Gina’s First Lesbian Experience

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My girlfriend Gina and I ran a homemade porn studio in our apartment. Women answered our ads, paying a lot for me to give them sexual pleasure. If Gina was not at work at a nearby restaurant, she either filmed me having sex with a client or joined in for a threesome, with camcorders on tripods pointing at us. It also applied if it was just me and a client in the apartment. It was my one source of income being unable to get any other job due to my sexual views on women. I loved it, though, as the ladies and Gina said I was good at sex. After the session, Gina and I burned the footages into DVD-Rs and mailed them to the clients.

One time a woman named Emily signed up for our service online and asked for a threesome. We accepted, but when she arrived at our apartment, she saw me and looked confused. Gina asked what was wrong and she said she thought she was going to have an all-girl threesome. Apparently, she thought I was a woman due to my name Shannon. I asked if that was a problem and she said it was as she was a lesbian and only liked having sex with women.

An issue rose, as Emily had already paid for a threesome and we had a no refund policy. She casino oyna asked if she could have sex with only Gina. Gina was hesitant, as while she often joined in my sex, she never had one-on-one sex with another female. I told her to go for it, finding Emily attractive and wanting to watch a sexy, fit blonde like her having sex with a tall shoulder-length brunette like Gina. Gina agreed, but said she would still charge Emily for a threesome. Emily was fine with it.

She put her stuff on our sofa, then we took her to our bedroom, where she and Gina undressed fully. As they discussed the sex moves, I set up my camcorder. First they knelt on our bed kissing and running their hands on each other’s backs and buttocks. I faced their sides moving my camera up and down to ensure I got their whole bodies. This was my first time seeing two naked women kissing in person and I was ready for more.

Emily kissed Gina’s breasts and down her stomach before going down on her. I moved to an angle where I could record Gina’s face as Emily licked her vagina, then down to Emily as Gina held her head. Emily stood up to kiss Gina before she knelt to kiss down her breasts canlı casino and stomach and go down on her. I got an up-close view of Emily’s buttocks as Gina grabbed it while sucking and finger her vagina, then moved to their sides to film Emily’s facial reactions and she held Gina’s head. I wished I was kissing her buttocks at that point.

Emily lay on the bed as Gina lay atop her and I got a close-up of Gina kissing her breasts and neck. I pulled back as they fingered each other and then sat up with Gina on Emily’s lap to lip-lock. Emily then kissed Gina’s breasts, nipples, and neck. They keep fingering each other while bouncing, gripping, and groaning. Emily lay back down while Gina got atop her. They rubbed each other’s legs and buttocks while kissing, which I got a close-up shot of.

Gina lay facedown on the bed as Emily lay atop her and fingered her anus. The two lip-locked, then I followed Emily as she kissed down Gina’s shoulders and back to her buttocks. Then she sucked her anus and grabbed her buttocks as she panted. That turned me on a lot as I loved kissing Gina’s buttocks and going down on her from behind when we had sex. I moved up to film kaçak casino Gina’s reaction as she held Emily’s head in before she kissed her thighs.

Emily lay facedown on the bed, as Gina sat by her head kissing down her back until she reached her buttocks. Emily yelled and bounced as Gina got atop her with her legs in-between her head to kiss her buttocks and down her legs. I moved up-close as she fingered her anus, then sucked it and spanked her.

The girls lay in the sideways 69 position fingering and sucking each other’s vaginas with their legs in an L shape. I got close-up shots of each doing that, then a full shot. They yelled and breathed loud, as they hit and grab each other’s buttocks and ran their hands along each other’s bodies. They put their heads on each other’s thighs and kissed them while feeling each other’s anuses and vaginas closing their eyes. I got close-up and full shots of that, then my phone rang meaning Emily’s time was done.

As the women got up and got dressed, Emily told Gina this was the best sex she ever had. Gina said it felt nice having one-on-one sex with another woman. I said I really loved watching it. Gina offered Emily a discount for another sex session with her. She said she would consider it. I told her she would get the DVD of the scene in about a week and she thank us and left as Gina and I prepared for our next client.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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