was responding back, slowly getting to know each other a bit more.

Kate seemed to trust me and come to me for advice, as I was a lot more mature than any of her mates and boys from school. It turned out she was 15 at the time, almost half my age, but not quite that much. Still, I was concious of not acting like her dad, but be cool with her. Even flirting now and then. I’d jokingly refer to her as my little sis, although I would not hesitate to give her a good shag, given the opportunity.

One of the things she often mentioned was how shallow and useless most boys were, how they’d chase girls with big tits and ignore girls like herself. I assured her that there was nothing wrong with her body, that it was their loss for not chasing her. Kate then asked me if I found her attractive, if I didn’t think her tits were too small, her ass too big, her skin not tan enough etc. All those insecurities plaguing young girls.

I indulged her in some praise, that I found her really attractive from the small sample of photos she had on her profile. She replied with a full body photo, clad in skin tight leggings and sport bra. Asking if that was helping. That was after her gymnastics class apparently. A bit of extra meat on her, but all in the right spots, nice full hips. Fuck me, she must have a nice peachy ass.

So I told her, that I bet she’d looked equally hot from every angle, though my sample of photos was still limited. And as I hoped, she responded with a photo of her pushing her ass out while in her one piece swimsuit. Definitely a private photo even if it wasn’t showing too much skin. Did she take it for a boy? Or was it her private attempt at emulating one of those influencer whores?

All that matter was that this fuckable girl was getting daring with me. I replied singing her praises. Feeling daring myself, I send her a photo of me in my Speedo. That one was a good one. Fresh from the hotel pool, looking fit and tan. And a heafty bulge that indicated a thick dick and pair. I joked how we should be swimming buddies.

Kate was ecstatic. I could tell she was turned on by the whole affair. There was some thinly veiled flirting that hinged on the border of being exhibit. She was at school and I was at work, otherwise that moment could have evolved into something a lot more interesting.

A couple of days after, I was getting home after a night out with my mates. We been to an punk gig, then to our usual club, getting drunk and chasing birds. I didn’t have much luck so it looked like I was going to rub one out tonight.

I got some porn on the telly, rolled a joint and laid naked on the sofa. Without thinking, I sent a couple of photos from the gig to Kate, saying it would be the kind of gig she’d like. To my surprise, she replied a few minutes later. Saying that she can’t wait to be 18 and able to go to all those places herself.

She had previously confessed that there weren’t many options for a 15 year old girl in her small town and that her mum wasn’t interested in taking her to gigs. That her usual fun was sourcing cheap vodka with her school mates and drinking at parks. That and messing with boys too immature and stupid. Apparently she had done both tonight; only problem the guy she was making out with came in his pants and run away in shame. And now she was drunk and frustrated in her room.

Not going to lie, there was plenty of frustration on my side, too. I’d much prefer having her little mouth on my thick cock right now, than my hand. A bit of precum pulsed out at that idea.

So I let her know I could take her to a gig and smuggle her into a club in my town. And that the guy who run away was an idiot. Any time she wanted, I’d be of service. Kate thanked me and noted how she’d preferred spending the evening with a guy like me, instead with that loser kid. She asked if I had any luck finding someone at the club. Being high and horny, I snapped a selfie of me laying naked on the sofa, a cushion hiding my hard-on.

“Just by myself, with all my frustrations and loneliness.”

It went silent for a bit, save for the porn on the tv. Then a photo came from Kate: laying in bed, in just her thong, her round ass and legs on display. Her blonde hair in a tight ponytail, biting her lip.

“I’m jealous of that cushion. We shouldn’t be alone and frustrated.”

Ain’t that the bloody truth?

A video call request came through from Kate, so I quickly killed the tv and replied.

“Hey gorgeous girl, what are you doing up this late?”

“I… got to be quiet so my mum don’t wake up, lol.”

Fuck, she looked so drunk and escort gaziantep manken bayan adorable, laying in her bed, looking at me.

“We wouldn’t want that, right? I love the sound of your voice, so cute.”

“You are such a fitty. Your body looks so.. hard.”

If only she knew how hard I was. Well, I could show her. The cushion was tossed away.

“I wish you were here to feel how hard I am.”

She gasped at the sight of my erection. No doubt her drunken brain picturing herself fucking it, no doubt.

I took another drag from the joint and got comfy, phone resting on my coffee table. I

“And I bet you’d not be quiet at all, if you were here with me. Am I wrong?”

“No, I would be very loud. I like being loud.”

“And naughty, yea? Do you want to be naughty and loud with me?”

