Girlfriend Teaches Me to be Bi

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I met Sue when I was I was married to my first wife. She was a few years younger, but a whole lot wilder than my wife. Her personality and the incredible sex drove me to leave my wife and move in. She lived in an apartment complex comprised of mostly twenty and thirty somethings, and a lot of activity centered around the community pool. There was almost sexual tension in the air as the weekend brought all the fit firm young bodies female and male.

Our first weekend together we went to the pool, where Sue introduced me to Ron and Carla. The name Carla rang a bell instantly as Sue had told me about some Bi escapades with some girls in her past. This always turned me on. We laid around the pool and spent most of the day tossing around sexual innuendos and reliving some old stories. While we talked, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in Ron’s speedo or how sexy Carla was in her bikini. After most of the day, we went back to Sue’s apartment with plans to meet Ron and Carla at their place after dinner.

I was so horny from the day at the pool that I jumped on Sue as soon as we got inside. After a great round of sex, I asked Sue if she and Carla had indeed had sex in the past. Sue told me that she not only has had sex with Carla, they still did on a regular basis. I told her that was great and I would love to watch sometime if Carla agreed. Sue said she would ask but that Carla was pretty wild so she didn’t see a problem. Sue then smirked and asked me what I thought of Ron’s package. I was a little embarrassed when she said that she saw me looking at it. I had never been with a guy or even tried. Sue said, don’t be shy, Ron had a great body. He was about my size but more muscular. I then asked her if she had ever been with Ron. She told me that she had a threesome with Carla and Ron several times and that he was in fact well hung and very talented. I felt a bit jealous but at the same time turned on. I was really looking forward to meeting them after dinner.

We got to Carla and Ron’s about seven thirty and the drinks started flowing. By nine, we were all on the floor with Carla resting konak escort her head on Sue’s chest. Suddenly, Carla without saying a word slowly unbuttoned Sue’s blouse and started sucking on her small tits. Sue, obviously used to this just put her head back and enjoyed. This went on for several minutes before Sue and Carla slid out of their clothes without any thought of Ron and I being in the room. Carla quickly had her face buried in Sue’s pussy and the sight and sound of Sue’s orgasms was almost too much to take. After some time, they reversed and Sue helped herself to Carla’s pussy as Ron and I watched. When they were done with each other, Ron quietly disrobed and got on top and Carla. He wasted no time in sliding what looked like about nine inches of firm cock into Carla and from her sounds I knew she was enjoying it. I wasn’t about to be left out so I quickly got out of my clothes and helped myself to Sue’s pussy for a second time that day. We all sort of dozed off from the drinks and sex until Sue woke me up around midnight and said let’s go home.

The next day, Sue asked how I felt about the activities from last night. I told her I was fine and couldn’t wait to see Ron and Carla again. Around ten, I heard Sue on the phone. After her conversation, she walked in the living room and said that she had been talking to Carla. She told me that Carla liked me and said that she and Ron were interested in swapping partners if everyone agreed. Since Sue had already had sex with Ron and Carla, I guess it was really up to me. I instantly said yes since seeing Carla in a bikini and seeing Ron devour her the night before made me want her all the more. We agreed to meet again that night.

We arrived at Ron and Carl’s around eight. This time, as we walked in the front door, I was surprised that Ron and Carla were completely naked. We all joked about it but as drinks were poured, Sue and I wasted no time in shedding our clothes. Sue and Carla again started in on each other and kept watching Ron and I sitting on the couch. Sue paused at one point from eating Carla’s pussy to manisa escort inform me that Ron was indeed Bi, so if we wanted to start to go ahead. I didn’t know what to say. I had never been with a guy before and certainly didn’t think that would come up tonight. Ron looked at me and said if I was okay with it he was going to suck my cock. I don’t know if it was the booze, the sex in the air or remembering the bulge in his speedo that led me to say okay. Ron instantly had me lie back on the couch and before I knew it my cock was buried in Ron’s mouth. He was indeed skilled at this and I couldn’t help to be more than turned on. Within a few minutes I found myself moaning and unloading in Ron’s mouth. As I opened my eyes, I saw Sue and Carla watching and then they laughingly applauded my orgasm.

After, this, Sue paired off with Ron on the floor and Carla climbed on me on the couch. I was able to quickly get hard again with Carla’s gifted mouth on my cock and we soon were pounding away next to Ron and Sue on the floor. The sex was nothing short of FANTASTIC.

This went on for about an hour until we were all exhausted on the floor. At this point Carla said, the only thing left was for everyone to see me suck my first cock. I looked at Sue and from her eyes I knew she wanted this. I faked being alarmed but in truth could not wait to get Ron’s gorgeous cock in my mouth.

Sue and Carla positioned themselves on the couch immediately above Ron and I on the floor. Ron laid on his back with his cock still glistening from Sue’s juices. I could not wait. I got between Ron’s legs and slowly kissed the tip of his cock and then proceed to suck him the way many girls had sucked me in the past. I found I was only able to get about half of Ron’s cock in my mouth but from his sounds I knew I was doing something right. A few minutes later, he rewarded me by depositing a sizeable load on my tongue which I quickly swallowed. I was surprised by how good it tasted or how turned on I was from sucking my first cock. Sue and Carla again applauded.

We left and returned home and menderes escort when back in our own bed, Sue told me how this was exactly the lifestyle she wanted with me. Exploring everything sexually we ever dreamed of. I told her that I agreed.

The next day Sue and Carla went shopping. Not long after she left, Ron called and asked me to come over to help him move some furniture in the apartment. I went over to Ron’s and was surprised to find him in just a bath towel. I asked what was up and he asked me to sit down. He then told me that last night was a real turn on for he and Carla and he was ready to take it higher if I agreed. At first, I didn’t understand. I then noticed a bulge in Ron’s towel and knew what he was after. I told him I didn’t know if I could ever stick my cock in another guy’s ass. He told me that wasn’t what he had planned. I realized I was the one about to be penetrated. I looked at Ron and told him that I had thought about it in the past but never thought I would try. Ron said, it’s now or never.

We went into the bedroom and Ron dropped his towel and climbed on the bed. I took off my clothes and joined him. I found that I could not wait to once again suck that beautiful cock of his and he was ready for my wet mouth to engulf him. After he was good and hard, he instructed me to get on my knees. I saw him reach for some lube on the table and soon I felt his hands on both of my hips. At first, I could feel the bulb of Ron’s cock stretch my ass but after the initial pain, I started to enjoy more and more of the feel of Ron’s cock going deeper and deeper into my ass. In no time at all, I was able to accept the entire length of Ron’s cock and found myself backing into him as if to try to get more of him into me. It didn’t take long before I heard the sound of Ron’s moan and then feel a torrent of hot cum hit inside me. The feeling was sensational. We both fell on te bed exhausted from what had just happened. We suddenly heard some muffled sounds and I realized that Sue and Carla were in fact hiding in the closet watching the whole thing. They laughed as they opened the closet door and once again applauded what they just saw.

I didn’t know if I was embarrassed or what but felt like all three had set me up. After a minute, I didn’t care. The only thing I knew was that Ron’s cock was going to spend a lot more time in my mouth and up my ass!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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