Gigolo Ch. 07

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Blearily, I made my way downstairs following the smell of eggs and bacon. I needed iron to shore up my sperm producing testicles. The two old girls, voluptuous Betty and her torpedo titted sister Jane had wrung me dry. I was almost insulted by the money pressed on me, but hey, business is business, no matter how much I was enjoying myself.

Mum – Miranda was just dishing up eggs and bacon. “Good grief, Allen, you look absolutely terrible. I’m sure you’re overdoing it. I’ll stay home today and look after you.” She came and hugged me caressing my hair to pat down stray locks. At the feel of her gorgeous body still in a nightgown against mine, my tired dick lurched.

I quickly turned and sat down and waited while she set the breakfast plate down before me. I opened my mouth to speak and it stayed open as I gaped at the lengthy cleavage she revealed by bending down. “I, I think you’re right Miranda,” I stuttered hurriedly putting my hands over my eyes to feign tiredness. “I’ll be alright. I’ll take a few days off and I’ll be as right as rain.” I bent to my breakfast, my brain buzzing with the strange lust I had suddenly felt for her. I mean, she is a gorgeous woman. Mid forties, tall, long legged and very curvy. Her dark haired good looks had not diminished with age but had in fact become more attractive as she mellowed. But then again, I had developed quite a penchant for older women recently.

“If you’re sure, darling. I’ll go and get ready then.” She turned and left and I watched her rolling buttocks barely sheathed in the nightgown pass through the door. I almost bit my tongue as it hardened. The thought of tracing her anal cleavage with my tongue leapt into my fuzzy brain. I shook my head and concentrated on building up my strength. Finishing breakfast, I put the answering machine on with a message that I was out of state and proceeded to spend the next three days restoring my strength. Meat, vegetables and zinc tablets galore. Miranda and I spent every night in watching DVD movies enjoying some wine side by side on the sofa. I knew I was fit and well when she came in on the third night and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. One tiny glimpse of her abundant cleavage and my cock instantly and painfully erected within the confines of my jeans. Good grief, my own mother!!

I took the answering machine off next morning shortly after mum left for work and it rang almost instantly. Crystal Croker said, “I’ve been ringing for the last three days, you bastard. Where have you been?”

“Out of town. Sick aunt. Get off my back, will you. Where does it say in our contract that I have to be available 365 days a year,” I demanded.

“Er, right. It’s just that we have a number of clients lined up. With the number of recommendations we are getting about you, we have had to talk our arses off to get clients to take other operatives. Now, when are you available?” Crystal demanded.

“Any time you like, darling,” said this ‘operative’, in a conciliatory manner, all silk and oily charm.

“Right,” she said, clearly seeing right through me, “I want you to go to the following address and see a Martha Williams. She gave Betty’s name as her referee. I must say, she doesn’t sound as if she knows what she wants. Very sort of timid. Still, you have to watch the quiet ones. Like you for instance.” She shrieked like a banshee and after I waited patiently for her to finish wetting herself, she eventually gave me the address. Crystal told me that Ms Williams was available every afternoon at 2pm and then rang off, still guffawing. Women are strange, strange creatures. They have vastly different humour genes.

I made my way over to the address and arrived just after two. It was a top floor penthouse in an apartment building in a neat and clean city neighbourhood. I was buzzed up by a quiet and cultured female voice. When the door opened, I looked straight ahead then down. She wasn’t a dwarf but she was mighty short – about four ten or eleven with rich, more red than auburn hair that hung down to the small of her back and tied in a pony tail. Her face had a round moon-like shape with a short pointy nose and freckles. Her solemn gray eyes looked at me through large rimmed glasses. She was mid to late forties and built like a brick shithouse. She was like two big beach balls surmounted on stout and solid thighs. Her muscular calves veered up from slim ankles but her knees were hidden by a plain shapeless blue dress that was done up to the neck. illegal bahis She looked every inch a school teacher who brooked no nonsense from her students.

