Getting To Know Father Better

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I have a girlfriend named Beth. Beth and I had been going out together for about a year now, and that’s all we do. We go out. Out for a bite, out to the movies, out to the beach for a swim… just, “out”.

We were kind of encouraged to get together by friends at church and friends at school to be boyfriend and girlfriend. So, we did it for those friends, and even families. I mean, Beth and I were friends and all, and probably a lot closer than a lot of romantic friends but there was absolutely nothing romantic between us. Okay, maybe a kiss and a hug now and then, but it was like a brother and sister kissing, and nothing more.

And the reasons why were and are a carefully guarded secret between us.

See, Beth is dealing with feelings for other girls. She hasn’t actually come out and told me that she’s decidedly lesbian, but she’s adamant when she says that she has absolutely no sexual interest in guys. Ironically, I do. I do and I have for quite some time now. And, unlike my “girlfriend” Beth, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in sex with a number of other guys that I’ve met on the internet.

But, my sexual proclivities are not common knowledge. Not even uncommon knowledge, I think. I’m really a closeted gay guy. Beth knows, though, and is the only friend I trust with this knowledge, just as I am for her. So, to turn an interesting and ironic phrase here, Beth and I go out so no one thinks that we’re “out”.

Have I totally confused you yet?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like Beth. If I wasn’t into giving blow jobs or getting porked in the ass by some big-dicked stud (or even one with a little dick… I’m not picky) then I would definitely consider a real boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with her

Beth is really cute. Her skin is fair and she has beautiful green eyes, bright rose-colored lips that really need no lipstick, a small, upturned nose and long blond hair. She’s a little on the curvy side, with full hips and a J-Lo butt, although her boobs are a little smaller than most guys like. There are even a couple guys in church that have told me that they’d be interested in asking Beth out on a date if she and I ever split up. I’ve told her this and we both get a laugh out of it. After all, our relationship is all about avoiding other relationships until we’re both ready to come out of the closet.

But with the two of us now being in college and legal adults, people are expecting more from Beth and me. “More” in the sense that they expect that Beth should be sporting an engagement ring, or at least a promise ring with a nice little diamond. Beyond our circle of friends, this little hint of discord comes from none other than Beth’s mom. She’s been getting pretty pushy lately; more so than usual.

Even if Beth and I were both straight and in a relationship headed towards marriage, Beth’s mom is the kind of overbearing mother that all husbands dread they’ll end up with. Miriam Kennedy is a definite deal-breaker of a prospective mother-in-law if there ever was one.

Mrs. Kennedy has made it a point to hint about the idea of marriage with seemingly every other breath. Beth and I both doubt that it has anything to do with she and I specifically getting together, but that it has more to do with Beth’s mom getting to put on a big wedding for her only daughter. We’ve even kidded that we should get married just so her mom can have the party of her dreams and get it over with, but when we do decide to out ourselves we don’t want it to create a huge family rift over the cost of such an extravaganza as Mr. Kennedy is surely planning. Extravaganza or disaster… you pick.

But, there is another person that has been pushing the issue, too. My father.

Despite my efforts to remain closeted , I think that my father has some inkling about my sexual interests. He and I haven’t always been the closest of family, but I’ll give him credit and say that he tries. And, out relationship has gotten better since I moved out on my own.

Proof is that my father recently asked me over to visit while mom was off with my aunt for a little overnight shopping trip to the Bay Area. Such a trip is usually my father’s chance to howl with a night and the house to himself. So his asking me if I wanted to swing by that night to visit for a while mom was out of town definitely was a surprise. The fact that I agreed to it was kind of a surprise in itself, too.

My father is a well-groomed man in his late 40s, with a full head of prematurely gray hair, weathered features from lots of time spent outdoors as a postal carrier, and a pretty trim build from the time spent on his feet. A lot of people say I get my good looks from him. I don’t know about that, but at least my father is a decent looking guy.

I showed up as requested to my parent’s house, parking on the street in front of it. I went up to the door and knocked, and a moment later there was my father at the door, apparently happy to see me.

“How are you doing, bud?” he asked as I walked in to the house.