“I feel naughty tonight, but I can’t be loud, we must shhhhh…lol”

“OK, be naughty but keep it shush. Just do as I say. Roll on your back and get naked with me.”

Kate bit her lip and did as told, revealing her erect dark nipples and her clean shaved pussy to me.

“So perfect. Pinch your nipples for me love, yes, just like that. And spread those fine legs for me.”

With her nude body in frame, Kate followed my instructions. She looked like a treat, mesmerised, full of lust.

I described how I’d kiss her slowly, starting from her cute mouth, down her neck, bite her nipples and make her yelp. She followed with touching those places, moaning as she pinched her nipples again, pulling and squeezing her perty breasts. My thoughts and her fingers traced down her flat stomach, around her belly button and to her soft thighs. She gripped and spread them, when ordered, then toyed with her lips as I described how I’d eat her out.

All that time I was stroking my hard cock, moaning to the idea of fucking that sweet girl.

“That’s so big, my God!” she exclaimed while fingering her pussy.

“You will get to ride it one day. Move like you are riding my cock, show me.”

“Oh fuck Josh… I…”

Kate muffled herself with one hand, the other working her clit, hips buckling. I watched the girl cumming hard, all while I stroked my cock and told her how badly I wanted to fuck her. She trashed on her little bed, legs closing hard against her hand, muffled cries barely reaching the phone’s microphone. I was so close myself, precum leaking all over my hand.

“Tell me you want my cum. Tell me how you will be my naughty girl and make me cum.”

She got her phone close to her and quietly begged me to cum for her.

“Give me your cum daddy, I’ll do anything you want for your big cock, I want you to fuck me and cum all over my body. I want you to cum for me Josh!”

I shot rope after rope of cum. My cock felt like a cannon, sending salvos everywhere while I groaned and talked filth to Kate. We were soon looking at each other, naked, sweaty and with a stupid smile on our faces.

Kate was purring, almost glowing in her drunken post orgasmic bliss. She was telling me how good this felt, how I talked her into the best orgasm of her life. All while I’m stroking my spent cock, thinking how I’d make her lick me clean, planning on how I’ll get her sweet teen pussy on my dick. I needed a plan.

After that night, the seal had broken. We stopped being reserved, spent hours talking about sex and lust and how much we fancied each other. It was daily and could happen out of nowhere; I’d send her a photo of myself at the gym and she’d go on about wanting me, giving promises of how she will be a naughty girl for me. I’d be working and there would be a random photo of her tight cunt, causing me to write back a short essay on how I’m going to fuck her in ways she never experienced before.

It turned out that she was a quiet girl with a devious glimpse in her eye. Unassuming, but willing to get filthy if the conditions were right. She confessed on being turned on by dominant men, so I kept a balance of being caring and a dick when messaging. One day I challenged her to take off her undies while at school. She soon send me an upskirt shot of her naked pussy while in class. Later that day she confessed that it turned her on massively. So much that once home, she run to her room and relieved herself.

After that, I had her taking on all sorts of challenges, always asking for photos and videos as proof. She had some pics of myself as well, a couple of videos of my hard cock pulsing for her. Another time I asked her to flash her titties for me live, while at a park. The little brazen slut did just that, with people clearly seen in the background!

Then another time I asked her to show me how good she was at sucking cock. I expected a video of her licking a cucumber or something. Instead I got a self video of her sucking a school boy’s dick. He was an obnoxious little shit who wouldn’t shut up, but he was getting head from Kate so respect to him. That only made me even more eager to meet her in real life. I even felt jealous. Like, how dare that bastard gets her and not myself? I was also excited with how much control I had over her. She’go and be a little slut, only because I asked her to do so. I made sure to get her a bit jealous myself, telling her if I was going on a date or dropping hints I was tired from a frantic one night stand.

It was hard coming up with an excuse for her to travel over to my town, as she had to be away for most of the day. Even harder if I was to have her staying overnight. It was about a couple of hours of driving, so we couldn’t do something quick and easy. Skipping school would raise alarms with her parents. escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan And even though her girlfriends would cover her if she was seeing a boy, there was no way we could let her friends know we were talking or get caught together.

Though risky, I decided to drive over to her town for the first contact. We planned to meet at a cinema, early on a Saturday. Her mum was working that morning and she wouldn’t know that Kate left the house a few hours early. Kate lived with her mum for the last few years, since her dad walked out. Too bad for her, but it helped with my plans.

We booked tickets for the early show, to minimise having many people around. It was also on the other side of the town from were she used to hang out, so she could avoid her mates. We’d only have a couple of hours at non ideal conditions, before she’d have to rendezvous with her friends.