“Are you Allen?” I nodded. The voice was very timid and her eyes refused to meet mine. I revised my opinion about her being a teacher. This mouse couldn’t stand up in front of a class of rowdy boys and girls and survive. “I’m Martha. Please, won’t you come in?” I followed her short waddling figure into a surprising vibrant living room with spectacular harbour views. Originals by well known artists adorned the boldly painted walls. She gestured to a plump couch and proceeded to pour what turned out to be a well made gin sling into glasses. She sat opposite me and crossed her tiny ankles, demurely pulling her skirt down.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what to do under these circumstances.” It was almost a whisper, her eyes downcast. “During my whole life, I have had only two liaisons and neither of them was satisfying.” She looked at me with those solemn gray eyes. “Aunt Betty told me you are very good at making women happy. Are you?”

“I love women, all sorts, all shapes and I thought all ages until recently. I find I really enjoy older women.” I thought I’d try to draw her out a bit. “Do you find me interesting?”

“You are tall, dark and handsome. Who wouldn’t? I’ve never really thought about my preference in men.” She wrinkled her nose and took a large swallow of gin sling. “I mean, well, if I had to choose, it would be somebody like you. Aunt Betty told me what you looked like and I have to admit I was intrigued.” She gulped her drink down and looked at me. “What now?”

“Let’s have a couple more drinks, you need to relax.”

“Even one is too much for me. I’m feeling light headed now.”

“Have another. For luck.” I headed for the bar to top her glass up.

“Fluck? Fluck? Don’t you mean fuck?”

I whirled around surprised. She had the beginnings of a smile on her face. Maybe she was more intoxicated than I thought. I brought the glass to her.

“Come and sit on the couch with me.”

Martha stood and swayed a little on 2” heels. She tottered over and flopped down next to me. She hadn’t spilled a drop and took another large swallow. I put my glass down and putting an arm around her big firm shoulders, snuggled her up to me. I leaned over and gently kissed the pouting lips of her small mouth. Experimentally, I ran my tongue around the inside of her lips tasting the gin sling. She pulled back, her eyes closed and took another big swallow, draining the glass.

She put the glass down. “Wow! More please. Let me suck on your tongue.” I obliged and she put a meaty arm behind my neck and pulled me to her. We swapped spit for a few minutes before she lurched to her feet and pulled me up. “Bedroom, now!” Her speech was slurred as she dragged me through a door into a plush room dominated by a large single bed. She turned and hugged me around my middle, pushing her meaty tits into my genitals. “Can I tell you what I want?” she said looking up at me demurely.

“You can have anything you want. You’re the boss,” I said smiling at her, my cock getting half hard against the pressure of her breasts.

Martha looked up at me with an earnest expression on her round face. “I want you to lick my dirty little cunt until I scream for mercy. Then I want to suck your disgusting cock until you spray your filthy scum all over my big fat tits. Then I want to be fucked in my tiny cunt until you shoot your baby making sperm as far up as you can get it. Got it?”

Stunned by the huge change in the demeanour of this red headed pocket battleship, my jaw had dropped. Martha reached up and pushed my chin up. “I’ve always fantasised about talking really really dirty. I love it, and you did say, ‘anything’ didn’t you. I nodded my head. “Right. Let’s get naked, stud.”

I peeled out of my duds and watched as she pulled the dress up over her body. Above her chubby thighs it went to reveal a tiny thong filled with a prominent mons. Upward over a plump, smooth belly to be caught under her tits. She kept pulling until at last they flopped into view, big and melon-like, they bounced on her tummy rolling and swaying. Big angry looking brown nipples pointed downward. The upper part of her breasts were mottled with freckles. Eventually she got the dress over her head and threw it on a nearby chair. I was down to my jocks filled with a half cock stand. She put her hands on her hips and illegal bahis siteleri rolled her breasts from side to side and I watched, mesmerised by their voluptuous sway and bounce.