“Fine, I guess,” I replied, feeling the general level of uneasiness that I’d have any time I had to talk to my father privately. “What dis you want to talk about?”

“Well, I don’t want to get anything started unless you can devote some time to me here,” he said.

“I have no place else I need to be tonight,” I replied.

“Good! Good, son,” he said with a brighter smile. “Come on into the family room and let’s sit down and at least be comfortable.”

I obediently followed my father towards the back of the house to the family room, which is actually a windowless garage conversion with mirrored tiles covering the wall where the fireplace was added. Our reflections looked like a weird mosaic or puzzle, kind of a metaphor for the conversation neither of us seemed prepared for.

My father gestured me to the couch. I sat down on one end while my father took his usual spot on the other end of the sofa. We sat for a moment in silence. I wasn’t about to start the conversation; this wasn’t my show.

“Son, I wanted you to drop by tonight for a little, you know, talk,” My father said. “I just want to clear the air surrounding your relationship with Beth. Specifically, why you two haven’t said a word about getting serious, or getting married.”

“With all respects, dad,” I chose my words carefully, “I think that’s more of a personal issue between Beth and myself. We’re in no rush to make any commitments that we might… regret later.”

“That’s an intelligent approach, son,” he said, “but is there… anything… you want to talk about?”

“Such as?” I asked, honestly trying not to be rude. “I kind of assumed that I was here at your request. I assumed that you had the questions that I needed to answer.”

“Okay,” my father said, nodding. “Okay. I think that I should just come out and say what’s on my mind, then. I have every confidence that you and Beth are not going to get married.”

Okay, so we were on the same wavelength there. I had no idea why, though…

“I’m certain of it,” he said, “and I’m just as certain that you know it, too.”

I had the distinct feeling that I was being put on the spot. Not just me, but my best friend whose secret was on the line as well.

“What makes you think that,?” I asked, hoping that I might be able to counter any evidence he was considering well enough to help protect our secrets.

“Well, I’ve got a list of things,” he replied. “But the biggest piece of evidence I have is the knowledge that Beth’s boyfriend… is gay.”

Well, the only boyfriend Beth had was me! Was I blindsided by that one!

“Sir?” I strained to reply as my throat tightened. I mean, was it supposed to be easy to accept if Beth’s boyfriend was gay and not his own son?

“We’re just full of secrets, aren’t we?” he asked without malice. “But I do know yours.”

“How did you find out?” I asked, very worried about the answer and wondering if, Heaven forbid, it was Beth that outed me, intentional or not.

“There is a price for secrets, son,” said my father as matter-of-factly as was possible. “I can understand a little honor among thieves, and I truly am impressed that the two of you have kept this between you for so long. But there is one hitch to your plans, son. And his name is BlueBoy25.”

If my father was looking for a sign that I recognized the cryptic name, it had to be clearly displayed on my face.

BlueBoy25 was an older gent I met on-line for a hook-up about a month ago. He lived about an hour’s drive from town. I met him at a coffee shop near his home and after a little song-and-dance, we retired to a motel room where the man, fueled by little blue pills, had his way with me for nearly eighteen hours.

If I recall the pattern of events correctly (and they are not easy to forget — not that I want to!) almost as soon as we were naked he was all over me. He sucked me off, fucked my face, sucked me again, fucked me in the ass twice in 90 minutes, showered up, ordered Chinese food, fucked me again, went to sleep, woke me up by sucking my dick again, drilled by sore butt once more, showered once more, had breakfast in the coffee shop, sucked me again for good measure, and then had me suck his drained cock for what seemed like an hour before he came with one last dry orgasm, paid me for my gas, and sent me on my way.

I drove home barely able to sit comfortably in my seat and grinning like a fool all the way home. Over the last month I’d been waiting for the man to call me again some time. And I guess I was grinning again at the memory because when I shook my head to bring myself back to reality, my father was nodding his head knowingly.

“You had a good time, didn’t you?” he said.

“Uh, yeah,” I agreed. “But how did you know?”

“You never know where a video camera might be set up,” my father replied. “And you never know who might have received a couple clips of your wild night of sex over the vast internet.”

“Oh my gawd,” I croaked. “How could anyone know it was me?”

