Getting To Know The Real You

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My name is Peter and I am gay.

Before Ben I often felt demeaned and disappointed when, having met someone who seemed keen to start a meaningful relationship, which I said from the start I clearly wanted, they dumped me after sex.

It is so hard to find a guy; I spent ages looking on the dating sites for someone who looked attractive and appealing and some guy I felt I could fall for full package.

Ben has told me it is the nature of the beast that most guys are after just one thing. He said perhaps now I have learned my lesson and not be so easy on the first date.

Out of the six guys I met on the dating site, four of them fucked me on the firsts date. I got the impression from them that it was normal thing to do, to see if we are sexually compatible.

But Ben told me they are just playing the field. Out of the six, two guys seemed to be interested on a more committed relationship and I shared a few dates with them enjoying shows, pub visits and the like and I have to say I enjoyed being with them.

But after a week or so I soon found they wanted me just like the others and one of them, Paul was a very rough with me in the back of his car.

But at last I met Ben and after three months together I think I know by now he wants me for the person I am and not just my body.

Now I am able to relax and enjoy sex to the full without wondering if he was going to drop me after he’d had his fill…

I enjoyed the sex with the other guys, of course I did, and I am a very passion person and enjoy intimacy with attractive guys. Each time with the guys who dumped me I felt here was the guy I have been looking for, each fucked me in their own way, but both were very nice and fulfilling and I was thinking; life was going to be heaven from now on, having a guy who really wanted and needed me, someone I could love and fuck to my heart’s content.

But Bahçelievler Escort it wasn’t to be and I must have cried several times almost giving up hope that there was a guy out there for me.

But then I met Ben, and not through a dating site. The odd thing is he had been around and about for the several weeks I had been attending the local Gym. I had noticed him of course, he was attractive to me. But I assumed he was not like me so I put any idea out of my mind that he and I could make a pair.

As if by destiny, he fell over me when I was doing my hand stand bit in the Gym and somehow it all started from there. I was most apologetic but he said it was his fault for not looking. We got to talking and became great pals, eventually it came out that we were both gay and I guess it really started from there. We talked about all the rubbish on dating sites and he had tried several too, but to no avail.

“Some people seem to make it lucky but not me, I just wanted to meet a guy who was compatible in every way. I made sure they knew I wanted to take the male part.”

“I was instantly interested because I wanted a guy who could fuck me like a woman. It has been a long time now since I realised I was gay but none of the guys who had fucked me so far had really done it for me, in a way I really didn’t want to do it again with them. I guess they realised and that is why they dumped me…

Anyway back to Ben. I have never ever got such a strong urge as I do with Ben. And the thing is he enjoys everything I do to him.

He asks me if I like this or that and after few times we have gotten to know what we both like doing, and yet there are always new and exciting discoveries and it is really heaven doing things with Ben.

“I guess I have found my be and end all in you Peter” he says sniffing me in my jeans, complimenting Bahçelievler Escort Bayan me on my great slim tight ass. Then, prompting me to bend over his lap so he enjoys his stroking sessions and perhaps sometimes, a little slapping too. He tells me he adores seeing it bounce as he administers several firm spanks and next thing I feel is his fingers teasing between my crotch and it is so sensual and lovely.

I know he loves me to strip nice and slowly as he watched me, squeezing a new erection stimulated by what he had been doing to me. I gradually let my tight jeans slip down to my knees and he likes to sniff me through my boxers and feel my balls. Soon I know he will be ardently licking and sucking my cock and it gives me a really wonderful sensation feeling the warmth of his mouth over my prime cock.

He says to twist around so he can sniff and suck me behind, and I feel his stretch my cheeks so wide apart it feels sensational, more so when he begins to tease and lick my ass .

Then we find the right positions, he strips for me and we found the joy of enjoying each other on the bed. He has an absolutely divine huge cock which I admire and cherish so much. He has trained me (which was great fun) how to make it last, so we can suck and enjoy each other for long periods and it is such a tease, feeling him squeeze my cock at the base and fix a restraining rubber ring around it base.

He showed me how to fit it and it has become a very thrilling way of doing oral with him, sucking and tasting him as I ring him. I feel the throb come but restrained because of the ring. I watch and enjoy it palpitate like it is so wanting to release. But to no avail because I want my fun first, I want to suck and taste cock and lick his balls like never before and likewise he is enjoying too… He goes on further and sucks my asshole. I am thinking Escort Bahçelievler it is his place to do that and not me with him, because he is the one who will be fucking me there and anyway, he seems happy with that.

One of the most intimate things is when after a good sucking; we share a deep prolonged French kiss amalgamating the taste and scent of each other which is heaven on earth.

The taste is slightly salty and pungent and is another lead to what is to come, to feel that glorious thick well sucked and primed cock stretching and stimulating me up my ass.

We are getting there.

Now I suck up his cum too and he does the same. It is part of our deep loving relationship and I simply love being with Ben and know we are still learning about each other in every way…

And he is telling me that the most thrilling and exciting thing it ‘getting to know you.”

Now he is introducing me to the pleasures sex toys can bring. I simply adore being all ass for him whichever way or position he wants to enjoy me. It is fun when he teases me there, his fingers manipulating me as he rims me deeply before insertion, my wrists handcuffed to the bed rail I am there at his mercy so he can enjoy me whichever way he wants.

It is so very nice and I love the feeling of being wanted in every way somehow feeling his tongue enjoying me there seems right and perfect as he occasionally slaps my ass, to make it plum red he says, which stimulates more sucking and licking and I am in my element putting it out for him jus how I know he wants it. I love it when after enjoying me that way, he pauses and comes to stand next to me whilst I am still securely fastened to the bedrail, cradles my head as he gently twists it to his offering which is so very tempting, standing up to attention with that enticing curve which I know soon will do me justice and I will again feel the wonderful thrust of his lovely cock pulsing inside me.

I suck it until he is ready to take me once more and I am so ready for that feel of hard cock inside me like it belongs and is part of me.

I am so very happy to have Met Ben because he is so adapted to me and my desires, as much as I am to his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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