“You like my big titties, stud? Would you like to fuck them, you cunt crazy muff licker? Maybe later. Now I want your tongue on my twat.” She stooped to pull her thong down and off her legs, and my tongue stiffened at the sight of her majestic tits elongating like humongous rain drops. She hoisted herself up onto the bed and let her big meaty thighs fall apart to reveal her prominent mons covered by neatly trimmed red pussy hair. Top and tails. Christ! She had a tiny cunt with bulging fleshy outer lips.

“Eat me, you filthy cunt licker, eat!” she demanded.

Dropping to my knees beside the bed, I ran my hands up the inside of her huge thighs and thumbed those big lips to open them. A very pink hole covered with runnels of a white viscous fluid proved her excitement. I dove on it with a stiff tongue and penetrated it as far as I could. I could only get about half the way in. I had no idea how I was going to get my dick in there. I slurped in and out alternating with long licks of her meaty outer lips and her very much smaller inner ones. I sucked on the place where her clitoris should be and even though I could feel a small bulge, it did not pop out like many but stayed hidden. This gal could do with an operation to remove that bit of skin. I sucked hard and introduced my middle finger to her tight cunt. Inch by inch, I pushed and withdrew until I could feel the passage start to expand a little. I turned it up to caress the smooth slimy bulge at the front.

Martha started panting and gasping, twisting from side to side. I looked up to see her pinching her big angry nipples. “Oooooh, fuuuuuucccckkkkk, mommy, I’m going to cum, mommy, he’s so fucking good, mommy. He’s got his finger up my cunt and sucking on my clit, mommy. God, he’s so good, mommy – fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m cuuummmmiinnnnnggg!!!” She wailed and I felt my finger become inundated with surprisingly thick white female joy juice. She gripped my finger with her pussy muscles and a slow stream of cum pushed out at me. I lapped it up. It was lovely, musky yet sweet. I had kept massaging the bulge inside her cunt and I felt her contract again with a groan and a downpour of more of that thick, white cunt cream. She must have had plenty stored up.

Martha grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me up and around until I laid full length on her big comfortable body. “Kiss me, you darling boy. I haven’t cum like that – ever. Will you fuck me now? Please fuck me. I want to fuck, fuck, fuck!!”

My cock, as ever rigid while I ate pussy, was more than ready. But, could I get it in to that tiny cunt that had barely accepted my finger? I knelt up between her thighs fisted my cock and ran the broad helmet up and down her slimy slit. Gently I pushed and could barely get half the cock head in. I pushed on and gradually, very gradually I got the knob in. Martha heaved up off the bed, tits wobbling everywhere. She’d cum again!! And I only had my cock head in her. She fell back on the bed almost uncunting me. I held her meaty twat lips apart as I forced more and more of my cock into her tight but slimy channel. Inch by inch, out then in, out then in, gaining more depth with each pass. I had never been in such a tight cunt. I hoped I would be able to hold on because the sensation of being firmly gripped by a pulsating pussy was just far too much to bear. Three quarters of the way in, I could feel every ridge especially the mouth of her womb as I kept up the slow in and out motion until eventually my curly hairs met her fine silk red ones. I was plugged. Almost exhausted by the time it had taken me to get into her I fell down on to her mounded chest and she clutched me around my neck, kissing me furiously, her tongue pushing into my mouth.

“You are where nobody has been before. Those two liaisons I mentioned? They spurted as soon as the first bit of their cocks got inside me. The bastards. I had to take my own virginity with a vibrator. Fuck me now, please, I need it!!!”

I started riding her, very slowly at first, and then with increasing speed. I watched as her round face screwed up, her eyes tightly shut as she gripped my shoulders. Suddenly her eyes flared opened as her first vaginal orgasm from a flesh and blood cock arrived with a rush. She bathed my cock with more of her cunt cream canlı bahis siteleri serving to lubricate her tight passage even more.

“Fuuuuccckkkk mmeeeeeeee! Oh god, mommy, he’s made me cum again, oh mommy, I’m still cuuuummmminnng, oh god mommy, oh god mommy. It is sooooooo good.” She looked up me through misting eyes. “Fuck me some more Allen, I’ve waited soooooo long.”