“Oh, he took a couple nice close-ups of your face while you were sleeping,” smiled my father as if he was recalling a vision or two in his mind as well. “Did a nice full-body sweep from your face all the way down to your dick, and gave that a real nice close-up. Next scene, and he’s sucking it for all he’s worth.”

As pleasant at that memory was, now I had to worry about how far it would eventually get out. And, speaking of ‘out’, it looked like I was going to have to plan on coming out a lot sooner than I had planned.

But, I was coming out to my father. A man who was actually admitting to me that he’s been in contact with another man and sat and watched video of the man fucking and sucking my brains out. And he wasn’t going ballistic? Huh? I mean, I know we weren’t close, but how do you miss something like this?

“Okay,” I sighed, confused. “Now what?”

“Well, in the vein of ‘honor among thieves’,” he said, “I’ll keep your secrets if you keep mine.”

“Yours being that you like video clips of old guys fucking your son?” I said.

My father casually reached down and slipped off his shoes. He stood up from the couch and undid his trousers, sliding them down and revealing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath them. That, in turn, revealed a gorgeous uncut dick hanging between his legs, one that looked as if was starting to thicken even as I watched. I’d never seen my father’ dick before. I realized that I had been missing something very special.

“I don’t want a video clip,” he said, “I want the real thing. And I know who I want it with.”

“With… me?” I asked needlessly. Of course! Who else was in the room with him while he stood half-naked with a hardening dick you moron?

“I’m a little tired of mom and the missionary position once a month if I’m lucky, and nothing else,” he said as he neared me, the head of his prick pushing past the foreskin as his member filled with blood. By the time he was standing in front of me, his cock was pointing straight out at me.

And, regardless of whose cock it happened to be, my mouth was watering. My god, I was not only looking at my father’s dick, I was looking at my father’s very erect dick, and it was right in my friggin’ face!

“Why can’t wives understand that a man likes a blow job now and then? Or the chance to shove it up the ass?” he asked rhetorically. “Why don’t women keep pace with a man’s sexual desires? Why does the excitement have to fade?”

As my father went on with his soliloquy, I took the hint, took a chance, and took his dick into my mouth. His words went silent, but his hips went into motion, gently pushing his cock into my salivating mouth.

“That’s my boy,” he sighed.

I closed my eyes and just let it happen, focusing on the sensations of my father’s rock-hard dick as it slid back and forth between my lips, the head gliding between my tongue and the roof of my mouth and massaging my mouth with each stroke. My god, it felt wonderful.

And my mom only fucked this man once a month? Fuck, I’d be on my knees sucking a dick like this daily if I could.

My father then put a hand on each side of my head and held me in place as he pumped his meat into my willing mouth, being careful not to choke me with what was easily an 8-inch dick. And he was taking his time as if he wasn’t in a rush to cum; as if he had been waiting for such a perfect opportunity to happen for a long time.

But I found that I wanted him to cum. If it meant that my secret would remain in place — after all, how many married and secretly gay men surfing the internet actually would recognize me? – then I would happily do whatever it took to keep the secret. Especially if it included sucking such a nice uncut cock!

While thinking about all of this, I was shaken back to reality when Mr. Kennedy pulled his dick free of my suckling mouth.

“And, while we’re on the subject” he said as he crouched down and fumbled for the button on my jeans, “why couldn’t evolution have given women a dick for a man to suck on once in a while? Well, not that it should matter when there might be a willing dick on a willing young man available, even if it is your gay son.”

I leaned back into the couch and joined my father in helping to get my pants undone. He got to his knees and slipped off my sneakers and then helped me get my pants slid down and off of my legs as I stripped my shirt off over my head. Now I was naked except for my socks, and my father, my very father, was stroking my meat to full hardness.

Looking at my rapidly hardening prick, he said, “It looks even better in person.”

“It looks like I did get something from my father other than my good looks,” I said.

“It is a nice one, son,” he said, and firmly holding the base of my shaft in his strong hand he bent over and took me deep into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt as my father worked over my rigid member tightly with his hot tongue and mouth, bobbing his head up and down on my young manhood with greater speed and intensity while continuing to hold the base of my meat with just enough firmness to control me in his grasp.