I got there first and sat at the back row, as we agreed. The door opened and closed a couple of times. Two couples came through, laughing and chatting. Some noticed me at the back and got me anxious. Were they going to ruin my day? Luckily, the couples split to their own quiet spots, few rows down. Probably they wanted to have a snog, too. There was also two older guys who went to the front, looking like retired queers, followed by a small family that happily settled in the middle seats.

Then she walked in. Kate. Looking like a timid, scared animal. Clad in a loose sweater, mid thigh skirt and clutching a rucksack. She was a tallish girl, maybe about 5’6”, so probably ignored by the insecure boys of her age. At least her legs looked nice, not scrawny, with a bit of meat without being fat. I remembered her mentioning she used to do ballet and gymnastics. She definitely had a frame worth of being worked hard.

She saw me, hesitated for a moment, then sat a few seats away, same row. I felt incredibly nervous and excited. The low lights highlighted her profile. She looked cute, even in these conditions. My cock was stirring in my tracksuits.

The miserable attendant checked the room, then closed the doors and the room fell in darkness, save for the the bright screen. Ads were blasting from the speakers, though I thought I could hear my heartbeat.

Then her hand touched my shoulder.


She was next to me! Her bright blue eyes shinong under the harsh lights, smiling at me but I could tell she was too a ball of nervous energy. I wasn’t sure what to say so I pulled her close, parted her long blonde hair and sunk in a deep kiss with her. She reached out to me, her tongue meeting mine. Anxiety evaporated, leaving me with curiosity and lust.

Kate pulled away and banded her hair in a ponytail, leaving a bang hanging over her cute face. She knew I liked this style, maybe she did it to please me? Something to hold on to while she blows me, I thought. Didn’t voice it though the image sent a jolt to my cock

“You are gorgeous.” I whispered instead.

“And you’re henge. God, your muscles are popping!”

That put a grin to my face. I did arms and chest that morning at the gym, then worn my muscle fit shirt, just so they’d pop. Worth it.

My hand landed on her knee, traveling along her soft white thighs, feeling her up as it went under the hem of her skirt.

“Your body is delectable” I said, tracing the boundary of her undies.

She offered no resistance, but I could tell she was on the edge. Time was precious, but I didn’t want to rush myself either. First impressions and all that.

I was pleasantly surprised when I felt nothing under her sweater, just her Sherr small perky tits. I felt up each one, getting her to moan some more. They were firm, nice warm handfuls begging to be squeezed.

“Naughty girl, aren’t you?”

She smiled at me, moaning softly as I fondled her breasts.

“And are you naughty for me Kate? Are you trying to turn me on?”

“I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Good. Then slide those undies off..”

She timidly obeyed, shuffling in her seat until her thin white undies were off and in my pocket. Kate was already breathing hard with anticipation.

“Lift your skirt and show me your pussy. Um, good girl, it looks so tasty.”

Her smooth pussy felt warm to the touch, wet where my fingers spread the tender lips. I massaged her for a bit, getting her fired up. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open. Carefully, I pushed two fingers inside her. A gasp from Kate, her eyes wide open. No fighting back, just acceptance. Maybe even desire for more. It didn’t matter, she was mine to do as I liked.

My fingers worked her tight pussy, drawing out her wetness. I knew then that my cock would stretch her good, but she would learn to love it.

It wasn’t long until she was squirming in her seat, getting ready to cum. I was working her hardened clit with firm strokes, making her gasp and moan. When she was about to cum, I’d slow down or stop, causing her to cry in frustration. I’d resume only after she’d beg and promise to be my slut. Then my fingers would get back to work, playing her like a violin.

The time was right for Kate to see my cock in the flesh. I released my hardon and had Kate stroke it while we kissed. Tentative at first, but soon she had a good grip on me, fingers barely closing around it. We kissed deep and hard.

“You are going to cum on my cock little slut.” I whispered.

She quietly followed my lead, got off her seat and straddled my lap, her back towards me. Her pussy was grinding against my cock, coating me with her wetness. I pulled her to rest against me, one gaziantep masöz escort bayan hand groping her tits, one working her pussy.

Kate muffled herself, while surrendering to me. She was moving her shapely hips, but I was in complete control. I would swap between my fingers and cock, for rubbing over her clit, slowly building up the intensity. The girl was barely keeping it together, getting ready for her big moment.

I felt her wreathing and I knew she was about to orgasm. Without a word, I moved her up and my erection backwards, felt for the opening with the tip, then let her drop back down.

