Getting Rimmed

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After my crazy encounter with my uncle about which I have written in my first story, my sexuality has stirred. I am not sure if I am straight or bisexual. I definitely have romantic inclination towards women but when it comes to pure sexual desires I also think about men.

Following these desires I started to explore my body. I started thinking about men and how my uncle gave me a blow job. One day in the shower, I was playing with the water force from the shower head. I normally like to get the water force around my crotch area; my cock, balls and inner thighs. I get this tingly sensations when the water force hits the area. I had thought about my asshole for a quite a bit but had never done anything around that area. So, that day I used the shower head and guided towards my ass. I make sure the ass cheeks were parted and when the water hits the opening of my asshole I suddenly felt a quiver of sensation around my body. It was nothing like I had ever experienced. That minute, I knew how much I liked my asshole getting tickled. The orgasm was 10 times better with jets of water tickling my asshole.

I began fantasizing of someone licking my asshole. The fantasy started to get wilder and wilder. I began looking for casual partners for the rimming session. I struck upon craigslist and started posting ads on what I was looking for. To my surprise I got a shit loads of replies. I had posted a picture of nice bubble butt with the ad. The replies were mostly from much older men. I wanted someone who could accommodate in their place. I was very careful to who I wanted to meet. I finally decided to meet a 40 something man who lived nearby central London and who had a graphic designing casino oyna private office. He said he has his private office and no one comes of go without appointment. We chatted for very long time and fixed a time to meet somewhere in the evening around 6-7. I had little bit of hair around my ass hole which I trimmed it completely making it absolutely hairless. I also cleaned my area thoroughly to avoid any kind of disgusting outcome. For a slim guy like me I had a nice bubble butt.

I went by the river Thames and he came there. I had explicitly written that I wanted to try my first rimming and possibly blowjob too. I felt really awkward to meet him. He seemed nice and shook hands. He asked me about where I am from where do I study and other general questions. We walked to his office. I was in a nice place just by the river. The office was on the ground floor. I guess there were apartments around. The office was really nice. He had 3 computers, a little studio to take photographs of products, lots of CDs and a guitar. I felt very relaxed as soon as I entered his office. He said he is married but sometimes he likes to pleasures younger boys.

We sat on the couch. I was fully dressed and so was he. He asked me if I had this before. I replied with honesty and told no. He tried to tell me that it is fine. He said he had a Japanese boy with a slim body that he regularly used to meet but the boy went back to japan after his studies. As he was talking he slowly put his hand around my crotch and started rubbing. I was getting horny already. I was wearing a sweat pant. He asked me to take off of the trouser which I obeyed without any resistance. I was wearing a tight stretchable canlı casino brief. I took off my t-shirt as well. At that point I was only on my briefs and socks. He kept rubbing my underwear. The touching sensation was much intense just through the thin underwear.

I was already rock hard by that point. He slid his hand into my underwear and grabbed my rock hard cock. I was oozing with pre-cum already. He took my cock out of my underwear and pull the foreskin all the way down showing my pink tip of my cock. Oh, the sensation was just amazing. I am already getting hard thinking about it. He then brought his head toward my cock. He teased my cock tip with his tongues, flicking ever so slightly. He took his time and slowly started kissing my rock hard cock from the shaft all the way up to the tip. Then he took the whole thing in his mouth. I must tell he knew what he was doing. My heart was pounding twice as much and I knew I could cum anytime with that kind of pleasure.

He realised that and asked me to take my undies off completely. So I got up and turned away with my ass facing him and slowly took my undies off in a doggy position. He held my both ass cheeks and kissed on them and spread the cheeks away so he could see my pink rosebuds. He dived straight into it. I couldn’t help but let out a big moan of “Ohh…FUCK!! Oh…my god…”. It felt as if someone just opened a concealed box of pleasure that was never been opened. I was on my all fours and my hands were resting on the side of the couch. Everytime he flicks the opening of my hole with his tongue, I involuntarily arched my back and let a moan of pleasure. He started exploring my hole. He first licked my hole all over kaçak casino then slowly started to tongue fuck me. I was helpless at that point.

We changed the position. I lay on my back on the couch. I raised my legs and spread it for him to give view and easy access. He kept on doing what he was doing and this time he had my cock in his hands too. The sensation quadrupled. He grabbed me by my legs and pulled my ass ever higher in the air. I was literally laying on my neck with him eating my ass right on top of me. I also played with his cock but he was mostly interested in giving me the pleasures. I enjoyed how he was a little bit dominating towards me. He slapped my ass quite a bit hard which just pumped an intense sense of pleasure. I am a slim boy with not much muscles. I am quite light too. He lifted me and shifted me to the other couch all while his face was on my ass. He asked me to sit on his face. I squatted on his face and everytime his tongue touches my asshole opening I would reflex back to lifting my butt. He grabbed me by my ass cheeks and buried his face on it. I was gyrating on his face for solid 10 minutes. What I liked was he was pushing his tongue into my hole but at the same time he was swirling it around once it was it.

After almost an hour long hot and sweaty session while he was eating my ass and jerking me I cummed, possibly the biggest load of cum I have ever cummed. He kept tongue fucking me and jerking me until I was all relaxed. I lay there all sweaty, exhausted and completely satisfied for another 5 minutes. He went to the toilet to clean up. I went after him and cleaned myself. We talked for a bit and he complemented on my beautiful body and an amazing ass. We parted ways but the sensations still are with me. I wanted to meet him the very next week but I had to leave London and travel north for my university. I still think about that encounter to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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