It was clear just how much my father craved cock (and maybe where I got my own cravings) as he hungrily sucked me deep into his mouth. Each stroke of the older man’s tight mouth on my dick took me deeper and deeper until my father took his hand from my shaft and sucked me with his mouth alone, telling me that I had to be just on the verge of pushing into his throat, if not actually there. But all doubt was erased when the man stopped moving momentarily, his lips literally wrapped around the base of my cock and the head of my throbbing meat surely captured within his throat.

My father then pulled back and let my dick fall free from his mouth and said excitedly, “Yup, I still got it!” and then planted his mouth on me again and returned to pumping me into his throat and fucking my aching meat with his incredible mouth. I was squirming beneath him and trying to push my dick up to meet my father’s oral thrusts and sweating like mad. It felt like I was turning inside out as my balls quickly tightened into rock and I suddenly felt wonderfully dizzy and my whole body turned to quivering jelly as my member exploded with a massive load of cum that surprised even me. And my father didn’t pull his mouth away; instead swallowing every burst as I fed it to him and never missing a drop as it flowed into his hungry throat.

My god… my father just drank my cum!

The room felt like it was spinning and I felt as if I had melted into the couch. I was at the man’s mercy, and he didn’t disappoint as he released my drained dick from his hot mouth and put a hand behind each of my knees and pushed my legs upwards. I could feel his hot breath on my exposed ass as he put his face up to my anus and started to rim my ass hole with his hot tongue, smearing the crack of my butt with his saliva while he started to push his spit into my slowly loosening hole.

I was in heaven as my father’s thick tongue teased me with pleasures that easily equaled his expert blow job. He leaned back and withdrew his face from my ass and I was sure he was going to replace his tongue with his big cock, but he released my legs and physically turned me over, my knees grazing the soft carpet while my torso was resting chest-down on the couch.

“This also looked incredibly exciting on the video,” he said

My father then settled behind me, spreading my butt cheeks with his hands and once again rimming my ass hole and probing deeply into me with his tongue while he fondled my balls, eventually fucking my ass with his tongue, poking it in and out like a small prick to prepare me for the real thing. The real, and much larger thing.

When I could feel my father’s saliva dripping slightly from my ass and trickling down onto my balls, I sensed him raising up behind me. I expected him to push my legs wide but he actually straddled my much thinner thighs with his own as took hold of my butt cheeks and spread them with his thumbs, stretching my anus a bit as he did so. I felt the man shift his position slightly and then felt the head of his dick settle right against my stretched ass bud. With a cock so hard that it needed no further guidance he pushed the head of his manhood into my saliva-drenched anus and let go of the cheeks of my ass.

“Oh, yeah,” sighed my father as he moved his hands to my hips and worked his hips around almost as if he was literally screwing his huge piece of dick meat into my ass, like a large bolt being twisted into a virgin nut. Within a few more twists and gentle pushes, my anus gave up resistance and the man’s thick rod finally slipped into my ass.

I sucked in a deep breath of air as his huge manhood filled my rectum. Keeping his thighs tightly around my own, my father leaned forward and braced his hands against the back of the couch and started to pump himself in and out of my ass with long and patient strokes.

My mother only wanted this man’s dick once a month? Was she fucking crazy?

“Looks even better than video, doesn’t it?” he asked.

Not sure what he was talking about, I turned my head one way, then the other, and my eyes picked up on what my father was talking about. Reflected in the mirror tiles surrounding the fireplace was the patchwork image of me bent over on the couch and my own father working his huge cock in and out of my ass. He was smiling at out reflection and I couldn’t help but smile back at him, feeling an affection for him that I hadn’t felt in years. It was a sight that made me immodestly realize that I looked fucking hot with a long dick being pumped in and out of my welcoming rectum, and my father looked pretty damn good doing the fucking. The reflection was only making things hotter.

Each thrust of my father’s hips against my ass, each stroke of his cock into my rectum, threatened to drive my face into the couch cushions. But it was a wonderful ride. I tried to watch our live sex show in the mirrors but was having trouble staying focused on the images when my father’s increasingly harder thrusts caused my vision to blur, and a good part of that was the intense sensations as the man hungrily pounded my wanting ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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