It was slick but very tight. Still, not enough to keep me from hitting the back of her pussy, stretching her open like never before. She groaned hard behind her hand. I gave her no time to react to my cock splitting her pussy, as my hand made her cum.

Hey young body was shaking uncontrollably , held in place by my vice like grip. I started giving her short and deep thrusts, mushing her against me. It was a short and intense affair, ending with me cumming hard deep inside her violated pussy. There was no escaping it, Kate taking my cock and cum whether she wanted it or not. The way she was using her hips told me she was rather enjoying it.

I stayed inside her, kissing her until I was soft enough to be squeezed out. Kate looked like she was in shock. Or maybe love. Didn’t matter, I had just turned her into my slut and I was just starting.

“You feel so good, girl, the best I felt in a long time.”

She was breathless, shaking her head, stupid smile on her face.

I slumped her back on her seat. She pushed herself up and leaned in for a hug. It wouldn’t hurt much, so I allowed it, but broke out off before getting too cozy.

“Since you sent me that video, I’ve been dying to feel your cute mouth on my cock. Go down on me, Kate, you did say you’d do anything for me, right girl?”

Without an arguement, my little slut went low and started kissing on my limp dick. She was trying hard but she had room for improvement. Regardless, I laid back while she sucked me, stroking her blonde head as if she was my pet. I’d give her tips and a word of praise now and then. I wondered if she ever did that before, getting to taste both hers and a man’s cum at the same time. Slowly, her ministrations and the filth I had in mind for her caused my cock to stirr back to life. She now had a harder time taking me in, but tried her best to please me.

I knew that the movie wasn’t going to last much longer and if I wanted some more discreet action, I’d had to act quick. So I pulled her up, kissed her in the mouth and got her moving.

“Kate, I’m loving every moment but we are running out of time. I want to do one more naughty thing with you. Go to the disabled toilet, make sure no one is watching and get in. Then strip naked and wait for me. Send a photo for proof and I’ll get to you. Four knocks and you open. OK?”

She worried a bit about being caught but she had that shine in her eye, the excitement of doing something naughty with her secret friend.

A few minutes and I got a selfie of her, in just her trainers.

“It feels weird lol, hurry up! ;-)”

Moments later, after checking that no one was watching, I was slippimg into the room and latching the door behind me.

Fuck me she looked like a doll. I mean, I’ve been using her like a fuck doll anyway, so it was fitting.

Without a world, I made her bend over, hands against the cold tiled wall, legs spread.

It looked like she tried wiping her cute little cunt. Pointless, as it was soon covered by my spit. I slobbered over it and ate her out as if my life dependented on it. I even gave her tight bumhole a good licking, causing her to giggle.

Her restrained moans were the cutest thing ever, getting my primed erection even harder. It was time to fuck her good.

I leveled the tip of my knob with her used pussy and jerked her backwards by her ponytail.

“Beg me to fuck you!”

“Oh God, fuck me please!”

And I did just that, shoving my cock hard and fast. It was a merciless fuck. It only mattered that I cum and that she got battered. That she got a taste of how a real man can fuck, to learn to want it.

If I wasn’t covering her mouth with my hand, her screams would reverberate across the whole cinema!

Kate fought to keep her balance, but Il she was hopeless without me holding her up. She was passively taking it, a fuck toy at my disposal. And I did not pace myself at all. There was sweat at my brow, my cock working and stretching her little cunt raw. The only feeling I had was that of her slick tightness. I pushed harder with each stroke as if I was trying to split her in two. Her teen womb was definitely getting a bruising today. Kate was lifted on her toes, incapable of escaping my frenzied pounding

Then I came again, almost shooting nothing, just muscles clenching with not much to give. The girl’s pussy clenched me hard though, probably involuntarily, but it felt good. Aftera few contractions, she went limp and I pulled out. Kate could barely stand on her feet so I sat her on the toilet. There were tears in her eyes, her face flushed, fighting hard not to sob.

It didn’t matter, she had to learn her lesson.She’d associate her best orgasm with my cock. She’d remember being held in my arms then being roughed up in the toilets like a whore. She’d long for my attention and she’d do everything I asked for it.

I kissed her once more and told her she’s an amazing, hot naughty girl. She muttered something back, about hurting and being too much for her, but I hushed her and told her that she was driving me crazy. How this was pure passion like I never felt before.

This was dragging on though, so once she looked like she was getting it together, I got my tracks back on and left the room. Didn’t even bother to check if she locked the door behind me. I needed her to keep quiet and under my command but also avoid getting her too close. This was just the beginning for the two of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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