“I can’t hold on much more, darling,” I groaned. “This is the most delightful pussy I’ve ever fucked. The sensation is much too much. I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it?”

“Right up my cunt, darling boy. Spunk me, spunk me hard, you glorious big cocked boy. I’ve never been so full. Fuck it up me. Spunk, spunk, spunk!!!” I unloaded, big time. “I can feel it shooting into me. I’m cuuuuummming again, you filthy bastard…I’ve never cum like this ever. It’s hot, so hot, and I can feel you throbbing. This is the greatest event of my life. Jesus H – will I ever feel like this again?”

I didn’t know about her, but I was clutched in the velvet vice-like grip of the tightest pussy I’d been in. I had a sudden flash that maybe I couldn’t get it out again because it was staying hard, massaged by the rhythmic squeezing of her cuntal muscles. If she had wanted my sperm somewhere else, I seriously doubted I could have got it out. I laid back down on her and as she hugged me to her voluminous breasts, I gradually softened until I was able to uncunt to the sound of a loud plop.

Martha kissed me – mouth, face, neck, her arms clutched around my waist. “Oh Allen, I can’t tell you how utterly fantastic that was. When you came, the sensation was unreal, truly, truly unreal. I hope we’ve made a baby cos I really want one. Do twins run in your family?”

I told her I didn’t think so and doubted that she could have a baby naturally through that tiny portal. She just laughed delightedly.

“If I’m not pregnant, would you come back and do it ‘til I am?”

I assured her I would come as many times as it took. “Cum, cum, oh you naughty boy. What’s this? Are you getting hard for me?”

The rolling around on her big body was having an effect. I knelt up and straddled her big smooth stomach. “If you lick it and suck it a little, it will get bigger, I promise.” She leaned forward and licked around the helmet gathering some of the thick female joy juice she had bathed me in.

“Ooh, I taste good, don’t you think?”

“You do baby, you do. Now suck.” She did, although clearly amateurish, she appeared to be enjoying herself. “Swirl your tongue around the head. See if you can get the tip into my pisshole.” It was nice, very nice. Her big tits were scrunched under my arse. I pulled myself gently from her hot sucking mouth and laid my erection in the valley between her tits. “Push them together, darling, make a tittie cunt for me.” She did and I revelled in the erotic feel of my cock imprisoned in her slightly sweaty cleavage. I reached for her big nipples and pinched, tweaked and caressed them to proud points. I started fucking her majestic melons and she watched the end of it poking through her cleavage, the eye opening and closing, dripping precum. Every chance she got, her little pink tongue licked the drops of viscous fluid.

She looked up at me with a mischievous glint in her gray eyes. She still had her glasses on. “Are you going to squirt your filthy cock juice all over me, Allen? Are you going to give me the pearl necklace I’ve always wanted?” She moved her breasts up and around in opposite circles and I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. “Are you going to jizz now? Let me see it fly, you horny fucker, you!!”

I punched my cock in one more time and then fisted it to achieve maximum explosion. Creamy strands of spunk flew out and I hosed it all over her face, across her glasses and over her wide open mouth. She licked and slurped as much as she could. The last few squirts were aimed at her neck, delivering the pearl necklace as asked. Quickly she pushed her head up to suck the highly sensitive head, and I moaned at the torturously erotic feel of her tongue swirling over the helmet, sucking the remnants of my orgasm. Having got all she could, she amazed me by taking off her glasses and licking off the ropes of sperm that I had clustered there.

Martha squinted up at me, and between licks, said, “I hope you have some more ammo stud. I really want you to fuck a baby into me. Aunt Betty, and Aunt Jane, both said you were good for at least four goes.”

Oh fuck! My thoughts flew to Miranda and what she was going to say when I got home totally shagged again. I shrugged. “But of cause. You’re the boss,” as I slid back and prepared to attempt to open her tiny slit with my tongue.

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